Chapter Six:

After searching for about an hour or so, the Umbra Witches finally found an access point to The Gates of Hell, which was (either intentionally or just ironically) a blood red vortex-like portal. And the location of the access point was, ironically (considering that the place the portal led to was called The Gates of Hell), near the entrance of the local church. Knowing the owner's sense of humor, the Umbra Witches really doubted that the location of the access point was a coincidence.

After activating the access point and entering The Gates of Hell, the two witches were greeted by the familiar sight of the bar and the soothing sound of jazz. As the two walked up to the bar, Rodin noticed them and gave them one of his signature, if occasionally strange, greetings.

"Welcome to The Gates of Hell, where demons and gunsmithing goes together like chicken and waffles." Exclaimed Rodin in Enochian with a slight grin as the young women took a pair of seat at the counter. "What service can I offer you on this fine day?"

"Besides perhaps a drink or two?" Started Shirou in Enochian.

"We do have a new Golden LP with us." Finished Sakura, also in Enochian fluently, having been taught the language of Inferno, Paradiso and Purgatorio by Shirou throughout the four years of training, adventures and misadventure, while bringing out said Golden LP from her personal pocket dimension, something all Umbra Witches possessed that she and Shirou had taken to refer to as the Umbran Pocket. It had become something of an inside joke amongst Rodin and the Umbra Witches, including Bayonetta and her friend Jeanne, that were his clients to speak to each other in Enochian, much to the frustration and confusion of the only normal humans of the group, Enzo and Luka, being the only ones who couldn't understand what the others were saying.

"Oh? In that case, let's play it and see what I get to tango with this time." Exclaimed Rodin in (though it was kind of difficult to tell) a rather enthusiastic and excited tone. Taking that as her que, Sakura walked up to the gramophone, placed the Golden LP on it and let it start playing as Rodin poured up a pair of drinks. The music of the Golden LP was rather upbeat with a vibe of mystery and excitement. "Enjoy the music and drinks… I'll be back." And with that, Rodin floated into the air before going through a portal to Inferno.

For the three minutes, give or take, it took Rodin, Sakura and Shirou listened to the music, enjoyed their drinks and the company of each other. When the bartender returned, he had a few bruises and scratches on him, and icing on the metaphorical cake however was the fact that Rodin had gotten his pants burned off, giving the two Umbra Witches a clear view of his halo-and-infernal-orbs-patterned boxers.

"Damn. That bitch put up quite the fight. But it still wasn't enough to beat me." Exclaimed Rodin as he put a pair of metallic gauntlets on the counter. The gauntlets were obviously the resulting weapon crafted from the Infernal the Golden LP had upset. Each gauntlet had a nine inches long spike extending forward from behind the hand that was glowing a dark red color. On the side of the hands of the respective gauntlets was a button, which appeared to pressable with one's thumb like the button on a stereotypical detonator if the fist was closed. "Allow me to introduce Megumin, Mistress of Explosions."

"Oh? Interesting name. So just what can these bad girls do?" asked Shirou curiously as the bartender presented the newly made weapon, which earned the heterochromic Umbran Princess a grin from the bartender. Before she herself flashed a grin towards the bartender. "By the way Rodin… nice boxers." At that, the bartender actually seemed embarrassed and gave the two Umbra Witches an as pleading look he could manage in spite of his sunglasses.

"What's it gonna take that you two don't tell the other two?"

"How about you put our drinks on Enzo's tab?"

"Okay, that'll work. Anything else?"

"Yes. A bottle of THAT drink." Exclaimed Sakura. Whatever was so special about the drink she referred to, it was something that made Shirou blush.

"Is a bottle of THAT drink really necessary? We can have just as much fun without it." Exclaimed Shirou in Japanese, prompting Sakura to switch language as well.

"Don't pretend that you didn't enjoy that night we had a shot each of the drink. I remember you quite clearly begging me for more and to go deeper."

"Oh yeah? You're the one who passed out with my temporary member still inside and despite being passed out refused to let me get it out of you."

"Hey! What can I say? The real deal is much more enjoyable, even if it's only a temporary one, than a fake one. Especially if it belongs to you."

"Enough! Both of you! Here's a bottle of THAT drink! Now get out of my bar!" Shouted Rodin in clear irritation as he handed over a bottle of the drink that the two Umbra Witches requested. As it was rather clear that he was more than a little irritated, the Umbra Witches didn't want to take any chances and left the bar.