As Hachiman departed for school alone, his pacing was faster than his average due to the time he was finished becoming ready. Kanade and Kakumura's food were placed and Komachi had left earlier for a student gov meeting. She had recently became treasurer, so her duties had increased in some capacity, diminishing her leisure time more and more so.

Kanade had already departed while she wanted to stick with Hachiman, and surprise him around a street corner, it would feel like there would be too many coincidences and be painfully obvious, so she headed directly to school.

-Line Break-

Hachiman was now at the point where he could slow his pace and still be on time, as he began to slow down, around a street corner, a person came walking out, staring at a map. She appeared too suddenly for him to stop, and he ended up smashing into the person.

"Ah, sorry! Are you alright?" Hachiman stood up and gave out his hand to assist the student on the ground.

The student was in his school's uniform and she looked a bit cross but took his hand.

"I'm fine, it was my fault, I should have looked…. are you from Soba Municipal Highschool by chance? She asked while looking at his uniform..

"Ah, yep." He responded curtly.

"Well sorry for hindering you however, would it be alright if you show me where it is? Ive gotten lost it would seem." She asked with a deprecating smile.

"Yes I can assist you if you like, I was on my way there." He replied. Hachiman paused for a moment.

"Sorry what is your name?" She asked him.

"Hachiman Hikigaya, and yours?" He asked.

"Kim-An-Park." She responded.

"Okay uh…. Park-San?, it's right this way." Hachiman headed to the direction of the school expecting the girl to follow.

As he turned, the girl's eyes turned yellow and her pupils turned into vertical black slivers. She smiled fully to reveal a toothy grin.

-Line Break-

As Hachiman approached the school chatter began to circulate among his peers.

"Whose with that creep now?"

"That bastard always is chatting up a pretty girl"

"She must be tremendously uncomfortable."

The whispers while soft, could be heard by the two.

"Are they always that condescending toward you?" Park asked.

He shrugged.

As they entered the school, he directed her to the faculty office as he went to his class.

"Thank you Hikigaya-san for the help today." She stated

"No worries." He replied.

-Line Break-

Kanade had just exited the restroom and made her way past a new figure headed to the faculty office.

She stopped to turn to look at the familiar individual.

The individual turned while walking and quickly flashed a smile with a face filled out with yellow eyes, black slivered pupils, and canine teeth.

As the individual turned to face forward and entered the faculty office.

Kanade continued to move toward her class, thoughts rapidly entered in her mind.

How did they know?

Are there more?

What is she?

Can I remove her permanently?

That last though concerned her, as the logistics would be tricky.

As she entered the classroom, she relaxed a margin when she saw Hikigaya.

When she sat down, it was still a bit early so she reached for her notebook, and started going over the previous lesson.

After a time, the bell rang and she and the others waited for Hiratsuka-Sensei to arrive.

She turned to Yui and made eye contact. They smiled cheerily and returned to face forward. When she saw who was next to Hiratsuka-Sensei her face dropped.

"Uh… good morning, it appears we have another transfer student today?." She scratched the back of her head.

"Good morning! My name is Kim-An-Park but Park is fine. I enjoy having fun, and learning about others. While looking at the crowd she stopped and made eye contact with Kanade

"And my favorite food is liver."

"Okay then, there is free space next to…. Kanade." Hiratsuka motioned the spot next to Kanade.

Park obliged and moved toward her seating, she smiled and waved slightly when passing Hikigaya. He returned the gesture with a slight wave.

Kanade, when seeing this, was immediately concerned.

How does she know him?

As Park sat next to Kanade she extended her hand.

"I hope we get along neighbour." She smiled eerily, a flash of yellow seen in her eyes.

"As well to you." Kanade replied, a plastered smile present on her face.

-Line Break-

The day went on and lunch came. Hikigaya went to eat at his spot alone. Park despite being new did not draw in a crowd curiously enough. Two transfer students within a month made the newest newcomer less exciting. She left seemingly to follow Hikigaya as he departed. Seeing this, Kanade tried to follow suit, but was bogged down when Yui asked her to lunch with her clique.

She watched as Park left the room, and she was stuck not wanting to hurt Yui's feelings.

Tsk, she won't try anything on the first day… right?

-Line Break-

"Ah, sorry Hikigaya-san!" Park called Hikigaya in the empty hallway. He turned to address her.


"From the faculty, I heard that you are one of the volunteer club members."

"That's correct."

"If you don't mind could you help me once again in getting to know the place?" She asked

"Ah, alright then, are you sure you don't want someone else?"

"Im su-."

"I can do it Hikigaya." They both turned to see a slightly disheveled Kanade.

"I can show her around, besides isn't the president supposed to meet with you guys today?"

Hikigaya looked at Park who smiled.

"That sounds fine to me, sorry to bother you on your lunch break." Park said to Hachiman.

Hikigaya nodded and turned to leave, before departing he turned back toward Kanade.

"Thanks for the help."

"No problem Hikigaya."

As departed it was the two of them left in the hallway. Parks smile turned menacing and Kanade's grew cross.

"What's your game?" Kanade asked hostility emanating from her voice.

"Take a guess." Park's response was swift and curt .

"Do we have to draw this out or will you come quietly?" Park continued.

"You'll have my answer this afternoon." Kanade responded.

"I can't wait its been awhile since i've been trusted with an assignment after the last *Ahem* incident." Park smiled, showing a toothy grin.

"Well… don't get too comfortable here dog."

"Same to you fuzzball."

After their unpleasant conversation, They went their separate ways to eat lunch before returning to class for next section lessons, the two plastering smiles and meaningless pleasantries until the class began. Plans formulating before their alone for Park's supposed tour.

-Ending Note-

It's been a while, this has been on the back burner, and I'd imagine if anyone has been seeing Volgun recently you know who or rather what Park is. I forgot to mention this before, the Bakeneko is based off of a manga named mille. It's really enjoyable.

Until the next time.