Harry Potter was not having a good day. for one his name had come out of the Goblet, for another no one believed him. well except for Hermione. she believed him because she had common sense

hell not even his so called 'best mate' believed he didn't put his name in. and he had no way of proving it. or did he? Harry sat up in his bed quickly as he ran his idea through his head. There was just one problem with it

the Bastard he needed would rather consume basalisk venom before helping him willingly. That thought gave him a very Slytherin Idea, Harry knew from his trip down into the chamber with Hermione from the end of last year that the carcass was still perfectly presserved

and so with a plan in mind Harry snatched his invisability cloak up and slipped out of Gryffindor tower and made his way down to the dungeons. when he arrived at Snape's quarters he removed his cloak and knocked

After a moment Snape opened the door, as soon as his eyes landed on Harry his eyes narrowed. "Mr Potter Fifty-" Here he was cut off. "How would you like to get perfectly presserved rare potions ingredients?" Harry asked. Snape blinked and eyed Harry suspiciously. "What ingredients?" he asked.

Harry smirked. "Basalisk Venom, and anything else on the carcas you can use. im offering you the basalisk I killed in second year. its perfectly presserved down in the Chamber of Secrets" Harry said kindly

Snape still looked suspicious. "And what pray tell do you want in return for giving me of all people the carcas?" He asked smoothly. Harry's smirk grew. trust a Slytherin to recognise a Slytherin tactic.

"Its simple. I want you to administer to me Veritaserum infront of the entire Great Hall tomorrow to prove I didn't enter my name into the Goblet, nor did I have someone else enter my name into the Goblet, think of five or so questions that would prove without a doubt that im innocent" Harry said simply.

Snape raised his eyebrow slightly. "and whats to stop them from thinking that the Veritaserum is a fake?" Snape asked simply. Harry took a deep breath sometimes he hated his ideas. "Two things. one we hate eachother and if anything you would make sure the serum was extra strength, and as for another i'll allow you to ask one question.

anything you can think of that you know I wouldnt want to answer and ask it" Harry said determined. Snape nodded. "very well. Mr Potter I will see you Tomorrow then, I shall inspect the Basalisk carcas after your little announcement. out of curiosity how big is it?" Snape asked. Harry shrugged. " taller than Madam maxine by at least three feet. about as wide as two house tables put together and about 70ft long" Harry mused

Snape blinked. "My Potter if you are correct that carcas alone is worth well over Ten Million Galleons, and that isnt even including the bones and organs." Snape said incredulously. Harry nodded. "I know, I figured it would cost about that much to get you to play fair" He quipped before he walked off towards the tower

Snape shook his head muttering about insolent brats as he closed his door to brew the truth serum.


The next Morning Harry stood up at the front of the hall with Snape standing next to him looking extremely annoyed. as soon as everyone was seated Snape cleared his throat catching everyone's attention

The headmaster looked on extremely confused as did the rest of the staff. then Harry spoke. "It seems that no matter how many times I tell you lot that I didnt put my name in the Goblet only one of you believe me. not my own house who is supposed to be my family, not my supposed best friend...not even Ravenclaw who's house is supposed to be one of intelligence.

only Hermione Granger had the common sense to realize that a 14 year old boy couldnt have out witted a powerful magical artifact. and so to cure you of your stupidity once and for all i've asked Professor Snape to question me under Veritaserum to prove that I am telling the truth because quite frankly i'd rather not have a repeat of second year thank you very much." Harry said lacing his last sentence with as much venom as possible.

many of the students flinched and Harry noted that a few students were explaining second year in whistpers to the visiting schools. Snape cleared his throat again making everyone jump slightly. Harry rolled his eyes and sat down in the chair that had been conjured. "Now to ensure that The serum is working in addition to. the normal questions i've given Snape permission to ask me any question he thinks I wouldn't want to answer." Harry said calmly

at this revalation 3/4th of the hall looked aghast at the thought. meanwhile the Slytherins broke out into shit eating grins. Snape rolled his eyes as he administered the serum. as soon as Harry's eyes turned glassy the questions began

"What is your name?"

"Harry James Potter."

"How old are you?"


"what is your eye color?"


"why is your biggest fear dementors?"

at this question Hermione sucked in a sharp breath and even Ron looked a bit pale. Harry had only ever told them why he was affected so much by them.

"When I get near a Dementor I relive my mothers death, I hear her screaming and begging for my life. pleading with Voldemort to kill her instead of me then Voldemort laughing before he kills her."

The entire Hall sat in horrified silence at the confession. suddenly fainting from a Dementor approaching seemed like a very reasonable response to those who had thought him weak for it before. even the Slytherins had blanced at the revalation. Draco Malfoy looked particularly sickly as

he realized he had basically made fun of someone for reliving their parents death. of course he was a Git but not even he would do that. there were some lines you just didnt cross. once Snape regained his bearings he cleared his throat

"Did you put your name in the Goblet of fire?"


"Did you have anyone else put your name in the Goblet of fire?"


"Did you have a house elf or any other Creature put your name in the Goblet of fire?"


"Do you know who put your name in the Goblet?"


"Did you ever express any intrest in competeing in the Tournament?"

"No, I was Happy that for once I could just have a normal year without anything happening to me"

Once again flinches and looks of guilt became prominent on the majority of the hall. Meanwhile Hermione Granger calmly sat and enjoyed shooting a particularly dissapointed look at her head of house as if she were saying that as the head of Griffindor she should have thought of this

K sooo this was with some unfinished short stories I was writing, I'll publish this as a one shot but if you want me to continue it keave a review saying so. that's all for now, blessed be