Where am I? Why can't I stand up? I look down at my hands and feet only seeing clawed hands unable to help as I panic for a moment in response. I pant softly as I see a figure tower over me unable to see its face due to the bright light behind it but I can spot a few attributes. I squirm as it picks me up, the bright light disappearing and allowing me to see its face. Seeing not a human but a Turian with red stripes painted along the sides of its face and there is only one thing I can think which is, crap I'm in Mass Effect.

This is terrifying due to the fact that just what felt like a few hours ago I was a human with my Marine company. We were in a convoy in Syria escorting some VIP the General believed had some useful information on some of the opposing forces in the country. I had joined my battalion again even after being promoted to a Captain so I'm sure now that there was more to this VIP than what we were told. However, it seems we were too late to understand this as we were suddenly ambushed once one of our vehicles ran over an unnoticed mine which killed everyone in the vehicle. Before we could even get a chance to react to the explosion, we were fired upon in a terrain with limited cover, many of us were cut down as we tried to fire back, I managed to grab one of my comrades and pull him down behind a piece of cover I found.

We fired back as best we could, but we were being overrun and had no chance of escape, just as I saw my friend go down it only took me a moment to realize I had been shot as well, I slowly saw my vision fade before disappearing and slowly dying.

That brings us back to my current situation where I seem to be not fatally shot and now a Turian baby. "What would you like to name the baby ma'am." The doctor said holding what seems to be my birth certificate in the making. My new mother thinks for a moment before giving an answer. "I'll name him Velius, Velius Vakarian."

My eyes go wide as I hear the last name and many thoughts go through my mind, all of which lead to the fact that I now know that in some shape or form I'm related to Garrus. All I can do for now I suppose is ride this out and see what I can do and find out what year it is.

A few weeks later I did learn a few things first off, I was born in 2155 CE, meaning that by the time of the events in the first Mass Effect I will be 28. Second that means in three years Garrus will be born and I'll be his older brother, which will be strange Garrus was one of my favorite characters from the series. Finally, the third thing which is... learning how to move in a Turian's body is so damn strange, it feels like I'm learning to walk all over again even though I've retained all my knowledge from my past life, at least the bits I can remember. I'm even going to have to go through boot camp again due to how Turian society works, so once I'm about 15 I'll have to go through boot camp and figure out what to do after that.

Three years later...

Well here it is, the day of the legendary Garrus Vakarian's birth. I'm just sitting in the waiting room while the whole miracle of birth is happening in the next and frankly, I can only hope that I do well as a bigger brother since I was an only child in my past life.

About five hours passed before It was over and I was allowed to see Garrus, I walked into the room and once I saw him, I could feel my hard skip a beat. The poor little guy was adorable and I could only think about the fact I wanted to protect him, and that day I made a promise to myself, no matter what I will protect Garrus.

Seven years later...

I just hit ten years old today while Garrus hit seven only a few months before now, over the course of seven years I really got to know our parents and it gave me a much bigger understanding on why Garrus spoke with so much pain in the games when it came to his mother and father. Castis also known as our father is strict but I can tell he simply cares and wants to prepare us as much as possible for life and our mother is so extremely kind that it hurts to know that she'll fall sick and die in the future. So, I just chose to enjoy the times I have with the two before the inevitable issues arrive.

Father has been training me on combat and weapons over the past seven years to prepare me for my mandatory military service which helped me get used to not just the new weapons but also on how to how guns and knives with these damned three fingered hands. I've also been doing my own research, mainly on the tech of this world since it always fascinated me with how it worked and with the potential of it that we never saw in the games.

"Hey Veilus!" I shake my head suddenly getting knocked out of my own thoughts as I look to the one who called me and see Garrus walking towards me. "Oh, hey Garrus what's up?" I say knowing he likely needs something. "I was just wondering if you would come to the store with me since mom asked me to get some food and take you with me." I nod in response not surprised since the store isn't that far away, a mile down the road at the most.

We say bye to our mother before leaving since dad is working at the moment. As we walk to the store, I can't help but look around since we are currently living on the Citadel after living on Palaven for two years, no matter what I don't think I'll ever get used to the sight. "Veilus! We're here" I snap out of my daydream again. "I really need to stop doing that." Garrus lets out a small chuckle at my comment.

We start our walk home after buying the food as I let out a yawn and look around as Garrus hums to himself. "So Garrus, what's your favorite weapon dad has introduced to you so far?" I say curious as to what dad has shown him and trained him with so far. "I prefer the rifles the most but I can't stand those stupid sniper rifles, I can't hit anything with them and dad keeps making me use the ones that are bigger than me!" I sigh understanding his struggle having dealt with similar people in my past life. "Don't worry Garrus I understand but I also understand what he is trying to teach you bud, he is just trying to prepare you and teach you to stay strong even when you face a heavy obstacle." Garrus nods and pauses for a moment. "Yeah... he said something like that to me as well."

We get back home and notice that dad returned but clearly a bit stressed but lightens up slightly as he sees the two of us. "Hey there you two I see you got what your mother asked for." I nod and hand the bag to mom as dad stands up and stretches. "Garrus sit tight I'm going to go ahead and do your brothers training for the day and then you'll be next." Garrus nods and goes away off to do his own thing as dad motions for me to follow to which I can only assume will be the firing range as usual.

We arrive to the firing range that is currently empty, dad leads me into the stall I'll use today. Once I get to the stall, he lays out three different weapons onto the table, An Avenger assault rifle, Naginata sniper rifle, and finally a Razer pistol. "Last time we focused on the shotgun since I wanted you used to the recoil of them, now we are going to continue with the rest of the weapons, first with the sniper." I pick it up and grit my teeth as I struggle to hold the annoyingly sized weapon up before planting it on the table and aiming down range.

I was already introduced to the weapons before now by dad so I had a better understanding of how they feel to fire compared to my old weapons and thankfully these weapons still run off the heat system instead of the clips which in many cases can feel like a downgrade. As I aim down range and focus my shot it's moments like these, I thank my past life as a marine for training me in aiming and firing, taking a deep breath and aiming down the scope lining up the shot before finally letting the breath flow and taking the shot.

I take three more shots after this each one faster than the others before laying the gun down and letting dad call the target back letting me see that my shots placed well besides one that drifted to a five-point compared to the two nines and bullseye. "Very good though I can see the need for improvement with one of your shots though I suppose you also need to get adjusted to the weight of the weapon. We continue for about four more hours spending another hour on the sniper before switching weapons every hour. "Great job today Veilus, your aim has gotten much better and I think by the time you are sent off to boot camp you'll end up being one of the best soldiers in the year." I nod feeling proud at his praise before mentally sighing at the fact that I have to go through another boot camp, but at least I'm prepared this time. We arrive home and dad simply goes to the living room and sits down with mom, I smile as I look at them before going to Garrus who is currently playing with a few toys. I sit down and decide to play with him for the rest of the day especially as I see him look up and smile at me as I sit down. I give his head a mini noogie chuckling as I think about the future and what's to come, but all those thoughts flow away as I see my brother happy as can be and I can only think and know that we'll figure it out and make it through no matter what the galaxy throws at us.