I spring up and quickly cross the room to the escape pods, and start to program them for the location of the rebel base. The boots are getting closer. I turn to warn… Ty. I can't call her anything else yet. She's still a stormtrooper. Still the enemy. I think. But she hasn't moved from her spot on the floor.

"What?" I whisper-yell. "Hurry, we need to go!" She shakes her head.

"I can't come with you two. They don't know that you survived." Her words send a shock of realization through me. "But if I go, they'll chase after you. I can be tracked." Behind us, the escape hatch slides open, and in the hallway we can hear the stormtroopers coming closer.

"Look, we don't have time to argue right now." I say, trying to keep my voice calm. "Let's just go, we can figure everything out later." She shakes her head sadly, then stands up, still carrying the now-sleeping Ayanela. Before I can react, she shoves her into my arms and pushes me backwards, and I fall into the escape pod, smacking my head painfully against the hard floor.

I try to sit up, but the hatch slides closed behind us. I'm panicking, my breathing accelerates. Another death that I could have prevented is about to happen. I prop Aya in the corner and bang on the glass. Ty stands in front of me, smiling through her tears. I realize that I'm crying too. The pod starts to move away from the ship, but I can still see her there, in front of the glass. The door behind her slides open and four stormtroopers march in. We're still close enough for me to see her close her.

We're still close enough for me to see the first stormtrooper pick up her blaster and shoot her in the back.

"Tyler!" I scream, as we leap into hyperspace. I hold the now sobbing Ayanela as we travel back to the base, farther and farther away from the stormtrooper that saved our lives.

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