There so many different stories. That describes Wordgirl. But none of them, show well Tobey with a OC. So let me say, I will present this new whole story.

Chapter 1: A New Super

"How long does it take a being to travel from Dimension 13579 to Dimension 13578?"

Asked Universebumps. The recently made queen recently left her home Realm,

Bumpslandia, in order to travel to see the world of her new granddaughter Elsa.

Unfortunately it was taking forever to get there. But then, her supercomputer U.I.T.B

(Universe is the Best) warns Universebumps Mam, we are about to crash in a Unknown

location. Would you like me to carry out escape plan 123? Universebumps had no

choice. She had to leave. So using her piloting skills, she successfully crash landed in

Fair City. She escaped, but the pod crashed in a backyard. The backyard happened to

be owned by the McCallisters. And as all of you know, guess who saw the pod crash

crash landed? None other than our "favorite boy genius" Tobey McCallister. He was on

his way to get his master remote when he saw his backyard. "Oh no! Mom will think I

trashed the backyard! Who did this!?" Tobey said to himself. Then he had an idea. "If I

can find the ... Whatever was here, befriend it and show me how to use the technology,

I will use this to make a super armor and make Wordgirl finally realize how powerful I

am." He ran inside, drew his design and hid it. If his mom knows what he was up to, she

would punish him.