Blackness, she woke to blackness and the loud cries of her baby. "Harry? James?" was all she got out when she saw her baby in his crib. "Oh, my baby. Are you…..Hurt?" Lily Evans Potter said with tears in her eyes as she stood up. She smiled when she found no injury on her son. "Harry," she said as she pulled her son into her arms.

"Lily!" Lily turned to the door when she heard the cry of her husband James. His voice was full of pain and she feared the worst. "Lily, where are you?" James called as Lily walked out of Harry's nursery and down the stairs to the living room.

"James?" she called when she saw him on the ground. There was a cut on his forehead that was still bleeding. "James?" she said again with worry in her voice. James Potter smiled at her but it was a weak smile.

"Lily," James coughed. "Is…..Is Harry ok?" he asked pushing himself to sit but he winced at his legs. Lily saw this but she did not say anything as she gave Harry to James. James smiled and looked at his son, but he found at the scar on his forehead that was still bleeding. "He's ok…..Lily…. Peter he…." James cut off when Sirius ran into the house.

"James! Lily! Oh, thank Merlin. I thought you were…" Sirius did not finish as James tried to stand but he groaned in pain. "James?" Sirius asked with a worried tone to his voice.

"I'm…. fine Padfoot…..dont worry…." James cut off and passed out.

It turns out that James's spine was badly damaged, and he could not walk anymore. Lily took this way too hard that she had to leave the hospital to cry while Sirius stayed with James. They did not tell Remus what had happened yet. However, they knew that they had to be there for James, so Sirius asked Lily to send a Patronus to him because Sirius doesn't have one. Lily, however, was having a hard time getting the message for she kept welding up in tears. However, after seven tries Lily managed to get the message out to her werewolf friend. She said: "Remus. Come to the hospital as so as you can. James is hurt, really hurt. Please, Remus. Sirius, James and I need you. We are sorry for thinking that you were with Voldemort. James's cant…." Lily cut off when tears filled her eyes and she broke down crying.

Remus was reading in his study at his house thinking about the only people that he could call family now when a silver doe came up to him. After the message was done, Remus had tears in his eyes and he quickly grabbed his wand and apparated to the hospital, fearing the worst for his friends and family.

When Remus arrived at the hospital looking around nervously. This is when he saw Sirius holding Harry with anger and betrayal in his gray eyes. "Padfoot. What happened?" Remus asked with fear in his voice. Sirius looked at Remus and sighed but he did not say anything for a while as he let out a breath and said:

"James was hurt. Wormtail. He….." Sirius cut off for he was too angry to say anything. Then he took a deep breath before he added. "They are looking for him. I'm glad that…. that James and Lily are still around. I mean, what would have happened if….." Sirius cut off again and looked at his Godson who giggled a little. This made Remus and Sirius smile at the one-year-old. "Thank you for that Harry. I'm going to give you to Uncle Remus now so I can go after…" Remus held up his hand.

"Sirius. You know that's a bad idea. You said it yourself there are people looking for him," Remus said when he saw Lily walk up to them.

"Remus. Thank Merlin. James is worried about you," Remus chuckled a little.

"He's worried about me? I'm worried about him," Remus said looking at Sirius who smiled and moved Harry on his hips. "I mean the full moon was three nights ago and I have not seen him in a long time," Remus said as they all started to walk down to James's room. "Is James awake?" Remus asked before they walked in. Lily nodded with tears in her eyes.

"Yes, he's annoyed though," Sirius and Remus laughed. "Which is good because he's the same James," Lily added as they walked into the room.

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