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Rafe was pacing around the room. "We need to figure out how to get Hope back."

Roman nodded in agreement. "Did you call Shawn and tell him what's going on?"

Rafe nodded. "He said he was on his way," he glanced at his watch. "But seems like he should have been here by now."

Princess Gina had crept out of the room that she was pretending to be trapped in after she had drugged John. She had gotten some food and water and was now on her way back.

"Mom?" A voice called behind her, which prompted her to turn around. "I thought that was you."

She forced a smile. "Shawn," she greeted. "What brings you all the way here?"

He smiled back. "You."

Her smile faded. "Me? What do you mean? I was just here searching for Marlena. Isn't that why your here too?"

He shrug. "I heard that Marlena just came here to be closer to John." He tilted his head to the side. "But you already knew that, didn't you, Princess Gina?"

She crossed her arms. "Princess Gina?" She asked in confusion. "I am your mother! Show some respect!"

He shook his head. "I respect my mother, but the thing is, your not her. Your Princess Gina, and you kidnapped Marlena probably for Stefano." He watched her closely.

She rolled her eyes. "So, what if I am Princess Gina?" She asked in her accent. "What are you going to do about it? Your mother is gone. I am the only one left," she chuckled. "And I won't hesitate to kill you, or your wife. Maybe even your daughter. But stay out of my way and I won't hurt them." She hissed. She started to walk past him, but he got in front of her.

Ciara flipped threw the case files with Justin, searching for something they may have missed. She rubbed her forehead with exhaustion. "I can't lose Ben.. I just can't.."

Justin put a hand on her arm and gave it a gentle squeeze. "With any luck, you won't." He said, trying to avoid giving her false hope. "I figured that your mom would want to help too, where is she anyways?"

Ciara shrug. "Probably busy with a case."

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives."

Princess Gina groaned. "I will kill you then, and nobody is around to stop me this time." She reached into her purse, searching for a weapon. She pulled out s pocket knife, then flipped it open.

"Mom? Look, I know your still in there.." Shawn caught her hand when she swung the knife at him.

"Your precious mother is gone!" Gina taunted. "I am the only one here." She pulled her hand free, then shoved him to the ground.

But he pulled her down with him. "Your wrong! I know she's still in there!"

She had dropped her knife a moment ago, and now she was reaching for it. "Your mother is dead, and you're going to join her!" She kicked him off, then reached over and grabbed her knife. "You are really trying my patience!"

He pushed himself to his feet. "Mom?" He tried again. He pulled his phone out and secretly texted Rafe where he was without Gina seeing. "Mom, please you have to fight this... Ciara and I both need you.."

Gina rolled her eyes. "I told you, she's gone! Actually, she's long gone."

Shawn ignored her. "I may be getting a divorce from Belle.. again.. And Ciara's boyfriend is on death row.. please mom.. we need you.."

Gina grabbed him by the shirt collar, then slammed him against the side of a building."You need to stay out of my business! And stay out of my way!" She put the knife blade to his throat. "Are we clear?"

Rafe glanced at the text from Shawn, then glanced at Roman. "Shawn says that he's keeping Princess Gina busy and he wants us to focus on finding Marlena."

Roman nodded. "Where would she have taken her? Somewhere for Stefano I'm guessing."

Rafe nodded in agreement. "But the question is where?"

Kayla had walked over to join Ciara and Justin, sitting down beside them. "Any luck yet?" She asked, but she knew that she already knew the answer to that.

Ciara shook her head. "No.. not yet.." She sighed softly. "Thank you for your help, Justin." She stood up and gave him a hug, then hugged Kayla too. She grabbed her purse, and walked out of the room.

"Well?" Gina asked impatiently. "Anyways, I should really be getting back to John now. When he wakes up and I'm gone, he'll know that I lied to him." She turned away to leave, but he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back.

"John is smart; he probably already knows you lied to him." Shawn suggested. "I would guess he's trying to get out of wherever you hid him at."

She pulled her arm loose, then spun around to face him. "I told you, your mother is gone! And she's not coming back." She clutched her fingers tighter around the knife handle.

"She's not gone! I know she's not! She's still in there somewhere!" He hissed. "Mom? Please come back! Everyone misses you."

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, please. Nobody misses a bore like Hope," she taunted. She grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. "I can't believe how willing you are to sacrifice yourself to try and save your mother. Is it worth it?"

He winced. "Always. She's important to everyone in Salem, not just me."

She groaned. "I have a better idea."

Ciara answered her phone when it rang. "Yah, I'll accept the charges." She thought it was Ben who was calling her, so she was surprised when Clyde's voice came on the line.

"I have a way of saving Ben, but we will need your help."

She nodded. "Of course, how can I help?"

"Great! Here's the plan..."

"Princess Gina would probably lock Marlena up in a room somewhere until Stefano can get to her." Rafe said, glancing at a piece of paper that mentioned the Dimera properties around.

Roman nodded in agreement. "We should split up so we cover more ground."

Rafe nodded in agreement. "Let's do it then."

Gina drug him over to a small unoccupied building that looked like the one she had John in, then shoved him inside. "Good-bye, Shawn." Then she closed the door back, locking it from the outside. She took the water and food from her bag, then put the bag against the door and pulled out her liter, then set it on fire.

She started to leave, but felt a little bit weird at first in which she quickly shook away. "Time to get back to John now."

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