Driving home after a day at a special playground for babies, Rebekah Mikaelson smiled as she looked at her adorable niece in the mirror, somewhere between being awake and dreamland.

It had been a few months since her brother, Klaus, had set the little Hope all bundled up into his sister's protective arms. From that moment, Rebekah showered her niece with both the love and protectiveness of an aunt and mother, for this was the closest she had ever gotten to her wish.

For countless centuries she had longed for two things:

The first was a man to love and perhaps call husband, something her brothers specifically Klaus, had always managed to deny her. It always ended with her beloved, depending on his luck, either being scared away or killed by said brother.

The second was to have a child of her own, to love, cherish, and spoil to her hearts content. A child to watch grow, find a love of their own, and live a long full life.

This perhaps was her greatest and most unattainable desire, for as a Vampire she could neither give birth nor adopt, for what kind of life could a Immortal Vampire give to a Mortal child?

Her own niece was an Innocent newborn baby, and already the Supernatural side of the world wanted to harm her, just because she was something new and her last name was Mikaelson.

"But they'll never get a chance." She murmured quietly, reluctantly returning the whole of her attention to the road before her. The whole world would burn before the Mikaelsons, especially Klaus, let anyone even try to harm her. Even now her brothers and Hayley were hunting down the Guerrera Family and gathering every moonlight ring they found to destroy, which would return Klaus's Strength to him. They were also hunting those of the French Quarter Coven who were part of the attempt to sacrifice Hope to their accursed ancestors, of which now was their own mother, who had given the very command for her own granddaughter to be sacrificed.

The sound of cooing suddenly filled the car, drawing the aunt's eyes to her niece, who was now awake and alert. Looking around excitedly, her little arms and legs waving in the air, as if she was trying to find something.

"What're you looking for Hope?" She hummed curiously, thinking she was hungry or wanted a toy. The little one responded by looking at her for a short moment, before once again returning to her quest, desperate to find her treasure. She then let out a squeal of excitement, eyes wide and an adorable smile on her face, both filled with great joy.

The moment she did, the car lost power, and slowly came to a halt.

"What the bloody h...?" Rebekah started to say, stopping herself before she taught her niece a new word. She turned the key a few times, trying to restart the car, but to no avail. She looked at their surroundings, a quiet stretch of road with forest on both sides a full moon shining through their branches, looking for any threats.

Turning to her niece, "Did you do this little wolf?" she asked, seeing no other explanation. Her niece's response, a look of serenity upon her face, calmly blinking and cooing at her aunt.

Suddenly the car came back to life, the horn honking and lights flashing like crazy, before stopping as suddenly as they started. After looking at her niece to make sure she was okay, who was wiggling around and giggling happily, Rebekah turned back to the wheel. Turning the key a few times, she let out a sigh of relief as the engine came alive, followed by a gasp of shock.

In front of the car, illuminated by the headlights, was a young girl.

(The GIF is when the boys find 11 in the woods in EP: 1, but I wanted it to look like she was in front of a car's headlights.)

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