Important things to know.
1. When Alicia Baker appears the second time in the show during season 4, we are just going to pretend that when she got released it was done properly and that she relocated to some other state after being rehabilitated. She did apologize Clark before she left and that was it. They both went on with their lives thinking what if.
2. You can assume this is around the end of season 8 after 8 x 14 when Lana leaves because she absorbed the Kryptonite.

3. Also this is my first fanfic and while this is a weird one to start off with since Smallville has been dead for years, but it has always been one of my favorite shows that I grew up on.


Kent family farm 2009

"What the?" Clark woke up startled, hearing a noise come from the barn. He needed a break to just relax and refocus on what is important to his life, so he took time off to spend on the Kent farm. With his mother still away, he was extra worried at the fact he was hearing somebody in the barn right now.

"Is that crying?" Clark asked shocked at what he was hearing as he hurried over to the barn.

As he gets to the barn and turns on the light he suddenly gets tackled by a blonde blur. "Daddy!" Clark hears as he looks down to see a little five-year-old girl holding onto his side crying.

As he gets a closer look at her he feels something familiar towards her but can't place it.

Confused and unsure of what to do he finally assesses that the girl is not a threat and tries to ask her questions to help understand what is happening. "What is your name sweety and how old are you?"

The little girl looks confusedly at Clark and then says, "I'm Grace Baker Kent and I'm 5 years old, but why are you asking me daddy?".

Clark finally realizes that the girl is calling him daddy and has his last name and decides tp question what she means by it. "Okay Grace that's a very pretty name, but why are calling me daddy and where are your parents, how did you get here?".

The girl looks at Clark like he has two heads. "Because you are my daddy. Where is Mommy?"

Clark decides to just drop the whole daddy issue and decides to try and find out about the girls mother. "Alright then grace, who is your mother and how did you get here?"

The girl looks like she scared to answer the question and so Clark lowers himself to her level. She looks up to him and says "I know you and mommy always tell me not to go through your things, but I was bored, and I had found the pretty ring and so I put it on. I'm sorry daddy!" she started bawling her eyes out and Clark tried move the girl into a hug only to realize how immobile she was and finally realized everything.

Clark started thinking 'she must have gotten her hands on my legion ring to go back in time and this might be my daughter. She has my last name and thinks of me as her father and the fact that she is strong enough that I can't move her and was fast enough to rush me that quickly. It would make sense if she was my daughter with those powers, but then who is her mother.'.

"Hey Grace, it's alright, it's okay, can you tell me what your mommy's name is?" Clark tries telling her to calm her down.

Grace looks up to him finally falling into his embrace and whispering her mother's name "Alicia Baker".