Chapter 9

As the end of the school year approached, Harry's preparations for the recovery of the Philosopher's Stone, now a full-fledged Elf, handed him two prototypes of the Philosopher's allowing to create stronger healing elixirs and antidotes.

The second, more important for his role, allows the creation of a weak version of the elixir of life, which can extend life by only a few mothers Lyralei got them from Nicolas and Nicolas Flamel needed it to confirm the theory whether Albus Dumbledore had lied about the destruction of the Philosopher's Stone and the alternative of the universe.

To confirm this theory, they placed a prototype on the stove of longevity, producing a weak imitation of the elixir of life, a hidden spell that tells them if the stone was destroyed.

Harry and his friends Hermione and Neville went to get after Professor Minerva McGonagall chased and ignored their warning about the danger to the Philosopher's Stone, overcoming the "protections" which Harry called the obstacle course for first-year students themselves.

The first hurdle of Hagrid's three-headed dog was easily overcome by a play the second obstacle was overcome by the weak magic of fire. The real size chess was bypassed by the brooms they had brought, though Harry was tempted to use the Powershot managed Elixir's challenge almost immediately. They had read the part of "the smallest or the greatest they do not carry death within themselves".

During their confrontation with Quirrell, Jenny brought Lyralei Windrunner into the and his friends had to struggle not to laugh when Lyralei told Voldemort on the back of Quirrell's head that she was just a puppet of Albus Dumbledore and his unbelieving expression when asked: "Why do you think the obstacles protecting the stone are so weak that they can overcome the first year? ".

The self-proclaimed Lord Voldemort left his Host, who fell dead to the ground as he flew like a black cloud in the shape of a human took the real, the Philosopher's Stone, and, with Jenny's help from an Elven apparition, they left Hogwarts to return the Stone to their Creator.

Albus Dumbledore was furious as Harry's mind after the unicorn removed Harry's scar and soul shard, was protected by an impenetrable barrier, and from Harry's friends' only memories he discovered was that Quirrell was obsessed and that after Voldemort's soul had left, he had died.

The school year was over and Gryffindor won the school cup. Since Snape secretly helped Harry and his group, he allowed another house to win the school cup this was looking at Dumbledore's face when Dumbledore discovered that Gryffindor had won without his extra points very amused.

At the train station, Harry received a photo album with photos of his parents James and Lily Potter "of course he immediately sent him with his owl Hedwig to Gringotts to check and remove the spells that could be placed on the photo album."

After saying goodbye to friends where Harry and Hermione kiss each other's cheeks, they all went home with their families.

After a little party where Harry and Lyralei talked to the Dursleys about how their plans went out this year and their plans for the next school year, Harry fell asleep at the thought that he was getting closer to his thirteenth birthday and would be able to become official Lord Potter and change the name of the family at Windrunner, which turns the ancient and noble Potter house into the ancient and noble house of Windrunner. The last thought before Harry entered the realm of dreams was the idea of when he and his mom Lyralei officially become mother and son and do not have to continue hiding their relationship.

The story will continue, under Harry Windrunner and the Chamber of Secrets of the Chamber of Secrets.

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Pairing for Lyralei, a man so that Harry could get siblings later (he doesn't know he already has a sister who doesn't know he's his sister).

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