"Goodbye, Mike."

Eleven's eyes shot open, coughing up some slime, as she slowly got up. Her head pounded as memories flashed inside: Will's mom, being so kind, the bath and finding poor Barb and Will. The bad men ... papa, and fighting and destroying the Demogorgon.

As the pain subsided, she looked at her surroundings, seeing the countless vines and ashen air. She was in the Upside Down. She left the room, walking down the hall, calling out "Mike?" There was no answer. Panicking, she walked faster and began to scream his name, turning this way and that to find him or a way out. "Mike!" she yelled a final time, gasping for breath, as she took a moment to rest and calm down.

It was then she heard it, a sound like laughter, only softer. Turning her head, she saw a light, the red light of a gate. A smile graced her face and relief filled her heart, immediately running towards it, only to come to a halt as she got closer for this gate was different. The inside was red, like the first, but the webbing was thicker and pulsed with blue light and a sound like the thing at Mike's house. With no other way out in sight, desperate to escape and return to her friends, she pushed her hand through. The gate vibrated and glowed brighter, filling her arm with a cold and tingly feeling, the web sounds becoming louder. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she surged forward, forcing her way past the barrier to the world beyond.

The moment she crossed the barrier she fell to the ground, breathing heavily pulling webs and slime from her body, before finally looking at her surroundings. The first thing she noticed was how dark it was, the sky was filled with stars, and the bright moon was shining through the trees that surrounded her. Suddenly a sound pierced the night, the sound of a car's horn, shattering the silence. Turning towards the sound, she started to walk in said direction, hoping to find her friends. She walked for several moments, stumbling once in a while over sticks and stones, before her feet finally found the road. The sound of honking was gone and the moon was now hidden by the clouds. Looking right and left, she took a few more steps in the sound's direction, freezing as two lights appeared before her.

For a moment, everything stood still, the night was silent save for the sound of the lights and her breathing. Then the clouds above parted, allowing the moon's light to shine through, revealing the light's source: a car. One of the car's doors opened, causing her to step back, afraid it was one of the bad men. As the person stepped out, she realized "he" was a "she", a very pretty woman with long blond hair, like that wig she wore when she went to school, only better.

"Hello sweetheart." the woman said, approaching her slowly, which in turn made her back away. The woman immediately stopped, raising her hands in surrender, "It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you" and lowering herself to the ground. "I promise." Her voice was kind, like Will's mom, and she didn't look like the bad men, her eyes were caring and concerned.

Slowly Eleven moved towards the woman, reaching her after a few steps, nervously blinking at her. The woman smiled at her, tentatively taking her hands in her own, "What's your name dear?"

Eleven blinked at her, then like she did with Mike, she took her hand back and pulled up her sleeve. The moment the woman saw the "011" on her arm, her eyes widened, now filled with even more concern. "What does that mean?" Eleven slowly pointed at the mark, then at herself. "You mean..." she said after a moment, voice filled with worry, "That's your name?"

She nodded, "El..." she tried to say her name, only to suddenly feel sleepy. She fell into the woman's arms, her eyes closing, and the last thing she saw...

A pair of strange dark lined eyes.

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