I was currently in the woods by my house. Yes I lived by the woods. This cold, scary, and dark place was one of the worst places to live by. Though now getting back to me. I saw a flash of silver out of the corner of my eyes. I picked up a rock and held it up. " Show yourself or I'll use this rock!" What? I'm like 5 or 6 heck I forgot (Author here yes i actually forgot what age I made him)10 to 15 girls ranging from 9 to 15 came out I immediately ran at a 9 year old and hit her as hard as I could with the rock which then got stuck inside her head. Wow I'm very strong. Another girl tried to shoot me but I dodged I then proceeded to pick up another rock then repeat what I did to a girl with a crown thingie on her head.(Yes I'm killing zoe off this easily I'm trying to get another hunter that will be a spy for the villain as co leader cause fuck spelling it)All the girls looked at me in shock and then… (Sorry I'm terrible at writing now check me out on wattpad if you want and give my story The son of knowledge and the sea a read