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Napoleon Bonaparte glances out at Paris from his palace window. Paris is alive

with activity, as fireworks are lit and patriotic citizens swing the glorious French flag.

Napoleon can't help but smile.

After his victory at Russia, the Tzar surrendered, and placed a more "loyal" noble

as Tzar. The coalition fell apart when Ireland was freed from English tyranny. With

Ireland as a strategic point and dagger to Britain, King George III signed a treaty

recognizing Ireland as an independent nation under the protection of the French


"Mon Emperor, the meeting has been assembled," a servant informs Napoleon.

Napoleon turns at heel and immediately walks to the assembly. The meeting room has

a huge globe map of the world, with the New and Old World, to the far east, even to


Napoleon seats himself with his royal officers and generals. Once they are all

seated, they begin their talk.

"Mon Emperor, with the English out of the way, what do we plan to do?" a young

officer, with fire in his eyes, asks.

"We need to reorganize the army after the war. That'll take some time though,

with the celebration of our glorious victory," Napoleon replies. The others nod,

murmuring in agreement.

"However, Mon Emperor, we've heard talk of a new land."

Napoleon frowned. It must be the new "Atlantis" that sailors have been seeing.

Napoleon had simply brushed them off as drunk tales or fables. But, sightings of ships

with no cannon broadsides and flags from many different countries have made the tales

seem more real.

"What about it?" Michael Ney, Napoleon's follower, says. "It is… a backwards

land, I have heard- full of pagans, with no advances."

"Regardless of this, we cannot ignore the strange land. It seems that they have

isolated themselves from from the world, as if they have never been in contact with

other nations."

Napoleon raises an eyebrow. How can this be possible? Could they have

possibly missed a new continent? No. It has to be forgotten. Maybe a sign, thinks

Napoleon. He is, by right, Caesar's heir, and to invade this unknown land is a sign of

him invading it like Caesar did with Britain, then he will achieve it.

Napoleon stands over a map of of the mystery land. Hovering over it, he glances

up at his men. "I want everything on the land, weapons, maps, technology, government,

landmarks, and who rules it. Today, we can expand our might and prestige. Then, the

whole world will know of the heir of Caesar!" Napoleon says, and then directs his

attention to Captain Jur'on. "Captain Jur'on, what is the state of the English dogs?"

The bald, old, wrinkled Captain Jur'on glances back at Napoleon. "Mon Emperor,

the English fleet is still recovering from our invasion. Our spies estimate that it will take

months to repair the royal navy. The army is recovering, but they're still a threat."

"Nonsense!" a general replies arrogantly. "They signed a treaty. They can't

interfere with us. Not to mention, our Irish allies have a good army and navy to keep

them occupied, if need be."

"Doesn't matter. They will try, and they'll humiliate them again. But, to be safe,

have our northern army and navy around the English channel keep watch." Napoleon

notices the men nod in agreement.

"We will begin with spies, and search to get as much on them as possible. After

that, when the celebration is over, have new soldiers and artillery men trained and


The assembly acknowledges the order, obeying. They all leave; only Michael

Ney stays behind with Napoleon.

Napoleon glances at Michael Ney. "What is the new land called, my friend?" he

asks, as the fireworks continue to go off in celebration of the victory.

"I believe they call it... Westeros, Mon Emperor."