it isn't possible to love and part. you will wish that it was. you can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. i know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal. - E.M. Forster

"he was her soul's eternal mate."

It's been nine years. Can you believe that?

Just when you thought you've forgotten about it- it pops up again and your feelings can't help but come back to the surface.

"So. Bloody hell." Cal exclaimed and threw his pen impressivly on the desk right in front of him so that it fell right into place next to the others. His hand scratched above his chin and he swung his chair to the right and to the left. "What is he up to, eh?" He asked into the room. Right behind him stood Loker, confident as ever, and Maria, Lokers new protogé. Loker stared into the cube, his arms crossed in front of him. "He's got a hard shell." Eli mused. His eyes sought the face of the man who's sitting inside the cube.

If you look at them now- they've changed. Cals hair is cut shortly. His beard is long now, so grey hair is highlighting his face. But his muscles are toned and it looks like he's been on vacation recently. He's waring a darkish-blue jacket and a shirt beneath. Also Loker's hair is longer and he likewise got some grey strands in it. His bubbly face changed into an attractive male one.

The scence in front of them is a mid 30 year old man- brung to them by the police as he's charged of planning an attack in Washington DC. To feed the prejudices the man with the name Adam had brown hair, brown eyes and a darker tan. Some would have shouted out loud that he was the evil. But not for Cal and Loker. They were working now very closely for the last five years and despite their different opinions they were clear on that one.

"There's something he's not telling." Eli expressed and he made his way around the cube to open the door and to sit in front of Adam.

Cal watched so, grabbed his glassed to put them on and looked at the Videoscreen in front of him.

Time's changed them. Loker earned his stripes and built up his self esteem. Ria hasn't been working for them for two years now; therefor Maria was at Lokers side. The firm has been good, stable. Cal stilled loved his work and worked hard for the truth.

Cal watched Loker interact with Adam and ordered Maria to sit next to him. "What do you think?" He asked her. Maria sat next to him. Her long, brown hair swung with her movements. She sat still for a few more seconds before she responded.

"I heard about a new sub-cult. They want to change the world from within." Cal nodded in response. "But by doing something good." Maria pronounced "good" as she couldn't believe herself saying it. Cal grinned. "Oh, yeah?" He asked her with a smirk. "How they gonna do it? Spread flowers and drugs?" Maria giggled.

"No. I don't think so." She thought about it for a moment and titled her heard to the side, still watching Loker questioning Adam before she grabbed the microphone with which she could speak into Lokers ear. "Ask him about the Projekt 'A30'."

Just as Cal was in his car on the street his phone rung. He picked it up and switched it onto the speaker. "Yeah?"

"Are you driving home?" Asked a familiar voice. Gillian. His heart skipped a beat.

"Yeah. Thought about picking you up?" He asked even if he already made his way towards her.

"Fine. I'm waiting!" Was her answer, and shortly after that she declined the call.

Cal bit his lip as he turned on the air conditioning. It's May 2020 and you can feel the heat wave already coming, Cal thought to himself.

At a red light he awkwardly ripped himself off his jacket and threw it on the back bench when at the same time he was about to pick his sunglasses out of the glove compartment. A honk behind him got him startled in his motions. He started the engine again to cross the road and drive into a small street where he could already watch Gillian waiting for him.

Her hair much longer now- above her shoulder- longer than she used to wear. Additionally her blonde straits are about to grow out. She was wearing a casual outfit with a loose shirt and a pair of jeans, which were hugging her body perfectly well. The bag in her hand full with paperwork.

"Hey." She smiled at him and opened the door to sit on the passenger seat. The sun which is about to go down was shining her last sunbeams through Cals windshield onto his face. "Alright?" He asks her in a low voice and leans towards her as he feels her head titling towards him.

The kiss she gave him was short but passionate, her tongue touched his bottom lip for only a split second and her hand moved his head towards her.

"Mhm." She hummed and with that Cal drove the car towards the highway.