So, I was thinking, and I thought, 'why not write about why the gods made the worst decisions ever?' Third in my 'worst shooters ' series. First book is 'worst archers competition ' second is 'worst shooters, best Diers'. This is number three! Yay! If you have anymore ideas, please comment or pm me.

The gods were bored. Nothing was happening, mass populations weren't dying, NOTHING was happening!

Ares, Artemis, Apollo, and Athena were sitting around bored. The only thing they had was a hephestus tv, and nothing was playing. Suddenly, Ares had an idea. If Ares had an idea, you know it's going to be bad. However, since they were bored, the gods made one of the worst mistakes in their immortal lives. Listened to it.

His idea? Take Percy Jackson, and, with only a bow, stick him with those space fighter guys who also couldn't shoot. What were their names again? Thunderfighters? Wait, rainsoldiers, that was it!

Regardless, since they had nothing better to do, they agreed. To make sure the other gods didn't miss out, they were going to film it, and play it on hephestus tv. Now then...

The four A's popped Percy over with a bow, and pressed film. This was gonna be good...

So, I'm feeling accomplished. Yeah, I hope you like it! Also, the four A's are Ares, Artemis, Apollo, and Athena. Why? Because I was bored. And felt like it. Here you go!