It's time for another fanfic! It's a one shot which I challenge all of you to write his story that leads to this moment from his days in SAO, to the end of this story... as well as the story of his life becoming a hero after this story!

Izuku wakes up after being trapped in the death game of Sword Art Online. Weaken worse than before, but with his instincts on overdrive, will he still become a hero after what he did in SAO, or will he give himself to the threats of others.

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When Izuku first woke up in the hospital, his first thoughts were, 'is it over...?'

He sat up weakly and looked out the window, before letting loose a tear.

Two years...

He didn't know how he did it, but he survived for two years, and also became a hero for others.

'Do I even want to be a hero still...?'


Weeks past and Izuku, who wanted everyone to call him Deku for some reason, had returned to school.

Despite being trapped in the evil game, he did not let his studies fall, allowing him to stay with his class.

His classmates either looked down on him for being Quirkless, hated him because of family members that died in the game, or didn't even pay him attention, but it's not like he cared. He only went to school because he refused to let life screw him over more.

"That's right, Midoriya wanted to go to UA too."

This caused an uproar, but Deku payed no mind until...

"Hey Deku..."

He looked up to see Kacchan in front of his desk, and prepared himself for an explosion until...

"Don't forget that promise we made you stupid nerd, you and I will become the best heroes this world has ever seen."

"EHHHHH?!" The Class, including the teacher, was shocked.

Deku only smirked wildly, like a Predator eyeing prey and nods, "hope you don't mind this hero already outshining you, Kacchan."

Kacchan only scoffs, "you were only the savior of that damn game Deku, don't think for a second you are better than me!"

The two glared at each other before laughing happily, the classmates and teacher staring in disbelief.

(ANs: you can decide for yourself if Katsuki was also a victim to SAO or not, but regardless, Katsuki would have to know what happened in the game either from some rumors going around or hearing it from Izuku himself)


After finding out a nearby beach had been turned into a dump, Deku decided to clean it, in order to regain old muscles and maybe gain new ones, in hopes of becoming stronger, and to become a hero.

As he was cleaning, his survival instincts he developed in SAO went wild, so he turned around and saw him.

A skinny man, with blond hair wearing baggy cloths.

"What is it?" Deku asked.

"I was just in the neighborhood and I saw you out here, what are you doing, Young man?"

Deku told him of his story, after a bit of reluctance, but when the man said he was a hero, as well as a great listener to help other cope.

Toshinori nods at Deku's story, "so you became a hero and now you wish to do so again, is that it, Young Midoriya?"

Months later, Toshinori was surprised at Deku's word of cleaning the beach. It hasn't even been 7 months yet and he mostly cleaned the entire beach.

'Maybe he's the one...' Toshinori thought as he walked up to the green haired child to offer him the power to become a hero.

"Dreams can come true..." Deku's voice rang, "I forgot to mention... this is the story of how a hero of one world, became a hero of the other..."


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