Right form the start this Chapter is rated M! So take care!

i miss you and it hurts like hell.

"Ouch." She groans but it seems like he's not listening to her. Her bra is pushed up above her boobs, her blouses buttons hang around loosely now. Gillians back is pressed against the steering wheel, Cal beneath her. Gillian is sitting on top of him. Her skirt is pushed up and her underwear shoved to the side. His teeth bite down hard on her breast; so deep that she is pressing her nails into his skin. She tries to move, but it is so damn difficult to do so, the car is not giving her any space. His movement is just a pounding, not a rhythm at all. Her head falls back into her neck and her breathing becomes a loud sound in his ears.

The sun is bright and the sunbeams shine into their faces as the act comes to an end and Gillian tries awkwardly to untangle them to move to the passenger seat. They don't talk as they are adjusting their clothes but Cal looks over to watch her while doing so.

"Sorry." He mumbles. She doesn't react straight, so he's not sure if she didn't hear him or she ignores him.

After what seems like a long time for Cal she turns her head towards him and beams a shy grin.

"You did miss me, did you?" She asks with a confident voice and nods towards him.

"Oh, yeah." He replies as he starts the engine and drives them off home.

Away from this parking sport. Away from this airport- where saying 'goodbye' and 'hello' is always a tragic melody.

"When will you be working at that practice again?" He asks as he slides into the cushions of his bed. Gillian is standing in front the bed, picking her pj's out of a drawer. They had headed to Cals home after he'd pick her up from the airport. Then they fell straight back into bed. The sex was pure lust and desire, not slow or soft love making. She's only left town for a week, attending some events about medical practice to get back on track. But it seemed to have turned Cals head around. Seemingly missing her in every way. At work and home. And it's also been him realizing that she soon won't be working at the 'Lightman Group' every day anymore. She will be part time at the Group and part time back at medical practice then.

"At Mondays and Fridays."

"Hmh."He thinks.

"And it's with my old co-worker- Stacy. You remember?" She offers him a few more informations. He nods and looks at her as she is explaining him again. Like the lasts weeks. But he just asks her about it again, to make sure it's what she wants and to soothe himself.

"It's a small practice but with many clients."

"So like a group?" She nods as she lifts the duvet and makes herself comfortable under it. "Yes, exactly." She turns towards him. "You know, I'm not goona leave you, right?"

"Right." He replies and just thinks about how it would hurt like hell if she would ever leave him.