Chapter II: I am Natsu!

X783… Tartaros Guild

Seilah was not expecting her day to start off this way…

She was expecting to just read books all day and do nothing considering it was her day off and that's how she likes to spend her free time.

But apparently fate had something else planned for her.

Mard Geer, the current Guild Master of Tartoros, the strongest dark guild in the world, summoned Seilah to his throne room. It was an immediate emergency for which he called upon her.

The Book of E.N.D had been stolen.

Some rogue demons decided that it was a good idea to steal the book of the most powerful demon in existence and run off with it. Just like that with no knowledge on how to open it or summon Master E.N.D whatsoever.

Seilah was the best one available at the time to deal with the problem. Her curse, Macro, allowed her to control other people to do her bidding. She could easily retrieve the book of E.N.D. swiftly and soundly without making a ruckus. It would be a lot simpler than the other demon gates having to go get the book back.

Seilah sighed as she walked through a forest, following the trail of the rouge demons, "This is boring. Of course I have to receive the short end of the stick. On my day off too!"

The busty etherious begins to think about everything she could've been doing instead of having to be Mard Geer's errand girl. And she had to do it alone. Mard Geer could have at least sent Kyoka with her. That would make the mission more bearable as at least she would have company to keep her entertained.

"But I guess this is an important mission. It is the Master E.N.D's book after all. Who knows what could happen if those rambunctious little demons mingle with it. It would ruin all of our plans."

Seilah kept on walking through the forest as she sighed again in boredom, "I just hope something interesting happens. Something…"

"I need something interesting to happen right now!"

A certain salmon haired Slayer yelled as he roamed around desperately looking for some action. It's already been a couple of weeks into Natsu's "vacation" from his 1 year of training of learning Chaos God Slaying Magic from the Goddess Chaos herself.

And he was BORED.

When Chaos said that he was going to relax and have fun, he imagined that he was going to take around a week or two and then Chaos would send her message and he would be teleported back to her planet in order to finish the latter half of his God Slaying training.

But it's been 4 weeks! He hasn't heard a peep from his patron. What did she expect him to do during this time? Walk around parks and just meditate all day? If there wasn't any action going on, Natsu was not interested. Well there was this small village that he saved from dark mages. They had a pretty nice restaurant called Gusteau's which was arguably the greatest in all of Fiore. That was the main reason he wanted to go to that village. But it was run amuck by dark mages. But they were not even worth a warm up! He at least wanted some kind of a challenge. Well when you're trained directly under the Goddess of all creation, one would guess it would be hard to find a challenge from fodder dark mages. After that nothing much of anything has happened. Right now he just wanted to complete his training, get stronger and go back home.


Natsu had considered visiting his guild during this vacation. Chaos didn't say he couldn't. All she really told him was that he could do whatever he wanted to do as long as he didn't get himself into trouble. Though she did not really define what she specifically meant by "trouble". Natsu guessed that it wasn't anything serious like getting in trouble with the law or something.

So why hasn't he gone back to Fairy Tail for the time being? The Dragon God Slayer just couldn't bring himself to. He made a promise to himself that he would only go back when he had completed his training and was strong enough to protect his family. While it has been a whole year since the death of Lisanna, it was still fresh in his mind. He thought about it every single damn day. When he woke up in the morning, when he ate breakfast, when he trained, when he meditated, when he read books, when he and Happy went fishing, when he went to sleep at night.

Before, he would always think of Igneel, but now Lisanna joined the Fire Dragon King in the group of people that Natsu loved the most and were now gone from his life. However what made it worse was that Lisanna was permanently gone. He was gonna find Igneel again one day. But he will never see Lisanna again. Natsu will no longer have the privilege of seeing her smile.

It was depressing. But the salmon haired mage used that depression to motivate him even more. That depression reminds him of why he decided to take Chaos's offer in the first place. He left everything behind for the sake of his goals, ambitions, and family. And so far he has not regretted it.

It's not an easy thing to do, but for now he is going to have to refrain from going back to Fairy Tail. He didn't want to remind himself of the pain and grief that going back there would bring. He also did not need any temptation to stay and abandon the rest of his training he still has left with Chaos.

"How could I even show my face there? I just upped and left with just a note. I didn't even have the dignity to say bye to their faces! They probably hate me so much for abandoning them. Especially at a time where we were all just grieving Lisanna's death. I didn't even show up to the funeral….what is wrong with me?!"

Natsu hated himself for the way he acted after the events of that dreaded S-Class Quest. He didn't speak to anyone for 3 straight days and did not go to the funeral. Not even so much as to help Mirajane and Elfman who were probably having a way tougher time than he was as Lisanna was their younger sister. Out of all three of them, she was supposed to outlive her siblings and not be the first one to go. And not at the age of 15. She hadn't even seen life for what it truly was. Mira and Elfman had lost their parents and they were forced to see their little sister go as well.

He then began thinking about Mirajane. Lisanna wasn't the only white-haired beauty that occupied his mind during his training on Chaos's planet. Her words, "I love you", rang in his head, day after day. The revelation was shocking to say the least. He never had an ounce of an idea that Mira ever harbored feelings like that for him. How could he? She was always bullying and teasing him! But Natsu guessed that's just how girls showed that they like you.

"Why couldn't Gramps and Gildarts teach me that instead of just talking about perverted stuff?!" Natsu exclaimed. That would've been a lot more useful to him than them explaining to him how to "please a woman." When thinking about that, Natsu couldn't help but have certain lewd thoughts about the She-Devil. He quickly slapped himself, "No, bad Dragon God Slayer. You're not supposed to disrespect Mira like that! She's your friend, not one of those girls in Gramps and Gildarts's magazines that they're always reading!"

Natsu questioned his own statement, "Is she just a friend, though? She definitely doesn't feel that way. How about me? Do I feel the same way towards her? Do I even deserve her love? Why would she love a weakling like me who couldn't even save her little sister. What does she see in a loser like me? Hell, I didn't even attend Lisanna's funeral. And then I lost control of myself which made her cry. After that, I just up and leave with just a little note saying I'm going to be gone for a while. What kind of man am I? What if she needed me? She confesses her feelings for me and I just leave immediately? How does that make me look?"

"I'm an idiot…." Natsu mumbled as he kept wandering aimlessly.

He then heard a loud explosion go off not too far from where he was located. This shocked Natsu out of his inner thoughts as he wasn't even paying attention to where he was going anymore.

"What was that?" Natsu began sniffing the air and picked up numerous scents.

"Seems like there's a village just up ahead. I'm sensing a lot of malicious energy coming from there and fear from the villagers. The villagers don't have particularly high levels of magical energy. But I can't sense any magical power from the other scents I'm picking up and they seem to be the ones who caused the explosion. Strange."

Natsu then smirked as he began sprinting towards the village, "Finally! Some action! Hopefully I'll actually get a good workout this time!"

Natsu sprinted to the village at a speed that could make Jet sweat with nervousness. During the training with Chaos, since there was barely any ethernao on her planet, Natsu had to get accustomed to using minimal magic in his training. This propelled him to use his physical body more. Divine Magic was all about using the power and energy that was already within your own body. Thus as he progressed with his God Slaying magic, the attributes of his physical body increased as well. His strength, speed, and durability were all amped up that he could sprint at such high speeds without exhausting his magic too much.

It was even better now that he was on Earthland again. It was a night and day difference compared to the planet of his Patron. He felt much lighter and the air was just brimming with Ethernano. It made his natural attributes and magic far greater than what they usually were on Chaos's planet. It seems like all of the strenuous training he's done so far has paid off.

He was able to get to the village quickly and swiftly. Once he was in, he saw the villagers in panic as they were all scrambling in fear. They were trying to run away and out of the village. It caught Natsu off guard at how panicked they were. He could see some buildings and houses were in flames. He managed to pull one villager aside and ask him what was going on.

"Hey, sorry to grab you like this, I know you're scared and want to get out of here as soon as possible but can you please tell me what's going on here? I'm a mage and I can help."

The middle aged man widened his eyes, "You're a mage?! Oh thank the gods! Please stop them!"

"Who is 'them'? What's going on here?" Natsu asked again as he was starting to get impatient but he kept himself under control. Chaos insinuated that as a mage, you are going to need patience in order to be successful.

"D-D-Demons! They're everywhere. They just came and wreaked havoc. They indiscriminately began to attack us and damage the village. We asked for what they wanted and they just ignored us and kept on destroying. I think there are some people still stuck in some burning buildings. Some of them are among the elderly and children. Please save them! Those demons are heartless!"

Natsu nodded, "Don't worry. Let the other villages know that a mage is here to take care of the situation. Make sure to get the rest of the villages out of here in an orderly manner. I'll go save the ones stuck in the burning buildings and take care of the demons."

"Thank you so much! Please be careful! Those demons are powerful! We have some wizards of our own and they were completely outmatched. Those demons are easily A-Class or higher! And there are dozens of them!" The villager exclaimed. They had to carry the injured mages out as their injuries were so serious that they were in danger of death.

"Oh don't you worry about me. I got this." Natsu reassured the man. He looked at Natsu, shocked at his confidence. But then noticed his guild mark on his shoulder and then gasped in realization.

'A mage from Fairy Tail? The strongest guild in all of Fiore? The gods have truly blessed us today!'

Back on Chaos's planet, the Goddess of Creation smiled as she watched everything going on from a crystal orb.

"Let's see how my Champion handles this situation."

Natsu rushed towards all of the burning buildings. He jumped high enough where he could see them all in his field of view. He then opened his mouth and the flames from the buildings began to flow towards his mouth as he slurped on them. He then swallowed all of them in one gulp. His stomach bloated for a second and then returned to it's normal size. The flames amped his magic power as he felt his body heating up and ready to explode.

"I'm all fired up now!"

Natsu went into the now fire-free buildings. He told the villages who were stuck that it was now safe to get out as he helped the elderly and children get out safely and with minimal harm.

"May the gods bless your young soul," An elderly woman told Nastu as he carried her safely out of the building.

"Thanks but I guess you can say that's already happened." Natsu chuckled as he hurried all of the villagers out to safety where all of the others went.

"This human dare interfere with us?!"

Natsu turned around and what he saw could only be described as demons. They certainly aren't human. For one, some of them had 4 or 6 arms, with three claws on their hands and feet. Some were carrying swords and other various weapons that looked like they could pack a punch. Some had bombs and they looked ready to detonate. That must be what caused the explosions. Their hands were not even shaped like a human as they had eyes on their sides on their head rather than in front and the eyes were glowing blue.

"Demons huh? Well if gods exist, then it's only natural that demons do."

"Silence! You don't even deserve to speak in our presence, you lowly human!" The demon exclaimed as he and his brethren growled at the slayer.

"Woah, someone's got a superiority complex. You think you're better than me just because you're a demon and I'm a human?" Natsu asked with a raised eyebrow.


Natsu sweatdropped comically. "Well I don't know where you got that idea from but humans are stronger than you think. Don't underestimate us!"

The demons stared at Natsu for a couple of seconds before they all broke out in laughter. An angry tick mark formed on Natsu's head. "Hey, what's so funny?!"

"Oh we just find it hysterical that a human actually thinks its puny little race can stand against high class demons such as us! If you humans are good for something, it is certainly your humor!" The demon said as all of his brethren kept laughing along at Natsu's supposed naivety and ignorance.

Natsu grit his teeth as hints of fire could be seen coming out of his body, "You think you guys can come and cause a ruckus in this town, endanger the villagers, make fun of me and get away with it?! You're in for a rude awakening!"

The demons paid him no mind as they continued to laugh uncontrollably. Natsu raised his hand as a purple magic circle formed, "I wonder… if I have the magic to slay gods, will it work on demons? Only one way to find out!"

The demons immediately stopped laughing and began to get curious and worrisome faces as they saw the magic power radiating off of Natsu. It wasn't anything like any human they have seen before. They couldn't even sense the magic power, but it gave off a pressure so large and dense that it felt like it would swallow them whole and destroy them.

"What is that?" One of the demons asked in fear. The pressure that was coming from Natsu was surreal. It could even rival or surpass the Etherious!

"Wait, didn't he say he had the magic to slay gods?!"

"He's a God Slayer?!"

"Those are still around? I thought the gods stopped passing their powers down to mortals centuries ago!"

"If he was trained by a god, a powerful one, then we are in trouble!"

"At least he isn't a Devil Slayer!" One of the demons yelled.

Natsu perked up at that comment, 'Devil Slayer? So there is a type of magic specifically to take down demons. I wonder if I'll ever run into a Devil Slayer. Or maybe a demon can teach me the magic!'

"Why are you guys attacking this town? What could these lowly humans have that such high and mighty demons such as yourselves want?" Natsu asked the demons sarcastically.

"Master E.N.D! The Devil King will be in our presence! And he will destroy all humans and restore the demon race to prosperity"

"Yes! He will show the world who its true ruler is!"

"No longer will this deception of humans being the ones who reign over the land be believed!"

"The strongest demon in existence shall rule this world and exterminate the inferior human species as he should!"

"All hail the king!"

"All hail E.N.D.!" The demons all chanted together in rhythm. Their devotion for their king revealed itself to Natsu.

Inside of Natsu, E.N.D, sighed as he heard the demon's words. "Of course this is my fault. It always is. Once again my sins from the past are affecting the present and endangering the lives of the innocent."

"You need to stop putting so much blame and responsibility on yourself, my son. Contrary to what you believe, not everything is your fault. You can't hold yourself responsible for the actions of others." Igneel told the Devil King as he too was watching the events unfold from inside of Natsu and heard the chatter from the demons.

"It is my fault, Dad. All of it is. These demons are only acting this way because they are doing it in my name. As the Devil King, it is my responsibility to control them and not allow for demons to endanger the lives of innocent humans. I had to accept that responsibility when my brother Zeref revived me into a Devil and blessed me with Great Power."

"Natsu, you have nothing to do with these demons. They are acting out of their own vanity and thirst for blood. They are simply using your name as a scapegoat. To justify their immoral deeds."

"You should already know that demons don't give a damn about morality. Their hearts are the embodiment of sin. They only care about their own pleasure."

"But you don't." Igneel countered as he smirked at his adopted son. "The Great Devil King whose power is feared throughout the world. Rumored to be able to burn Earth and Heaven on a whim. And yet… you wouldn't even hurt a fly."

"Are you calling me soft?"

"I'm complimenting you, you brat!"

"We're around the same age!"

"I taught and raised you!"

"I literally erased my own memories and sealed my power! You're acting like I can't just give myself all of that back if I didn't want to!" E.N.D yelled at the Fire Dragon King.

"But you don't! So it's irrelevant!"


As the mythical Dragon and Demon bickered back and forth, Natsu focused his attention on the enemies in front of him.

"These guys are nuts..." Natsu says with a sweat drop. He decides to end their charade and do what he came here to do.

"Well I don't know anything about a Devil King... but what I do know is that you're disturbing the peace. And as a champion of Lady Chaos, I can't just let you get away with this!"

"CHAOS?!" All of the demons shrieked in shock and horror.

"No he's lying. Humans are known for always lying right? They thrive off of deception!"

"Yes, there's no way that the creator of the Primordials would even dare to think about passing down her magic to a human. This must be a hoax!"

"But…. don't you feel that pressure coming from him? It reeks of pure destructive power. I'm not saying he isn't lying nor am I saying he is, but I think we should take this a little more seriously-"

"Quiet! You always like to instigate nonsense!"

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

Natsu smirked, "I think you demons should be listening to your little friend there. Even one of your own feels the power that I possess. And I assure you I am no hoax. I was trained directly under Lady Chaos herself. And I'll gladly prove it to you little devils." Natsu's magic power rose as he let some of his Divine magic leak out of his body. The demons stood still as they felt like their entire being was being enveloped by destruction itself. The entire village they were in was shaking, as the trees and buildings were about to break down.

'I should be careful. If I'm not, I can overuse magic and destroy the village. Then the villagers won't have a home anymore. Happy and Sensei aren't here to clean up after my mess like they usually do. I guess this is what she meant about patience and being disciplined.' Natsu thought as he lowered his Magic Power just a bit and got it under control. The demons relaxed a bit due to the pressure lightening but they were still on edge.

"I got you guys scared don't I? If demons are as powerful as you say they are, how about you come and prove it. I'm just a lowly human aren't I?" Natsu mocked the rogue Tartaros demons.

"What in the hell are we scared of? He's just a human! There's one of him and dozens of us, he can't do shit!"

"He's right! We're just letting him get to our heads. Humans are excellent at mind games. It's the only thing they are good at since they are so physically inferior compared to us."

"Physically inferior? Oh trust me, I don't need any mind games to deal with you. That's not my style anyways. I'd rather make my point by putting my knuckles in your teeth." Natsu said cockily as he outstretched his hand and got ready to take on the demons.


Dozens of demons came rushing at the Slayer. Natsu stood in place as he waited for them to get closer. He then finally activated a spell.

"Chaotic God's Destruction Fist!"

Dark purple Chaos magic energy rippled through Natsu's forearm. He swung straight at the hordes of demons and they dropped like flies. The destructive force of Natsu's spell was not at the level they expected. Even the demons who weren't struck head on by the spell still got thrown back just from the pressure and shockwaves. It felt as though the very earth and winds were getting crumbled to dust.

"Impossible?! Impossible?! No human should have that kind of power?!" One of the demons exclaimed as he felt the shockwaves of one spell from Natsu and it filled him with absolute fear.

"Well guess what?! I do! Chaotic God's Thunder Clap!"

Natsu clapped his hands together with force rivaling thunder. The spell caused winds to blow harshly against the demons, making it seem as though it were an actual thunderstorm.

"Let's mix it up a bit! Fire Dragon's Sword horn!" Natsu's classic Fire Dragon spell followed up to his Chaos Spell as the winds created from the thunder clap were enhanced by the flames and began burning the demons.

"He's a Dragon Slayer as well? That's a lost magic!"

"The power of a Dragon and a God... " The demons were aghast. The ones who were still standing were frozen in place. They were shivering in fear. They never thought they would see the day where a mere human would make them shiver in fear and weakness. It shouldn't be possible. Demons are supposed to be the superior race. The true rulers of the land. So how is a human outclassing them? None of them had even laid a finger on them.

"Retreat!" A demon yelled as that seemed to be their only option left.

Natsu wasn't having it, "Oh no you don't!" He began to take a deep breath as his stomach expanded, "Fire Dragon ROAR!"

The stream of fire caught a majority of the demons and burned their flesh. It was almost enough to completely incinerate them, but Natsu made sure to hold back a lot of power so that he didn't accidentally kill them.

"It burns! It burns so much! What is this fire?" The demons all yelled in agony as they felt their very skin and bones burning. They were lucky for their Demonic Physiology granting them enhanced durability and thick skin because if it wasn't for that, they would all be a pile of ash.

Natsu saw that there were still a couple of demons standing and scurrying around. He decided that one more spell should finish the job.

Natsu opened his mouth as a purple magic circle appeared in front of it. He breathed in a mouthful of air into his lungs and then activated his next spell.

"Chaotic God's Howl!"

Natsu sent a pulse of destructive magic energy from his mouth that resulted into a magnificent howl. Much like his Thunder Clap, it created gusts of wind which were able to knock down all of the demons down for the count. The Chaotic energy was too much for them to handle, especially after getting him from 4 of Natsu's spells previously.

"Only 5 spells? Wow! Natsu has really gotten so much stronger this past year! And I could tell those demons were not weaklings either." Happy commented as he and Chaos watched Natsu finish off the demons through a crystal orb.

"He could have ended it with only one spell if he wanted to." Chaos stated matter of factly.

"EH? No way! Then why didn't he? Why did he have to waste magic with 4 more spells." Happy asked. To him, it didn't make sense for Natsu to just waste magic using 4 more spells when he could have ended it much quicker.

"Two reasons: The first being that Fire Dragon Slaying and Chaos God Slaying Magic are two very dangerous forms of magic. So dangerous that if Natsu were to slip up even a little and use too much power and lose control, it could have devastating consequences."

"W-What kind of consequences, Sensei?" Happy asked his Patron hesitantly.

"He could unintentionally kill someone. And cause a lot of collateral damage along with that."

"Oh.." Happy didn't consider that. He knew Natsu's magic was strong and destructive, but the thought of it potentially killing someone never once came to the cat's mind. "So how does he deal with that?"

"There's a reason why I instructed him to meditate daily and read all of those books about magic control. Natsu has to have perfect equilibrium with his mind, body, and soul. Chaos Destruction Magic requires perfect control. That is the reason why I never dared to pass on my magic to mortals before I met you two. If you slip up even once, you are done for. That is why my planet is the perfect place in order to kick start your training. The lack of Ethernanon forces you two to be disciplined when it comes to controlling your magic."

Happy nodded, "Yes, it makes sense. We learn how to control our magic here, so that when we go back to Earthland, we are able to handle our power when there is an abundant amount of Ethernano in the air."


"So what's the second reason? You said there were two."

"The second reason is that it is generally smarter to not waste all of your magic in one spell to try to end the battle as quickly as possible. It's more efficient to spread your energy throughout multiple spells and wear down your opponent before finishing them off. Just like how Natsu did here."

"Wow, he really has changed during our training!" Happy exclaimed.

"So have you. You've become proficient in Creation Magic. You were able to create that continent I assigned to you in record time. You're doing just as well, if not, better than Natsu. Considering that it is more difficult and complex to create something, rather than destroy it." Chaos complimented the exceed as she pet him.

"Aye! I'll make sure to continue doing my best!"

Back with Natsu, the Slayer looked at the pile of demons with a disappointed frown.

"For all of that talk you guys put up about Demons being so much superior to humans, it only took me 5 spells to deal with you. Honestly it could have just only used one but that would have probably killed all of you."

"You've gotta be kidding me.."

"The human was holding back?"

"I told you guys to take him seriously, and look at what happened."

"He's a monster!"

Natsu sweatdropped at the demon's commentary, 'The demons who set a village on fire are calling me a monster? That makes perfect sense.'

"Oh just shut up already and take a nap," Natsu shot a blast of Chaos magic at the demons, knocking them out cold.

"Okay, my job here is done," Natsu was about to go let the villagers know that the demons have been dealt with, until he felt something touch his feet.

"What's this?" Natsu looked down to see a strange book at his feet. He picked it up to take a closer look at it.

"E.N.D?" Natsu read aloud the title on the cover of the book. That was all it said. There was nothing on the back and there was no author name.

"Oh my dear brother… What have you done? How did you allow my book to get in the hands of these low-lives?" E.N.D grumbled at the thought of those rambunctious demons running their dirty hands all over his own book.

"Are you going to allow yourself to open it?" Igneel asked the Etherious.

"Absolutely not! That book shouldn't even be here! It should be in the possession of my brother. I don't know why he allowed those cretins to have it."

Right before Natsu opened the cover of the book, he picked up another scent coming his way. It was similar to the scent of the demons, but it was also much different. It was much more powerful, potent, and… feminine.

The person Natsu smelt finally made their appearance, and the Fairy Tail mage almost dropped his jaw at what he saw.

The person in question was another demon, but the reason Natsu almost dropped his jaw was because this demon looked absolutely nothing like the demons he just manhandled. While the demons he fought were ugly and looked more like miniature monsters, the demon now in front of Natsu was a gorgeous, young looking woman with a curvaceous figure. She had long dark purple flowing hair with matching purple eyes. Her attire consisted of a light blue kimono with green trimmings. Half crescent moon symbols filled the kimono. She had an oddly looking tattoo on her right shoulder which had a swirly pattern, as did her forehead. She had a white band on her head which separates her hair, framing her bangs from her hair below the band. A small white-colored strap was tied around her neck. She didn't have any footwear. Instead she wore black thigh high socks that covered the soles of her feet but left her toes exposed. She would easily pass off as a human if it wasn't for the fact that she had two large gold-looking horns sticking out from the sides of her head and pointing upwards. Anyone who had basic knowledge of human anatomy would know that humans don't have horns.

Besides her horns, her most noticeable feature are her enormously large breasts that were barely being contained by the kimono, which revealed a lot more cleavage than necessary. Natsu did his best to not stare at her chest and look her in the eyes like he was taught.

'Holy crap, her chest is big! I think it can rival Sensei's! She's just as hot as her too. Is she really a demon? Since when do demons look so beautiful? Damn it, at this rate, I'll end up just like Gramps, Gildarts, and like all of the other perverts in the guild who just look at pornographic magazines all day! I gotta focus and calm down. Just like how Lady Chaos taught me.'

Natsu relaxed himself and was able to successfully get his lewd and sexual thoughts about the demoness in control. 'Since when demons were this hot?!'

"She sure is a beauty. I didn't know that demons could be that physically appealing. Well at least for human standards." Igneel commented as he chuckled at Natsu's lewd thoughts about the demoness.

"Of course she would be here. Of all of the people…" E.N.D cursed his luck as Igneel noticed him sucking his teeth in annoyance.

"What's wrong? Do you know her?"

"Of course I know her, Igneel. She's an Etherious just like me. She's one of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros."

Igneel eyes widened, "Isn't that your guild?"

"Yes, that's the guild that I founded after Zeref revived me. Although technically I was the only member for years, until Mard Geer became my first guildmate. And then that's when Zeref introduced me to his other creations that were like me. One of them being the woman you see right now. Things were going well until I found out the true purpose behind the guild and why Zeref created all of us. I just couldn't find it in my heart to kill my own brother, even if he was suffering from a curse. He and I had a huge argument, and then I learned about the horrors that many of the demons from the books of Zeref were responsible for. And how they did it all under the name of me and my brother. I refused to be a part of that. So… I left my own guild. My guildmates tried to convince me to stay, saying that I couldn't run away from my own destiny and purpose. But I never chose to be revived into a demon. That was Zeref's choice. It's my life, and I choose my own Destiny. That doesn't change just because my physiology is different."

Igneel hummed at the Devil King's words, "You think she's gonna remember you?"

He shook his head, "I asked Zeref to lock away their memories of me, much like how I did to my own. I'm not sure just how much he locked away, but she shouldn't be able to recognize me, unless I reveal myself to her."

"I see… and your book?"

"I assume she's come here to retrieve it. Either back to Zeref or Mard Geer."

Seilah looked at the damage to the village caused by the rogue demons. She then looked at all of the rouge demons, knocked out, defeated, and burned to a crisp all on the ground.

"Who could have done this much damage to high class demons?" She asked herself. The demoness then took notice of the Dragon God Slayer staring at her, with a slight blush on his face. In his hands, was the item she was ordered to retrieve.

Seilah and Natsu locked eyes for a few moments. She then broke the silence with a simple statement.

"You look familiar."

"Oh, Zeref, you gotta be kidding me!"

"I thought you said she isn't supposed to recognize you."


Natsu blinked at the purple haired beauty before in shock. Does she know him?

"Really? Oh well, sorry to say but I ain't never seen you ever in my life." Natsu replied. He was really trying to remember if he's ever seen her, but his mind draws upon a blank.

"Well I've seen you. And I don't believe I'm going crazy, so if you look familiar to me, then that must mean I have met you before." Seilah answered logically. She knows she has seen this man before. She knows it isn't a coincidence. There must be some sort of explanation for this.

"Was it you who dealt with these demons?" Seilah asked the Slayer with a monotone voice.

Natsu nodded, "Yeah, they talked a big game, but they were honestly disappointing. Barely a warm up for me."

Seilah's eyebrow raised at Natsu's words, 'Dozens of high class demons is not even a warm up for him? This man must be lying. No human should have that much strength. But there's not even a scratch on him. And he doesn't seem to be tired at all. Also he's the only person here. Meaning that he is the one who more than likely took down these demons.'

Seilah looked down at the fallen forms of the traitors, "You left them alive."

Natsu tilted his head in confusion, "Uh yes, I did. That was intentional."


"Why what?"

"Why did you leave them alive? You definitely have the power to kill them. So what's stopping you?" Seilah asked with genuine curiosity. She didn't understand why he left them alive. For what purpose should they be kept alive? He is a human and they are demons who endangered the lives of other humans. It only makes logical sense to end them permanently.

"I.. just don't want to kill them. I really don't have an explanation for you. They don't have to be killed." Natsu answered the demoness.

"What if they wake up and attack the villagers again?"

"Then I'll stop them again."

"What if you're not here to stop them again?"

"I'll make sure that they don't cause any more trouble."

Seilah stared at the Salmon-Haired man with intrigue. 'He's different…'

She looked towards the bodies of the rouge demons.

"Well these demons are traitors. They committed a crime against our Guild that can only be punished by death. I will gladly execute them." Seilah held out her hand and was about to finish the deed. Natsu realized what she was doing.

"NO! DON'T!"

Natsu appeared in front of Seilah at a speed she didn't think possible for a human. He grabbed her hand before she could carry out the execution. Seilah looked at the man who had dared to touch her with wide and aghast eyes. She saw the fierce and determined look in his eye.

"What are you doing, you ningen?" Seilah asked as her eyes darkened. She didn't appreciate this human man getting in her way, and touching her without permission.

Natsu realized the position he was in and immediately apologized, "I'm sorry for invading your personal space, but I can't let you do this!"

"Why do you defend them? They are evil demons who wouldn't hesitate to kill you, if it was the other way around!" Seilah exclaimed. She didn't know why she was shouting, but being in such close proximity to Natsu made her feel… excited.

"Yes, I know. They are scum. They are heartless demons who wouldn't hesitate to hurt the innocent. But that doesn't mean they deserve to die. It just isn't what I believe in. Death is not something to play with!" Natsu thought back to how Lisanna died and how that made him feel. He didn't want to inflict that same pain to anyone else. For some reason he understood the pain of dying. It isn't something he believed he should carry out to anyone.

'This guy… What is he talking about? What foolishness?'

Seilah summoned her Macro curse, "Natsu, let go of me!"

Both Natsu and Seilah gasped. Natsu looked at her with bewilderment and confusion. "How do you know my name?"

"I… don't know… I just do. Wait a minute, how are you still holding my hand? I used my Macro on you!"

Natsu just continued looking at her confused, "What are you talking about? Who are you? How do you know who I am? Why do I feel like I should remember who you are? What is this?!"

Seilah stared deep into Natsu's eyes. The longer she gazed at him, the more clear it became for her. Fragments of memories came rushing back. Until it all exploded.

Seilah then did something that he never would have seen coming.

The demoness grabbed the Slayer's face with her hands and brought her lips to his, resulting in a passion filled kiss.

Natsu tried to yell in surprise when the demoness kissed but he couldn't since his lips were locked into hers, so it simply resulted into a groan. At first, Natsu wanted to immediately pull away. A random woman he just met just started making out with him without his consent. But as the kiss went on, he eased into it and enjoyed it much more, and even reciprocated the passion and love that Seilah was giving to him. As the kiss lasted, memories and fragments also began to come back at full force. It then all made sense. He remembered her. He knows who this woman is. He knows her name. He knows why she is kissing him right now.

The two finally separated due to lack of air. They looked at each other with nothing but love and passion. Tears began to leak from Seilah's eyes as she gave Natsu a strong hug.

"I missed you… Natsu"

Natsu returned the hug, "I missed you too… Seilah."

"WHO IS SHE?! Why are they kissing? Is Natsu gonna lay an egg now?!" Happy exclaimed in shock, confusion, and genuine curiosity. Seeing a random lady with horns kissing his best friend would definitely raise some alarms.

Chaos grinned at the scene, "Memories… Recollection… Connections… Love… That's it! Sometimes, emotions can surpass Magic and Witchcraft. That is the power of bonds!"

"Huh? What are you talking about, Sensei?" The exceed asked the Goddess.

Chaos merely waved her hand at her student, "Nevermind me. It's not important."

Natsu and Seilah finished hugging after a couple of moments. They held each other's hands as they smiled at each other. They resembled a long lost couple who finally reunited after years of looking for each other.

"Natsu, where have you been all of this time? Why did you leave me?" Seilah asked with a sad frown. She had been waiting for him for so long and she can't remember why he left her in the first place.

Natsu tried to answer his question, but for the life of him, he could not find it in his memory. "I don't know. I genuinely don't remember."

"Well.. what exactly do you remember?" Seilah asked with a blush on her face.

Natsu chuckled at how cute she looked, "Well, let's see. Your name is Seilah, we're in love…. And that's it."


"I'm sorry! I'm doing my best here! I really am trying to remember, but I just can't. It's like something is blocking me. How about you, what do you remember?"

"Let's see… your name is Natsu, we're in love…. And… "



"At least I didn't just get up and leave out of nowhere!" Seilah exclaimed, trying to defend herself.

Seilah's words reminded him of what he did to Mira and the rest of Fairy Tail one year ago. He gained a downcast look, "I'm sorry…. I'm really sorry. I may not remember why I did that to you, but I'm sure I never intended to hurt you. Please forgive me for being an idiot."

Seilah enveloped Natsu into another hug, "It's okay, you don't need to apologize. We're here together now. And that's all that matters."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

Seilah looked up at Natsu with an infectious smile, "I just remembered something about you."

"Oh yeah? What is it?" Natsu asked eagerly, wanting to know more about their past.

Seilah grabbed onto Natsu tighter, "You're very warm. So warm that your presence makes me feel at ease. It makes me feel like I'm safe and protected."

Natsu looked at Seilah's dazzling smile and blushed at her words. Then he began thinking about what those words meant. 'Something to protect huh?'

He thought back to Lisanna, and her smile. Now that smile is forever gone. He will never see it again. That's the smile he failed to protect. Mirajane popped into his mind as well with her smile as well. The smile that he abandoned. And now as Seilah's smile presented itself to him, he could only think about how he abandoned her smile too, mentally kicking himself, and asking why would he ever abandon such a beautiful smile.

'I make her feel protected… does Mira get the same feeling whenever she is around me?' Natsu didn't want to think of the pain that he caused Mira for leaving if that were the case. Seeing the pain that Seilah was in due to leaving her, he didn't want to imagine that happening to anyone else he cares about deeply. To deprive them of the warmth that he provided for them, and exposing them to the cold horrors of loneliness.

"I just remembered something about you too,"

"Hm?" Seilah hummed in curiosity, "And what would that be, Mr. Amnesia?"

"Your smile."

Seilah's face flushed red, "W-W-What about my smile?"

"Your smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And I'll protect it no matter what."

A few days later…

"Do you really have to go? Can't you just continue the training here?"

Natsu shook his head, disappointing Seilah, "Nope. No can do. For the type of training that I'm going to do, I have to go back to Lady Chaos's planet. It is the only place suitable for me to master my powers."

"Tch, why do you have to train with a Goddess of all people?" Seilah asked with a pout. She had just gotten Natsu back after such a long time, and now a few days later, he was already leaving her again?

Natsu chuckled sheepishly, "Well, about a year ago, she presented me with the opportunity and I took it. Sorry but I'm already so deep into the training that I can't back out now. No matter how much I feel like staying here and spending more time with you. Hell, if it wasn't for her training, I wouldn't have been able to defeat all of those demons as easily as I did. And our paths wouldn't have crossed again. So be thankful for that at least!"

Seilah continued pouting, but she knew Natsu had a good point, "Alright, I guess you're right. But that doesn't mean I like it any more. It's just… I just got you back. I'm afraid that if I lose you again, I won't ever get you back."

Natsu placed his hands on Seilah's shoulders, which surprised the Etherious, "Seilah, you are not losing me again. I'm not going to forget about you again, so long as you don't forget about me. Just give me one year, after one year I promise you, we will see each other again. Meet me again after a year. You will find me again after a year, I swear. And if you don't… then you can yell at me!"

Tears began to leak from the demon's eyes once again, "Why… Why must you put yourself through harsh training with a deity? You don't have to do that to yourself! You're strong enough as it is!"

"No I am not."

Seilah looked at her lover with confusion, "Huh?"

Natsu's expression changed to a somber one, "I have a responsibility."


Natsu grabbed Seilah's head and pulled it towards his chest, enveloping her in a hug, catching the Etherious off guard.

"I failed, Seilah. I really did. I have so much that I want to tell you, but I think I'll save it for another time. But what I do want to say is that everything I'm doing is trying to make things right. I'm doing this for you, and anyone else that I need to protect. I can't allow myself to be weak anymore. I can't allow myself to ever just watch by as the people I care for most suffer while I can't do anything because I don't have the power to help them. While I have made great progress, I didn't come this far to just come this far. I know that I can become much MUCH stronger! And I have to reach that potential no matter what to make sure nothing happens to you or anyone else that I love. It was my weakness that drove Igneel away. Now I have to prove him wrong. So please forgive me, but I have to do this."

After letting Natsu finish, Seilah couldn't control herself and attacked his lips with her own. This had to be around the 50th time that they kissed in the past few days, but each one was just as passionate as the last. Only in this one, Seilah had put a little more energy into it since this will be the last time she kisses Natsu for at least a whole year. Natsu didn't mind as he enjoyed each and every single one of their make out sessions and made sure to match the ferocity of the demon. The kiss lasted for an entire 5 minutes before the two separated. A string of saliva connected their mouths together as they did.

"That is the last time I'll be able to kiss you for an entire year. When you come back, you better return all of the kisses that I will be missing for a whole year!" Seilah said embarrassingly with a cute blush.

Natsu laughed at the woman's embarrassment, "Don't you worry, when I come back, we'll have all of the time in the world to do anything you want! I promise you that!"

"Anything~" Seilah hummed seductively as she gave the Dragon God Slayer a sultry smirk. Whatever she was trying to imply to Natsu went right over his head however as he didn't even notice how her entire expression and tone changed.

"Of course! Anything you want! As the son of Igneel and the Champion of Chaos, I will keep my word! Natsu Dragneel always keeps his promises!" Natsu exclaimed innocently as he gave Seilah a smile and thumbs up.

Seilah licked her lips lustfully as she began to think about all of the things that she desired to do with the beautiful man in front of her. She is a demon after all. A race particularly known for their lust and sinful desires.

"Oh, I'll definitely hold you up to that~"

"Sweet. Oh and before I forget, here you go." Natsu handed her the book of E.N.D. "This is what you came to retrieve, correct?"

"Yes, it is. Thank you for reminding me, I almost forgot." Seilah mentally yelled at herself. She got so caught up with meeting Natsu again that she had completely neglected the reason why she had come all the way out here in the first place. She was thanking those demons for going rogue and stealing the book of E.N.D. If it wasn't for that, she may not have encountered Natsu again.

'Best day off ever.'

"Lady Chaos, I'm ready!"

Behind Natsu a dark purple portal appeared. On the other side of it showed Chaos's planet.

"Well… I'll see you in a year. I'll come back. I swear I will. And I won't ever forget about you ever again. I promise." Natsu kissed Seilah's forehead before walking towards. But just as he was about to go through, he turned back to give Seilah just one more message.

"Oh and another thing. Make sure to take good care of that book for me, alright?"

"Oh… okay." Seilah was confused at Natsu's request. What did he have anything to do with Master E.N.D's book?

"Thanks! You're the best!" Natsu didn't know why but he felt some sort of connection to that book. It was really important to him and didn't want anything bad to happen to iy. 'Hm, that's weird. Meh, whatever. I'll figure it out later.' Natsu thought to himself as jumped through the portal. Right after he did that, the portal closed, leaving the Etherious alone once again.

"I'll miss you. Train hard my love. I'll be waiting patiently for your return."

Unbeknownst to Seilah, Natsu technically was still with her. In the book that she held in her very hands.

Planet of Chaos….

"Well someone sure had fun on their vacation!" Chaos exclaimed as she and Happy watched Natsu enter through the portal. "Am I not enough for you, Natsu? That you had to go and find another woman?"

"What?! What are you talking about?" Natsu sputtered.

"Wait, Natsu, since you were kissing that lady, does that mean you're going to lay an egg now?" Happy asked his partner as he flew right in front of his face.

"WHAT?! No that's not how that works- WAIT WERE YOU TWO SPYING ON ME?!" Natsu's face now resembled the hair of a certain Requip Mage. The thought of Happy and Chaos watching Natsu and Seilah being intimate… made him want to die right then and there.

"Spying is just a negative word. I prefer… checking up on you."

"That doesn't make it any better!" Natsu shrieked. "Can't a guy have his privacy?!"

"Oh, child relax, we are only messing around with you. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your time off though." Chaos chuckled at Natsu's expense.

Natsu got serious, "Well I didn't come here to mess around. It's time to get back to training."

"Really? But you just got back." Chaos was not expecting so much eagerness from Natsu, especially after the scene she just witnessed from her crystal orb.

"I don't have time to waste, Sensei. I made a promise and I'm going to keep it! I have to get as strong as possible in order to keep that promise! No more vacations. No more joking around. It's all business from here on out." Natsu stated as he gave Chaos the most determined look she has ever seen him make.

'It seems like meeting Seilah again has sparked a new drive within Natsu. Looks like I'm going to have to take it up a notch from what I originally had planned.'

Chaos smirked at her Champion, "If that's how you feel, then so be it. Let's get serious then."

Chaos let off a portion of her power, giving both Natsu and Happy shivers down their spines. They had never felt such a powerful aura before. It was insane.

"What's going on?" Happy whimpered as for the first time in a long time, he felt genuine fear.

"This magical pressure… how could someone have so much?" Natsu wasn't even going to act like he wasn't scared shitless. But he had to stand his ground. He had to do whatever it takes to gain power.

"Since you want to get serious, then I'll get serious. You two must attack me as if I were an enemy. Don't hold back. Strike at me with intent to kill!"

"EH?!" Natsu and Happy shouted as Chaos's magic kept on making them shake. "You've gotta be out of your mind!"

"No I am not. From here on out you will be worked to the bone. I will show no mercy. You will train until you drop. You will complete each and every single task I ask of you. No excuses. The real training starts now!"

Natsu and Happy gulped as they knew the next 365 days were going to be a living hell.

One Year Later… x784

"I can't believe he only gave me a 1,000 jewel discount!" A young blonde woman angrily yelled as she kicked over a cafe sign. "Is my sex appeal worth only 1,000 jewls? What is the point of being blessed with this beautiful body if it can't even earn me decent discounts?!"

Lucy Heartfilia, the daughter of Jude and Layla Heartfilia, was currently irate over having to spend so much money on the dog key she bought from the only magic shop in all of Hargeon. She was sure that she could swoon the shopkeeper with her sexy charm, but the man would only allow a 1,000 jewel discount at the absolute most. Lucy felt her womanhood be disrespected at such an act.

"That man wouldn't know a gorgeous woman even if she was right in front of him!" Lucy couldn't help but feel like her time was wasted coming to this town. Only one magic shop and all they had available was a silver dog key. Well at least it was cute. But getting more keys wasn't her goal at the moment.

Suddenly, Lucy heard various women screaming and giggling as they all went and formed a crowd around something.

"What's going on?" The celestial spirit mage asked herself as she witnessed tons of girls running towards the crowd as if their lives depended on it. Each of them with hearts in their eyes.

"I can't believe that a famous wizard has come to our town!"

"Salamander the Fire Dragon!"

Lucy overheard the girls talking and she immediately jolted at the last thing she heard, "Fire Dragon?! Y-You mean someone who can do fire magic beyond anything you can find at a magic shop? And he's in town?"

The blonde skipped her way towards the crowd, "Maybe he's really good-looking." Once she was at the crowd, in the middle of it was an average sized man with purple hair swept to the side. All of the young women were ogling him with hearts in their eyes. All of them entranced by the man's presence. Lucy felt a weird sensation as her heart forcibly began to beat erratically. She also started to get entranced by the purple haired man.

'What's happening to me? Why is my heart racing like this? I don't understand. I just saw the guy and now I feel like he's the love of my life. This doesn't feel right. Something is wrong. This feeling isn't natural.'

The man turned his head to see Lucy amongst the crowd. He playful winked at the young wizard, causing her heart to race even more than before. Lucy clutched her chest as she felt like she was having a heart attack.

'My body keeps reacting to him like this… It's too much! I have to snap out of it now or-'


There was a loud shout that came from the crowd that snapped Lucy out of the spell. She and the other ladies were confused at first as they wondered who in the world shouted so loud. They then saw the culprit walking towards Salamander.

It was a tall young man, if Lucy had to guess, he stood at a height around 6'0. He had salmon colored and spiky hair with onyx eyes. He donned a purple hooded cloak which covered his entire body save for his head. He currently had the hood down which is how Lucy was able to see his hair and eyes. The japanese symbols for Chaos were inscribed on the back and front of his outfit. To complement it, a white scarf with a scale-like pattern was worn around his neck. His face carried an excited smile. It resembled an excitement one would have after finally finding something they've looked for, for so long.

As soon as Lucy laid eyes on him, her forced erratic heartbeat ceased. Instead, in its place came a gentler one, but it was faster than normal. Her body reacted similarly to when she saw Salamander but it was also very different. Her reaction to Salamander was clearly forced. But her attraction to the salmon haired man was organic and natural. His mere presence made her feel at ease and she blushed when she saw his smile. She had never seen a smile that could make her feel this way. It also helped that he was a decently handsome guy.

'W-Who's this guy? And why is he making me feel this way?' Lucy asked herself mentally as she couldn't help but feel like a school girl with a crush at the current moment.

"Who are you?!"

Natsu was expecting to find a giant fire breathing dragon in the middle of the crowd. Why else would people form a crowd? But all he saw was just a random dude with weird hair.

"If I said Salamander… would that ring any bells with you?" The man asked the Slayer.

Natsu simply sighed in disappointment, turned around and walked away.

"Sorry, I thought you were someone else."

Salamander's eyes bulged in shock as Natsu dismissed him as if he were a nobody. He must not know who he is!

All of the fan girls immediately ganged up on Natsu for his audacious act towards their beloved Salamander. They punched, kicked, and slapped him as they fire insults at him.

"Hey, you! That was rude!"

"Right! Salamander is a top wizard!"

"You better apologize and beg for his forgiveness!"

Natsu just stood there in complete confusion as he tanked all of their assaults. Their attacks had absolutely no effect on the Slayer. "What's with you girls? Did I do something wrong?"

"Now, now! I think that will be quite enough. I'm sure he didn't mean to insult me." Salamander attempted to calm his fans down and to stop them from trying to massacre the poor young man.

"What a nice guy!"

"He has such a big heart!"

Lucy rolled her eyes at the comments from the fangirls. She couldn't believe she was acting just like them a few moments ago. It was clear that they were in full control of his spell.

Salamander brought out a pen and signed a sheet of paper, "Here's my autograph. Now you can brag about it to all of your friends!"

Natsu looked at the autograph for a mere second before he turned the other way.

"Nah, I'm good."

The fangirls became irate at Natsu for disrespecting Salamander. They were about to gang up on him again but Salamander stopped them.

"Ladies, it's alright. He is simply ignorant. No need to punish him for it. My appreciation for your enthusiasm knows no bounds."

He snapped his finger as a purple flame appeared. He jumped atop the flame and began to ride away. But he left one last message before he left.

"There will be a party tonight on my yacht. Of course, you all must attend!"

"Yes! We'll be there!" The fangirls eagerly exclaimed as they all dreamily watched him ride away on his flame.

'Oh, so he's a fire wizard too. That's cool.' Natsu thought.

He felt someone hopping on his shoulder, "It wasn't him, huh?"

Happy, Natsu's partner, told the Slayer with a smug grin on his face that communicated "I told you so." Just like his fellow Slayer, Happy had a purple hooded cloak with the same symbols of Chaos on the front and back.

"No. It wasn't." Natsu replied to his partner with a defeated tone.

"Of course it wasn't. But you didn't listen to me, did you?"

"I just wanted to make sure. Come on man, you know how I get when it comes to these things!"

"Yeah yeah I know. I was just messing with ya." Happy patted Natsu's head affectionately. He knew how disappointed he felt due to it not being Igneel.

"That guy was a real piece of work, wasn't he?"

The two Slayers turned to see Lucy waving at them with a smile. "Thank you for saving my butt back there!"

"Are you sure about treating us? You really don't have to do this." Natsu asked the blonde as he and Happy began to eat food that they ordered at a restaurant. Lucy had taken them there as thanks for knocking her out of Salamnder's spell.

"Don't worry about it! I owe you one for helping me out. It's the least I can do. So enjoy the food!" Lucy replied as she watched the two hesitantly pick at their food before eventually eating it, accepting Lucy's treat.

"Thank you… but what exactly did I do again?" Natsu asked. He still wasn't sure why this girl, who vaguely reminds him of someone, was thanking him.

"That guy Salamander was using Charm Magic. It's a spell that sways people's hearts in the magician's favor. They outlawed the sale of the magic years ago. Anybody who uses tricks like that to get girls can't be trusted." Lucy stated, annoyed that someone would use magic to manipulate someone's feelings. She felt so violated at the thought of magic like that being used on her. Her body didn't even feel like it was in her control anymore. She didn't want to feel anything like that again.

"But when you came barging in, you broke the charm on me."

"So he used illegal magic, huh? I'm not surprised. He did feel a little sketchy when I saw him. I sensed an unnatural energy coming from him." Natsu bit a piece of a chicken leg in delight. This was the first time he had tasted Earthland food in over a year. He definitely missed it. Not to say the food on Chaos's planet was bad, but constantly eating Godly Fish got old pretty quickly. Happy never got tired of it, though.

"You can sense his energy?" Lucy asked Natsu, intrigued since she had never heard of someone being able to do that.

"Oh yeah, I can sense the magical energy from any wizard. I can also tell the level of a wizard from their magical energy. I don't know why that Salamander guy had so many fans. He didn't seem all that impressive from what I felt. He's probably C-Class at best."

"Woah, really? Apparently he uses fire magic that can't be found in stores. That's why he's popular. But I guess that was all just hype if what you say is true. That is a pretty nifty ability though." She isn't surprised to hear that Salamander didn't seem to be impressive as he is said to be. Anyone who has to use an illegal form of magic such as Charm says a lot about their abilities as a mage.

"Yeah, it is. Our Sesnei taught it to us. I can tell you're a wizard too by sensing your magical energy."

Lucy nodded, "That's right! Although I may look like I'm just a girl, I am indeed a wizard myself. But people wouldn't consider me a real wizard since I'm not a part of a guild, yet."

"Why haven't you joined a guild, then?" Happy joined the conversation as he munched on a fish. This was the first time in 2 years that he had tasted regular fish. Godly Fish were delicious, but he had missed the taste of regular fish. It was refreshing.

"The most popular guilds are difficult to join. The one I want to join is a really popular one. It's a place where really incredible wizards gather! Oh, what'll I do? I want to get in, but I'm sure they'll be strict. But I'll get into the guild no matter what. There are lots of big-paying jobs you can get there!" Lucy then blushed in embarrassment, "Oh sorry for talking so much. I tend to ramble when it comes to these things, haha."

"No, you're fine. I can tell you're really passionate. That's a good thing." Natsu calmly said, his eyes still focused on his food. He was really enjoying it and he wanted to savor it.

"T-Thanks." Unbeknownst to Natsu, he just became the first person to actually support Lucy's dream of joining a wizard guild. Well, besides her mother.

"By the way, you seemed to be looking for someone." Lucy had overheard Natsu and Happy talking about that when Salamander had left.

"Aye! We were looking for Igneel!"

"We heard there was a salamander in this town… so we came, but it turned it out to be somebody else."

"I told you he wasn't a real salamander."

"I was sure it would be Igneel."

"It was pretty obvious it wasn't."

Lucy frowned in confusion, "He wasn't a real salamander? What do you mean? He was just a man."

"Hm? We're not looking for a man, though." Natsu replied to the blonde who was even more confused.

"Then what are you looking for?"

"A dragon." Natsu answered as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"EHH?! And you thought you could find a dragon in a human town?!"

"I tried to tell him, but he wouldn't listen." Happy laughed at his partner's naivete.

Natsu had no response as he knew they were right, so he could only continue to eat his food in embarrassment. Sometimes his desire to see Igneel again made him do dumb things.

Lucy stood up from her seat and placed cash on the table, "I have to go now. Take your time and finish your lunch."

Natsu and Happy politely bowed their heads, "Thank you so much for the food! You didn't have to do that."

Lucy chuckled at their gratefulness, "I-It's okay. You did save me back there. We'll call it even."

"I still want to make it up to you somehow…" Natsu muttered, trying to think how he could repay her. They didn't have any money so it's not like they could pay her. He had no idea how to return the favor.

"I already said don't worry about it! Enjoy the food. Bye!" Lucy exited the restaurant, leaving Natsu and Happy alone at the table.

"She was nice."

"Yeah… she was." Natsu said as he looked at his food, deep in thought.

"Something wrong?" Happy asked his fellow Slayer. He can tell whenever Natsu was thinking hard on something. He knew that look.

"No, everything is fine. It's just… she looked so familiar. I don't know why, but it feels like I've seen her before. Either that or she reminds me of someone else that's related to her. But I can't quite put my finger on it."

"Hmm… that does sound strange. I don't remember ever meeting her before today. And you never told me about her. Maybe it's just your imagination?" Happy wouldn't put it past Natsu to just be imagining things.

"No, no, my mind doesn't ever play tricks on me. I've trained to control it after all. I just can't remember for whatever reason. Something is blocking me from doing so." This isn't the first time Natsu felt that way. When he tried to remember his past with Seilah, it was all just blank. He, for the life of him, couldn't remember why he left her. In fact, now that he thinks about it, he doesn't remember anything about his life before he met Igneel. It was completely and utterly blank. He doesn't even remember if he ever knew his own parents.

Natsu grabbed his scarf. Igneel's scent was all over it. He woke up with it the day Igneel abandoned him. He faintly remembers an image of a woman knitting the scarf. For some reason, Lucy reminds him of that woman. He doesn't know what the correlation is, but it kept bothering him.

"Meh, I'll figure it out later."

"Bwaah! I am so full!" Natsu exclaimed. The sun was setting, as night approached Haregon. Him and Happy were walking along a balcony that overlooked the port.

"Aye!" Happy looked towards the port, and saw a boat in the distance. "Come to think of it, this Salamander was holding a party on a yacht. Maybe that's the boat."

"You know I don't like boats." Natsu immediately tried to shut down any ideas to go to the yacht.

"I thought Sensei helped you with your motion sickness."

"That doesn't mean I like vehicles!"

"You're such a baby. It's just a boat."

"I don't care. It's a vehicle. I don't like vehicles. They make me uncomfortable. Therefore, we are not going there!"

As Natsu and Happy were bickering, two girls near them were talking about Salamnder's yacht as well.

"Look! Look! That's Salamander-sama's yacht!"

"Aww! I wanted to go to the party, too!"


"Don't you know? He's that amazing wizard who just came to town! You know! That famous wizard from Fairy Tail!"

Natsu and Happy perked up when they heard the name of their guild mentioned. "Wait a minute… that Salamander guy is in Fairy Tail?" Happy said in disbelief.

"Fairy Tail…. No that can't be right. Have you ever seen him before?" Natsu asked the cat.

"No, I haven't. But Natsu, you have to remember that we haven't been there in 2 whole years. Many things could be different from what we remember. He could very well be a member who joined after we left."

"You would have a valid argument, if it wasn't for one thing…"

"And what's that?"

Natsu placed his hand under his chin as he put himself in a thinking pose, "Lucy told us that he used an illegal form of magic. Charm magic, was it not? You really think Gramps would allow a mage using illegal and unethical forms of magic to join the guild? If someone like Lucy was able to tell she was using Charm Magic, then I have no doubt Gramps and everyone else back at home would be able to as well. There's no way Gramps would let someone like that tarnish the reputation of the guild. We may not be perfect and cause a lot of problems, but at least we have integrity as mages."

"I see… now that I think about it, what you're saying makes sense. I wouldn't think he would be allowed in the guild either." Happy was convinced by Natsu's reasoning, "So, what do we do?"

Natsu stared at the shoreline as the sun was setting. The heat of the summer sky fueling him.

"Looks like we're gonna have to crash a party."

"But I thought you didn't like boats."

"I don't. But if someone dares to throw around the name of our guild like that…. I have no choice but to teach them a lesson. Even if it is on a boat! Let's go teach this punk a lesson, Happy!"


This was the worst day of Lucy's life.

Here she was on Salamander's yacht, thinking that she was going to get into Fairy Tail since Salamander said he was a member and could put in a good word for her. Of course she believed him. It was her dream to join Fairy Tail. She would do anything to make that dream a reality. It's the reason she ran away from home in the first place.

But she was tricked. She fell for Salamander's charms again. Only this time he didn't use magic to do it. He manipulated her by deceiving her with false hope that she could join her dream guild. Now she's trapped on a slave boat heading to Bosco. She was going to be sold to someone like a piece of property into another country. Her life was over. She ran away from home in search of freedom, but now she was going to lose all of it.

Her keys got thrown into the sea. She was being trapped and held by multiple men. She had no way of defending herself. And now she was about to be branded, marking her as a slave forever.

"The first thing we do with slaves is brand them! It might sting a bit, but grit your teeth and bear with it." Salamander grinned as he approached Lucy with the brander. "Yes, you will be sold at a very high price. Whoever buys you will enjoy themselves very much."

Lucy wanted to throw up at the implication behind his words, 'He uses forbidden magic… fools the unsuspecting… and turns people into slaves?! That's the lowest a wizard can sink!'

Lucy prayed to whatever god that would listen. She needed someone, anyone to save her from this hell. But she doubts any god would listen even if they were real. She was done for.

Right before Lucy was about to get branded, the ceiling broke and a figure came crashing down the yacht, shocking everyone present.

"That's the guy from earlier today!" Salamander exclaimed in surprise as he never thought he would see this guy again, much less him breaking a ceiling through his boat.

"N-Natsu?" In her darkest moment, Lucy looked at the man she met earlier today. She felt the same sensation that she felt when she first laid eyes on him. Her face heated up, her heartbeat increased as Natsu's presence alone made her feel something that no one else has. It was an unfamiliar feeling, but it felt really relieving. Especially in a situation like this.

"Lucy?" The salmon haired mage wasn't expecting to find her on the boat. What was she doing here? Why would she associate with Salamander after using Charm Magic on her?

It was at that moment that Natsu remembered he was on a boat, and he began to feel queasy, as he slightly tumbled over. He remained standing though as he focused his attention on Salamander.

Lucy noticed Natsu's condition, "Are you alright?"

"Don't worry, I'm fine. Vehicles just make me feel a little nauseous." Natsu replied as he did his best to not barf.

'He has motion sickness?'

"Lucy! What are you doing here?" Happy flew in from the hole in the ceiling that Natsu created with his entrance.

"Happy! He tricked me! He said he'd help me get into Fairy Tail. But he lied! He lured all of the women here to his boat in order to sell them as slaves in Bosco! Wait a minute, when did you get wings?"

"Let's save the details for later!" Happy swooped in and grabbed Lucy, "We're getting you out of here!" Happy took Lucy up in the air and flew her out of the boat through the ceiling.

"What about Natsu?" Lucy asked in concern. They couldn't just leave him alone with all of those criminals!

"I can only carry one person at a time!"

Salamander shot a blast of purple fire, "You think you can get away?!"

Happy dodged the fire and successfully carried Lucy out.

"Don't let that girl get away! If the council gets wind of this, we are done for!"

"Yes, sir!"

The henchman got pistols and shot bullets at Happy and Lucy. Happy easily dodged the bullets, making sure Lucy didn't get hit by any of them.

"Happy, I see my gate keys floating over there. Can you take me to them? I can summon a spirit to help."

"No problem!"

As Happy descended, Lucy grabbed her keys, "I have to rescue those girls and Natsu. I command the Gate of the Water Bearer to open!" A blue haired mermaid was summoned. Happy was impressed as he had never seen a celestial spirit wizard before.

"Now, Aquarius! Use your power… and force that ship to shore!" Lucy commanded her spirit.


"Did you just tsk me?"

"Shut up, little girl. The next time you drop my key, I'll kill you!"

"I'm sorry!"

Aqaurius then used her powers to drag the ship to shore, however in doing so, she almost washed away Lucy.

"What were you thinking? Were you trying to kill me?!" Lucy yelled at the spirit.

"It was carelessness. The boat got in the way and was washed away with you, too."

"You mean you were aiming at me?!"

"Don't call me for a while. I'm taking a week's vacation with my boyfriend. Yes my boyfriend." That was the last thing Aquarius said before she disappeared.

"Why does she have to rub it in that she has a boyfriend?!" Lucy angrily shouted.

"You two don't seem to have the best relationship, do you?" Happy commented, seeing the interaction between the two.

"But we did it! With the fuss they're making down there, they're sure to call the army. This will save those girls for sure."

Happy and Lucy made their way back to where Natsu and the others were.

"The rocking motion stopped." Natsu felt much better now and didn't have to worry about throwing up.

"Natsu!" Lucy and Happy came in through the door. "Are you alr-"

Lucy stopped mid sentence when she saw the expression on Natsu's face. He had a cold hard stare directed straight at Salamander, never taking his eyes off of him. It was unnerving to say the least. He looked so angry to her.

"Kid, it isn't polite to barge into a private yacht. We were doing some really important business here." Salamander smiled smugly at Natsu.

"Business huh? Are you talking about your slave trade?" Natsu replied coldly as he looked at Salamander with unrelenting fury.

"Hey, throw him overboard." Salamander commanded his henchmen.


Lucy went to grab one of her keys, "Oh no I better-"

Happy stopped her, "He's fine. Just let him handle this."

"But he can't take them all on by himself!"

Happy laughed at Lucy's ignorance, "Oh trust me. Even on his worst day, these goons aren't even a warm up for Natsu."

"What? You're kidding right?" Lucy said in disbelief. Was he really that strong?

"See for yourself."

Natsu walked towards Salamander and his goons, "So you're a Fairy Tail wizard?"

Salamander smirked, "Yeah, what's it to you?"

"I want to see your face real good…"

Natsu took off his hooded cloak, revealing a black vest underneath. He effortlessly slapped away two goons who tried to attack him.

"Because I'm Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail! And I ain't ever seen you before in my life!"

Lucy gasped, "No way, you gotta be kidding me…."

One of the henchmen saw Natsu's guild mark which was now exposed thanks to his hooded cloak being taken off, "Huh? That mark! That one's the real thing Bora-san!"

"Y-You idiot! Don't use my real name!" Salamander, who is truly Bora, yelled at his henchman for blowing his cover.

"Bora… A few years back a man named Bora the Prominence was expelled from the Titan Nose wizard guild." Happy piped in, explaining the origins of Bora.

Lucy nodded, "I heard about that. He was expelled for repeatedly using magic to aid in thievery."

"Not only do you slander the name of Fairy Tail… but you use magic to manipulate and control people. Taking away their freedom and selling them as slaves and disrespecting the rights of innocent people. You are no wizard. You are pure scum who uses magic for his own selfish and greedy desires!" Natsu yelled as the thought of this man doing that to who knows how many people pissed him off even more. He could feel his magic rising as his anger rose.

"HEH! Stop with the superhero speeches, you little brat! This is the real world! And in the real world, none of that shit matters! What matters is power and control!" Bora fired a blast of purple fire at Natsu.

"Natsu!" Lucy shouted in worry. Happy put his arm in front of her, telling her to stay back.

"What's this supposed to be? Are you really a fire wizard? These are the nastiest flames I have ever eaten!" Natsu slurped the purple fire that Bora shot at him, shocking everyone in the room minus Happy. "But thanks for the meal anyway."

"WHAT? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GUY?!" Bora couldn't believe his eyes. He just witnessed a man eat fire in front of him. He had to be dreaming.

"Fire doesn't work on Natsu." Happy commented as he laughed at all of the people who had their jaws dropped at the display.

"I've never seen magic like that!" Lucy exclaimed.

"When I eat… the power wells up inside!" Natsu powered up as his flame aura came to life. The temperature of the room increased dramatically, causing everyone, except Happy, to sweat. "HERE I GO!" An orange magic circle appeared as Natsu prepared a spell.

"Bora-san I've seen this guy before! With that pinkish hair and a scarf that looks like scales. I know it! It's him! He's the real Salamander!"

Bora grit his teeth, "You gotta be kidding me! I thought the real Salamander disappeared over 2 years ago!"


Natsu expelled a torrent of bright hot flames from his mouth, directly at the Bora's henchmen, burning all of them to the ground. Of course, Natsu held back so that he didn't kill them or cause too much damage to them.

After the flames dispersed, Natsu walked up to Bora with purple energy forming in his right forearm. He gave Bora murderous eyes. Those eyes only promised his doom.

"Remember this well! This is the might of a Fairy Tail…"

A purple magic circle formed as he decked Bora in the face.


Natsu's spell one shotted Bora as he was knocked out cold. One could see a couple of his teeth flying out of his mouth as Natsu knocked the daylights out of him.

Lucy couldn't believe what she was just witnessing, "He eats fire. He spits fire. What was that purple magic he used on his hand? Chaotic God? I've never heard of that."

"Within him, Natsu holds the power of a Dragon's fire and a God's chaotic cosmic energy. Those two powers were granted and taught to him by a Dragon and God respectively. They gave him an enchantment that transforms the body and gives it aspects of a Dragon and God. Of course this enchantment was originally developed as a weapon against Dragons and Gods." Happy explained to Lucy what Natsu's magic was as he casually strolled through each and every one of Bora's henchmen.

"Wait a minute… you're not saying…" Lucy thinks she knows what Happy is implying but there's no way that it's possible.

"He's a Dragon God Slayer! Igneel and Chaos, the Fire Dragon King and Goddess of all Creation respectively, taught Natsu all that he knows!" Happy confirmed Lucy's suspicions. The blonde thought she was dreaming. There's no way any of this was real!

"The power of a Dragon and a God… that's insane. Unheard of! How can one man hold so much power within him?" Lucy then had another question, "Wouldn't you say it's strange for a Dragon and a God to teach somebody else how to slay them?"

Happy hummed in thought, "You know, I never thought to ask!"

"A Dragon God Slayer, huh? Now that I think of it, I believe I heard rumors surface about a year ago of people witnessing a mage who used the power of a Dragon and a God to defeat some dark mages. These rumors were never proven. People thought they were just rumors anyway. But seeing it now with my very own eyes… I'm starting to think those rumors were true. They gave that mage a name. The Ryujin."

"I'm going to show you guys something you ain't never seen before. Are you ready?" Natsu smirked at the rest of the goons who were left. They were cowering in fear. They were wondering how one guy can be such a monster.

Natsu combined his dragon fire with his Chaos energy. "Dragon and Divine Magic, come together to become one!" Natsu summoned a dark purple flame that was exponentially hotter and more powerful than his regular flames. His Chaos Fire shaped into a ball. He threw the ball at the henchman.


There was a loud explosion as all of the goons were burned to unconsciousness. Lucy gasped in awe at the display of Natsu's power.

"He's amazing… Amazing but… HE GOT TOO CARRIED AWAY! The whole harbor's a wreck!"

Happy sighed, "That's Natsu for ya. Once he gets in the zone, all he cares about is destroying absolutely everything in his path!"

"DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PROPERTY DAMAGE HE JUST CAUSED?!" Lucy shrieked as she saw what was left of Natsu's rampage. Which was almost next to nothing.

"Don't worry, I got it covered. Chaos Rebirth!"

Happy summoned a purple magic circle much like Natsu's. The entire harbor rebuilt itself back to the way it was. It was done almost instantly. As if it was never destroyed in the first place.

"You know Chaos Magic too?" Lucy asked in disbelief.

"Aye! Lady Chaos taught me God Slaying Magic too! I'm always cleaning up after Natsu's mess!"

Just then, armored soldiers came running to the scene.

"It's the army!" Lucy exclaimed.

Natsu grabbed Lucy's hand and began running, "Oh no, we gotta get outta here!"

"Wait a minute, where are you taking me?!" Lucy yelled comically as she was being dragged by the Slayer.

Natsu flashed her a smile, "Hey, you said you wanted to get into Fairy Tail, right? And I still owe you for treating us lunch. So come along! Me and Happy will take you to Fairy Tail!"

Lucy blushed at Natsu's smile. Seeing it made her heart skip a beat. She shook her head in disbelief, 'He saved my butt twice and he still thinks he owes me.'

"Okay! Let's go!"

"Alright then! Let's head home, Happy!"


And thus, Natsu's adventure began. He had no idea what lied in store for him, but this is what ke knew. No matter what happens, he will keep his promise. He will become the strongest mage there is and protect his family no matter what! Against any foe, it didn't matter because he would burn down anyone who threatened his loved ones.


A dark figure watched as Natsu, Lucy, and Happy escaped the army and made their way out of Hargeon. The figure laughed menacingly at the scene.

"A Demon pretending to be human? Now isn't that interesting? What's even more interesting is a Demon with the power of both a Dragon and a God. This one is gonna be special. I know it. But nevermind that for now. He will have time to grow. I have to pay a certain someone a visit."

The entity opened up a time rift. It entered through it and disappeared. He needed to personally meet someone. The mortal that surpassed the gods themselves.

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