Chapter 2

The Mustering

France, Gironde Estuary 1808 A.D

After many months of planning and preparing logistics the french army was preparing for a massive scale invasion which many could only dream of. The news of the new continent appearing and Napoleon's intentions had no shortage of recruitments; many flocked at the chance to plant the Empires flag on the land. The Grand Army had prepared many regiments,artillery,and supplies for the upcoming planned invasion, General Micheal Ney had made the army split into 3 pre planned steps. The first was under the Emperor himself leading the young and old veterans first to get a taste of battle against the foe. 1,120 Fusiliers, 240 grenadiers of the line, and with support of 8 heavy artillery. It would be a decent enough force to test the enemy of the land with relative ease and to be on the safe side a contagion of heavy cavalry under Jean de cote will be placed alongside to help with any counter cavalry or routed forces.

Napoleon watched as his men were loading onto the transport ships, the men were eager for a fight and many were chatting and boasting on what they would accomplish as they became legends in history of the French Empire. "Mon Emperor, you summoned me?" asked Captain Rene who stood at attention. "At ease captain, I brought you here for discussion of the coming invasion that should commence in three days." Napoleon asked while sitting at his desk looking at documents. "Of course." He replied "What do you wish to discuss?" Napoleon was still looking through his reports and didn't break eye contact as continued reading them. "Our spies report that the land Westeros is primitive land, many are still living in an old feudal system pegan and superstitious, a civil war is raging to add on, many of the Staff believe we can conquer them within a month with their political situation." Rene was deep in thought and advised. "We should be cautious because civil war tends to have many pits against each other. We should consolidate our ground with a fortified structure, of course a fort we can build ourselves but time and resources we can't waste. The Natives may use this as a counter attack or use it to rally the other warring factions against my advice we should attack the capital of the faction closest to us."

Napoleon put his reports/documents down as looked at Rene with approval and got from his seat and motioned him to follow him. The crisp fall air felt caused Rene to adjust his coat while the Emperor did not look fazed by it, looking onto the bay of biscay from the estate balcony and saw the vague lights of a city. Without giving an explanation he handed him a Telescope and point at the city, and to Rene's amazement he saw more detail and saw a red keep that sat atop the hill from the rest of the city.

"That Captain is the capital my spies tell is home to the "illegitimate" King Joffery, so far he is already a tyrant and many are starving from the lack of food and farmers fleeing their land for safety." Napoleon said with some disgust. "I believe this will make a fine place to plot our campaign in Westeros?"

Captain Rene replied "Yes Mon Emperor it should be an excellent place for our invasion."

"Good you may return to your post, get your men ready, we will need them all ready for the siege of the City of Kings Landing, it will be a combined attack from our navy and army. Of course we will continue this to a later date." Napoleon said as the Captain salueted and walked out the office. Leaving Napoleon to continue looking at the city which shall mark his first conquest of Westeros.

Kings landing, Red Keep Hand of the King Tower 298 A.C

Tyrion Lannister the Imp of Casterly Rock and disgraced son of Tywin lannsiter was drinking fine dornish wine while trying to keep Kings Landing alive without Joffrey trying to cause more problems than need be. Already starvation was gripping the city unrest from many people seeing Joffrey as a new mad king of course that was silently rumored. But another problem came to be known, the strange "light" was a commotion caused when westeros sky changed many people saw stars that they didn't recognize anymore and the most baffling thing was it was fall when it was still summer last week.

The smallfolk and even many nobles were worried that it was a divine punishment for how the gods were angered by King Joffrey's "Justice" of the late Edward Stark, and again many contered the argument as mott after all why would the gods care for a northern heathen. Regardless the new landmass east of kings landing almost visible "if you had a far eye handy" was new to many it was not Essos for sure for none of the regular merchants came to do business in fact none came at all. Thus Tyrion had called for an Emergency small council meeting for the "Crisis" at stake and the dire sitiation of the civil war at hand.

Varys the master of whispers, Pyter Baelish or as friends call him "littlefinger" as master of coin, Grand measter pycelle, and last but least his sister and Queen Regent Cersie Lannister. All where set among the small council chambers as they begin.

''Well, does anyone wish to discuss our problems?" Tyrion began as he refulled his goblet of wine. "It seems we are in a most difficult time my lord" Pyclle stated before counting. " The Citadel has sent me ravans that the seasons have changed fast and new stars have appeared and many constellation are gone or missing."

"And yet this is concerning how?" Cersie asked mildly annoyed, pycelle quickly replied. "Your grace this is startling because it would mean that we facing a climate change of vast proportion that we must make sure to counter or…"

Tyrion saw pycelle keep silent for a little while longer only for him to mumbled something under breath. "Nothing its nothing but perhaps we should at least take note of this." Littlefinger finally said after looking bored of the meeting. "We have already enough problems with the war and starvation may perhaps we should assure the smallfolk that nothing is worng and all is fine."

"If you can convince the people that of course but you forget my lord that Essos doesn't look like Essos unless they started to do gardening on the coast which I surly doudt, and the mysterious dissappearnce of Stannis and dragonstone?" Varys added to Littlefingers flawed idea.

"Regardless we must prepare for Renlys siege, get all our men ready Goldcloaks,Lannister soldiers all must be prepared for the siege. Besides without Stannis thats one less Baratheon to worry about."Tyrion said as many acknowledged him.

"I do have some news of my little birds." Varys added before the meeting was adjourned.

"Speak it lord varys...enlighten us." Littlefinger jeaped at vary only to get ignored.

"My little birds have seen strange men going bout the kingdom they speak a tough we don't know or have ever heard about."

Cersie gave the spider of curious gaze before asking. "How so? Are they perhaps sellswords for the straks or Renly?"

Varys shook his head no at that before continuing.

"Unfortunately not your Grace they are very good at hiding and some of my birds of gone...missing I am afraid to say that they more skilled in spy craft of course I have my little birds watching from a distance."

Tyrion frowned at that, first rebellion then food shortage and a strange light and now the gods do they need this now new spies from who knows where. It caused him to drink more wine out the thought, only hopeing they from Renly and may perhaps Starks.

"Keep an eye on them see were they lead at best to thier master."

"As you wish your grace."

The meeting finally adjourned Tyrion quickly set up plan for the inevitable siege from Renly Baratheon and Bron was already getting the men set up with arrows placed in strategic areas barricades placed at places for fall back positions.

Tyrion Lannister was sure that this will buy time that is needed for renforcments or so he hoped.

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