Ever since this Doyle creature came into his life, Angel found it a strange sensation of having plenty of distractions as he tried to save various people around this large city he was deciding was home for now, but also having too much time to himself at the same time. It didn't help that he'd been surrounded by a number of young, blonde females during this time of missions from "The Powers That Be" either. Add in Cordelia and it was as if Buffy was just never going to be able to be out of his mind.

After Doyle and Cordelia would go home, after a job was complete, he'd sit alone in the dark and reflect. He'd brood. He'd miss her. More with every passing day.

He'd tried calling before but even hearing her voice broke his heart and made him want to pack up and run back to Sunnydale. Instead, he started keeping a journal, all addressed to her. He'd fill her in on what he had been up to, how she was always on his mind. He didn't know how else to communicate with her right now.

Weeks later, when Oz showed up he figured she was dealing with similar feelings. All the same, when Oz came instead of her it broke him more than anyone could imagine. He hated that she felt she couldn't bring it to him. He didn't know if it was because she was angry, if it was because she couldn't face him, that it would be too hard... Maybe a mixture of all of it.

He knew what the ring's power was, how powerful it was, how dangerous it was. It seemed like an easy answer to all of his problems but it was only on the surface. He was more than tempted to put it on, run back to Buffy and never look back. If only it were that easy...