"Let's be the best of neighbors owner"

Hachiman's face had a look of surprise, as something unexpected was just heard. Looking around to see if he was not hearing things he saw several classmates near their vicinity turn toward him staring daggers both boys and girls.

"I-Im sorry could you repeat that?" Stammered Hachiman, who was at a loss of words.

"Oh um.. Let's be the best of neighbors?" She tilted her with visible confusion.

"Was that all you said just now?" Asked Hachiman.

"Yep! Why? Did you hear something else?" She asked, still confused on the inquiry.

"Ah, um no reason." Hachiman sees his classmates turn to their positions. Before he turns toward the board he looks back at Kanade only to see her grinning ear to ear. He turns quickly to face the front.

What is this girl's angle? We only just met, yet she nearly causes a scene of Rom-Com proportions. Hachiman while facing forward is only blankly staring at the board as he assesses his situation, and the reasoning behind this new girl nearly stirring up chaos for him.

I should just try to avoid her… yea that should be easy enough.

After the bell rang for lunch Hachiman rose from his seat and moved to the vending machine for his MAXX Coffee. Kanade was about to move but, was swarmed with inquisitive peers. She watched as Hachiman left the room.

Hachiman, now at his favorite spot with his lunch his dear imouto made along with his favored drink made himself comfortable and began eating.

It doesn't get much better than this… great food, nice weather and its sile-

From the corner of his left eye, he saw a body drop next to him. As he looked over, it was Kanade with a grin.

"Yo" She gave a salute

"Yo?" He responded

So much for avoiding this loon

"So this is your special spot eh?" She asked.

"Well, I suppose." He responded.

"Its nice, the breeze at least." She added

"Mm, that it is." He tacked on.



"So… what was up with that introduction? This morning I mean." Hachiman finally pressed what was on his mind.

"Aren't you curious how I found you?" She asked.

"Not really, it's not hard to find anyone on the premises."

"Fair point."


"So what? Oh.. well ..."

I can't exactly tell him I'm his cat, and it's just natural to refer to him as such… I manage to brush it off but I ruined it when smiled at him. She was running through possible explanations to explain her weird behavior.

"There was nothing wrong with what I said. I hope we can become the best of neighbours." Ill just pretend it didn't happen, and its something that he can't bring up… Sorry Owner!

"Ah… " As he was eating, he noticed she did not have anything on her.

"Are you not eating?" He asks.

"I had a large breakfast hahaha *Goeogoeo* . A large growl from her stomach could be heard by her and Hachiman.

Hearing this, Hachiman splits the remainder of his bento, and handed it to her. She was unsure of the gesture, and tried to decline, but he pressed forward.

"Just take it, you can shake buildings with that growl."

"Thank you…" She manages to say before she starts eating. Her cheeks are blushing.

"Don't mention it." He responded.

As she finished they both departed walking back to their homeroom for the next class. They walked together but with Hachiman a bit in the back away from Kanade.

"Why are you way back there?" She asks

"Ah well, I figure you wouldn't want to be seen together with me, I'm not exactly the best if you like a social group." He explains

She drops back, and keeps in pace with Hachiman.

"Well, popular or not, it does not matter."

They both walk into the homeroom near the same time, while peculiar, it almost goes unnoticed with the addition of others pouring in for afternoon classes. Almost as Yui, who is already sitting down notices the two chatting together back to their seats.

How? How is she so close to Hikki this quick? As she contemplates on the situation she nods absently toward Yumiko's utterances. A foreign feeling bubbled in her heart as she saw the two.

Why.. its a good thing yet…. I don't want her to get too comfortable with him…

The final bell rang, and the departure was imminent. Before Hachiman could go to the club room, he heard Kanade utter her goodbyes.

"Ah, well see you soon own.. Hikigaya-kun." She waved.

"As well to you." He raised his hand.

When he left, Yui caught up with him.

"Mou, Hikki, wait for me." She rushed to Hikigaya's side.

Should I ask him about the new transfer? Would that be too intrusive, how would he react?

Before Yui managed to decide on her course of action, the time was over as they entered the clubroom.

Ah, well I suppose Ill just let him introduce her if the occasion arises, there is no need to be concerned right now. Yosh, let's enjoy the rest of the day. She surmised internally.

Before Hachiman and Yui sat, Yukinoshita was reading a novel in her usual spot.

"Yahallo Yukino!" Yui uttered with vigor.

"Ah.. Yahallo" Yukino responded weakly.

"Yo" Hachiman added.

They all sat in their spots comfortably, Yui chatting with Yukino while Hachiman pulled his book to read. Everything was nice and settling in the mind of Hachiman. A near ten minutes into this favored atmosphere a familiar face arose.


"Yahallo Ishiki!"



The class representative made an appearance in the fray, she also gained a spot and started chatting. As the time for the club closed, a last minute entry arrived without anyone being aware.

"Excuse me is this the service Cl… Hikigaya-San?"


"Senpai.. Do you know her?"

"Ah.. yep, she is a new transfer for Yui's and mein IHomeroom."

"Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance, is there something you need from the service club? A request perhaps?" Inquired Yukinoshita.

"Anoo.. actually I'd like to join." Kanade stated with a smile as she looked at Hachiman.

As the girls all saw her smiling at Hachiman, something stirred within them, a feeling of urgency?

"Ah, well I don't see why not." Stated Hachiman.