Now it is time. For chapter 2. Nothing everybody was to expect. Even if it might look dumb. I think it is fun. So all of you get up and read with. Oh yeah yeah!

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Chapter 2: Hello My Name Is Sapphire Gladygar a.k.a Universe The Diva

It was the first day of school for our favorite hero, Wordgirl. She had just returned from a camping trip in Minnesota. She

was so upset before she left because Scoops and Violet became a couple during Bingo the Cat's Photography and

Art Camp. She felt better after returning. She told her friends "Camping was amazing!I mean, canoeing and reading?

Come on!" Then Violet, Becky and Scoopscame across this new girl. She had the longest chocolate brown hair, blue

eyes, askin tone that is in the middle of Violet and Becky, a purple sweater over a yellowdress with black heels and pink

socks. She went over to Becky and said "Hi. I amSapphire Gladygar. What a pleasure it is to meet you guys!" Scoops,

Becky andViolet shook hands. The she turned around and bumped into Tobey. He lookeddown at her while she kept l

down. Then he said "If you will excuse me, you bumped into one of the most smartest villains that Wordgirl had ever

fought!" Hesaid harshly. Then a robot hand grabbed him and made a exit. Becky told Violet and Scoops that she had to

fight Tobey... again. Sapphire, on the other hand, went to the bathroom and tried different catchphrases to transform and

and one worked. She said "Universe...bumps!" She had a pink mask on her face, a pink leather sweater and white

pants. She raced to the scene.

A little later...

Wordgirl was fighting Tobey and his robots. For the 80th time, she had to leave school to fight. She flipped over a

robot and Tobey went flying. As he fell, a flash of pink and white grabbed Tobey. The flash of pink and white turned o

to be a new Super. She turned bright red once she saw Tobey. Her eyes sparkled. She then introduced herself

"Greetings Mortals! I am a new superhero by the name of Universe The Diva. I come in peace"

Wow! Tobey has a crush on Universe The Diva? Who loves the story so far