The day of the first task dawns bright and early, though Harry hardly notices, he was much too busy worrying about the first task, Dragons. There was no way in hades he was going to try and out fly a raging nesting mother dragon as moody had suggested. He just hoped Hermione's idea worked.

The moments leading up to the task went by in a blur. Harry vaguely remembered himself drawing the Hungarian horntail, he tried to concentrate on the commentary when the other competitors went up, but even that faded in and out as he stressed over his strategy.

This was going to end one of two ways, either he was going to go out there and pull off what the twins would see as the biggest prank Hogwarts had ever seen, or he was going to make a fool of himself and get burnt to a crisp.

It felt like no time at all when his name was announced. Harry took a deep breath and walked into the arena with most of the school cheering him on, the Hufflepuffs were politely clapping, though he didn't mind, he understood their Desire for Diggory to win.

The Slytherins boo'd, well most of them did, the ones who had been to the chamber were sitting with rapt attention, eager to see if his tangle with the basilisk was a fluke.

The Ravenclaws and Gryffindor's, however, were going crazy in their support, now that they knew he wasn't a cheater they were willing to support him until the end.

Taking a deep breath Harry raised his wand to his throat and cast the spell he had been practicing for weeks. "Sonorus," he said clearly, The crowd quieted, eager to see what he would do, the Mother Dragon was eyeing him shrewdly, but as he hadn't moved she saw no reason to flame him.. Yet. Harry opened his mouth and began speaking.

"Hello." he hissed in Parseltongue. The crowd gasps, but Harry ignored them, the dragon's eyes snapped to his, and for a moment, Harry thought he was about to be torched. "You speak." she huffed. Harry sighed in relief.

"Yes, I do, but that's not important, one of the eggs in your nest, it is fake. It will harm your other eggs. Please, allow me to retrieve it. Your handlers know not of the dangers they have put your babies in." Harry bluffed. The dragons head whipped around towards her nest and she huffed in anger, how dare anyone try to harm her young with a false egg?

"Speaker, which one of these eggs is false? Is it truly a danger to my young?" she asks. "Yes, the false egg is the shiny golden one, allow me to retrieve it. Watch me if you wish, I swear I will touch no egg of your's." Harry swore. The dragon huffed. Contemplating her options, finally, she moved to the side, giving Harry a clear path to her nest.

"Be quick speaker, grab the false egg that is a danger to my young and begone, do not touch any of mine, or I will roast you. Also, tell my handlers I wish for goats, cows are too chewy," she said, huffing in annoyance.

Harry grinned, ran up to the nest, grabbed the golden egg, and began walking out of the arena, much to the shock of the audience. With a smirk, he turned towards the Dragon handlers and made use of the sonorous charm once more before he removed it. "Oi! Charlie, the mother Dragon told me to tell you that she prefers goats, cows are too chewy!" he quipped.

Then, as if it were the most natural thing in the world he waved to the dragon and headed off to the medical tent. A quick glance at his watch let him know that his entire stunt had taken all of five minutes. With a self-satisfied grin, he checked in on the other champions before buggering off to find his girlfriend, the smartest witch he had ever come across.

That's it. I never planned for this story to go past the first task, and honestly, i think this was a good conclusion. Let me know if you want a sequel with the second and third tasks. Anyway, that's all for now, blessed be!