Chapter 6

Civilizing and Politics

It was only after the French flag was raised over the Red Keep did the rest of King's Landing's residents understand that the siege was over. Many holdouts surrendered, the most devout left with other holy septs and spetas fled with whatever they could carry for the first time the Sept Of Bealor was emptied and was left vacant. After the surrender more ships unloaded more Troops,artillery,ammunition,and supplies occupying the Red Keep and making repairs to the walls bolstering them with cannons. Missionaries from France began their work having food and aid to the people, some were weary of the foreigner Priest and nuns and many converted or simply went for the food and the slang "Food Christian" became a term used for people who went for only the food and aid.

Under Napoleon's blessing the catholics set up in the Sept of Bealor removing the 'Idols' and slowly redecorating the Sept into a Cathedral but that would be years away. Another part Napoleon did was bring over teachers and setting up in building abandoned by the merchants as school houses to teach of the Code Napoleons,Rights of man, and the enlightenment.

Soon the Westerosi will come to understand the French language and soon culturerizeing them into proper french.

Kings Landing, main city

Lord Harte of Castle Mona wasn't well known in the crownlands only heard of for his decent connections and being fair lord to his people and ironically was the only crownlander who still worshiped the old gods. When letters came under the royal seal of this ''French Empire" now demanding submission. He was voted to act as a representative for the Crownlander lords while many of the border lords sided with Renly or Joffrey many within the inner lands still felt resentment for Robert punishing them for their siding with the Targaryen dynasty.

Many paid little levy to the "Boy King" of a divided westeros and with the capital under the hands of a new "Forigen Empire". The Game of thrones truly changed, so many plans and alliances made and ended up throated by this new Empire which seems intent to conquer them.

Lord Harte made his way through the city to the red keep where many of the soldiers armed with their fire spears guard the entrance.

"My lord, this seems unwise." Ser Dale muttered under his breath, hand on the hilt of his blade.

"Understandable Ser Dale but we the remaining lords of the Crownlands must now what the "French" Empire has to offer. I doubt many of us will side with Baratheon or Lannister." Lord Harte said with disdain at the end.

"Well let us get this over with." He said dismounting along with Ser Dale and his four guards as they entered the Red Keep.

Red Keep, Throne Room

Lord Harte with Ser Dale at his side entered the Throne Room, the French soldiers stood about face Musket shouldered, and at the Iron Throne sat the Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte hands entwined and watching them…as if he were judging them. They walked halfway into the hall before a clothed man rasied a hand to halt them. He then began to speak in what Lord Harte believed was a language he had never heard

"Mon Empereur, les nobles des terres de la Couronne ont envoyé leur représentant." the "Advisor said to the Emperor who nodded and asked " Qui cela peut-on donc être?"

"Le seigneur Harte des Terres de la Couronne est ici à propos des lois de l'Empire Français qui affecteront le futur de westeros."

Taking his cue as to bow Lord Harte did so and looked to the Emperor before speaking.

"Your Grace as you know my other fellow Crownlands lords wish to know how your laws such as your "Code Napoleon" will affect our own laws which have been the norm for as long as the Andal invasion?"

"Your laws will be respected for a while until proper authority can be established." The Emperor said. "However that will not be the case for long, as you can imagine lord Harte."

The word lingered in Hartes before regained his thoughts.

"Your Grace with due respect our laws have been here for generations…for a long time. Many of my lords feel that these laws are too much for them to take in all of the sudden, especially granting rights to the smallfolk." He said as best not to sound too offensive.

"I have made it clear to you and other lords that this will not be immediate but later down the line after you are made fully part of the Empire. I will not tolerate those who reject the laws out of petty jealousy." Napoleon said harshly which to Lord Harte credit he didn't flinch.

"Understable your Grace but simply many of us or more importantly some of us may be…agree with your terms, but others would see it as an attack on their way of life." Lord Harte explained as much as he could of the andal laws of old. But the Emperor was not satisfied by this.

"Lord Harte be aware that I will allow 3 months of your law to remain in effect in your lands but when the month ends of your 3 months are up the Empire's laws will become Westeros law. That is all I will allow."

Lord Harte bowed low. " I will send word to my fellow country men of your proposal"

And with that court was adjourned.

Red Keep, Courtyard

Joffrey was in pain, the red clothed man and his friends and comrades put him through a grueling task and backhanded him, switching his hide until red welts appeared. It was Hell truly he now believed they were demons in mens skins meant to torment him for his sins. Joffrey finally was fantasizing on how to kill them before a great pain was felt on his butt, he cried as he landed on the court yard ground.

" Tres bien gamin, je vais t'apprendre quelques'manieres!" Leon shouted at Joffrey not that the boy could understand but oh well the shite deserved it.

Another Swiss soldier came over arms crossed before speaking."Capitaine Léon, on devrait sortir la guillotine juste pour cette petite merde?"

Joffery hated their language; it sounded horrible to him and when he got out and found his loyal vassals he would make sure to burn Leon's village and have his family head on spikes.

Leon signed, "Tenant, mais continuons d'utiliser l'interrupteur." His men nodded and went back to his duties much to Joffrey's blight leon continued his "Discipline" much to his men's delight as Joffrey continued to scream of mercy and threats.

Red Keep, Noble Room

Lord Harte wrote his letter to his colleges and fellow crownlands of the Emperor's demand, although some may not like it he hoped that some of the idiots and traditionalists would not do something stupide for the time being. In Harte's mind he believed many would agree to the terms; many were 2nd or 3rd sons who inherited a broken fief with high taxes and low farm yield from the Rebellion and Roberts punishment. Ser Dale also agreed that the terms were… reasonable and to add benefit the Emperor was generous enough to allow a "Tax Break" for the crown landlords to recover and repair the realm while also getting better construction advice and the new ''Muskets" as they were called for their personal guard.

Only issue, while their lord status would be kept and recognized by the Empire they would not be allowed to have their own army. Ser Dale admitted that would cause some lords to hold their allegiance to the french. Thankfully that would only happen when the war of conquest was over and Harte knew while it would be a hard to lose that much power…the Enlightenment would prove to help them, medicine,plumbing,and better farming would help rebuild the crownlands to the prime as they were during the Conquerors time.

Lord Harte finished the letter and quickly stamped it with his house sigil, A unicorn next to a sword.

The letter would be know own as the "Great Betrayal" by Loyalist and Baratheons.

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