I stood there crying. The reason was Gabriel that monster had just killed my Mother. She laid on the ground dead a hatchet right through her skull. That monster stood there with a smirk on his face. I now understood why that fool No bastard had Ugliano as his last name. His parents thought even as a baby this fucker didn't look cute. His parent's didn't even give him they're last name. Anyway back to this horrifying scene. On the ground lay my Mother who had crimson red liquid pouring out of her head. I'm just glad she didn't suffer. Oh wait she did because this mother FUCKER Abused her while she was alive. I was fuming at the thought of that. So what did I decide to do? Of course run to the kitchen. See, I decided to kill this bastard. This ugly bastard with his putrid smell and stupid eyes so brown they looked black. As soon as I reached the kitchen I hopped onto the counter. What do you expect I'm only six. I immediately Grabbed a Butcher Knife deciding to butcher this pig. I ran back to find that pig wide eyed as soon as he saw me. Then that Bitch had the nerve to smirk then laugh. "Put the knife down punk and maybe I won't hurt ya"He said so I did the next best thing. Stabbed him Right in the dick well Balls and he didn't react well he tried to punch me while screaming so I ripped it out and stabbed him in the heart. Suddenly something happened, the knife started to turn black red and gray and words began to appear on it "Blade of true evil" is what it said. Then the blade turned into a black goop and started to merge with my arm. I tried to shake it off but it wouldn't even send a drop off so I decided to leave it be and run.