Chapter 1


Lyralei formally known as Windranger woke up in the middle of an empty meadow. Suddenly two glowing figures appeared nearby. One introduced itself as an avatar of ancient life and the other as a Gaia spirit. Gaia said to her„ I ask for your help, there will be a catastrophe in my world that will exterminate all life".

Lyralei thinks and asks "What do you mean and how?",Gaia's spirit planet earth and mother of life and magic answers „A boy with a destiny has been chosen to change the world and prevent it, but a manipulative old man named Albus Dumbledore manipulated and manipulated the people around plans destroyed his life, prevented him from unifying himself from his soul mate and also prevented him from making a dream to change the world ".

Ancient and Gaia say "Lyralei as a gift we give you knowledge of what would happen without your intervention and vision of what to change, ".Gaia says "Lyralei my magical children have forgotten many and in their ignorance, they are weakened by breaking the connection with me," Lyralei asks "what do you mean by blocking the connection" Gaia replies "The magical energy of the earth is absorbed through the contact of the bare feet with the ground, using shoes and socks prevents them from unconsciously drawing magical energy and erased everything from the history books about the process of consciously drawing magic from the ground, Lyralei as my champion will pass on this knowledge to you "."We will carry you to a sacred cave under the seat of the race by a goblin and their institution called the Gringotbank, the goblins are honest to help you, before going to Privet Drive # 4, Little Whinging, Surrey get two amulets from the goblins that can be activated and deactivated, one that creates the illusion of footwear and shoe tracks in a soft base, the second prevents dirt and mud from sticking to the skin of the bare feet and protects them from the cold and the heat, the first is necessary because people at these times usually do not accept people who do not wear shoes and socks ". A portal appears in front of our hero, Lyralei, and she enters it with determination to succeed in the task entrusted to her.