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Chapter 20

The entrance to Ryōzanpaku Dojo looked a bit like the entrance to Tendo Dojo.

To be fair, every aged building on inherited family land looked similar. The place was constructed in the same traditional style with a wall of about three or two-and-a-half meters tall surrounding it, it had the same coloring and wood used looked to be of the same type, though, unlike the Tendo's, you couldn't see any building peeking out from the top of the walls if you look at a certain angle, so the buildings were either shorter, or they had a larger area to work with, I couldn't tell from the path we took, walking across the surprisingly quiet residential district till we ended at the gates.

There was where I saw the differences; the gates of Ryōzanpaku were substantially larger than the Tendo's. The dark, wooden doors looked thicker, denser than it should have been possible, and the Dojo's sign hanging above almost seen to loom over whoever was standing beneath it.

Ranma scoffed at it seeing it for the challenge that it was.

"I must apologize again." The martial artist master, Kōetsuji Akisame, said to us, pausing with his hand on the gate just as he was about it open it. "For inviting you so suddenly. But the opportunity is too great to let it pass, I promise that everything will be clear shortly."

"Yeah, you're not really helping with the whole 'follow a weird stranger in the middle of the night' when you said stuff like that." I couldn't help but quip, causing the guy to embarrassingly clear his throat.

The guy's been trying to regain the whole 'aloof master act' even since the police siren set us running from the collapsed park.

But that's not the only thing he was trying to do by reassuring us.

The air between our group has been awkward to say the least. Ranma was lapsing back and forth between frustration and silent anger as he replayed the early battle in his head, Shampoo kept her distance, glaring daggers at everybody that so much glanced at her and overall just looking like she was about to pull the real thing and make a break for it, Haruka was mostly confused, tensed, and maybe in a bit of a shock, it was the first time she saw me and Ranma really cut loose and witness the light show we usually left behind, but, as usual, she was hiding all of that under a cool, neutral mask, and the new addition, Miu…

The girl was a mess, an emotional conflict in teenager form. I could practically see it wheeling around in her head, grief, elation, embarrassment, dread, relief, frustration, guilt, all naked on the face of a girl too shaken to put her guard back up.

And me? I was desperately scanning every nook and corner of my brain for anything and everything Kenichi-related that I knew. I didn't get much.

Still, Kōetsuji had the right idea, there was too much tension here. "Maybe a brief explanation about what you actually want?" I threw the blind man a bone.

Because by god if I wasn't sure this guy was a pretty chill dude and hadn't had a quest prompting me, there was no way I'd be following him anywhere.

"To talk, mostly. But the subject is important, and it does involve you." Pretty much confirmed he knew who I was there. "… And perhaps the majority of young people in the area. Tonight, by some twist of fate, allowed the reunion of several parties that will be involved, it was too good to let it pass."

"Still too damn vague," Ranma grumbled.

"Ano." Miu began to speak and nearly buckled when I and my friends' attention turned to her. "I… I have to cook, um, the dinner… I…"

"I'm sure the others took care of it," Kōetsuji said with a reassuring smile before finally pushing the gates open.

Two things happened at the same time.

One: A giant, hulking figure practically materialized out of nowhere and lunged at us.

Two: A loud crash and explosion echoed in the background a couple of yards away from us, the sounds of intense fighting immediately becoming apparent.

Logic dictated that I should focus on the hulking figure, it was the thing coming at us after all, and large creatures suddenly aiming toward you rarely mean good things, but pure reflex and raw instinct pointed us in the direction of the fight instead. It took a moment for me to realize why. The figure, whatever the fuck it was, wasn't giving any sign of aggression, so, naturally, our fighting senses disregarded it in favor of the biggest source of conflict.

Basically, we, the group of spooked teenagers wired to the snapping point, flinched into a guarded stance facing away from the giant who landed right next to us like a meteor.


Oh, that jolted some memories.

"MIU! You alright!?"

"Apachai-san! Y-Yes, I'm ok."

The giant man fretting over Miu is one of the masters, I recognize him now. Over two meters tall, deeply tanned skin, light blue hair looking like the end of a particularly messy broom, harsh and rugged South Asian features locked in a childish expression of worry as he shook the smaller girl by her shoulders.

It's the comic relief one.

Apachai Hopachai
Ryōzanpaku's Grandmaster
The Death God of the Muay Thai Underworld
Lost Heir of The Thailand Royal Family
Reincarnation of Hanuman
Suvannamaccha's Latest Obsession
Level: ?


Been expecting something unreasonable like that.

Bet the other masters will follow this 'bullshit titles' trend.

Reasonably sure nothing was going to blow off on that front, I finally added my attention to the others as they watched the fight and the events surrounding it.

The two fighters were female. One wearing t-shirts and jeans using some kind of street Tae Kwon Do that focused a lot on acrobatics and pulled a Saotome Ranma by leaving the user in the air for as long as possible. The other was in a more basic high school or middle school girl with bright red gloves like what Haruka was wearing, she fought with a specialized style that I could only just tell there was something of karate in it but nothing more though there were many postures and stances that struck me as weirdly familiar. Both were moving with speeds, strength, and skills that left no doubt they were trained in the arts. Not as destructive as someone like Ryoga, or, well, me, but they were occasionally cracking the ground underneath and crashing with impacts that would snap a normal person's bones, both were going too fast for me to see their name tags.

The commotion appears to be growing as more people came out of the house to watch the event. Young people, not the masters I was expecting, all wearing diverse and striking outfits and all of them with bandages on part of their bodies… and there was also a nervous-looking dude in a suit for some reason.

Before I could decide what to do next, another figure appeared from the house, this one was more distinct, both because he was less bandaged and more 'doing a mummy cosplay', and because—

"KENICHI-KUN!" Miu's emotional screech rang in my left ear as she shot past me, running toward the injured protagonist.

Yeah, that.

"Ah, that's no good. Wonder who took him out of the clinic?" Kōetsuji commented out loud, his hand rubbing his chin.

"The hell are you doin' there!?" The cry suddenly came from beside me, and I was left confused about why would Ranma…

"APA! Pigtail Friend!"

I nearly snapped my neck looking back. Ranma knew one of the masters, he knew Apachai!? what in the world—

"MA JIANXING!" Another screech abused my poor ears, this time I could see a furious Shampoo explode from her position, and my eyes reflexively followed after her as she pirouetted across the air to attack someone that was perched on the roof.

The guy - who I recognized as another one of the masters, the Chinese one– wiggled around the volley of attacks and somehow ended up with his head motorboating Shampoo's ass, provoking even more and even louder screeching, this time with a dash of rapid Chinese cursing.

"Alright, that is officially—"


Interrupted once again.

I looked up to see the main character himself marching towards us, showing none of the slowness of the limp he did before when getting out of the house.

Shirahama Kenichi
Ryōzanpaku's Disciple
Level: 20

"What have you done to Miu-chan, you brutes-Gah!"

About halfway across he tripped on a pebble and collapsed comically to the floor, his whole-body twitching in place. A second later and a ninja woman dropped down from nowhere and began poking him with a stick.

The blind master Kōetsuji just sighed at the sight and nearly winced when the fight got too close to the house and cracked one of the supporting pillars. "I apologize for that." He told us. Me and Haruka that is, Ranma was too busy screaming obscenities while being hugged and spun around by the Thai giant.

… You know that.

This whole thing helped dispel some of the tension that has been building up since the park. I can't really stay serious before all this chaos, it reminded me of home.

Glad to see a dojo in the same Nerima wavelength.


If we take a look at our injuries, it's understandable why Kenichi reacted that way.

Ranma was pretty badly bruised and had bone fractures over his ribs and arms, but nothing unusual as far as martial artists' fights go – heck the only unusual thing about it is that it happened to Saotome Fucking Ranma.

Haruka didn't really participate in any of the fighting beside that heart-stopping moment at the end. So, she was fine.

I was the same as Ranma, with uglier bruises and worse breaks, and I was pretty sure I fucked up the muscles of my back and shoulders on my last attack… But everything healed on my way here, so my immaculate self just gave master Kōetsuji a peace sign when he came time to patch me up.

Now Miu… Yeah, in addition to the expected bruises and broken bones, the girl had some really scary injuries.

The deep lacerations on her right arm that practically ripped out all her skin in the area, an extensive collection of first to second-degree burns all over her body, signs of fucking frostbite in some selected parts, patches of her long blonde hair… yeah, you could say we did a number on her. Heck, most of her more serious injuries come from me and not from Ranma, and I still don't know how to feel about that. Says a lot about a martial artist's sturdiness and the medical standards of this world that Kōetsuji allowed her to stay for the discussion, though she was banned from making dinner.

… Oh, and she was naked, that is, her original bodysuit was gone and she came home wearing only Ranma's new NWC jacked over her nudity, don't know how much that contributed to Kenichi's ire but my guess is a lot.

Funnily enough, Miu's state didn't get much reaction from the masters, the greater pushback came from the younger crowd.

And speaking of that crowd. Surprising doesn't even come close to describing them.

"My my, Dandy-san. Can't say that's how I expected us to meet again. Now, just what were you doing with honey, fighting in a burning building or something?"

Takeda Ikki
Takeda the Puncher
Level: 19

There's Takeda Ikki again, the cheeky Ragnarok fuck who attacked my territory a couple of weeks back. He's still as laid back as ever, sitting in a faux relaxed stance, with a piece of straw on his lips. Big thing about him is the fact he could now move his left arm. Also, fuck! He was a Kenichi's character all along! Should have seen that coming.

There was an edge in his voice that wasn't there the first time we met, even when he was being cornered. He either grew some balls since that time, or Kenichi wasn't the only one angry at Miu's injuries.

"Dandy? Dandy Bat, the leader of the new Nerima Gang? I see."

A new guy. One that I do not remember from the manga nodded in acknowledgment. He was big, like, really big, but it's clear that he had just as much muscle as he had fat, clearly a Sumo or another ultra-heavy martial art fighter. he had a utilitarian haircut with long sideburns and a squared, manly face I could see being called handsome by certain women.

But even if my memory fails me, the tag above his head reveals to me who he really was.

Chiaki Yūma
Former Seventh Fist of Ragnarok, Thor
Level: 23

"Tsk!" The girl at his side loudly clicked her tongue. "Damn it, Ikki! Not worth the trouble my ass, they're clearly established!"

This one I recognized. The flat-chested, red-haired tomboy that started as the first big enemy before joining the heroes; her design was iconic, so I recognize her instantly. Red shirt with a collar loose enough to show her bra strap, tight jeans with one leg ripped off, puffy green beret on her head… taunt, sculpted leg that went on forever…

She was the one fighting when we arrived before they got too close to the house and Kōetsuji intervened.

Nanjō Kisara
Former Eight Fist of Ragnarok, Valkyrie
Level: 22

The guy next to her stirred. He was tall, not as tall as the sumo guy but taller than me, he had rugged features, spiky hair cut in a near military style and a scar across the left side of his jaw, his eyes were hidden under a pair of sunglasses he wore even indoors.

Now, to be as kind as I could possibly be… the guy didn't have much presence, especially when compared to the rest of the crew.

Ukita Kōzō
Ukita The Thrower
Level: 16

"I mean, it doesn't really matter anymore, does it?" The guy commented, earning a heated glare from the redhead to which he could only raise his hands in concession.

"… A tactical mistake, but one that brought benefit in the long run. After today's event, it's safe to say that any group that opposes Ragnarok is a good thing."

Now, about this speaker… If you showed me them a couple of months ago, I'd say it was a guy, but nowadays, after a long time spent near Haruka, I'd say she's like her; a really, really handsome girl. This one seems to be using her ability to look like a pretty boy to the fullest extent, dressing like a host of some Victorian-themed bar and everything. With long, wavy blonde hair and light purple eyes, she's not someone I recognize.

Shiratori Kaoru
Nanjō Kisara's Right-Hand Woman
Level: 18

"… That said, Tadeka's insubordination at that time cannot go unpunished." She finished up with a glare, prompting the lazy boxer to try to defend himself.

"Oi, oi, I'm not even part of your team anymore, sheesh."

A loud bang echoed across the room as a foot slammed on the dinner table. My eyebrow twitched. I don't want to look at the girl, I don't want to acknowledge her existence and what it represented, but since when this crazy universe care about what I wanted?

"Who cares about that!? You're all delinquents! All those people got hurt because of you!"

There she was, standing up and looking down at all of us from under her button nose, warm brown eyes burning with righteous determination, a white bandanna over short dark brown hair, blue and white high school uniform that left her toned midriff free to be admired by the world and bright red kickboxing gloves on her fists…

Her appearance was beyond iconic. I recognized her the moment her fight with Kisana was interrupted and she finally stopped moving around, and she's definitely not from Kenichi.

Kasugano Sakura
Ryu's Number One Fan
Level: 28

Kasugano Sakura from Street Fucking Fighters.

Goddamn it, so games are also eligible to be part of this insane world!? How the fuck is this place even functioning!? What's next? Disgaea!? Fucking NIER!? I swear to God if a dragon and a giant pop off from the skies of Tokyo I'm tapping out.

I turned to look at my friends, mostly because what the fuck was I gonna do with this? Haruka raised her eyebrow at me and Ranma was too distracted catching up with the second familiar face he met around these parts; he actually looked happy about this one.

But the guy he was talking to was… unique to say the least, his whole appearance seems to edge a bit too close to the uncanny valley. Face far too long and too angular, pointy ears sticking out from the side of his head, slithering tongue that sometimes slip out of his lips when he spoke while also looking too thin and elongated. He had actually made quite the entrance by slamming the slide doors open and announcing himself to us, but all that attitude bleed away completely when he saw Ranma.

Now he was obediently kneeling in front of the martial artist with a big, fake smile, plastered on his face and his hands taken almost to the point of ignition with how fast and frequently he was rubbing them all while he nodded enthusiastically at the pigtailed martial artist's every word. Ranma himself looked completely unaware of the effect he was having on the guy.

Niijima Haruo
Level: 02

Right, so, clearly a normie, but I remember that his role in the manga was intelligence gathering or something. Not sure how to feel about his title, it seems like a cheap gag.

Haruka, seeing my overwhelmed state, stepped in. Bless her little heart.

"That's not an accusation you can throw lightly. We had nothing to do with whatever you're referring to; in fact, we don't even know what it is. So don't go lumping us together." She declared meeting the glare of the Street Fighter character.

"So? You're a delinquent, you're there to cause trouble anyway, I should kick your ass right now!"

My kohai leaned in, and it was clear that a nerve was struck. "You can try." Annnd she challenged the girl that's more than ten levels above hers.

God, I'm a bad influence.

"Self-righteous little bitch!" Kisara suddenly growled. She didn't exactly jump to her feet, but she went to one knee with her legs clearly preparing a lunge. "Don't think your fight with me is over!"

Sakura turned around to face the redhair, her fists going up. "Bring it on!"

"BAHAHAHA! You kids nowadays, can't leave you alone for one minute and you're already gearing up for a fight! I approve!"

Oh yes, them. They stood out even among all those new names.

One of Kenichi's masters got into the room, the karate one – can't really mistake him for anymore else – Tall, broad, muscular physique that made those spartan guys look like slackers, big ass scar horizontally cutting a ruggedly handsome face that was locked in a ferocious grim.

Sakaki Shio
Ryōzanpaku's Grandmaster
100-Dan Street Brawler of Karate
The Dragonslayer Fist
Honorary Oni
Crazy Tyrant of Battle
The Everlasting Fireheart
Level: ?

I was more prepared this time around, so the insane titles didn't cause as much of a reaction from me. I'm starting to believe every master or strong individual I meet will have something like this. even if I couldn't understand the true significance of the less obvious titles, they certainly tell a history.

Case and point; the ninja woman from before dropped down from the ceiling to sit by the table. Of all Kenichi's masters, she was the most memorable, and for good reason.

Extremely curvaceous body hugged only by a tiny pink kimono robe, the front open enough to show an abundance of cleavage with some of the iron mesh she was using as a bra peeking beneath, long, shapely legs deliciously folded together and covered by tight, purple stockings, raven-black hair tied up in a high ponytail that fell sharply across her back, zigzag-shaped eyebrows over gleaming purple iris and a face that was gorgeous even when completely devoid of any emotion.

Yeah, needless to say, of all masters, she was the one I never forgot.

Kōsaka Shigure
Ryōzanpaku's Grandmaster
The Prodigy of Swords, Mistress of all Weaponry
Heiress of The Kōsaka-style Weapon Combat Style
Bearer of the Secret of Steel
Level: ?

The most reasonable-sounding, less crazy set of titles of all masters, but that made sense; she was younger than the rest, looking to be in her… early twenties? Lord helps me with all these prodigies in my life.

While I was at it, my eyes slid to the side to look at the last master in the room. Sitting cross-legged against the corner like he's been there the whole time – Maybe he was, who knows with these guys – reading a book that was not quite pornographic but had a cover raunchy enough to be unfit for polite society, was Kenichi's Chinese master. A short, middle-aged man with a long, Doctor Eggman-like mustache, wearing green-colored Chinese clothes and a wide brimming hat.

Ma Jianxing
Ryōzanpaku's Grandmaster
The Master of All Chinese Kenpō
Supreme Leader of the Crimson Phoenix Alliance
Kensei The Slick
Mountain Climber, Heaven Piercer
Fearless Gentlemanly Pervert
Level: ?

… I knew I should ask him where the heck Shampoo is and what he has done with her, but at that point, I was too numb to.

I dropped my head low and let out a long breath. Right, games, of course, how foolish of me to think this universe will keep to only anime, suck it up and move on.

Yeah, sounds like a plan.

"Okay!" I snapped my head back up, facing the rest. There were a few almost flinches seeing me raise my voice after timidly sitting there for all this time. "Let me tell you what I'm getting from this whole kid theater." I raised my hands and started pointing before the frowning ones could throw a fit. "Ragnarok did something big, presumably early today, and you all got your asses kicked because of it. Also, you all were part of the gang before this event happened, and now you aren't, except Spunky Heroine A over there who probably got her ass kicked during her righteous raid of justice or something. Included among you was that Kenichi guy, who was beaten particularly bad and stood on the edge of death or permanent crippling, that set off miss Blonde and Furious to go on a roaring rampage of revenge against every delinquent she could find, till she met us, and we stopped her." Better to rub that fact for a bit, as we're the newcomers. Establish dominance and whatnot "Have I missed something in my assessment?"

Thankfully the martial artist masters continued to be blaze about the brutal defeat of their… housemate? Charge? Babysitter? So, the revelation had the appropriate impact with no master threat or interruption. They've all seen the state Miu was in, but having a vocal confirmation has another story.

"Eh, wrong. Ukita and I left Ragnarok days ago." Of course, the smartass boxer chose that time to snark.

I ignored him, too busy looking at the Kisara. My experience with Redhaired tomboys told me that we were close to an outburst, and the shift in her expression only confirms it.

"What did you call me!?" Right, there was another tomboy in the room. "That's right, how dare you do that to Miu-chan!? That was too far!" The Street Fighter character- Sakura, got to get over that shit - snarled at us.

"Pipe down, Heroine A," Ranma said from beside me, apparently getting back to the talk once I was out of my short funk. "The blonde wasn't someone we could hold back against."

"What I don't understand," I said firmly, getting back the reins of the conversation. "Is what the hell this has to do with us? Why are we here? Why did you insist we come, Kōetsuji-san?" I said to the master hiding behind the sliding door.

The Karate master, Sakaki, who was leaning against the wall next to it, barked another laughter and took a swing of the beer he had in his hand. "HAH! Kid ruined your dramatic entrance, Akisame."

The door slid open once again, this time to its totality, letting the bright lights of the room bathing the area outside. In the Tendo's place, this is where the iconic garden and pond were located, but Ryōzanpaku was more barren, consequence of multiple martial artists utilizing all the available space to train, no doubt.

"Ara? I remember someone saying they would act respectfully in front of the guests." The blind master commented as he walked past to enter the room, making Sasaki choke on his drink. Behind him came a Miu and the limping Kenichi, Apachai was also accompanying them close by, looking ready to act in case one of them stumbled.

I winced internally seeing the number of bandages on Miu and her arm in a sling. It occurred to me that this was the first time I went all out on another person, that is, full no holds barred, nothing held back, I didn't even think at the time just went with my instincts. Seeing the result of it really drove it home that my way of fighting, the fighting style I ultimately fall back to was… well, it's pretty fucking lethal.

Too much time fighting monsters I suppose. I couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

Still, I kept the feeling off my face even as the girl stepped toward us. Like usual for martial artists of her caliber, she showed no sign that her injuries were affecting her, even as she bent down and lowered herself.

"I'm sorry for attacking you like that, I was acting out in anger and not thinking, it was wrong of me."

Well, at least she apologized!

But seriously, this display here was pretty significant. She could have pulled us aside or done it on another occasion, citing the importance of whatever this meeting is as a recuse to save face, instead, she did it in the open, in front of all the masters and the guests, taking full responsibility for her action and placing herself as the offending party, tacitly declaring the retaliation, in this case, her injuries, as just.

… Though I suspect the full scope of her act was lost to most in the room, Japanese courtesies aren't easy to understand, even to other Japanese people.

"I won't accept this!" Ah, well, I guess it was inevitable Shirahama Kenichi would react like that.

Watching him up close was… strange. Like I said before, he was like a mummy, most of his body was covered by bandages and gauzes and he absolutely reek with the combined fragrance of multiple herbal concoctions and other weird medicines, but… nothing about him seems to justify Miu's berserk mode. Like, I could understand if he was lying on a hospital bed hooked to a machine and fighting for his life, but he was here now, walking and talking, weak, yes, but already awake after a terrible event that apparently happened early today.

"Why does Miu-san have to prostrate herself after she came back in that state!? All those injuries, the blood, I don't care who started it, it clearly went beyond mere martial arts!" His legs wobbled a bit in reacting to his agitation. I suppose you gotta give some respect to the guy if he was willing to stand his ground in his current state.

Still, I kept my face under a mask as I watched the blonde girl look back at the injured boy and whisper his name.

"… I accepted your apology, Fūrinji-san." Only then, I regarded the protagonist. "Funny, we were just talking about that, my friend here put it the best."

Rather than repeat his early statement about Miu, Ranma waved his hand at the guy, a genuine grin on his face.

"Osu! Kenichi, right? Man, 'been a while." He reached back and dropped his hand on the top of the head of the peculiar human being at his side, who had tried to slip away once the martial artist's attention was somewhere else. "Niijima here told me the gist of what's happenin'." He rubbed Niijima's head like a dog's causing the boy to let out a strangled sound and start trembling all over. "So you're learnin' the art? That's awesome!"

Kenichi, for a lack of a better word, froze at the sight of the pigtailed martial artist, all the blood draining from his half-bandaged face.

… Now, I know Ranma, heck, we been through enough shit together that I can say I know him pretty damn well, so for me, as weird as it was, I could see he meant no malice by the act, in fact, it looked like an innocuous habit he developed mostly because no one ever called him out on it. But seeing these reactions and putting two and two together.

Ranma, buddy, my friend, occasional pain in my ass… Did you unknowingly bully these two in middle school!?

With a noise like a balloon emptying that culminated into a loud "GEH!" Kenichi's head snapped back as if he was animated by studio Shaft, and he collapsed in Apachai's arms, who, for his part, dramatically screamed the boy's name with tears in his eyes.

Unlike last time, this caused a ripple of loud reactions, including facepalms on some of the masters.

Second time the guy passed out when confronting us.

Please Lord, don't make this into a gag.


There was one more person introduced to this mess, a person that had quietly slipped into the room after Kenichi and tried to stay inconspicuous by the corner while master Kōetsuji gathered everyone around the table and made proper introductions. Perhaps if he was wearing anything other than a three-piece suit he would've succeeded, the 'young salarymen' look he had was tailor-made to fade into the background, but amidst a room full of anime characters, he stood out like a sore thumb.

Currently, the man was sitting by the table fidgeting under my continuous gaze, I briefly considered adding an "jiiiiiiiii" to it but decided that would be too much.

Amakasu Touma
History Compilation Committee Employee.
Level: 14

I'm fairly sure he's the same guy that appeared in the Campione anime - add ten years to the man and grow his hair out and he would fit the bill perfectly - but still, History Compilation Committee, Campione. Like Street Fighter, it's not something I was expecting to find while getting into Kenichi.

It also meant Shiori was involved in this too.

Before I could dwell on this, Kōetsuji cleaned his throat.

"I'll start by giving an overview of the situation for the benefit of those not in the know." Meaning us, and by the grumblings of the most hotheaded members of the youngster party, they knew it too. "A great fight involving Ragnarok, a juvenile gang that I'm sure you're all familiar with, and several other gangs broke out yesterday evening going to the earliest hours of this morning, during this fight Ragnarok revealed their apparent trump card in the form of inhuman monsters."

"Excuse me?" I murmured, slowly processing the words that were spoken a bit too casually.

"Fuck!" The redhead, Kisara, suddenly braked. "You gonna come out and saying just like that, not try to convince us there was some gas leak that made us see things or whatever?"

"No, young lady that would be counterproductive." The blind master spoke, and the girl mouthed 'young lady' like she couldn't believe what she was hearing it. "You saw it with your own eyes and felt their abilities on your body, there is no use keeping the truth from you now."

"H-Hold on!" The was Haruka the first one from my group that spoke. "Monsters? What are you- What exactly happened!?"

The big sumo guy with the thunder god namesake was the one who answered.

"We were to make a final push against Karasu and their allies, but before the fight, Odin introduced a new member to the Fists—"

"Bitch!" Kisara cursed.

"It made sense at the time, we were two members short, so no one questioned her presence…" At Kisara's growl, he added. "Too much. She never told us her name, only her title of 'Frigg'."

"A bimbo who hung on Odin's arm the whole time. I knew she wasn't a fighter!" Now the big guy was starting to look annoyed by the interruptions.

"As I was saying. During the battle, rather than jumping into the fray, Odin held us back, he said we were to witness the new age of Ragnarok. And then Frigg released her monsters."

"Like, a monster cow or a tiger?" Even Ranma saw where this was going. I preemptively pinched the bridge of my nose.

"Not that, specifically, no. They looked like monstrous women and they had… abilities, flying, controlling plants, breathing fire, manipulating crystals." The guy gulped. "It was an unbelievable sight."

"You're leaving the best part." Kisara cut in again, her voice dripping with sarcasm, "Those things, the 'invincible army' Odin was babbling about, they use our guys as fuel, our own men! The bitch had to suck them dry or something to summon the things." She barked out a laughter, this time it had an unhinged tingle to it, "Shit, shit! Real monsters! And some kind of energy-sucking evil witch to summon them! I was there for a fight!" Shiratori Kaoru put her hand on Kisara's shoulders in an effort to calm her.

A grim silence hung in the air as the redhead fought against her emotions.

"We got there. Hum..." Miu spoke up, maybe in an attempt to shift the attention away from Kisara. The blonde glanced at Kasugano Sakura who was sitting at her side with a solemn look. "… Ragnarok's leadership would be all in one place, so it was an opportunity to take them on, going on the offensive for the first time. But then the monsters appeared, everything became so chaotic and… and Kenichi…" It was the girl's turn to fall into silence.

"Riiight," I breathe out, raising my face from my hand, and looking at the ex-Ragnarok once again. "And you, can I assume you said fuck that to the monsters and that is why you're injured and here now."

"It wasn't right." The big guy shook his head, his muscles visibly tensing. "I wanted to show the world the greatness of combat sumo, prove its strength once and for all. Not… be part of whatever that was."

"To hell with them all," Kisara growled. "I didn't sign up for some world domination demon lord crap."

The sunglasses guy, Ukita, suddenly let out a rueful laugh, "Didn't help much, we could do nothing against them. If… if they hadn't shown up." He glanced at the masters, everyone did. The gleaming in their eyes said it all; Ryōzanpaku residents had made an impression.

Kōetsuji cleaned his throat once again, taking back the lead of the discussion.

"Now that you are all caught up, we can get to the crux of the matter. Amakasu-san?"

The Committee guy jolted a bit on his seat at the mention of his name. "H-Hai." He coughed against his fist and regarded his audience. "My name is Amakasu Touma, I'm a member of the History Compilation Committee, a government organization tasked with dealing with situations such as this, hum, the monsters that you fought are known as 'Cardians' and the individual that you've referred is most likely their leader."

I closed my eyes.

Cardians and the Cardians leader, their source. A subject I stopped proactively pursuing two weeks ago, turning my effort in fortifying Nerima against general supernatural threats, including Cardian if any pop off, a subject I left on Shiori's hand.

Deep breaths. They have made progress, they must have, they even know the proper name now, the fact that the Cardian leader joined up with Ragnarok like some kind of cheap Saturday morning cartoon villain team-up is not their fault.

I opened my eyes once again, leaning hard on my Poker Face skill, and found the guy nervously looking at me.

"Ō-Ōe-san here has some experience dealing with them. Their first recorded appearance was in Nerima."

That caused some muttering; mostly exclamation of 'What?', and one 'Hum so that's why they're here.'

Singling me out like that isn't doing any good for my patience, buddy.

"About the introduction to the Cardians to ranks of the delinquent gang Ragnarok, w-well…" The guy faltered, so Kōetsuji took over.

"Normally, something as single and mundane as a juvenile gang war would have been left in your hands. We all must have our adventures and adversities; it would be unbecoming of masters to get involved in such matters and deny you saplings the opportunity to grow. However, the situation has changed now that forces beyond human are involved, it now requires direct intervention from us." Thunderous and serious expressions appear among the delinquents, it was clear how they took this news. "… is what I wish I could say."


Everybody in the room turned to look in the direction of the noise.

"… My apologies," I said in a formal tone, yanking my finger from the wooden crack in the spot I've been tapping. "I'll foot the bill for a new table. Please continue sir, I'm sure you have good reasons for your inaction."

The master's pale eyes regarded me for a moment.

"… There is an organization sponsoring Ragnarok, and they made their intentions clear after the attack. They officially offered their full support to Ragnarok's endeavors, so if we take action against them, we'd be starting a war against their sponsor."

There was more murmuring among the ex-Ragnarok crowd, their attention shifting toward the ex-members of the Eight Fists, but they looked to be as clueless as the rest.

I didn't particularly care about that.

"So what?" Breathe, I tried to breathe, goddamn I needed to be objective about this, but damn it was hard. "There's a freaking gang using monsters as shock troopers. Have you seen the aftermath of a Cardian attack before? Have you seen how many people they could have hurt, how many they have hurt!" I struggled to keep my voice down. "You're telling me you can do nothing?!"

The Japanese part of my brain registered that I was being too daring and rude to a near-suicidal level, mouthing off martial artist masters who I was meeting for the very first time, that part was a little bitch and it got promptly pushed aside as I glared at them, going from master to master, then to the History Compilation Committee guy; the only one that seems affected by it.

None of them look happy, I could at least tell that much. Ma Jianxing- or Ma Kensei as he was called by the Japanese speakers, was gripping the edges of his book so hard the hardcover was crinkling, Apachai Hopachai was sunk into himself as much as the immense man could with a deep shadow cast over his features, Kōsaka Shigure was hard to tell due to her unmoving deadpan, more there was a sharp edge around her like you would get cut by the air alone if you get close, Sakaki Shio was visibly fuming, griddling his teeth together in an effort to contain a colorful rant I had no doubt already would have been in full swing if it wasn't for the presence of first-time guests, Kōetsuji Akisame was the one that hid the best, probably leaning on being the leading role of this meeting and having to maintain an air of control. An interesting tidbit I noticed, is that this animosity wasn't directed at me, in fact, some of it was direct at the Committee representative, which only made the guy tremble harder.

That made me calm down a bit, my stupidly emotional teenager brain realizing there was more to this that they weren't divulging.

"In all related cases involving Cardians until now, there's been no deaths. None," Kōetsuji explained in a tight voice, "If this war start, there will be, a great number of it."

"It's not like we're being pushed around or anything!" Sakaki Shio finally had enough of staying quiet. "We're as much as a deterrent to them as they are to us, hell, that's the only reason this Ragnarok gang still exists and Ya- Those guys, hadn't absorbed the monster maker into their rank." He grumbled a sound that was like an angry bear doing the same.

"The current situation is that if nobody intervenes and the attacks do not escalate, there will be no need for intervention," Kōetsuji explained.

Besides me Ranma tsked. "So, the bastards can keep doin' whatever they want."

No deaths, if they keep it that way, Ragnarok can continue to use Cardians in their operations, and they just so happen to have some kind of patron or master or whatever, that the higher authorities, heck even the government, are hesitant to get into conflict with.

What a fucking joke. No deaths. Like this is everything you need to worry about in a Cardian attack, like feral Minon didn't put dozen of priests and mikos to the hospital and condemn some to months of physical therapy, like the rampage of feral Falion didn't cost thousand in property damage for people that had nothing to do with it, like Kodachi's teammates didn't frequently need to be checked in with anemia symptoms and constant lack of stamina even weeks after being 'drained'.

More info I had gathered during the time I was actively looking into it flashed in my head. I always hated that tired trope of a character taking full responsibilities for suffering that it objectively wasn't their fault, but I now got it, emotionally I got it, to say there wasn't a large part of me that was pointing at all of this and telling me I dropped the ball, that I let all of this happen, would be a fat lie.

"That's not… enough." A ragged voice spoke up, the attention drifted to the side of the table, where we had laid Kenichi.

His fingers appeared in my field of vision, gripping the table, and using it to haul himself to a sitting position. Whatever was allowing the guy to stand around and talk in his current state was clearly running out, to the visible concern of Miu at his side. "Master, masters, we have… to stop them. We can't let them get away with it, not this."

At this, Kōetsuji sighed, it was the first break in his stance since he took position at the edge of the table. To my surprise that sigh did not sound resigned. "Ah yes, of course, what do you think this is Kenichi-kun? We won't take something like that laying down."

The sudden drop in the formality caused a curious ripple across the room, I even notice some people starting to breathe again. That made me blink, when did that happen?

An exhalation of air had me glancing at my side, Haruka was taking some deep breaths, her hand on her chest, with a bit of sweat across her brow.

"Don't say anything. I'm ok." She said when she caught me looking.

I surely missed something there, but I directed my attention back to the masters, they were finally speaking sense.

"Just because we can't personally step in to stop them, doesn't mean you can't, doesn't mean you all can't." His blind eyes swept the room. "This is the reason for this reunion. While you're all here in one place."

Then, he did something I saw it coming yet somehow it was still unbelievable. He bowed.

It wasn't a deep bow, it was more respectful, the kind used to convey respect between equals, but to be used by a master martial artist towards a group of delinquent punks, it has tremendous significance.

"Please, distinguished youngsters of this generation, fight them in our stead."

Ah hell…

There was no way we could refuse.

This was the general feeling in the air and the theme of the general responses, after the moment of shock, where the others started waging their opinions in. I let that all wash over me, focusing on my group. We were a bit isolated.

"So?" I quietly threw the question in the air.

"I'm in," Ranma said immediately, his tone indicating I was an idiot for even asking. "It's not fair that only you get to fight these monsters."

"We have to talk to the others," Haruka said. "But this is what we were preparing for. And we would be fighting with Ragnarok one way or another, nothing changed." I could practically hear her smile.

Pretty much what I was expecting.

Also as expected, Ranma started to give 'constructive criticism.' "But these guys suck, I don't think they'd be of any help."

It's amazing how words like these can cut through the many conversations happening at the same time.

Great, one more thing to drive a wedge between us.

"Hãh?! Care you repeat that, you wannabe two-bit Chinese actor!" Kisara, predictively, was the first one to react, and, okay, never seem someone insult Ranma's fashion sense before, if anything she was creative.

"I said you're weak, cuttin' board. You're deaf or somethin'!?" Ouch, right at the throat, she actually hit a nerve with her previous comment, who would have thought?

It was like watching a plutonium core go nuclear, her face grew scarlet, her muscles tensed, and the ones on her legs actually bulged a bit. But if I caught that, Ranma definitely caught that, so her following attack will be—

"Mah, we did get our asses thoroughly kicked back then, so you might be on to something!" Ikki let out a burst of loud laughter all causal and slacker-like like he wasn't just trying to defuse the conflict before it started.

"You shut up traitor, I didn't lose back there!" Kisara barked at him, the energy of her intended attack dispersing.

"Well, technically nobody did, we were interrupted."

If there was any doubt the previous formality of the meeting wasn't coming back, Sasaki slapped his feet on the table, letting out a loud bellowing laughter.

"HAHAHA! What the boy says is true!" Way to undermine the boxer's efforts. "You guys aren't ready to face those things, not at your current level. But don't worry." His grin turned ferocious. "We can help you with that!"

Now that is interesting, did the guy just imply that… what's that malicious wave?

It was like every shadow in the room grew deeper and darker, artificial illumination nearly fading into the background, giving room only to an ominous silver glow that came from the full moon above. Suddenly, every master was a burry shape against the canvas of the world, most were chucking, and, and there were freaking shafts of light erupting from their eyes.

W-what the fuck!?


Everything snapped back to normal as Ranma's cry suddenly echoed across the room, the girly tone was something I rarely heard from him outside his girl form. When I turned to look, I saw my friend being shaken like a toy by the Thai giant. Again.

"Pigtail friend is already strong enough!" Apachai declared with an expression of silly jubilancy on his rugged face.

"Let me go, Apa!"

Kisara burst out laughing.

She wasn't the only one.

I didn't, of course not, I was the picture of seriousness, any accusation of the contrary is dirty slander.

Anime chaos clearly took over the room at that point, so an alien wearing a cape jumped onto the table.

"YES! YES! THIS IS IT!" Niijima, the guy that a second ago was acting timid and demure was now loudly barking a laughter that had his overly long tongue flopping out of his mouth. "Our biggest defeat turns into our biggest victory, a chance of a glorious comeback! Do you see now, Kenichi!? IT WAS ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN!" The protagonist in question was long since fallen unconscious at Miu's lap, but the guy didn't let that stop him. "Let me present to you the new subordinates of the Shinpaku Alliance! The rising stars of the delinquent world!" He dramatically threw his arm toward us.

"The Cool Beauty, Tenou Haruka!" The title being in English didn't prevent my kohai from blushing and stammering a "B-Beauty, me!?"

"The Red Beast, Saotome Ranma!" In the background, they could see Ranma use a complicated series of kicks to get out of Apachai's grip and roll away.

"And finally, the Dandy Bat, Ōe Hiroshi! With their strength and the training from the super strong Yokai masters, we will be invincible!" He threw his head up, arched his back, and started laughing once again, with his bizarre appearance and billowing cape he looks like a picture of a final villain getting what he wanted.

Guy, knew about us, neat.

I stood up, shook my legs a bit to help with circulation, and then cracked my knuckles.

And then I looked at the cackling alien who just made some crazy declarations.

Well then.

Horrifying sounds filled the room. An overly girly scream bounced across the walls. Several variations of surprised "OOHH!", "AAHH" and "OH SHIT!" were thrown out. The masters raised their eyebrows. Kōetsuji in clear professional appreciation.

"Sorry about that," I said, rubbing my hands after a work well done. After a moment I decided to take out my bat from my 'sleeve' for effect. The girly screams and shrieks under me going completely ignored. "We hadn't been properly introduced, I'm Ōe Hiroshi, these are my friends Tenou Haruka and Saotome Ranma, and we are from the Nerima Wrecking Crew gang from the Nerima Ward. Master Kōetsuji brought us here tonight because he believes our experience fighting monsters might assist you in the upcoming fight, and he is correct, of course. We will be happy to join forces with you… but we are nobody's subordinate, this will be a partnership between equals, or it will not be anything at all. That said." I bowed, "It's a pleasure to meet you all."

"Y-You tied his limbs in a fisherman's knot!" The Chiaki Yūma stuttered with pure disbelieve in his voice.

"H-Him acting all polite like that make it worse." Shiratori Kaoru commented in the same tone.

Ranma wasn't the only one who learned something from Tofu's books. Chiropractic in anime world is such a fun subject.

Shortly after that, the takeout food arrived, so a group of tired, injured teenagers had something to focus their undivided attention on. You can safely say the meeting was done by that point.

But things aren't over, some details needed to be ironed out, training, exchange of information, the stuff with the History Compilation Committee and the Temple, plus… there was one master in Ryōzanpaku who didn't show up, the super old guy said to be the strongest of them all; Miu's grandfather. He didn't appear, not even once, not even with his granddaughter injured like that – now that I think about it, while the rest of the masters did not react to Miu's injuries, I did not want to be here to find out if it was going to be the same with him – I wonder where he was.

Oh, and at some point, Kōsaka Shigure started to watch me like a freaking hawk and did not relent the entire time, even when I turn to directly face her. She just kept looking.

Do I have some hot ninja woman catnip or something? I mean, ultra-strong girls checking me out was always nice, but I could not figure out her deal. It was a bit creepy to be honest.


"Practe bigi nar."

Mana surged in accordance with my will, thrumming to awareness from the gentle circulation of before.

"Tui gratia Iovis gratia sit."

The energy bobbed and wavered at the words, it twisted into patterns and frequencies that went beyond me no matter my attempts to make sense of it. It traveled up my arm, accumulating in my hand and making my fingers tingle.


Soft, healing light erupted from my palm, creating a shaft of brightness that stood up against the night as it illuminated Ranma's bandaged arm, where his worst fractures lay.

He grunted at the contact. I prefer the sound he makes when I do this to his female form.

Healing spell, the most basic one Lucretia knew, quite shitty according to her, still, it quickly became one of the most, if not the most important spell in my arsenal, with the number of times Haruka and the guys got injured, you can bet it saw frequent use.

Some still prefer Falion's healing pets which had about the same effectiveness but couldn't be targeted in a specific area, because the appeal of petting a catgirl while she let out cute noises is universal. Ranma wasn't one of them for obvious reasons.

I briefly considered using it on Miu before we left. The girl was sweet as honey even if awkwardly stiff and trying to make up for what she did a little too hard. But still... She did almost kill Haruka. I knew that by the crazy logic of the martial artists she wasn't in the wrong; Haruka had jumped in the middle of the battle right when the conflict was hot, with clear aggression against Miu, who was being pressured by both me and Ranma at the time, getting hurt on those circumstances was more than a real possibility.

That's why the masters largely didn't raise a fuss about the blonde's state. She wasn't dead or critically hurt, so as far as they're concerned this was just the end result of a normal fight, nothing to whine about.

Me? I actually leaning toward agreeing with them… But I'm feeling remarkably petty today, must be the blows to the head.

"So, what's your story with Thai Hulk?" I asked Ranma conversationally.

He gave me a confused look. "Who?"

"It's an american comic book character." Explained my kohai of culture, her form lit by the lights of the vending machines she was buying drinks from. "He means Apachai-san. Where did you meet him?"

We'd stop one of those 'Vending machine islands' not even fifteen minutes from the Dojo. These things exist all over Tokyo, they're basically one or two machines, one bench or related place to sit, and one trash can positioned side by side, a little pitstop that tired salarymen can use between their busy schedule.

The martial artist rolled his eyes, "If you're expectin' a long and complicated story, you'll be disappointed. Met the guy in Nagano 'bout a year or so ago. We entered the same tournament, but got sidetracked by some eco-terrorist or somethin', ended up havin' to save the daughter of the tournament organizer and fight some goons under the command of a clown serial killer guy." Boy, that sure sounded long and complicated. "He stuck around me and pops for some time after it."

Ranma tested the motion of his arm and hand before ripping the bandages off, he then raised it up to give me access to his ribs. I chanted the spell and cast Cura once again.

"Everything I know about Muay Thai comes from the guy." He continued after a moment of silence. "He's insane, but he knows his stuff... They all know their stuff."

I hummed. "So, you noticed their levels." In truth, I didn't notice what Ranma probably did, I was going off by the manga.

"Yeah." He croaked, "... They're crazy strong. Pops can't even compare."

"This is serious, isn't it?" We both glanced at Haruka, she was leaning against the vending machine, playing with her soft drinking while wearing a pensive look. "Now that something like that tiger monster is involved, it's not just a ...delinquent fight anymore." She laughed a bit. "Got a bit carried away at the moment but now that I'm thinking about it…"

"Makes no difference," I spoke. "You can handle yourself."

"Like I did today?" She bit her lips, "Sorry it's just."

I don't think she realized the extent of the danger she put herself into, but she was sharp enough to realize that she had put herself in danger.

Ranma pulled away from the healing. He got to his feet, leaning forwards and then arching his back, testing out his torso. "Don't fret 'bout it." He said. "Tendo-ossan still puttin' you through physical conditionin', right? And you're getting' experience from Hiroshi's barrier. Focus on that, pull yourself together, and do everything you're doing harder." He slid his hands into his pockets and shrugged. "Yer already better than most."

Haruka gave him a long look, then she smiled. "That's a very... Ranma-like answer."

"Heh! those are the best kind of answers." He grinned. And I turn my head to the side and put my fist to my mouth, letting out a deliberate cough. "Oh, shut up!"

The short exchange made Haruka let out one of her rare giggles. "Let's just go home, I'm exhausted."

I sighed. "Yeah, that would be nice."

Haruka noticed my tone of voice and cocked her head. "What?"

"Somethin's comin'," Ranma explained turning to look in the direction of the interloper.

Feet hitting tiles, wood, and asphalt. It started faint, at the distance, but now it was quickly growing into a crescendo. A dark shape crossed the night sky, flipping midair before landing before us in a not-quite superhero pose.

Toned frame, short hair, sculptured leg stretching to the side, school uniform with puffy shoulder and revealing midriff.

Kasugano Sakura has blocked our path.

I wanted to sigh, let my shoulder slump, maybe rub some tiredness off my neck. But instead, I did the opposite, raising my guard and putting my gameface back on. I stepped toward the street fighter, putting myself between her and my group.

"What do you want?"

The girl didn't answer immediately, she just kept watching us with an odd look.

I narrowed my eyes, trying to work out the reasons for her being here. The most obvious one would be to take down the suspicious delinquents that appeared and started to ingratiate themselves into her group but... looking back.

She had mellowed out from the angry, hotheaded state we first saw her in over the course of the meeting, becoming more reserved and even, dare I say, demure by the end. She didn't mingle much at dinner, also…

"Are you alright?" My mouth acted before my brain could catch up. God damn it, I can feel your looks directed at the back of my head Ranma and Haruka, stop that before I stumble and ruin my image!

The girl appeared to flinch at my question, a faint blush appeared on her own cheek. But before I could make any reasonable and justifiable assumptions, she practically hopped to her feet and pointed. "You're doing that again!"


Can this girl make any less sense?

"That!" It was like energy was slowly drained from her; she grew quieter again. "That... Thinking of others and stuff."

"Excuse me?"

Her expression closed off; I saw her gaze lowering to the ground. Her lips and tight fists tremble in what appeared to be anger, but I got a feeling it wasn't directed towards me.

"Back then, the first thing you did was think about the injured, you're the only one… we were all more focused on stopping them, on winning, on… I was…" She took in a long breath. "When Ragnarok first showed up, I was happy for the chance to fight strong opponents… but then Kei-chan got hurt and I… it… It was me, I was the reason everyone got hurt, why Kenichi was like that, they were following after me!"

My eyebrows were near my gelled hairline at that point. I didn't know what to expect from Kusanago Sakura, but a rambling emotional meltdown was among the last things.

"Look, I don't know what happened, but it seems to me that the blame falls squarely on Ragnarok and their new pet monsters."

"You don't get it! You're a delinquent but the Alien said-" I politely ignored the way she quickly wiped her eyes. "How do you act the way you do!?"

I blinked slowly at her. She was clearly too emotional to make sense or construct clear sentences. "Boy, that's a hell of a thing to ask from someone you just met."

She had the grace of stammer at that. "J-Just answer me!"

This would be better if I had a more concrete idea of what her video game counterpart was like, at least it would give me a base for her person. I knew more about Street Fighter than I did Kenichi, but it wasn't much, I'm pretty sure there isn't much, just the usual fighting game flare of multiple martial artists, secret organizations, odd shadowy military, and other odd angles the developers take to cram in as many weird and colorful fighters as they could. I only know Sakura as a high school girl who likes fighting.

Without any point of reference, I was left with only one option; complete and naked honestly.

"I just go with my instincts."

"… What?"

"You heard me. I just do what I want and what it feels right, it's been working out well enough."

I shifted uncomfortably under the girl's look. It was an unsatisfying answer, I know, but it is what it is. I have no clue where this idea that I was a complicated guy popped off, I dressed like a delinquent and waved a baseball bet around for Christ's sake! You can't get simpler than me.

But yeah, replaying my words in my mind it did sound a bit too unintelligent, I opened my mouth to add more but Sakura beat me to it. The girl raised her fist up in my direction.

"F-Fight me!"

The gears in my brain shifted and this time I frowned.

"Heck no! You're hurt!" And she was; there were bandages on her left leg and right arm – the one on the leg one looking a bit red from a reopened wound – and a stiffness in her posture that she tried to hide. "Also, it's late, I wanna go home and go to bed."

I could see the color on her cheeks even under the low light. "I don't mean now! I will… I will go to Nerima and fight you there! Yeah!"

From emotional rant to fight challenges, this girl's really doing a lot to prove she works by shounen… no… she worked by fighting game logic.

Dear lord.

Fuck it, at least she's being considerate.

"Deal, you come to Nerima, and I'll fight you. But after this Ragnarok business, and after you healed up."

"Got it!"

"It's a date."

Something like the halfway point between a shriek and a strangled scream erupted from Sakura's throat.

"It's not a date! It's a fight! A fight! No dates!"

"I know, I mean it's scheduled."

"The fight!"

I nodded. "The fight."

"Right, h-hm, right, until then!"

"See you."

Kasugano Sakura, her face bright enough to be categorized as its own light source, stood around for a couple of seconds not knowing what to do next. Then her brain caught up and with a half-panicked look, she leaped sidewards towards the nearest rooftop in a move I could only describe as 'scandalous' due to the size of her skirt. I heard her following "ouch!" As she stumbled on her landing but soon she was leaping again, braving the residential labyrinth that was the general area around Ryōzanpaku Dojo.

"… I shall not be turning around to regard your smug looks; I am above that." I declared to my friends behind me.

"Congratulations on attracting a female delinquent this time around, sempai." Haruka quipped and Ranma loudly snorted next to her. The bastards.

Hiroshi will remember that.

I'd like to say, we all picked ourselves up and went home after that, I really did. But no, about half of the way back to Nerima Ward I noticed we were being followed.

At this point, I didn't want to needlessly bother the others right when we were at the very last stretch of the way to our much-awaited beds. So I kept silent and decided to wait until the stop where we all went our separate ways. If they follow after Haruka or Ranma – Now that I think about it, Ranma probably noticed too… but he wasn't acting as he did, so he might not have? – I'd bring it to their attention. But if they followed after me, I'd deal with it myself. There is a good possibility this was nothing anyway; Sasuke trails after us from time to time too.

In Nerima proper, we stopped, said our thanks and goodbyes, and walked away.

They followed after me, which made me relax a bit. I was the one with the best chance to escape if it was something truly dangerous. Discreetly, I took out my 'panic button' from my storage and hid it within my hand, all while I braced myself for an emergency Id creating.

Then I stopped in the middle of the desert but well-illuminated street. Time to face the music.

"You can come out now," I said to the empty night.

There was a long moment where nothing happened. Then, like Sakura before, a figure leaped from the rooftops and landed behind me.

No attacks, no clear hostility, good sign. I turned around to meet—

Lustrous purple-blue hair, curvy body clad in colorful silk, pretty, exotic features. Holy fucking shit, I completely forgot about Shampoo!

"Err, hi," I said awkwardly, then reminded myself. "Oh, right. Greetings."

The Amazon scrunched her pretty nose over my rudimentary Chinese once again. But she didn't attack, so it was something.

No fighting, no fighting, for the love of god; no fighting! The mantra rang in my head as I cleared my throat and placed my bets on healthy communication tactics. Don't fall me now charisma stat!

"Greetings," I repeated in a more palatable manner, I had to pronounce a bit slower and more carefully to achieve it. "I thought you'd be staying at the Dojo."


Woah, ok, that was a loud, lengthy sentence and I understood none of it. Her sudden shouting and aura of hostility – Battle Aura? – Made me tense and I shift my footing in a way she would recognize as the beginning of a battle stance. I wanted to avoid fighting at any cost, but it did not mean I was going to let myself be pushed around. You need to establish respect when dealing with martial artists, that goes double for Shampoo who came from an active warrior culture.

Oddly enough, that seemed to calm Shampoo down a bit…Then it struck me why. Warrior culture; fighting is familiar, modern Japanese social norms are not. Girl's been stuck in a land where even people's body language is alien to her.

"I did not understand that."

She took a long breath. "I said, I will not sleep under the same roof as Mǎ Jiànxīng."

"Oh… his organization and your group— Tribe, are rivals?"

"Mortal enemies. His family is vile. Especially his brother, he is Shìjiè dírén."

Didn't catch the last part, no, it was more than that, I'm pretty sure it was some kind of obscure or regional expression.

"I'm not familiar with that last word."

She gracefully shifted her weight as she tried to explain. "Shìjiè dírén, unthinking killer, demon in man-flesh, Bad, bad man."

"Got the idea."

I also shifted around together with her, making our stances look less like we were waiting for the first attack and more like… err… 'I can hurt you, you can hurt me, but we both decided not to hurt each other right now because it'd be unproductive.'

Christ, I still wonder how in the ever-loving fuck I'm even able to get shit like that sometime. I was not this perceptive during my first life.

But whatever, I got to focus on the present, on my first real conversation with Shampoo, and not that slapdash interrogation we had before. Speaking of which.

"I apologize, for before. I mean." I indicated my limbs.

Her crimson eyes flashed with anger so abrupt I wanted to slap myself for bringing that up. But it subsided as quickly as it came.

"This time I forgive." She said, finally.


Another beat of silence stretched before Shampoo broke it.

"Ranma… Ranma's stronger, much stronger. New master?"

I shook my head.

"More enemies, more challenges. Trials."

"Trials. I see."

The silence descended between us once again.

I took a long breath. I had stopped feeling like I was crossing a minefield, but it didn't mean I wasn't rapidly running out of safe subjects to talk about. I wracked my brain for something, then, I remember what had started this in the first place, something that had slipped my mind due to the novelty of having a conversation with the amazon.

"Hey, Sha… Shampoo." Almost called her by her Chinese name, which would be a disaster as I wasn't supposed to know it. Shampoo was the name Ranma gave me. "You were following us, following me, err, can I help you with something?"

The amazon frowned, eyes searching my expression. She looked tense, so much so that some points on her face twitched briefly. I gave her time to work out whatever she needed.

"I need you to point me towards the nearest courier post." She finally admitted

I broke down the unfamiliar words in my head.

"I'm… sorry? You need a… courier?... postal office perhaps? Do you need to send a letter?"

"Yes!" She nodded twice at that. She almost smiled, almost. She continued to speak in a fast Chinese that I couldn't catch, but eventually she dumbed down to. "Letter, very important, very urgent."

Oh boy.

"You will need to wait until tomorrow, the postal office is closed, it's too late- Ah," Then I remember what day it was. "No, not tomorrow, two days, does not open on weekend. Sorry."

It took another moment for Shampoo to mull over the meaning. "Oh," she said.

And then her mask slipped.

Let me put this into context. Shampoo has always been portrayed as a pretty direct, emotional, and expressive person in pretty much all of Ranma 1/2 adaptations; when she was happy, she was jubilant, all beaming smiles and giggles, throwing herself at someone – mostly Ranma – for a spinning hug, when she was sad, she was dramatic, droplets of tears freely falling out, maybe a slap, a body turn that make her hair whip around before she hops away for an isolated place to mope, if she was angry, god help you because she turns into Chinese killing machine hyperfocused on her target, The Terminator in the shape of a hot Chinese amazon, only more acrobatic. It didn't take anyone familiar with the series much to tell she was holding a lot back right now, maybe letting only the anger come out.

But at that moment, that short couple of seconds. The dam broke, and the reaction cascaded throughout Shampoo's whole self.

She just looked so… so lost.

And then that moment was over, iron discipline was reinstated. She went from what she was to looking frustrated and annoyed.

"I see. My thanks." She says curtly. Turning around to leave, the hurry making her do the rookie mistake of turning her back against a possible enemy. That's how taimanin falls, I couldn't help but think.

It was then I made my own rookie mistake; I grabbed the arm of a girl highly trained in martial arts.

And that's why the solid ground was robbed from my feet and the world blurred together in a roll of motion. 'React!' my body screamed, just as my brain managed a 'Don't', any counter here would lead to a fight, so I just took the slam like a man and swallowed the pain in my neck and back.

Shampoo was on top of me by the next instant, and not in a fun way. Her legs and hips pinned me down, her hand maintained a steel-like grip on my forearm, her other hand lashed out in a snake-like strike to knock me out.


She froze completely, her face gaining several shades of crossed-eyed hilarity as she went through shock, incredulity, and then shock again as she struggled to comprehend what happened- namely that a finger suddenly pressed her cute little nose like it was a button. Her eyes checked her leg, the spot where my booping arm was supposed to be trapped.

Martial artists like Shampoo or Ranma were utterly unprepared for a move that held no aggression delivered in the heat of the action. It fucks with their heads a little bit. Ranma's face had been just as funny— funnier, as his reactions were a lot more vocal and unhinged.

Though, like with him, I suspect this would only work once.

"Sorry about that," I spoke before the girl could gather her wits. "Unexpected grab from the back, really dumb of me, should have seen that coming."

Shampoo's pretty face scrunched up from hilariously gobsmacked to just plain frustrated. Right, bad Chinese; have to be careful with the pronunciation.

I sighed.

"Look... Do you have a place to stay?"

She understood that at least.


I didn't take Shampoo to my own home of course, even with the moment of empathy, taking her in was just asking for trouble.

Luckily, the NWC's studio had some pretty good lodgings, like, fully equipped with queen-sized beds, air conditioners, and even televisions. The place also had running water, heat, electricity, and a fully stocked kitchen, so she only needed to tolerate the odd aesthetic – including the rooms', seriously what was the point of a set of full mirrors on the ceiling!? – and it would be like she was in a decent hotel.

I just had to wake up early tomorrow and get there before the rest of the crew to avoid an international incident. I made a note of that as I left the amazon and finally went home.

My new home that is. I had finally decided to ditch the apartment, as much as I liked the place it simply wasn't safe anymore, and I was preparing to pay for the move with my own money as what I was doing was technically a breach of the weird family tradition-trial thing. But, apparently 'evil organization of rape demons knowing my face' was good enough of a reason to relocate, tradition or not, so when I called Hayate – who was the overseer of my trial and nobody told me! - to declare my intentions, the bastard already had the location ready to go and was just waiting for the call.

As grating as it was to follow the smug snake's designs, the benefits were too great to refuse.

And that is why I moved to a moderately-sized, western-styled house on a residential street, not exactly close, but not too far away from where my apartment was. The place was, of course, magically warded to hell and back by one of ACROSS's mystically inclined teams, modified to serve as a small fortress if the need arises, and - and that was the best part - had an unground bunker even more fortified and badassingly warded to serve as a last resort panic room. How the fuck ACROSS managed to do all that to what was recently a pretty standard house without anyone noticing I will never know. But hey; magical bunker house.

Rin also informed me that there are three undercover ACROSS agents now living close by to keep an eye on me, which damped some of my enthusiasm but I ultimately decided that you need all the help when you're involved with a Taimanin and Nomad knows about you. Though I declined to know about their names and faces, I watched enough anime to know that if I stick my nose on this too much, I'd wake up one day with a brand new ACROSS agent housemate, or worse, Hayate himself, acting under the pretense of 'protecting me directly'.

Yeah, fuck that with a rusty knife.

The very outer layers of the Wards brushed against me three blocks away from the place. I didn't need to utter a key phase, project my will a certain way, or carry around a talisman or anything like that; the wards automatically let the residents of the house and anymore they invited in automatically, something that was extremely rare according to Rin, but she confessed that her knowledge about wards was limited.

Also, I was the only one able to feel the wards acting for something reason, which apparently wasn't normal.

Like, Rin had put up her own defenses, I couldn't feel those, only the wards put up by ACROSS.

Mysterious ACROSS magic aside, I continued on my way, sinking into the feeling of the wards pulsing softly around me, it usually took a few seconds for me to get used to it and stop noticing. I knew the purpose of this outer ward was less defense and more diversion, it would make any dedicated onlooker not able to tell what exact path I took or which house I entered. They would still see me going it, but their memories of the event would be slightly different. And that was just the first layer, it got progressively nastier the further it went along.

Like I said, too many benefits.

"I'm home." My deep-seated Japanese instincts made speaking the word nearly automatic.

Locking the doors behind me, I threw my shoes at the shoe cabinet and stepped in properly. Then I stopped.

No replies, that never happened before, even in the apartment, where opening the door put you face to face with whoever was inside, I was still greeted back with a smile. And it was dark, too dark, at this time someone should have lit the corridors' light, but instead the only light came from the partially open door of the living room area, where odd noises were echoing from.

Not wanting to drag this suspense, I pushed the doors open.

"KYAHH!... Nooo!... T-to let Aruji-sama see this one in this state… Ah… Ah… T-this shameful one is unfit to be his kunoichi…"

Boy, if there was a list of 'things you never wanna hear coming from the mouth of your taimanin sort-of-girlfriend' that would be among the top.

Thankfully, the cause was much more innocent than the implication. Rin appeared to have been swallowed by an enormous pile that appeared to be composed of every single bed sheet, pillowcase, towel, curtain, and futon in the house and maybe some of the neighbor's, all bound together by improvised ropes and actual ropes into the vague shape of a giant yarn ball. Of course, the kunoichi's entire body was inside it. Also, of course, her head was comically poking out from the side.

And Falion, wearing a new set of pink and fluffy nightwear, was innocently perched on top of it. I gave her an unimpressed look, she nyaned cutely at me in response.

Choking sounds drew my attention to the side, and I saw Minon jumping to her feet from her position on the sofa, dropping the almost empty bag of chips she was munching on to the floor. The large tv behind her playing a magical girl street racing anime.

"MASTER!" She saluted, the action so fast it made her massive chest bounce dangerously, but the custom-made tank top held. That, combined with the pink dolphin shorts that clung to her muscular, yet voluptuous form made her visage… knuckle-bitingly interesting. "I'm sorry master, I didn't hear you come in!" She pointed backward at the show. "Sakimi-chan was just explaining to Travis-chan that she must rise in the Most Wanted List if she wants to face the evil Razor in righteous magical racing. I was too engaged to look away, minon!" She explained and then opened a big, honest smile. "WELCOME HOME, MASTER!"

"Yeah, I'm back," I repeated before leaving her to her thing and turning back to Falion. "You know that if you keep bullying her, she will bully you back later right."

"Nyan? Bully?" The catgirl tilted her head, pressing a finger beneath her lips. "Nyan, nyan, Falion does not bully, Falion only plays, falion~."

"As if cats know the difference." I stepped close to her, making Shooing motions with my hands. "Now get off, that's enough playing for today."

Still moving like a cat, Falion dove to the floor, hitting the ground near noiselessly. She circled around the room on all fours before hopping on top of a fancy-looking sideboard that came with the house. The spot didn't look like it had space for her to be comfortable on, but she snugged herself there anyway, one creamy leg dangling lazily on the side.

"Aruji-sama, this one has no words to excuse this shameful display," Rin whined pitifully while I worked to disentangle her from this mess.

"It's fine." I quite enjoy anime hijinks such as this, as long as they don't escalate. "You can punish Falion later." Too much.

"Guhhh…" A dejected sign was all her response, before she jolted, the movement making the tied-up pile wave a bit. "A-Ah! Aruji-sama! Bad news! Ragnarok has—"

"Began to use monsters in their ranks, Cardians, the same kind that's been attacking Nerima." I'd sent my kunoichi to poke around in the neighboring wards today, right after the NWC meeting and before we set off to Lucretia. It's good to see it bore fruits.

But… Saying that out loud. It still didn't feel real. Ragnarok, a gang I've been regarding as more of an annoying pest to be dealt with before it caused collateral damage, and the Cardians, real monsters that cause real harm and the mystery of their origins. I just couldn't associate the two in my mind.

"Ahhh…" Rin settle down, funnily enough, the pile she was trapped on almost seem to mush in accordance with her mood. "Of course, Aruji-sama would already know, as expected of Aruji-sama. This one fails on her mission once again."

"It's more like I stumbled on it by pure chance." Yeah, now the I think about it, the events that led me to Ryōzanpaku dojo were more than a bit random. "But it's a relief to know that I would have discovered this information today one way or another. Good work Rin."

"Nooo, this one does not deserve praise! The biggest news she acquired has been proved worthless! Now she only has the list of all the gangs, members, and prominent figures of all the neighboring wards, along with their assets, connections, schools, and the date and place they're planning to have a meeting about a possible delinquent alliance to stand against Ragnarok advance. Uhhh…"

I paused, leaning a bit to the side of the pile to stare at Rin's whimpering face.

Was she fucking with me? Or was she being genuine… no, she truly believes this, pretty sure Rin's incapable to tell a lie when she's in this 'state'.

"Now that is incredible. Good work, Rin, all in one afternoon too. This will help me a lot." I brought my hand underneath her head and sunk my fingers in her long, silky hair. With her face steady and her attention more focused I brought my face down, leaving a chaste but lingering kiss on her wonderfully soft lips.

"K-Kah." I stayed and watched her reaction after I pulled back, of course, it always results in sights that could generate thousands upon thousands of anime memes. This one was no different. Her eyes were wide, her trembling mouth growing wider and wider over her cherry red face while a sound like "AwAwAwAwAwAw—" Echoed from her as her brain fought the swarm of little hearts in its brave attempt to reboot .

I chucked and fully leaned back to where I was. I love cool Rin and her ethereal beauty and aura of tranquility, but I love disaster Rin just as much. She's goddamn adorable.

The disentanglement work didn't last long. I quickly noticed that the layer composed of the bedroom set – futons, sheets, curtains, etc – wasn't as extensive as it first appeared. Most of the bulk came from the actual clothes Rin was wearing - the usual affair of an entire wardrobe on a single person - with cords on each layer, indicating she was already wearing a lot when Falion attacked, explaining how she was taken out in the first place.

One by one I untied the knots, pulled away the ropes, pushed out of the way, or just threw away the clothes. My objective was to leave her with a single set, which would let her retain a more 'standard' level of control over her attitude and klutziness.

It is bad that this is almost therapeutic to me now? There is an odd sort of appeal in undressing a beautiful woman, peeling away layer after layer to reveal the golden, succulent core inside, like a ripped fruit, or a wrapped candy—

"A… Aruji-sama."


It says a lot about my state of mind that I only notice after a few seconds.

The fabrics weren't like a pile anymore, instead, they formed something like a cradle or an improvised bed around Rin. The kunoichi was down to just a couple of articles but they were… crumpled.

Leggings biting midway across meaty thighs, skirts half flipped to show the milky skin of wide hips, the strap of purple-black underwear circling around it before disappearing on the few parts the skirt still hid, slender waist framing a taut midsection that quivered as my eyes passed over it, an attractive bellybutton waving between the faint abbs. A set of crop and spaghetti tops failing miserably to prevent the sheer mass of titty flesh from spilling off in the most seductive way possible, succeeding only in becoming an interesting set of straps around the globes, the remaining cords, and ropes, all loose and ill-positioned, but nevertheless still gave the idea of 'being tied up'.

And she was sweaty, a result of being under all those layers of cover for so long, sweaty all over, and breathing hard, and with a reddish gleam on her skin that brought dangerous things to mind, and then the smell hit, a raw, primal one, with hints of something that I know and love.


At the sound of her smug little laughter, I closed my mouth and got back control of my expression.

No words were needed after that point. I reached out, placing a hand over the warm skin of her belly, my fingers spreading over the contours of her abdomen. The contact caused an electrifying reaction to ripple across her whole from, including tingling up my arm. It was accompanied by a happy and incredibly sensual sigh.

My steady touch and her sweaty skin made for an interesting contrast as I massage my way up. In no time at all, the supple, heated cover hiding steel-clad muscles beneath was substituted by a sheer mass of overwhelming softness with a core that was firmer than anyone would think. The flimsy clothes were barely worth consideration as my fingers slid underneath.

Under the melody of sighs and soft moans, Rin's left breast molded over my touch in that magical way only huge tits can. I made sure to circle around the globe to free it from the grasps of the remaining clothes, before circling again, pinching, massaging, pressing, and folding the milky white slopes of that awesome mountain, all while leaving the rosy tip, which only got harder by the second, completely alone.

My beautiful little kunoichi noticed this negligence, but with her arms behind her back in their faux 'binds', she could do nothing but let out a long, needy whine and undulate her body under my sight. That's not to say it wasn't effective. No, with the rustling of clothes it produced, the new inches of enticing flesh it revealed, the deep panting making the curves dance, it was almost strategic, like dangling a piece of premium meat in front of a starving man.

Ah. Maybe it was the analogy, maybe it was my new uniform retaining heat like crazy, but just then I realized how 'starved' I really was.

With a heavy grunt, I leaned forwards. My other hand finally made an appearance at Rin's thighs, pushing the legging away completely before sliding back for her underwear, my left hand abandoned her breast entirely, slipping to her back and downwards, before leaving her completely and going for my ultra-tight pants. The whine of protest she left out was interrupted by my face getting close and capturing the neglected nipple with my teeth.

This was faster than usual for me. I was a foreplay man, there were few things I loved more than seeing a beautiful woman squirming under my touch as I drove her insane with my techniques even before my penis entered the picture, this goes double now that I had supernatural gamer skills on the subject. But tonight, I found myself unable to wait, Rin was quick to notice this, and pressed herself against me more, accepting me entirely.

"Aruji-Ahy! Ahhh…Gah!... Ohhhh…"

It took me two thrusts to fully hilt myself inside my gorgeous Kunoichi, a short one for her to get used to my girth, and another to sink into her depths. She vocalized the whole process, which was a delight to my ears as I suckle and licked her nipples like I was expecting to find the fountain of youth.

When she's naked, it's a bit of a fight to get her to react like this, to break down her composed facade and get her to moan like a bitch in heat, but if an article of clothing was on her, this became unnecessary, from start to finish she'll moan herself hoarse, not bothering to hide anything or hold back any reaction, no matter how 'improper' it was.

I sunk my head into the wonderful softness of her breast, rolling my tongue over her tip. My hands glided over her quivering flesh and settle on her hips. With I good grip on her form, I draw myself back and started thrusting.

I started faster than I usually did, harder. From this proximity I could feel the impact traveling across her body, a moaning, hitching music growing louder above me. I could feel her moist tightness latching on to my member, making pulling harder than it should. The near-burning warm she was radiating growing hotter and hotter until the point of our union was like a furnace, it made me feel a bit lightheaded, enough to let go of her nipple and produce my own sound.

She didn't last long, she usually doesn't if there were some clothes on her. But even as her body went rigid, her moans hit a crescendo, and her internal muscles gained a supernatural quality to them, I fucked her through it. Desperately - and admittedly a bit selfishly - seeking my own peak. She sputtered as my continuous thrust prolonged her climax, her arms snapping forwards and holding on to me for her dear life, trying to maximize the contact between us. I did it, likewise, savoring her happy sighs at the base of my ears and I fucked that gushing inferno until—

"CRAP!" The curse brought me back to reality and broke the mood just a little bit, an unexpected noise will do that for any combatant.

I looked to the side and saw that Minon was fallen from the sofa that, given its toppled position, she was probably perched on. Her blushing face had the classical look of a child caught with their hands on the cookie jar.

A thought struck me, and I looked to the other side, seeing a very close, very naked Falion frozen in an ambushing posture.

"Nyan?" She said innocently.

I locked eyes with Rin who had followed after me as I looked, and an understanding passed between us.

My dick produced a surprisingly loud, sloppy sound as I pulled from Rin's tight cave and stood up. It was absolutely drenched in the Kunoichi's fluids, and it pulsed dangerously with the frustration of a robbed climax. That was what Minon get a face full off as I turned towards her.

"W-wow." She whispered – well, it was a whisper by her standards anyway – her green eyes crossed a bit as a long, thick shadow loomed over her face. Then a big, proud smile spread across her plump, soft-looking, fuckable lips. "Hah! Master, you're bigger than those guys in the magazine- Guh!"

I may or may not have fantasized about shutting her up like this a few times, I adore my boastful cowgirl, but sometimes she's a bit too much.

Minon's pretty eyes blinked dumbly as she processed the fact the head of my cock was inside her mouth, before she brightened, the corner of her lips curling into a smile around my meat and her tongue shot up to lap over everything available for to her.

Absolutely no technique, but an overabundance of enthusiasm. There was an appeal to that.

"Seal your lips around it… Yes, like that." I said, and I grabbed each of her horns in a firm grip and pulled her in.

"Hey, not fair!" I heard the protest coming from behind as Falion tried for a leap, but a cat-like shrill, an impact, and a tumble to the side told me she was intercepted by a vengeful figure, probably holding a rope.

I tuned out the sounds of the conflict and refocus on my cowgirl. She had closed her eyes, her tongue moving more languidly around me, genuinely savoring the taste rather than trying to copy what she saw Rin doing. I groaned in satisfaction and pulled her further in.

"Gurk!" She let out as I reach past her mouth.

"Easy. Easy. Just relax, you're doing good." I whispered in a heavy tone as I try to break past it.

This was the first time she tried to push something of my size down her throat, so, naturally, she gagged. A tight ring contrasted almost painfully around my length, saliva filled up her mouth while tears built up in her eyes and she instinctively tried to swallow. I let out a groan for the sensation in produced but soon was back instructing her.

With my instructions and encouragements, Minon successfully managed to accommodate me, it wasn't fast, and there was more gagging and even some teeth – I'm really glad for my superhuman constitution otherwise that would be the end of it – but by the end, my sexy cowgirl proudly managed to lay a kiss at the base of my cock, her nose pressing on my short public hair and her chin neatly against my ballsack.

Taking out was only slightly faster than getting in. I wanted Minon to familiarize herself with the entire process. In the end, her tongue was back at lapping around my helmeted head again, it was almost cute, in a way. With a few moments of repositioning, I pushed myself back inside her mouth.

It wasn't perfect, in fact, she had a coughing fit that forced me to remove it, but soon she was back upright, her mouth open wide and eyes burning, she was just as determined to become a good cocksucker as I was to make her one.

The thought brought a chuckle to me as I resume the lesson. Second try, third…

By the fifth, she was taking my cock in with minimal difficulties.

"Good work, very good." I breathed out, and she let out a victorious murmur around my length that felt incredible. "Now, bear with me."

Tightening my grip on her horn and transferring the other one to her soft, blonde curls. I began to indulge a hunger that was growing inside.

"Guk… Guk…" Minon noisily swallowed in tandem with my movement. "Guhk… Guk.. Guk. Guk."

She poured her little heart into it, even as I grew faster, harder, until her face was smashing rhythmically against my pelvis with loud, sloppy sounds, her eyes rolling back to her head, and she could do nothing but let it happen.

A primal noise wrenched its way out of me. Minon was tall, a head taller than me, built of nothing put hard muscles and wide curves, an Amazonian beauty in all aspects with her cow attributes as a fun bonus. Seeing a woman like this on her knees, her lips being defiled by my manhood, her enormous breasts clad in a nearly transparent tank top bouncing and occasionally pressing against my legs, her hands lost inside her own short and with the start of a puddle accumulating underneath. Oh yeah, it did something to me, awoke some raw, deep-seated instincts.

So, I fucked, and fucked the pretty face of my cowgirl. Enjoying every second of it, and with part of my brain already deciding on the next fantasy to enact, many of them involving tied-up cows, massive tits, and milk.

My own climax took me by surprise, but I suppose I was already dangerously close to the edge due to Rin. Wordlessly, I pressed Minon's face against my pelvis one last time and got lost in the sensations, my head flashing white for a second and my legs trembling as I shot my seed deep inside my first Cardian's throat.

After I finished and took a few breaths to steady myself, and pulled myself out of Minon, enjoying seeing every single glistering centimeter exited those stretched lips. After I was fully out, with my half-hard length on the same frame, I pulled her limp head up to stare at her face.

Yeah, it was like I'd imagine; hazy eyes, open mouth with tongue still moving over the emptiness, saliva and tear trails, some more still falling. She was out of it, utterly cock-drunk, it gave me a boost to my masculine ego like nothing else.

No little hearts though, I guess I have to try harder next time.

"Aruji-sama~" Rin's smug, singsonged voice called out, I immediately turned to look because this wasn't something I heard every day.

Falion took most of my attention, however, and how could she not? Locked in an expertly made shibari bind that forced her arms behind her back and her legs to stay apart and fold over. She was positioned in a position that she faced away from me, her torso pressing on the ground but her ass upwards, her privates spread open and defenseless before my feasting eyes. From her dripping pussy with fat lips, pink slit, and a pinker little patch of hair on top of all, to her puckered anus above, which currently had two of Rin's long fingers lodged inside and looked to be plastered with a healthy dose of gleaming lube.

A smiling Rin – with a new scarf and open bottom-up shirt – leaned down and let a little bite on the catgirl's toned asscheek, making it tremble almost fearfully.

"The cat's ready for you, Aruji-sama~" The kunoichi practically purred out, her fingers moving in and out the tight-looking, quivering hole.

Needless to say, I was back at full mast in instant.

I was a little merciless with Falion, especially for a girl who never took anything up her ass, but this was supposed to be a punishment, plus, she was remarkably well-lubed, and by the sounds she let out thought her gag, she didn't mind too much. Rin watched the penetration with an almost dangerous sort of glee in her eyes. She looked up at me with smoky eyes as I began to thrust and then climbed up, pressing herself against me and making sure all her curves dragged against my form.

At the top, she assertively threw her arms around my shoulder and initiated a kiss.

"For you." She whispered between kisses, following up with her tongue.

Goddamn! something really flipped her switch right now! I could only groan and sink my fingers into Falion's ass as Rin's intensity made me fuck the catgirl even harder.

That lasted until Rin suddenly let out a high-pitched breath against my mouth, eyes growing wide before rolling to the back of her head, she dipped to my neck and moaned. Without her head blocking my vision I could see that Minon had - with a surprising amount of stealth - crawled towards us, hugged Rin's kneeling legs from behind, and buried her face deep inside the kunoichi's ass. The cowgirl finally indulging in a fantasy she had for a while.

Today… was a long day, full of surprises, action, heavy topics, revelations, and many leads that will have to be followed over these upcoming days, heck, it even felt like two whole months have passed just to see the ending!

But tonight was making out to be a long night, and it's already more than making up for it.

A/note: I apologise if any of the new character felt weird and out of character, this chapter I only tried to give you guys an first impression of them, this is actually one of the contributing factors why it took it so long, I tried to go character work for everybody in it and never got it right, so the end result this, but it still a bit rough I think, I'm not fully satisfied with it, I don't think I managed to transmit everything I wanted, but I needed to get it done and moving, creatively speaking.

One character that I think I didn't do justice was Kenichi, I really wish I could have give a better impression of him, but I wanted him in the discussion, yet at the same time with what happened to him (there will be details eventually) he should be in bed, he's only walking around for sheer force of will... because Kensei and Akisame now have access to weird Ranma 1/2 medicine.
I plan to do that with all the characters if I can I apologise if they came out bland in this first impression, they'll be developed later in an more flexible situation.

Fun fact, I always planned to introduce Street Fighter to the story, but not on this arc. initially it was supposed to only be about kenichi's stuff, but it... grew a whole freaking lot.