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Never written B5 before but I've been re-watching and the idea caught.

Sequel to Rebirth of a Witch

Chapter 1

She stood as the ship was called, scanning the incoming passengers only to find her gaze drawn to a young man with very bright blond hair. She dismissed him as too young but then he turned, revealing a familiar badge on his jacket and she stared in surprise before taking a step forward with a smile.

He saw her and smiled back, accepting his Identicard back from the security officer before walking over. "Miss Winters?"

"Welcome to Babylon 5. I'm sorry, all I was told was that another commercial telepath was being assigned and nothing else."

"Yeah, my assignment seems to have been a bit rushed but they said you needed the help?"

"There is a lot of demand for our services here," she agreed, leading him into station.

"Prompto Bester," he introduced himself and she froze, turning to look at him.

"Ah, had a run in?" he sighed. "Yes, Alfred Bester is my Dad. I know we look nothing alike, I take after my Mum," he explained softly. "Don't expect a happy family reunion if he shows up either, neither of us likes admitting the other exists but my petition to use my Mum's name was denied by the Corps."

"I see…" why on Earth had Psi Corps sent him? Were they hoping the Command Staff would react negatively.

"So I shouldn't expect a warm welcome when I check in?"

"Lieutenant Commander Ivanova is not exactly fond of the Corps, she has her reasons for that. It took me over a week to check in with her and it took my turning up at C&C to do so. It may be best to meet with the Captain; he wasn't here when the Psi Cops came."


Prompto felt like sighing again, great. This assignment was looking worse and worse, except…he had felt called to the Station and he really hoped he was right about why. He missed them so much, he had thought they'd find each other as kids, he hadn't expected to have only his memories for twenty one years! He liked Harry, he really did, but they would be having words next time they met. Why did he have to be a telepath? It wasn't quite as bad as life as an MT, but there were scary coincidences.

At least his mind and memories were safe from being read by others, something he'd need to thank Harry for. Unless it was Noct's magic that protected him? He still had access to the Armiger and everything he had stored within which was handy. Some of his favourite outfits, his weapons, mementoes, photos, Tardus' baby booties, it was a treasure trove of his old life once he had re-trained himself to access it. He'd needed the reminders to keep from breaking down or thinking maybe he was crazy. He missed Iggy and Gladio but Harry could only send the three of them.

Alfred Bester was not someone he would ever want to call Dad. It was something of a relief that the man considered him a disappointment. His Mum had been the total opposite of him, Margorie Argent had been beautiful and a wonderful Mum, but after she died when his was six, his Dad had simply left it to the Corps to raise him. Prompto was only a P9, too low to be even an instructor let alone a Psi Cop, a disappointment. His parents had been genetically matched by the Corps but when they'd had him and it became obvious he wouldn't match dear old Dad; they'd been separated and his Dad married off to someone else. He had half siblings he'd never even met, ones his Dad was proud of.

He hated the Psi Corps, hated having to wear the pin, the gloves… everything to do with it. If he was to ever claim a parent it would be King Regis, not the Corps or Alfred Bester. King Regis had made him so welcome, had been excited when they had told him Hermione was carrying his child, he wished he had lived long enough to meet Tardus. Thinking of his son still hurt, he'd only had ten years with him. There was nothing stopping him having children now, his body fully human.

He knew Hermione and Noct were out there someone, he could feel that much through the magic that linked them, glad Hermione had been added in as well. Then again, the tattoo on his arm of a griffin was still there, though no one else seemed able to see it. It was strange, living in a universe without magic. Space travel had kind of freaked him out and it had taken him this long to gain the courage to leave Earth.

"What's it like living here?" he asked as they walked and she smiled.

"An adventure," she offered, leading him onto the core shuttle.

He sat with her, listening as she explained where things were.


He looked up as Ms Winters was led into his office. "Good afternoon Ms Winters, what can I do for you?"

"Good afternoon Captain," she smiled at him. "I assume you're aware that Psi Corps is assigning another commercial telepath to the station?"

"I'd heard, yes."

"He arrived from Earth today and I thought it best he check in with you rather than Lieutenant Commander Ivanova, given her feelings towards the Corps."

"I see." Everyone knew Susan's feelings towards the Corps. He wasn't sure about them himself but they didn't need his permission to post more commercial rated staff to the station. With all the business and diplomatic deals happening on the station, it made sense to have more than one telepath available.

"May I?" she motioned to the doorway and he nodded.

A young man entered, bright blond hair, blue eyes, and a cheerful grin were what he noticed first. He was dressed a little more casually than he expected but the required badge and gloves were present.

"Captain John Sheridan? Prompto Bester, licensed commercial telepath, P9 rating," he introduced himself, shocking John, especially when he offered a gloved hand but he accepted it, finding he had a firm handshake.

"P9? Pardon me, but isn't that high for a commercial?"

"It's at the top of the range," Bester admitted. "Too low for being an instructor or Psi Cop, thankfully," he grinned. "I like commercial work."

"Understood. Welcome to Babylon 5." He looked over and mentally winced as Susan walked in.

"Sorry for the interruption Captain," she offered, nodding stiffly to Ms Winters and then she saw the badge and gloves on bester.

"No problem. Lieutenant Commander Susan Ivanova, this is our newest commercial telepath, Prompto Bester." Her reaction to his name surprised him but the young man seemed….resigned?

"Ms Winters reaction to my name already suggested you've had a run in with a certain Psi Cop," he offered and Susan nodded stiffly. "Yes, he is my Father. We don't have anything to do with each other. I am sorry if he caused you any problems, he's good at that."

"Susan?" John asked.

"He was the Psi Cop assigned to track down Jason Ironheart last year," she answered. "It did not go well."

"That doesn't surprise me," Bester shrugged slightly. "I'm not here to cause problems ma'am. I'm sorry if my family makes you uncomfortable and I'll do my best to stay out of your way."

"I'm sure there won't be any problems," John offered, glancing at Susan. He needed to recheck the logs for that incident. Even if they had trouble with his father before, it was not fair to judge the son by that. "Thank you for checking in," he dismissed the two telepaths. "Susan."

"I know," she sighed. "He looks nothing like Bester."

"Must take after his Mother then, and for his rating, he's a P9. Too weak to be a Psi Cop."


Prompto collapsed on his bed, closing his eyes. He had to be imagining it but he would swear he could feel the station rotating. The Captain seemed nice enough and being new he wasn't prejudiced against him through exposure to dear old Dad. He'd unpacked his things already, not that he had a lot. Nothing from Eos was displayed at all, it would raise too many questions.

He could feel it, a sense of anticipation. They were coming…soon.


Prompto sat at the table, listening to the two men argue terms, monitoring their surface thoughts, confirming or denying accusations of lying. Finally, they were done for the day and he left, heading for the Zócalo in order to unwind. He ordered a drink and sat before realising who he'd sat down next to. "Ah, sorry," he stood to move but she waved him off.

"Sit," Ivanova told him so he did. They drank in silence and he rubbed a temple absently. "Trying day?"

"Tough negotiation," he admitted. "I think they were allergic to the truth."

"Aren't most?" She asked morosely.

"Actually, it's surprising how many negotiate in good faith. It always makes a nice change." He sipped at his drink "Can I ask you something?"

"I may not answer."

"Fair enough," he agreed. "How bad was it when he came here?"


She glanced at him, considering. "A good amount of property damage and the other Psi Cop with him died. Ironheart escaped but the ship blew up," she gave him the official story, wondering if he'd try to take a peek but she felt nothing.

If she didn't know his name, she would never even think for a second the two men were related. They could not be any more different when it came to looks. She'd been keeping an eye on him from a distance in the weeks since he came aboard but all he did was work, spend time in one of the gardens or observation domes, and stay in his quarters. He occasionally spent time with Ms Winters but that was it. Very few people on the station would seek out the telepaths for conversation outside of their jobs.

"Is it because of him, me personally or what I am that has you radiating distaste most of the time?" he asked and she glared but he raised his hands. "I'm not scanning you; I promise."

She studied him but he seemed to be honest and she hadn't felt a scan. "Why not ask Ms Winters?"

"Because I don't gossip," he shrugged slightly, nodding to the bartender for a refill.

"It's not you, I don't know you. It's what you represent," she told him and he nodded.

"Psi Corps," he sighed, fiddling with the glass. "My Mum was a telepath too; they were paired together for genetic reasons but…I wasn't what the Corps wanted so they were divorced. She died when I was six and Dad didn't want to be bothered with me so the Corps itself raised me," he admitted softly, surprising her at the lack of something in the way he spoke of the Corps. The few telepaths she'd ever dealt with loved the Corps, were almost fanatically loyal but…that was lacking when he spoke of it.

"My Mother was a telepath," she admitted, she had told Ms Winters and it was in her record. The son of a Psi Cop could likely access that information if he wanted. "She hid her talents until she was thirty five."

He stared at her with wide eyes that then saddened. "She chose the Sleepers, didn't she?"

Susan nodded. "For ten years we watched her die a little bit every time the man came to the door to inject her."

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "It's not right but until non-telepaths stop fearing unauthorised scans things won't change."

His words shocked her and he shrugged. "The Corps didn't make the law about joining, prison or the Sleepers, the Senate did because people were scared of telepaths."

"You are not what I expected."

That got a short laugh from him. "I never am," he stood and passed over his credit chit to pay for his drinks. "Have a good evening Commander."

She watched him walk away, more unsure about him now than when she'd heard his name.


He jolted awake with a gasp, feeling…the link to Noct's magic…Noctis! He was on the station! He stared at the wall in shock but then he smiled, laughing in relief. He was here! He wasn't alone anymore. "Time?" he called out shakily.

"0200 hours," the computer answered and he groaned, flopping back. He had a full day of work ahead of him, if he didn't sleep he'd struggle and he needed the money. Psi Corps had stationed him there but they expected his rent to come out of his own share of his commissions. There were a quarter million people on the station, how would they find each other?


Talia looked over at where Prompto was sitting with clients, he looked like he'd barely slept. She'd thought he'd settled into life in space but maybe not fully. B5 was his first real posting and it could be overwhelming. Neither of them was still in training but he was young, she should offer more mentoring maybe? When his clients left she stood up and went to join him. "Are you alright?"

"Didn't sleep so well last night…this morning I guess."

"It can be a big adjustment, living in space, so many untrained minds pressing in on you. If you need to work together on shielding exercises or anything, you can come to me," she promised and he mustered a tired smile.



Prompto hesitated outside the observation dome, he could only sense one person within, his heart pounding in his chest. He glanced down at his gloved hands to find them shaking slightly. What if…what if Noct didn't recognise him…what if he hated him for being a telepath? No…Harry wouldn't let that happen, they'd been sent here and into the lives they had for a reason.

He walked inside to see a figure standing in the dark, staring out at the stars. He was taller than Prompto, with wild black hair falling down past the high collar of the heavy black coat he was wearing….a staff clutched in one hand.



I've been re-watching B5 and the idea of Prom as a telepath hit so I decided to try.