a couple weeks later it was finally time for the may day festival and everyone was getting ready for the big event.

Ethan started to make his way to Whitechapel High school to sign up as he walked into the classroom grabbing a pin and writing his name down on the paper.

ahh mr Morgan i assume your here to be in the contest? also just so you know it will take place outside in the school garden mr G said.

yes mr G i know and i will be performing a original song that i wrote Ethan replied.

very well mr Morgan the contest will began soon Mr G said.

Ethan nodded as he went backstage to warm up.

Benny's House:

Benny was in his bedroom looking at the new sparkly red guitar that he was currently holding in his hands earlier that day he grabbed his coin bank and went to a music shop his coin bank that he carried with him had all the money in it he saved over the years to buy a new video game for himself but he chose to buy a new guitar instead since he wanted Ethan to be his friend again and if that meant that he had to buy a new guitar he went ahead and did just that.

well it looks great and it is probably better then the old one i just hope this is enough to make him happy and will make him want to be my friend again Benny thought in his head.


COMING GRANDMA! Benny yelled back.

Benny began making his way downstairs when suddenly he glitched again.

oh man come on?! what is wrong with me?! why do i keep doing this?! Benny wondered to himself.

but he pushed those thoughts out of his mind as he followed his grandma out of the house as they made their way to the school.

before they left though Evelyn finally finished working on the machine to save her grandson's life as she secretly packed it in the back of the car trunk.

Whitechapel High School:

Benny was inside the school building and began looking for Ethan when he finally found him in mr G's classroom taking deep breaths to calm his nerves.

um hi Ethan you'll be great i know you will and they'll love you trust me you have nothing to worry about and listen im sorry i broke your guitar i don't know what came over me so i wanted to give you this Benny said as he held out the brand new guitar giving it to Ethan.

Ethan stared at it in shock and awe as his eyes filled up with tears he then launched forward suddenly and ran into Benny's arms giving him a hug as Benny was takin back by it.

oh thank you so much Benny i love it it's beautiful your such a good friend and listen just hear me out ok im so sorry i yelled at you and blamed you for breaking my guitar you didn't mean it and you would never do something like that on purpose so please forgive me and be my friend again! Ethan said apologizing.

it's ok E of course i forgive you and i don't blame you for feeling angry now go out there and knock em dead I'll be out there cheering you on alright Benny replied as he smiled.

thanks B Ethan said as he began to leave the room to go outside to the stage when Benny stopped him by speaking making Ethan stop in his tracks.

wait Ethan before you go i gotta say something Benny said.

i can't continue talking to you right now Benny i have to go on stage Ethan explained.

i know but listen the truth is that I've always seen you as my best friend ever since we were little but recently I've been feeling different meaning that i maybe like you as more than a friend i always thought you were cute and smart so maybe i have always felt this way but never known so i understand if you don't feel the same but E i just want you to know that i love you... Benny confessed then he trailed off as he glitched once more.

you what? Ethan asked looking shocked.

it's ok you don't have to say anything i know it's a lot to take in Benny replied his voice in agony from the shocking and glitching.

oh no here it comes again i don't know what is happening to me but please stay away from me Ethan! AHHHHH! Benny exclaimed in pain.

Benny are you ok?! what's going on with your eyes?! Ethan said as he finally saw his best friend's pupils flash green in front of him.

NO STAY BACK IT'S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! Benny shouted holding his hands out to keep Ethan from coming to him but Ethan didn't listen as he came closer.

NO WHATS WRONG PLEASE TALK TO ME B & LET ME HELP YOU Ethan yelled back at him as he tried putting his hand on Benny's shoulder to comfort him when Benny suddenly lashed out and hit Ethan with his fists making his best friend's face bleed.

OWW! Ethan screamed in pain as he held the side of his face with his hand.

then magic started shooting out of Benny's hands uncontrollably as the magic headed straight for Ethan making him lose his balance as he fell to the floor as the magic just barely grazed his foot.

Benny gasped in horror as he knew in that moment his nightmare officially came true since his biggest fear was hurting his best friend.

no Benny whispered to himself as he stared at his hands in shock.

Benny? Ethan asked worryingly as he held out his hand to show Benny that he meant no harm but his friend backed away from him.

no Ethan im too dangerous Benny said in shame as he hung his head for a brief moment before he took off running out of the school building as he headed out of town to leave Whitechapel for good.

BENNY! COME BACK! Ethan shouted but it was no use he was gone.

just then mr G came in the room Ethan it's your turn to be on stage everybody's waiting he said as he ushered the boy outside to the stage.

but mr G wait... Ethan said trying to get the man to listen but then he noticed that he was finally on stage as everyone who lived in Whitechapel was sitting around him including his parents his sister Jane his other friends Sarah Erica Rory and finally Benny's grandma Evelyn Weir.

um hi everyone uhh... what i will be doing for the may day festival is that i will perform a original song on my guitar a love song in fact that i wrote that is very personal to me since it's about my best friend as a matter of fact this guitar that im holding isn't my 1st one since my best friend Benny Weir got this for me since my old one broke... Ethan trailed off as he suddenly got cut off by a voice in the crowd.


Ethan nodded his head as he began playing but as the song started he couldn't stop thinking about Benny as thousands of memories with the spellmaster began flashing in his head.

Mr Morgan are you alright? Mr G asked from the sidelines feeling concerned for the boy.

Ethan stopped playing the guitar and song all together as he hung his head down.

im sorry i can't do this Ethan said as he put the guitar down in the grass and then took off.

Samantha Ross Jane Sarah Erica and Rory all looked at each other feeling worried before they all took off running after Ethan Evelyn frowned as she realized what was happening before she followed as well.


Ethan was in town searching everywhere for Benny but he couldn't find him.

BENNY BENNY WHERE ARE YOU! Ethan yelled desperately.

ETHAN BABY WHAT HAPPENED? mrs Morgan asked with worry as her husband Jane Sarah Erica Rory & Evelyn were standing beside her looking worried as well.

im fine mom but listen something's wrong with Benny Ethan said with realization.

it's not his fault his magic is malfunctioning and if we don't find him soon and put him in my machine that will fix him his body will shut down and he will die Evelyn explained.

WHAT?! COME ON WE GOTTA FIND HIM Ethan demanded as they all took off together in search of the spell master.

after hours of searching the spell master was nowhere to be found until a piece of evidence came as Ethan looked down on the ground and saw a paper note he bent down and picked it up but he grasped in terror as he saw that it was a old picture of Benny smiling but the difference was that a big red x was drawn over it.

no Ethan said to himself with worry.

hey don't worry honey we'll find him mrs Morgan said reassuringly to her son.

we looked everywhere Ethan i don't think we can find him it's too late Jane and Sarah said in unison.


suddenly he heard a familiar sound of a hovercraft as he saw Benny flying away in the distance before everyone's eyes widened in terror as they saw that Benny lost control of the vehicle due to his glitching as he crashed far off in the mountains resulting in a big explosion.

OHH NO! Ethan exclaimed as he saw smoke rise up in the air from the crash.

what do we do now how are you gonna get to him Ethan there's only one spaceship hovercraft and it's the one that Benny was using? Rory wondered.

don't worry i have my own Ethan replied as he went over to his mom's car trunk and pulled his red hovercraft spaceship out.

it was my best hiding place for it Mrs Morgan said as Ethan gave her a hug before he got in the red hovercraft and took off after Benny.

GET HIM INTO THE MACHINE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Evelyn shouted in the background.

Whitechapel Mountains:

Ethan was driving his red hovercraft farther and farther up the mountain cliffside then he put the brakes on the ship as it hovered in the air as he saw a trail of broken spaceship vehicle parts.

NO! Ethan shouted with worry as he jumped out of the spaceship and ran over to the crash site looking for his friend just then he looked down a nearby steep rocky cliff and noticed that Benny was laying motionless on the ground.

BENNY! Ethan shouted with concern as he jumped down coming to his friend's aid as he bent down beside him.

Benny took weak shallow breaths as he slowly opened his eyes and stared weakly at Ethan.

no Ethan im too dangerous... Benny said weakly as he still tried to warn his friend about his condition and then closed his eyes as he couldn't keep them open but Ethan shook his head refusing to leave him.

Benny your not dangerous Ethan replied to him then he looked back up at the top of the mountain and saw the machine that Evelyn made sitting a few yards away.

come on B we have to get you into your grandma's machine Ethan said as he carried his friend back up the hill as he was too weak to move.

once he and Benny made it back up again he immediately turned on the machine and lifted Benny in his arms as he gently placed him inside.

come on come on Ethan pleaded to himself with worry as he noticed that nothing was happening.

Benny your gonna be ok now please be ok Ethan said softly trying to calm his friend about the situation.

Benny opened his eyes again as he put his hand on the machine glass matching Ethan's on the other side.

im sorry E i never wanted to hurt you please forgive me Benny said weakly as he laid his head down and closed his eyes again taking his final breath.

Ethan's eyes watered as he stared at his friend's motionless body.

Benny please don't leave me Ethan pleaded desperately just then his phone beeped showing he got a message from Evelyn and he ended up seeing words on the screen that he never wanted to see.

im sorry we were too late he's gone Evelyn confirmed to him.

once she confirmed those words everything stopped and faded out in a blur.

everything became completely silence in that one moment of realization until Ethan finally broke down as tears ran down his face as he pulled Benny's lifeless body close to him as he started sobbing.

im so sorry this happened to you B you didn't deserve this i just want you back i want you back your my best friend listen to my voice please i need you your the love of my life im in love with you ok and im sorry i didn't realize it sooner but just know that no matter what happens I'll always love you and nothing will ever change that Ethan admitted crying harder.

suddenly faint beeping could be heard in the background as the meter on the machine was lighting up showing that the magic was charging up but it was completely unknown to Ethan as he was still crying but in that moment Benny's eyes were slowly opening too then he slowly reached over and rested his hand on top of Ethan's to comfort him.

Ethan looked over as he felt Benny's hand on his skin and felt overjoyed as Benny looked up starring at him with love in his eyes.

Benny your ok Ethan said happily as he kissed him on the lips Benny looked takin back at first before he returned the kiss.

yep i sure am Benny replied as Ethan pulled away from the kiss and gave him a hug.

I love you Ethan Benny said.

i love you too Benny Ethan replied as they kissed again.

The End