My Life With Cerebral Palsy

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Episode 1: "Meet Bayley"

March 16th 2048, Avalanna and Zach's home

Bayley's P.O.V.

"Hey, I'm Bayley Kingston. I'm sixteen years old. My life isn't as normal as you'd think. I have a loving family, my mom, Avalanna, my dad, Zach, and my siblings, my brother, Brayden, 15, my sister, Brooke, 13, my brother, Bentley, 11, my sisters, Brynley and Brayley, 8, my sister, Beverley, 6, my sister, Barley, 4 and my brother, Braison, 2. My mom is currently pregnant with my little sister, Brittaniah, she's due in 2 months. My birthday is February 14th 2032. My mom was 17 when I was born and my dad was 20 years old. They got married when my mom was 20 and my dad was 24.

When I say, my life isn't as normal as you think, it's because I have cerebral palsy, which is a disability that affects your posture, movement and your motor skills. I'm still not sure why or how I got my cerebral palsy. My mom had a perfect normal pregnancy with me, I was born at 37 weeks. My mom told me that my cerebral palsy was probably caused by eclampsia and an emergency C-section they had to get me out as soon as possible or I or my mom or even both of us could've been dead. I have mild CP which means I can walk, talk, ride a bike and dance, do mostly everything a normal person can do. I'm a normal teen with some differences, my Cerebral Palsy doesn't define me, it's just with me. I didn't meet the normal things a baby normally meets. A child normally starts to walk between 8 months to a year old, I didn't walk until I was two. I needed lots and lots of phycial therapy to be able to walk. I needed speech therapy to able to talk. I didn't talk until I was 2 years old. My parents spent over 1,000 dollars of surgeries, now I walk without anything to help me.

My grandparents are Cody and Bailey Martin. Cody and Bailey are my Mom's parents. Claire and Anthony are my Dad's parents. They watched me go through everything.

My Mom has eight siblings, she's the oldest of Grandpa Cody and my Grandma Bailey. My aunt, Aubree was born a year after my Mom. My uncle, Watson was next, two years later. My uncle, Stephen was born a year later. My aunt, Annaylanne was born three years after my uncle, Stephen was born. My uncle, Tristan was born four yeaes later. My aunt, Audrey was born a year later.

My great aunt Maya and great uncle Zack Martin have nine children as well. Their names are Jocelyn, Jessa, Jackson, Jacklynn, Josephine, Janessa, Jillian, Josiah and Janna. They have granchildren as well, but I want you to meet my cousins first.

My aunt Aubree and my uncle, Austin have four children, Austin Jr and Aliannah, they are twins. They are sixteen. Alaylah and Alizah are fifteen. My aunt Aubree had all of my cousins as a teenager. She was seventeen when AJ and Ali were born and then was nineteen when Alayah and Alizah were born. She decided to not have any more children. She married my uncle when they were 21.

My uncle Watson and aunt Dani have six children, Deliah and Dylan, 13, Demi, 11, Drake, 10, Watsonia, 8 and Wynter, 4. They have been married for 15 years.

My uncle Stephen and Shaylee have 5 children, Sapphire, 10, Sarah, 8, Skye, 6, Scarlett, 4, and Serena, 1. Yeah, he was cursed with all girls. Hahaha.

Next is my aunt, Annaylanne and uncle, Charlie. They have 4 children and my aunt is currently expecting. My cousins names are Layke, 11, Layne, 10, Lanna, 9, Leah, 5, and my aunt is having a baby boy, Landon.

My uncle Tristan and aunt Trista have three children. They are expecting triplets. Their kids names are Tia and Tamara, 6, Terence, 3 and my aunts is having two girls and a boy, Tracey, Thomas and Talia.

My aunt Audrey and uncle Justin have four children, Aurorah, 5, Ashleigh, 4, Amayah and Aniyah, 8 months.

My great uncle Zack and aunt Maya have grandchildren too. But, you will meet them later. Again, this is my and my family's story."

"I was in my room getting ready for another day of school when my mom, Ava walked into the room. I looked up at her from putting on my shoes. "Hey Mom."

Ava smiled. "Hey sweetie. Good morning. I'm going to be driving you and your brother in today. How are you feeling?"

Bayley smiled. "I'm fine, Mom. I guess I have to deal with another day of school..."

Ava nodded. "I know you don't love school, Bayley. And, I wish I could help you with the choices you want, but I want the best for you and going to school is the best..."

Bayley got up from finishing putting on her shoes. "It's not that I don't want to get a good education, I do, but the people there don't understand my situation. They just don't get the struggle I have to deal with everyday..."

Ava kissed her daughter's head. "You are the strongest girl I've ever met. I'm glad you are my daughter, sweetie. You fought for where you are today. I always do research for you. I don't want to give up on you."

Bayley smiled. "Thank you, Mama..." She grabbed her backpack and headed down the stairs where her brother, Brayden was waiting. "Hey sis."

Bayley smiled. "Hey Brayden. You ready?"

Brayden nodded. "Yep. You?"

Brayley nodded. "Another day of school? Hell no..."

Ava followed her daughter down the stairs. "Bay, you'll be fine. Come on." She grabbed her jacket and car keys. "Zach, we're leaving."

Zach, my dad and my mom's husband walked from the kitchen. "Alright. Have a good day kids." He kissed their heads and kissed Ava. "I love you, Avs."

Ava smiled. "I love you too. See you later."

"My dad had build his own law firm from the ground and now is the top lawyer in town and the state, too. My mom is a nurse at Massachusetts General. She worked hard to become a nurse. I'm glad to have them in my life. They gave us a good life."

Ava turned to her husband. "Are you driving the others to school?"

Zach nodded. "I'm taking Bev, Barley and Braison."

Ava nodded. "Alright. Bye."

Ava followed me and Brayden to her car and we got into the car and headed to school.

Brayley and Brayden hopped out of their mother's car and headed into the school. I smiled at my brother as he headed to his locker and I headed to mine.

As I was opening my locker, my four best of friends ran over to me. Boy, I wish I could run like that. I used to be able to run like that, but my body just couldn't do it anymore.

Valerice, Georginna, Regan, and Eva. They just are the best.

Valerice spoke up first to explain why they were so damn excited. "Girl! There's a new guy in school! He's in your tech class and Clemerstry class..."

I just gave her a weird look of confusion. "How did you know his schedule?"

Valerice laughed. "I stole it and then made a quick copy for you..."

I was now more confused than ever. "Why did you do that?"

Valerice sighed. "Girl, you are beautiful, you deseve to have a hot boyfriend, don't you think? We've known you for years. No dating history...yet..."

I smacked my forehead with my hand in fustraction. "I...I just...I'm not the dating type..."

Eva looked at me. "Why do you say that? Of course you are, how do you know if you never tried it before?"

I gave a big sigh. "Guys, why don't you look around? Why hasn't anyone asked me out? It's because...It's..." I sighed deeply. "...It's because I have Cerebral Palsy. It's not that I didn't try...It's because once guys find out...They run away. They leave...They don't call or text me back...Ever..." I faught back tears as I turned to Val. "...I love you, Val, but I'm sorry I can't let you set me up again. Every time you have, they ran away from me..." I shut my locker as I grabbed my books. "I'll see you guys in study hall, lunch and History. I gotta get to home room..." I rushed off to home room, trying to hold back the hurt that's building up in my body.

Eva turned to the others. "I never knew she was really struggling, guys.."

Valerice sighed. "She's not like us. We are her friends, but we don't know how it is with having Cerebral Palsy and being in high school. We have to just be there for her. I never will pressure her again. It's my fault that she's upset..."

Regan sighed. "Let's just let her cool off. She isn't ready. When it's her time, she'll date, but for now, let's just move on. We all have to get to class."

Valerice, Georginna, Regan and Eva headed off to class.

Bayley went on with her day and when she made it to her Tech class, there was the new guy. Clearly, Val was right about him being hot.

I just sat at my desk, opening my computer and my tech book, clearly minding my own business, but the next thing I knew, there was the guy sitting next to me.

He spoke up. "Is this seat taken?"

I just shook my head. "No." I said softly. I didn't know what else to say. Of course I'm shy around guys now.

He took his hand out. "I'm Taylor Rayes. You?" He smiled.

I gave a slight smile. "Bayley Kingston. Nice to meet you, Taylor." I started to start my project we started the other day.

He just looked at me, I turned to look at him. I spoke up. "Do you want me to help you get caught up on what we are working on?"

Taylor nodded. "That would be great."

The teacher Mrs. Daniels walked into the room, saw Taylor next to me. "Mr. Rayes. Welcome to my Tech class. I see you are with Miss. Kingston."

I just decided to speak up. "I can help him catch up if you don't mind, Mrs. Daniels."

Mrs. Danieels nodded. "Thank you, Miss. Kingston."

One of the Queen Bees of the school turned to me and Taylor, Zoey laughed. "You don't want to be with her, Taylor. She's diseased. She probably doesn't understand our half of this stuff. She's never had a date. Nobody wants a girl who has a disease..."

I just decided to get up from my desk, I packed up my computer and headed out of the room. I couldn't take it anymore. I just needed a minute by myself as tears came falling down my face. I never cried in school ever but she doesn't get the stuggle I deal with everyday.

Mrs. Daniels just looked at Zoey, "Miss. Baxter! We don't say those things in this class!"

Taylor got up and walked out of the room, following Bayley and soon, he found her. "Bayley!"

I sniffed, wiping my face, I just tried to catch my breath and hugging me. "Taylor, you don't have to follow me. She's right. I am..."

Taylor ran up to me, wrapping his arns around me. "What did she mean by diseased, Bayley?" He said, whispering in my ear.

I shivered slightly at his breath in her ear, I sniffed softly. "I...I can't tell you..."

He just shook his head. "Bayley, you can't hide from everyone on what's going on...Please, tell me..."

I just turned to face him. "Evey guy I've told, they'd run away from me...I'm not sick or anything like that. People like Zoey, they don't understand or aren't eduated enough or not at all..."

Taylor nodded. "What's going on with you?"

I just looked down at my shoes. "Promise me, you won't run away from me?"

He nodded. "I promise."

I took the deepest breath of my life. "I have Cerebral Palsy..." I just looked at my feet in fear.

Taylor lifted my head up, I looked at him in the eyes. I just looked at him in shock. "Why haven't you left?"

He smiled softly. "My little sister, Tori has Cerebral Palsy too. She's just more severe. She can talk just fine, but she can't walk. Even with seveal surgeries, she still couldn't walk. My parents have been stuggling with coming to terms with that fact still. I've helped with her progress since she was one. She's now nine."

I just felt sad for him. "I'm sorry. I'm sure my parents would love to meet your sister and parents some time just to give them some advice."

Taylor smiled. "That would be great. Let's get back to class."

I nodded. "Let me just fix my makeup and my face. I can't walk in there like this..."

He nodded. "Alright. I can wait for you."

After I had cleaned up and fixed my makeup, we headed back to claas together. We walked into the class, sat at our shared desk and I gave Taylor the assessment. "We can go over more tonight if you don't mind coming over to my house?"

Taylor nodded. "Sure, I'd love too."

Zoey was watching them. She was jealous of them. How could HE be intersted in her and not me?! She just stared at them fot a few minutes before going back to her work.

Taylor and I had Clem together so we decided to walk together. After that class, we went to lunch together. After we walked inside and got our food, we headed to my friends, they saw me with the new guy.

Valerice's eyes were wide. "Bay! Hey, who's this?" Clearly knowing who it was.

I laughed. "Guys, this is Taylor. Taylor, this Valerice, Regan, Eva and Georginna."

Georginna smiled. "Nice to meet you, Taylor."

Taylor sat down nect to me. "Have you guys met Zoey Baxter?"

Valerice nodded. "Oh, yes, we have. She's been hating us for over four years. Hating us for what, I don't know."

Taylor nodded. "Good to know..."

Eva looked at me. "Why do you ask? Did something happen?"

I gave a deep sigh. "She made a remark to Taylor that he shouldn't be talking to me because I'm in her words, 'diseased'."

Reagan's eyes went wide. "Excuse me? She said what?"

Taylor nodded. "Yeah, but I'm not letting her get me on her side because I have a sister who has Cerebral Palsy too."

Valerice, Eva, Regan and Georginna all were surprised. "Really?"

Taylor nodded. "Yes."

After lunch, everyone went to class. After school, Taylor looked at me. "Do you want me to drive you home? We do have to do some work together."

I nodded, smiling at me. "Sure. Let's go."

I walked with him to his car. I texted Brayden to take the bus without me. He was confused, but said he'd see me at home.

I told Taylor where I lived, we talked on the way there.

Taylor spoke up as he drove on the road. "So, tell me about yourself, Bayley."

I blushed softly. "Well, I'm sixteen. I had years of physical therapy. Sometimes, I still go every two weeks after school. I never played a sport in my life. I never will. I think I did more physical therapy in my life than anyone who doesn't have CP..."

Taylor nodded. "I think my sister would agree with you there..." He smiled. "Anything else, Bayley?"

I laughed. "My favorite colors are blue, gold, black and pink. I never had a real relationship..."

Taylor's eyes went wide. "Really? Never? Never kissed a guy?"

Bayley shook her head. "Never. I never had sex either. I never ever done anything with anyone..."

Taylor smiled. "I'm sure you will someday."

Ava and Zach's home

Taylor parked his car in the driveway and Bayley got out of the car with Taylor. "I want to warn you about my dad. He probably ask you a lot of questions..."

Taylor nodded. "I'm ready for those questions..."

I open the front door and Taylor followed me inside. "Mom! Dad! I'm home."

Zach walked out of the kitchen and saw Taylor sanding next to Bayley. "Bay, who's this?"

I smiled. "Dad, this is Taylor. He's new here." He looked at Taylor. "Taylor, this is my Dad, Zach."

Taylor smiled. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Kingston." He took his hand out.

Zach shook his hand. "Nice to meet you, Taylor. What are you two doing?"

My eyes went wide. I smacked my hand against my forehead. "Dad!" My voice was deep. "Studying. We are just studying..."

Taylor nodded. "It's fine, Bayley. We are just studying. She's helping me catch up on our project in technical class."

Zach nodded his head. "Alright then. My wife would love to meet you."

Taylor smiled. "Looking forward to it."

I pulled Taylor up the stairs to my room and shut the door. "I'm sorry about my Dad."

Taylor shook his head. "It's okay, Bayley. He has a right to know me." He put his book bag down on the floor. "Now, homework needs to be done."

I nodded. "Right..."

The next day, I was at school again, Taylor drove me and Brayden into school. I was at my locker when Valerice, Eva, Regan and Georginna ran over to me.

Valerice looked at me. "Spill sister! We gotta know what happened between you and Mr. Hotness..."

I sighed. "Nothing happened. We just were doing homework."

Eva laughed. "Right...Homework...Girl, what really happened?"

Bayley shook her head. "Nothing! Nothing happened! I'm telling you the truth! Does every guy have to just jump in bed with every girl?" I sighed deeply. "I'll see you guys later."

Eva looked at the others. "Maybe nothing really didn't happen. I'm sure she just wants to take things slow."

Valerice nodded. "Yeah, maybe we were too demand on wanting to know. She will tell us whatever she wants."

As I walked to technical class, Zoey blocked my way. "Get out of my way, Zoey."

Zoey glared at me. "No. I want you to stay away from Taylor. He's gonna be mine. You never should've brought him home..."

I sighed. "That isn't any of your fucking business."

Zoey pushed me against the lockers. "Don't push me, girl..."

Taylor saw me against the lockers, he walked over to me. "Zoey, I believe she said whatever happened between us isn't your fucking business. Now let her go before I go get the teacher..."

Zoey looked at Taylor. "What? A strong guy like you can't fight me? Or for me?"

Taylor walked close to her. "My mother taught me to NEVER lay a hand on a lady. Now, I'm gonna ask you again. Let Bayley go!"

Zoey push me against the lockers as she let me go. "Don't get in my way, Kingston..."

Taylor walked over to me, helping me get my books and sighed. "Are you okay, Bay? Are you sure you don't need to go to the nurse? She pushed you pretty tough."

I shook her head. "I'm sure. She doesn't like it when a guy talks to me. After she told the whole school that I was 'disceased' no guy never came close to me...besides you and my brother, obviously."

Taylor nodded as he helped me walk inside. "Well, I'm gonna talk to you everyday. It can bug the shit out of her. I don't care." He whispered to her. "You're beautiful to me. She's ugly due to her ugly heart. You're beautiful inside and out."

I blushed. "Really?"

He nodded. "Yeah." He looked at Mrs. Daniels. "You can blame Zoey on Bayley's uncomfortableness. She pushed her against the lockers."

Mrs. Daniels sighed. "Everyone get to work on your projects..." She turned to Zoey. "Zoey, you come with me."

Zoey groaned, glaring at me as she got up. "I'm watching you." She mouthed.

I glared back. "Get yourself a lawyer you may need one the next time you lay a hand on me. My Dad never lost a battle ever, bitch."

Mrs. Daniels sighed. "That's enough, girls." She walked Zoey to the principal's office.

Taylor looked at me. "Your dad is a lawyer?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

Taylor laughed. "Should I be scared now?"

I giggled. "No." I opened my computer slowly. I rubbed my back slowly. "Ugh. My back hurts...again."

Taylor's eyes went wide. "She's done this before?!"

I gave a small nod. "Yeah. That's why I still go to physical therapy. The cold pool helps my back by stretching. Then I go home and take a long hot shower. It gets on Brayden's nerves a lot."

Taylor laughed. "Poor guy." He rubbed my back as he typed with one hand.

I sighed. "I wish I could do that..."

Taylor looked at me. "Type with one hand?"

I nodded slowly. "Yeah..."

Taylor leaned down and kissed my head. "It takes practice." He smiled. "I can do the work today. You rest..."

I smiled. "Can I take you with me for the next 4 classes?"

Taylor laughed. "I wish I could spend the whole day with you."

I smiled. "Me too."

Later that day, Taylor dropped me and Brayden off and he headed in before me, I walked inside with a big smile on my face. I shut the door and leaned against the closed door.

Zach looked at Ava. "Why is she smiling like that?"

Ava smiled brightly. "I think our girl is in love..."

Zach's eyes went wide. "But...But...I'm not ready!"

Ava laughed as she kissed his head. "You're fine, babe."

Zach groaned as he followed her. "Ava!"

Ava groaned. "Oh my God. You won't die..."

I laughed at my dad's reaction. I just kept smiling. I was in love. For the first time in my life.

To be continued...