Chapter 7: Rematch with the T-Rex

King Tyrannosaurus' eyes lit up for a moment as large flames appeared and blocked all the exits from the room in the temple they were in.

King Tyrannosaurus- Now Kong and weasel have nowhere to run! This time, King kill Kong once and for all! (ROAR)

King Tyrannosaurus glared at Donkey Kong and Snide as planning their next move.

Snide- Remember, place that X-ray portal over where is stomach is. I'll take care of the rest.

Donkey Kong- I know, but it still won't be that easy getting close to him with those fire powers of his.

King Tyrannosaurus charged for Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong did the same. Donkey Kong and King Tyrannosaurus literally clashed heads on impact and neither seemed phased. King Tyrannosaurus swung his claw, but DK ducked under it. Then Donkey Kong punched King Tyrannosaurus in the face and then hit him with an uppercut with his other fist. King Tyrannosaurus swung his tail, but Donkey Kong blocked it with his arm. However, he was starting to feel the burn like he did last time. King Tyrannosaurus spat out a stream of fire, but Donkey Kong dodged by rolling under the flame and under King Tyrannosaurus. Before King Tyrannosaurus could attack Donkey Kong again, Snide shot him with his freeze ray and froze him for a moment. But King Tyrannosaurus surrounded his body with fire again and melted the ice.

King Tyrannosaurus- Weasel no freed King again!

King Tyrannosaurus spat out a stream of fire at Snide and snide managed to dodge. But while King Tyrannosaurus was distracted, Donkey Kong grabbed King Tyrannosaurus from behind and placed the X-ray portal sphere to King Tyrannosaurus' belly. King Tyrannosaurus smacked Donkey Kong with his claw and knocked him away from King Tyrannosaurus. However, the strange thing that was one King Tyrannosaurus' chest lit up and made his body feel weird.

King Tyrannosaurus- What going on…?

King Tyrannosaurus tried to touch the glowing sphere but his claw went right through it. His claw also went through his body, like a part of his chest was no longer existing.

King Tyrannosaurus- What this on King?!

Snide- I forgot, the dinosaurs were extremely primitive like the Kong's used to be 1,000 years ago. Technology is completely unknown to him.

Donkey Kong- Regardless, I got the X-ray portal on him. Now let's get that stone out!

(Back in Kongo Jungle)

Hunky Chunky was knocking away some of the dinosaurs, but two of the T-rexes each bit into his arms and pinned him to a tree. Lanky and Kiddy Kong who were still on Hunky Chunky's shoulders threw more orange grenades to get them to let go of Hunky Chunky. Hunky Chunky's arms were starting to bleed blood and Hunky Chunky looked like he was in severe pain.

Lanky Kong- Oh ****! We're out of orange grenades!

Hunky Chunky- I don't know how much more I can take this! I can barely move my arms now and I feel like I might revert back to normal Chunky at any moment…(GROAN)…

Diddy Kong was still flying on his barrel rocket pack while trying to avoid the swarms of pterodactyl claws being swiped at him. Eventually, one pterodactyl grabbed hold of the barrel rocket pack tore it apart, causing Diddy Kong to fall from the sky. Luckily, Dixie and Tiny Kong managed to catch Diddy before he hit the ground.

Diddy Kong- Thanks, you two!

Dixie Kong- Don't thank us yet!

Then Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, Kiddy Kong, Hunky Chunky, and Goombario saw they were completely surrounded by the dinosaurs.

Tiny Kong- This looks really bad!

Goombario- Hold on! I'm gonna try my tattle ability!

Goombario quickly looked at the dinosaurs that were slowly moving in on them.

Goombario- Ok, I think I got something. The dinosaurs are cold blooded. Ice should drain them.

Diddy Kong- One problem, we don't have any ice attacks!

Goombario- And Snide was the only one with the freeze ray…

Just as the army of dinosaurs were about to move in on them, a huge gust of ice-cold wind blew and all the dinosaurs became frozen solid.

Dixie Kong- Huh…? Where did that come…

Mysterious voice- (Whistles)

Everyone looked at to where the whistle came from and to everyone's surprise, they saw Kyrin leaning his back against a tree.

Goombario- Kyrin, sir! You're here?

Kyrin- You said you needed ice to stop the dinosaurs, Goombario. I provided.

(Back in Inka Dinka's temple)

King Tyrannosaurus swung his tail, but Donkey Kong and Snide ducked under it. Snide quickly put on the temperature resistant thermal gloves and rushed for King Tyrannosaurus. King Tyrannosaurus was about to attack Snide, but Donkey Kong grabbed him from behind again and held him in a pin to try and prevent King Tyrannosaurus from moving.

Donkey Kong- Hurry, Snide! Get the Fire Spirit Stone out of him!

King Tyrannosaurus- Remove stone?! NO! King won't let!

King Tyrannosaurus surrounded his body with an intense flame and it didn't take long before Donkey Kong was forced to let go and jump back from the flames. But when King Tyrannosaurus returned his attention to Snide, Snide had reached into the X-ray portal and managed to feel something with those temperature resistant thermal gloves in King Tyrannosaurus' stomach.

Snide- I think I've got it!

King Tyrannosaurus- No weasel don't!

King Tyrannosaurus surrounded his body in fire again, but the gloves Snide was wearing were mostly protecting him as he continued to try and pull the stone out. Then King Tyrannosaurus actually did something no one would ever have expected. A stream of fire was shot out of King Tyrannosaurus' stomach through that X-ray portal and knocked Snide to the ground. Snide also dropped the temperature resistant thermal gloves. But before he could pick them back up, King Tyrannosaurus spat out a stream of fire and burnt the gloves to ashes.

Snide- No! Those were the only things I had that could withstand the heat!

King Tyrannosaurus shot another fireball at Snide and Snide barely managed to dodge.

Donkey Kong- Shit! There has to be another way to reach into his belly and get that stone out without burning from the heat of that stone!

Then Donkey Kong remembered he was still holding the Crystal Coconut.

Donkey Kong- Hang on! Crystal Coconut, I need the Strong Kong power I had in my DK64 adventure! Can you do that for me?

Then the Crystal Coconut administrated a bright light and shined over DK. When the light faded, Donkey Kong had a blue twinkle surrounded him like when he uses the Strong Kong ability in Donkey Kong 64.

Strong Kong Donkey Kong- Let's hope the invincibility can stand the heat!

When King Tyrannosaurus returned his attention to Donkey Kong, he saw Strong Kong Donkey Kong reach into the X-ray portal like Snide did earlier.

King Tyrannosaurus- No! King no let Kong take stone!

King Tyrannosaurus tried covering himself in as much fire as he could and even tried that fire from his stomach trick again. But Strong Kong Donkey Kong wasn't fazed. However, Strong Kong Donkey Kong was starting to feel the burn from all that fire. Eventually, Strong Kong Donkey Kong felt the Fire Spirit Stone and quickly pulled it out.

King Tyrannosaurus- NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Suddenly, an energy buildup formed from King Tyrannosaurus' body before it all exploded in Donkey Kong's face.

(Donkey Kong's dream)

Donkey Kong opened his eyes and saw nothing but what looked like outer space surrounding him in all directions.

Donkey Kong- What the heck is going on here…

As soon as Donkey Kong stood back up, he noticed there was another gorilla standing right in front of him. This gorilla was twice Donkey Kong's size, but he had a face very similar to Donkey Kong's.

Donkey Kong- Who…

Gorilla who looked like Donkey Kong- You protect Kong's with life like King Kong did…King Kong like. You great Kong to rule jungle.

Then the gorilla burst into many lights and vanished.

(Outside of Inka Dinka's temple)

Donkey Kong woke up and saw Kyrin placing a large piece of ice over Donkey Kong's right arm.

Donkey Kong- Gahh! COLD!

Donkey Kong jumped up and noticed Diddy Kong standing behind him.

Diddy Kong- Good to see your now awake, DK.

Donkey Kong- Why was Kyrin putting that cold piece of ice on my arm?!

Kyrin- I was trying to treat your burn, Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong looked at his right arm and saw it was all bandaged up with what looked like blackened flesh underneath.

Kyrin- The ice was meant to soothe the pain a bit.

Then Snide appeared from behind Kyrin only he was now bold of all his fur and has so many bandages.

Snide- At least that was the worst you got! I got hit full blast from that explosion!

Kyrin- I treated your injuries before I treated Donkey Kong's. And you have plenty of aloe vera in your medical kit back at your portable lab.

Snide- This is still gonna hurt for weeks on end! I better get payed extra for this, Kyrin!

Then Snide begins limping away.

Donkey Kong- What happened in there?

Kyrin- You pulled the Fire Spirit Stone out of King Tyrannosaurus' stomach.

Kyrin then pulls out a large glowing red stone in his hand.

Kyrin- However, because King Tyrannosaurus' body had absorbed so much of the stone's power, without the stone to keep his body from being harmed by all that fire, his body literally exploded. I have to say, that was a crazy move you pulled there, DK. If you weren't using the Crystal Coconut to turn into Strong Kong Donkey Kong, your right arm might've been turned ash. King Kong used to make reckless moves like that all the time as well!

Donkey Kong- You knew King Kong?

Kyrin- I did. He was part of the original Super Mario Brothers' Team. The first other member Mario's ancestor met when he formed his team, actually.

Donkey Kong- But what about Snide or what happened to the other dinosaurs?

Kyrin- Well…about Snide…he got caught up in the fiery explosion, but he didn't have the Strong Kong to protect him. Most of his fur was burnt off, but I did my best to heal his injures before things got really bad.

Diddy Kong- And the army of Dinosaurs also blew up after King Tyrannosaurus exploded. But Kyrin and Goombario are helping with the repairs on the other Kong's homes.

Kyrin- But I'd suggest you put that ice back on your arm to help with the burns, DK. Mario and the others might need your strength again before long and they'll need you in top condition

The End


(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Sir Grodus and Lord Fredrick handed Tabuu the piece of his power they got from King Tyrannosaurus. As Tabuu absorbed it, his left leg actually began to look more like a human's leg.

Tabuu- Yes! I'm now at 95%. Nearly there now! Fredrick, Grodus, dismissed for now.

Grodus and Fredrick bowed at Tabuu before walking out the door. After they left the room, Tabuu pulled out that book again.

Tabuu- Okay…where to go next?

Tabuu cast a seeker spell again and the book began flipping through its pages. It stopped at a picture of an angel who looked similar to Pit.

Tabuu- I see Palutena's little angle, Icarus is next. And I know just the follower for the job. Hades!

Shortly after, Hades enters the room, but he was soaking wet, wearing a shower cap, and he was only wearing a towel instead of any clothes.

Hades- This had better be important, Tabuu! I was in the middle of a nice relaxing shower before you called for me!

Tabuu- Don't talk back to your superior like that, Hades! Or shale I remind you again who's in charge like I did when you and I arm wrestled?

Hades blushed a bit and turned his head a bit.

Hades- No…there's no need for that, Tabuu…

Tabuu- Good. Now then…I have a job for you. How do you feel about a trip to Tartarus?

Hades- NO! You can't do this to me, Tabuu! And yes, I know what it is you want me to do while I'm there. I hate my father, Kronos, even more than Pitty Pat! And you know very well why!

Tabuu- Yes, your father's way of treating his children was the reason why you had daddy issues, but that is where Icarus chose the hide the piece of my soul he received. And you won't have to worry, Star Dream will be accompanying you as your backup.

Hades- But…

Then Tabuu pressed his face to Hades' with those glowing red eyes of his.

Tabuu- Just consider this payback for that little unauthorized attack on Smash City you orchestrated involving nearly all of my other followers which left Subspace vulnerable for Mario, Sonic, Kirby, and Pit to infiltrate and escape with my brother's little spy. You still owe me for that screw up.

Hades- (Grunts)…fine…

Tabuu- Good boy. Now get moving! I'll send Star Dream to join you shortly.