Benny's Dream:

one bright and sunny day in Whitechapel people were laughing and smiling freely as they all were enjoying the weather and having a fun day at the beach playing in the water and sand.

when suddenly a blast of sparks and smoke came from nearby the humans looked at the source of the explosion and grasped in fright as it came from a young teenage boy who smiled evilly at them in return.

the people screamed in fear as they ran away trying to dodge the blasts of magic.

the boy laughed darkly he continued to shoot at everything around him as he started making his way around the rest of the town to finish his mission.

then at that moment a young boy named Ethan Morgan came rushing towards the boy who continued to destroy everything in sight.

BENNY WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! PLEASE STOP THIS IS NOT WHO YOU ARE! Ethan said desperately trying to help his best friend Benny Weir.

but to no avail Benny blasted at him not hearing his pleads as he shot magic at the Morgan household and laughed darkly as it blew up.

Ethan gasped in horror at his destroyed home but was determined to help his friend.

Ethan walked over to Benny to try and comfort him by telling him it wasn't his fault and that he was not a monster but Benny didn't hear him as he let out a battle cry and lashed out shooting magic at Ethan in a rage luckily Ethan stepped back in time as it barely missed him.


End Of Dream:

Ethan's Bedroom:

the voices eventually faded out continuing to echo in Benny's mind as he groaned in pain he tossed and turned as sweat started to form on his forehead luckily Ethan was there trying to shake his best friend awake.

wake up Benny wake up come on Benny wake up! Ethan said continuing to shake him.

Benny woke up with a start gasping as he began looking around Ethan's room to make sure where he was as he started taking deep breaths to calm himself down.

it's alright B don't worry you just had a nightmare Ethan explained as he rubbed Benny's shoulder soothingly.

yeah sorry about that Benny replied looking remorseful.

it seemed like a pretty bad one huh? Ethan asked.

it was Benny replied looking down afraid to meet Ethan's eyes.

well it was only a dream ok nothing to worry about Ethan replied calmly.

Benny smiled in return as he knew that he was so lucky to have a friend like Ethan.

ETHAN! BENNY! YOUR GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL! HURRY UP! YOU TWO! Samantha Morgan yelled from downstairs.

except that come on Benny we gotta go Ethan said to his friend as he got dressed and then went downstairs to eat breakfast.

Benny nodded his head as he began following him when little blasts of magic shot out from Benny's hands and hit a tree outside by Ethan's window Benny gasped in shock as he saw that the magic from his hands left a burnt mark on the tree but he just shrugged as he left the room thinking nothing of it.


in the kitchen Mrs Morgan was cleaning up the dishes from Mr Morgan and her daughter's plates as they finished eating their food when the two teens came running in the room.

hey mom can we take the hovercraft today you know the awesome flying vehicle that i got for Christmas last year? Ethan asked.

you know i think it's too dangerous besides you two could just walk to school or take the bus Mrs Morgan replied.

come on please Ethan and Benny said begging in unison.

alright you can take it if you can find it Mrs Morgan said.

Ethan and Benny smiled at each other as they left.

mrs Morgan walked over to Ethan's father Ross Morgan who was sitting in the chair drinking coffee and reading a magazine.

i hid it so good this time they'll never find it Mrs Morgan said smugly to him.

at that moment in the kitchen window Ethan and Benny were sitting in a large red spaceship type vehicle waving at them.

THANKS MOM THANKS MRS MORGAN! Ethan and Benny said in unison as they left.

i gotta find a better hiding place for that thing Samantha groaned in frustration.

Ross just shook his head at her as he continued reading.