When Remus woke again he felt pain everywhere, but he could not place where he was. The werewolf opened his amber eyes slowly and looked around. He was in the hospital not in that place wherever he was. Remus did not really care though. He hates hospitals but he was glad that Wormtail or Greyback was not around. 'I wonder what happened to him. Maybe Sirius kicked his ass. Or put him in Azkaban.' Remus thought with a small smile. He then closed his eyes for a minute before he opened them again to see Sirius in the doorway holding Harry in his arms. There was a look of worry on his face.

"Remus. On thank Merlin," Sirius said with happiness dripping from his voice. Remus smiled at him. However, he looked away with shame. Sirius saw this but he did not say anything as he walked into the room and put Harry on Remus's lap before he sat down next to Remus.

"I'm sorry Sirius. I should not have gone after…" Remus cut off when Harry giggled in his lap. "Hello cub," Remus said running his hand through Harry's little hair. The one-year-old giggled at this. Sirius smiled but then he sighed and looked at the door when he saw Lily and James in the doorway.

"It's not your fault Moon and you did not go after him. Wormtail got you by surprise," James said welling into the room with Lily behind him. "Blame Wormtail. They got him by the way," James added tickling his son who giggled. Lily smiled at the scene, but she decided to stay quiet. Soon James, Remus, and Sirius all started to talk about their school days without bringing up Wormtail of course. Lily listened happily saying things from time to time. She was happy that everything will be ok, but she feared when her son goes to school. Like what will James tell him? Like will her son be a pranker? She hopes not. However, that is a long time from now. Harry is the real hero and she was so proud of him and she can't wait until he is old enough to know that.

A/N: I'm sorry about the short story and if this leaves left to desire but I just don't know what else to put in it. Thank you all for reading and tell me what you think. I know this story is really bad, so you don't have to tell me anything. Thank you again and I will see you in my next story. -Captain Voxland