Raditz sat silently within the pod, his shaking arms wrapped around his legs as he blasted through space, able to watch everything through the small window with widened eyes, one with the borrowed green scouter from Shugesh and Borgos for communication. He was amazed by the beauty of the stars, yet frightened; feeling anxious that gravity would return at any moment, and send him on a hurtling death drop through space. He was happy for a thick curtain of hair around himself, and the little warmth his armour gave him. He worried at his bottom lip, his sharp canines scraping against it with his refusal to give into his terror, wondering where he was being sent, they said a neutral planet, but not which one. He didn't know if Kakarot's pod would land near his, would he find him? What about his mother and father, were they still back there, fighting?

All these questions would be answered very soon, as Raditz gasped, seeing a massive planet looming before him, light green and milky grey, swirled with black. He placed his hands on the glass, his breath making condensation cloud the glass. The ship began to shake, and Raditz was sucked back into the seat, unable to move as he came quickly through the planet's atmosphere, and rushed through the clouds, the pod making an arch as it found it's pre-coordinated destination, the one Shugesh and Tora had so quickly informed Bardock of. This was all for his safety, so he shouldn't feel frightened, right? ...Right?

Soon, the pod landed at last, landing in a thick, white alien substance that sucked the pod slightly in, before slowly releasing it from it's soft interior. Raditz felt an overwhelming amount of stillness, as the pod hatch door opened with a hiss, and he felt the warm air blowing in, tickling at his skin as if to encourage him. He gripped the edges of the concave ship and pulled himself up, then stepped out carefully. As he did, he bounced slightly, to his surprise, walking across the soft, malleable ground, he looked back at the ship, frowning, then back. He had to find Kakarot. He rubbed his nose, sniffling a bit from the large, bluish spores that floated slowly down from massive white trees, stretching up high into the cloudy green sky, with grey spiky leaves fluttering on the languid breeze. Planet Lystraya.

Raditz stepped carefully across the squishy ground, he had never been on an alien planet, but he knew to be wary from what his mother and father had told him of their many adventures together, before he was born. Raditz hopped from one white marshmallowy puff, to another, avoiding the black liquid running between them, into a deep pool. He heard a faint wailing, and hopped faster, recognizing his little brother's cry, and at what distance. He took flight, quickly taking off in the direction of his baby brother. Raditz darted between the blue spores, not wishing to run headfirst into one and discover if the spore was in fact from pollen, or poisonous mold. Most of this world seemed to be made up of fungi, he noticed as he looked down, seeing the white puff fungi, and being reminded of the small ones at home. Raditz surmised; perhaps those white things popped once they got large enough, and let free their pollen. A small sparkle of light hit off a metallic object in the black muck, and Raditz gasped, seeing Kakarot's pod sinking slowly down into it, the child inside screaming and hitting the glass with his little fists.

"I'm coming, Kakarot!" He said with urgency, flying into a nosedive. Bardock would expect him to protect Kakarot, and as much as Raditz found the little infant irritating and nasty, he couldn't just let him sink down and suffocate in there. He came down at an angle, his reflection gliding quickly over the inky surface, before he grabbed the sphere, and flew as fast as he could, pulling the pod from the suction of the black substance. It pulled away slowly in strings, then snapped off, Raditz cradling the pod in his arms as he continued flying, until they were away from the black goop. He set Kakarot down, looking around to make sure it was clear, and popped the hatch, taking the child out in the ball he was still incubating in. The child whimpered and pawed at the glass as Raditz set him carefully on a marshmallow puff, and sat protectively around it, wondering what now he should do.

Then, the green screen lit up, and there was a beeping in his ear. Raditz felt for the scouter, and then jumped when he heard talking in his ear.

"Hey! How'd you make out kiddo-" Shugesh yelled into the scouter, then he heard Borgos interrupt.

"Get his coordinates, ask him where he's at!" Then Shugesh hissed back, "Shh! The kid doesn't know all that! Say, Runt did ya make a safe landing?" Shugesh asked, Borgos still leaning in towards the scouter to try and listen in.

Raditz looked back at the vast forest, and swiveled his head around, before frowning, looking at Kakarot sleeping in the pod. "...I have no idea where I am." He responded, and sniffed, wiping his nose.

"But, we landed ok, Kakarot is fine. Where's my father? Is he with you?" He asked, cocking his head as Shugesh and Borgos whispered back and forth.

"Uh, yeah-yeah, Bardock's uhh, around.." Borgos blurted, and Shugesh snapped at him. "Shuddup! Lemme do all the talkin'!"

Raditz frowned, he had a bad feeling something wasn't quite right, and that these two were hiding something.

"Something happened to them, didn't it... You're not lying to me, are you?"

He flinched slightly as they both clamoured to argue the opposite, and pulled the scouter off his ear, instead holding it, and grimacing as Shugesh and Borgos yelled at him to believe them.

"This wasn't our plan! That Tora was the one who thought of it!"

"What?!" Raditz snapped, baring his teeth as he stood up quickly.

"Well, you'd better get your hides here quickly," He snarled, hearing the wild dogs of this planet yelping and encroaching closer on them, but he was confident he could protect Kakarot; what he really feared was that his parents were hurt in some way.

"Or else, I'm sure my father would gladly take your fat hides in return." Raditz spat, finding strength in the endorphins pumping through him with that aggressive primal urge to hunt, his eyes searching the edge of the forest for the wild animals, as Kakarot softly growled from in the pod, small hairline fractures on the glass where his tiny hands were gripping it, as if he too felt that same urge to hunt as his brother.

"Sure kid, just give us some kind of landmark so we know where you're at." Shugesh said carefully into the scouter, keeping Borgos silent by covering his mouth with one plump hand.

Raditz looked around himself, and described to him the large black lake of goop, surrounded by the white puffs in the middle of a greyish green forest.

"Got it. We'll be there soon kid, we're just on the edge of the forest." Shugesh clipped, and Raditz felt another rush of adrenaline as the howling grew closer, and Shugesh ended their communication.

Raditz stared intently out into the distance, watching the gathering dusk at the roots of the tall, grey sentinels of trees that lined the forest's edge.

Then, there was a singular cry, long and haunting, as Raditz saw a white creature come out of the shadows, alerting the others that it had found their prey. The others joined in, with rallying cries that became haunting as they grew harmonious, and more Lupines began appearing at the edge of the woods.

Raditz growled lowly, challenging them to attack, as he did not take his eyes off the leader of the pack; watching how it's crystal blue eyes glinted, it's black lips stretching in a cruel sneer of slick yellow teeth, serrated over a lolling pink tongue. Raditz responded in the way he was accustomed, whipping his bristling tail behind him angrily, pulling back his upper lip to show that he had sharp teeth as well; making himself seem more intimidating.

The Lupines then ran off, in many directions, every direction but towards him. Raditz stood his ground over Kakarot's pod, watching the white and grey wolves with warning in his eyes as they circled, and played chase around him teasingly. Raditz panted, feeling the burning of his ki rising up in his chest as the beasts grew ever closer, readying himself to attack at just the right moment; he knew he'd do less damage from this distance. It would have to be at the last minute as they circled in, he would use his explosive blast to blow them backwards.

"Raa..diz.. Raaadiz!" An odd voice called out, and Raditz was puzzled where it was coming from, until he looked down and saw it was Kakarot whining, attempting to crack the glass with one fist; both frightened, and his Saiyan instinct sent into an overdrive that was too powerful for a small pup.

"It's ok, Kakarot! I've got you," He assured him, pulling the pod up against his leg as the Lupine's keening grew ever nearer, kicking up the dirt and grass around him. He then heard an odd yelp, as he turned around quickly, and gasped at what it was he saw. A massive, black cephalopod like creature arose from the black tar lake, taking a Lupine in a long, spiked tentacle with many jagged teeth, squeezing the wolf, and ripping holes in it with its serrated tentacle.

Raditz felt his tail tuck between his legs as he saw this, stepping back with wide eyes, as the great Kraken made a long low of hunger, then opened up an endless, sharply beaked maw, and dropped in the dead Lupine. He was no longer feeling quite as brave, once seeing the Lupines attack the creature, and one by one, become speared on it's many tentacles, then devoured, as the massive alien creature seemed to not be satisfied by the Lupines, and turned one massive, wet silvery eye onto him, the pupil constricting as it examined the odd appearance of its new prey.

"Raadiz!" Kakarot whimpered, and Raditz took this as a sign that he should run, and grabbed the pod, taking off quickly, running for his life as one of the tentacles lashed out, and shook the ground it hit as it missed him just barely, tearing up the earth as it dragged back into the water, and it made a howl of agitation that resonated all through the earth, making the ground quake as it attempted to drag itself out of the thick muck, but all Raditz could do at that moment was run, until his bones chilled in his spine with the addition of a slimy tentacle curling around his tail.

Raditz shuddered; a cold, uneasy sensation washing through him as he felt himself be lifted, Kakarot's pod tight in his arms. The Kraken made an eerie howl, and lowered him down towards it's open mouth. His muscles trembled, and he could barely keep his eyes open as he dangled back and forth, remembering Bardock's words, and how he promised that he would protect Kakarot. Tears filled his eyes and he clutched the pod tightly, squeezing it so firmly that the child inside was screaming for Raditz to wake up, inaudible but the intention was clear as the child pounded on the glass harder with his little fists.

"Raaad-" Kakarot began to scream, again, and Raditz snapped awake immediately, and launched the pod far up into the air, distracting the beast a moment, it widened its mouth to catch the pod, and that's when Raditz thrust out one hand and sent a powerful ki blast at him, so powerful that it collapsed its mouth inwards, and it began sinking into the water, making garbled cries.

Raditz looked at his hand and back, then lowered both hands, and blasted it once more with a large, red beam attack, the tentacles trapping him by his tail flying off, segmented from its body as it sank down into the tar lake, and Raditz flew up, and caught Kakarot, grinning as he held the child over the lake to see now that the monster was dead, and he was safe. The child looked down, and it's energy seemed to quell momentarily; his small tail twitching curiously.

"See that, Kakarot? All dead." Raditz said.

But then, he was jerked down in mid-air, his hair flying upwards as he was dragged back down, Kakarot along with him. Raditz squeezed his eyes shut, and resolved that this was the end. Until, he felt heat phase past him, and the tentacle was cut once again, but his leg was badly torn up and bleeding as Raditz managed to get away, and saw that Shugesh and Borgos had arrived, and both were shooting massive blasts into the beast, golden light bursting it from the inside out, until tar and particles of the Kraken rained down, and it was dead, for sure this time. Raditz sat back and inspected his injuries as the others looked over their work.

"I don't get it, why did the Lupines attack the beast, but not me?" Raditz said, blinking wearily as he looked down at the wound from the serrated teeth, which was pulsing out blood. The others turned and looked down at him, glancing back and forth at each other oddly in response to his question.

"Don't worry about it kiddo, looks like you've got a nasty bite there." Shugesh said, and ruffled his hair, accidentally scratching his head with his nails. Raditz flinched back and growled low in his throat, keeping his eyes down as Borgos was taking one of the large leaves on the ground, and patching it temporarily.

"We have to get you back to your parents. Good job keeping the little one safe. Gine would have had a fit if you didn't." Borgos said softly, patting down the wound with another leaf, and slowing the blood flow for a moment.

"The leaf from this region will help quell the bleeding." Borgos said slowly, his large canines hanging over his lip as he concentrated.

"What do you mean, you know where they are?" He questioned eagerly, getting quickly to his feet, only to stumble on his injured leg. Borgos caught him, and he leaned up against the side of the large Saiyan.

"Uhh," Borgos seemed at a loss for words, and Raditz spat slightly as a bit of hair from the elder Saiyan got in his mouth. There sure was a whole lot of it ...Are grownup Saiyan males typically this hairy? Raditz wondered faintly, then glanced back at Shugesh, who was sniffing the air.

"We have an idea of where the Lupine's fortress is. But, we're not so great at sneaking. From what I've heard, you're a whiz at it." Shugesh said, squatting down to look at Raditz and wink at him. Raditz crossed his arms and huffed.

"I may be, but what's the catch? Are the Lupines neutral, or are they our enemy?! You told me that I was being sent to a neutral planet?"

Again, Shugesh and Borgos with the conspiratorial glances. Raditz growled once again, wanting to whip his tail back and forth angrily, but right now that was hurting too.

"Listen, kid. You just have to trust us on this one." Shugesh said, smiling widely, and pinching Raditz's cheeks to give him a cheesy grin. Raditz snapped his teeth at his hand, and Shugesh screamed so loudly that Kakarot joined in.

"Hell of a biter, that he is!" Borgos guffawed, holding his belly as he laughed.

"Don't just stand there, HELP ME!" Shugesh cried out, and shook his arm, shaking Raditz back and forth like a bulldog with a bone. Kakarot clapped his hands giddily and giggled.

This was one odd trip.

The vaulted doors of Castle Vegeta were barred shut, no-one was getting in, or out for that matter, until they solved the conundrum that was the mystery ambush by the Lupines.

"Zorn, fetch me our latest records of our trade, and status in the alliance of Planet Lystraya." King Vegeta demanded, from where he sat at a large table inside the king and queen's personal chambers.

"Yes, M'lord. I'll go to the atrium right away." The Elite said, nodding, then turned about quickly, and headed out, his blue cloak trailing on the air behind him, showing the tight blue material of his pants, and his slightly risen tail above it, which meant that he was relatively content. Kalabrylea's tail wagged anxiously at the tip, it's movements somewhat restrained by the golden clip at the base. That was the allure of the gold bangle to a Saiyan man, it restricted the tail's movements, and made a female seem more enticing of a challenge, seeing as he couldn't read her every emotion by her tail.

Princess Kalabrylea watched him leave with sorrowful onyx eyes, and sat on the bed, fretting carefully over Broly, who had been sleeping now for some time, even through the Lupine's attack. The Queen didn't seem nearly as worried, having had multiple children, she knew that sometimes infants freshly removed from the pod would sleep for hours, and at times be fussy when awoken.

"Come now, let the Prince sleep. He needs it in order to grow into a strong warrior." Queen Vasenya said as she glanced back at her, and placed one hand on her shoulder, pulling her away from the infant, and towards the important documents spread out on the table.

"That's true. Maybe he's just tired from all the commotion." Kalabrylea nodded, trusting the Queen's judgment on pup-rearing.

"Surely, Broly is simply at rest while his body is changing in response to all the exciting action, and bloodshed surrounding him. It's in our blood to adapt to our surroundings." King Vegeta reassured, and Kalabrylea seemed placated, coming over and gently sitting on his lap where he had patted just once, and she didn't hesitate to answer her king's request. Queen Vasenya watched, slightly narrowing her eyes, before sauntering over arrogantly with purpose, and sitting on his other leg. King Vegeta wrapped his arms around the two women's waists, and chuckled darkly, as they both kissed his cheeks and temples affectionately, the three of their tails intertwining.

Zenaya stood guard by the door, her hands on her hips as she watched the windows, and the crack beneath the door for any movement, but she couldn't help but blush a little as she heard the king start purring pleasedly.

"Now, let's not get too distracted, ladies... I have business to attend to, and you're both very enticing..." He whispered huskily, and they both giggled.

There was a knock at the door, and Zenaya cleared her throat, obviously flustered.

"Who goes there?" She said threateningly, raising one clawed hand.

"It is I, Furry-Bottom the Third, the great Wulyf King, I come bearing gifts in my hairy paws, won't you let me in?" An overly pompous voice boasted from the other side of the door, and King Vegeta shook his head, knowing well where it came from.

"Zenaya, would you kindly let that fool, Zorn in!?" He said with annoyance, and Kalabrylea moved to get up, but he held her fast to his lap. Her face turned beet red with embarrassment when the Elite Guard entered the chamber, with the requested books under one arm, and a princeling in the other.

"Father!" Vegeta squawked, and the king stood abruptly, whirling around immediately towards his son's complaint.

"What's the problem, son?" He asked, kneeling slightly to address his son's always important matters. The two women regained their footing, and stood at either side of him. The prince struggled underneath Zorn's arm, then released himself, angrily huffing and wiping off his armour as if dirty.

"I don't want to sit in my chambers and wait any longer! Why can't I be in here with you? And where's Nappa?! He's not here to spar with me!" The prince listed off his many complaints, and the king chuckled.

"It's all going to be amended, boy. Now, did you fetch the records, Zorn?" He said, and Zorn handed the stack of books to him, saying, "There all there, Sire. The trading records of ev'ry planet in our alliance, and all the lists of our enemies, and those who've remained neutral. I'm not quite sure where Planet Lystraya is on the spectrum."

Queen Vasenya sighed heavily, rolling her kohl lined eyes at him.

"They're clearly aggressive, you idiot!" Vasenya hissed, but the king shushed her.

"Don't be too hasty, woman. Let the man speak his piece." He said curtly, and she was silenced, looking petulant as she shut her mouth. Zorn chuckled, and the tip of his tail wriggled anxiously against his hip as he continued.

"..Ah, awlright then. Well, it's rather unfortunate Commander Paragus isn't present; he would be the man to ask, but he's off on a diplomatic mission as we speak. I could perhaps get ahold of him over the scouter, Your Lordship." He obliged, tapping his green scouter, his unsure smile cracking the tanned skin of his high cheekbones. Kalabrylea's tail lowered between her legs, and she turned her face bashfully from the man; upset by the mention of Paragus once again. Zorn stepped forward almost urgently towards her, his hands tensed at his sides, before the king stopped him with one hand.

"Good idea, Zorn. I shall speak to Commander Paragus in private. Why don't you get a head start on going over these documents with the women?" He said, and patted him on his red shoulder pad, hefting Vegeta up by the scruff of his cloak, and walking off to the back of the chambers, until he was well out of range.

Zorn watched King Vegeta leave, his eyes wide in surprise of his majesty's command, then back quickly at the table.

"Awl-right, ahem, ah-hem, let's get to work, ladies!" He said, and Vasenya rolled her eyes dramatically. "Ugh! You seriously expect me to sit and read over ledgers all day? Zenaya. I want a bath now. I have to take this makeup off, it's bothering my eyes." She said in a simpering tone, and the Elite nodded obediently, leading her off to the bathing chamber.

"Eheh, I guess it's just you an' me, then..." Zorn said, and pulled out a chair for Kalabrylea. The girl looked back once again at Broly, and Zorn followed her gaze.

"Awh. Look at 'im. He's got a gentle countenance. Looks so peaceful." He said, walking over to look down at the baby. Broly moved a bit, his tail and fists clenching, then relaxing as Zorn moved his finger to touch his tiny little hand, and Broly clutched it. Kalabrylea walked over cautiously, her hackles raised as the man came so close to her pup.

"What do you mean? Do you think my son seems... too peaceful?" She said with a rising voice, her tail prickling, then Zorn chuckled again as Broly gave his finger a squeeze. Zorn growled playfully at the child, leaping at him aggressively onto the bed, and Broly's tail thumped with his interest in this enticing new game, giggling. The boy flew into a flurry of action, more than she realized he was capable of, as he bit and kicked at Zorn, who grunted, taking the brunt of her son's hits before showing him who was the dominant one. Broly growled, and bit down on Zorn's finger hard enough to break it, but the Elite showed no sign of being in pain, picking him up, and swinging him around by his finger as if it were painless.

Kalabrylea felt her heart swelling with some unknown emotion as she watched him playing with Broly, but she also felt conflicted about Zorn taking this assertive approach with Paragus' son.

Could this confuse Broly? Isn't his father the biological male figure responsible for teaching him such things...? Could Paragus ever be more than that, now? Her thoughts seemed restless, her hands wringing together anxiously with her fear as Zorn held Broly down at last, cementing to him who was the victor, and pretending to kill him by placing his open jaws on the infant's throat, growling.

"s-stop..." She whispered, but Zorn didn't hear her, shaking his head a few times to pretend to break the baby's neck, as Broly erupted with happy giggles. Kalabrylea was extremely concerned, not for Broly's physical wellbeing, but his mental.

Zorn released Broly's neck from his harmless bite, concluding the play session. Broly now knew that Zorn was in command, and he admired him. The boy cooed contentedly as the adults talked, pulling himself into a sitting position to watch, very curious about this new male, who his mother seemed to be challenging with her puffed tail, and bared teeth. This was all very promising, and exciting in the child's eyes.

"See, that proves Broly's not passive, and most certainly not weak. He's a real rowdy runt. What I meant to say, is that his face...well, it's not like his father's at all. He has your sparkling, black opal eyes. Fair, creamy skin fit for royalty. No sign of any other lineage but yours." He said, and turned to smile at her. Kalabrylea placed one hand on her cheek, and tried to conceal the blush going from her nose, to the tips of her toes.

"Thank you... Zorn." She said softly, and her tail relaxed it's puffing, and she stepped forth carefully, and took Broly in her arms. Zorn watched with soft tourmaline eyes; looking on wistfully as she combed the child's spiky hair back with her long blue nails.

"King Vegeta has been very kind to me... He has allowed Broly and myself a chance to live. To squander his offer, would surely be the death of me, and darling Broly, if we were left in the hands of Paragus." She said, slightly choked back, and Zorn nodded, understanding; yet he was feeling something in his chest spreading as he admired her, and couldn't help but step closer again.

"Was it an offer, or a command?" He said seriously, and Kalabrylea looked away deceptively.

"A... fair offer, I accepted the deal willingly." She said with conviction, nodding. She would do anything for her Broly. Consorting for the King; meant in effect she was promising to give him a strong heir, in trade for nothing but a taste of his wealth, and the warmth of his marriage bed. In her eyes, it was a very small price to pay for her child's future.

"Kalabrylea. I want not your honor besmirched. Paragus has inflicted enough harm as it is already, and if the king ever puts his hands on you wrongly...I want you to run to me immediately. I shall protect you with my life. I am bound by duty to my King, but to a beloved mate, and child I would be ever faithful." He rumbled out seriously, and they met eyes, his brow lowered; yet not showing her any signs of aggression.

Kalabrylea blinked, in a daze. She felt she should be appalled by Zorn's clearly stated intentions, after all, Saiyan women were supposed to fight back when challenged by a male, weren't they? But she felt she was shamefully unable to do so, her knees weakening, her tail curling up, and wrapping around her hip in an unconscious signal that was unmistakable. His heated gaze made her insides feel like they were melting, as Broly wrapped his tail around the man's hand, and Zorn clutched it back. Broly cooed loudly, and that snapped her out of it for just a second, as she looked down at him, noticing the child's claim with his tail, and following his shining eyes to see what the child was awestruck by.

What does this mean? He boldly wishes to court me, regardless of the King's claim? He fears neither the jealous wrath of Paragus, nor King Vegeta's punishment... And Broly has tail wrapped with him..? He's never done that with another male before! Kalabrylea's mind was all a jumbled mess, lust was making her blind to her prior obligations! She could not let Broly imprint on Zorn, no matter what, she could not have King Vegeta find out about this brief incident!

But, for just a moment...Kalabrylea felt worthy to be called Princess, and couldn't lie to herself, she secretly wanted this male's affection.

Her heart raced with Zorn's words, and her panicked thoughts, she swallowed thickly as he slowly licked his lips while staring down at her eagerly for a response. She seemed to be sinking into the depths of his dark eyes, and they were slowly nearing ever closer without her even realizing it. Broly stared up at the man, sucking on his fist fervently; his eyes locked onto Zorn's with interest, following his every move, and storing it away in his young brain for future reference.

Zorn advanced slowly towards her, caught up in the warm scent of honeysuckle and cream coming off her as her blood heated; pheromones blooming out from the dewyness of her skin. Zorn was enchanted by her scent, his eyelids lowered and his mouth watered as he stared at her lower lip that she was nervously nibbling with her canines, drawing just the tiniest sliver of her blue blood from the luscious flesh. His blood boiled, and Kalabrylea's eyes widened apprehensively as he took a sharp intake of breath and moved boldly to kiss her. Kalabrylea froze up; erecting a powerful blue barrier around herself and Broly without even realizing it.

Zorn flinched, and stepped back quickly, Kalabrylea seeing a flash of hurt in his eyes as he let go of Broly's tail. Kalabrylea curtseyed to him, lifting the glittering hem of the split seam dress she wore; forgetting her place now as a princess. He gulped, raking his eyes discreetly down her bare thigh.

"I shall forever treasure your kind words to me, Zorn. But they can be nothing more, for I am a consort, with the assumption to be wed. Soon, I shall carry to pod the next heir to the throne. If you equate your life the same to saving mine, please do not squander it if I am ever caught up by the malice that lurks within this palace. It would render your death needless." She said gently, lowering her skirt, and Zorn curled back his lip in a pained grimace, clenching his fists. He stared down at the floor as she got herself settled with the child in the chair, then walked over and opened a large book, his expression darkened by his shaggy black hair falling in front of his face as he leant over the table.

"Well, let's not keep the king waiting. We should get reading as quickly as we can." He bit out curtly, flipping through pages nimbly, his eyes flicking back and forth as he glanced over the contents, and began studiously reading. Kalabrylea looked down at the book before her, and made a soft, querulous sound of confusion. Zorn noticed her slowly pick up the book, then turn it upside down, and his eyes rounded, wide with astonishment.

"My Lady...Is it just my niggling suspicion, or is it... you cannot read?" He asked, visibly aghast. Kalabrylea looked up balefully, then pouted her small red painted lip out at him.

"Please don't tell the king... I'm afraid I never got past learning the spelling of my name, before I was separated from my kingdom." She said, looking utterly torn, as Zorn was rendered speechless a moment.

Then, celebratory bells went off in his head, and his tail wagged happily with his clever plan to win her affections, as a gentleman this time.

"I'll teach you! I had the best education as a pup in Draftsenglia! Our dialect may be different, but I can read in Saiyan, and in Galactic!" He said excitedly, and had to grab his own tail to stop it's excited thumping against the chair leg.

"Oh, if you could teach me, that would be a dream come true!" She said happily, her eyes sparkling up at him, and Zorn's chest puffed with reinvigoration, his toothy grin wide as he beamed with pride.

"Yes, I can teach you anything you want to know, Princess!" He said, and leaned down over her, and pulled the book close.

"Let's begin here, we'll read a bit, and you can follow along. Pay attention to what I'm reading, and see if you can remember anything." Zorn said, and turned to a specific page in the book of records.

"Age 704, Calloüe-pes, 98. Can you guess what that is?" Zorn said, covering the rest of the sentence with his hand.

"Is it a... birthday?" She asked, looking up at him, then backing away a little when she saw his jaw was slightly over her shoulder, it's chiseled shape dimpling just slightly as he grinned, revealing his pearly teeth.

"Right-O, that's my name day, so now you know a little about me. How old does that make me?" He asked, testing her counting skills, just in the case she needed help with numbers too. Kalabrylea's eyes widened, and she looked down, and became very concentrated in thought.

"Ok... its age 737 currently... and you were born in age 704... does that make you... 733?" She asked, her cheeks going dark red. Zorn chuckled, scratching his head.

"Eheh, well... and here I was, thinking I looked rather sharp for my age." He said, slightly embarrassed, and shocked by her lack of skill with simple mathematics.

"Wait! You couldn't possibly be 700 years old, gosh what am I thinking?! I'm so sorry, Zorn." She said, equally embarrassed, and he simply smiled, brushing it off, and moved to take her hand gently, placing her finger on the number.

"Watch what happens if we just cover the seven... what does that make it, now?" He said patiently, and rested his hand on hers, lacing their fingers together to make it easier to show her.

"Thirty seven..?" She said timorously, feeling a cold sweat breaking out on her hand from his heated touch, she gulped. She couldn't help it, he was so kind to her and very handsome, just holding his hand made her stomach feel like it was doing somersaults.

"Yes, and 37 is one number less, which makes it no longer 700. So, my age doesn't have three numbers. What is it, if you take away 4?"

"Thirty... three?" She asked, and Zorn nodded to her.

"Very good job, Kalabrylea. Now, let's see what happened that day."

Kalabrylea smiled bashfully, and listened as he began to read, soothed by his gentle speaking voice that he used to encourage her, Broly sitting up, and looking at the book with interest too. He read slowly to her through the ages, and she listened, having short discussions about the events listed, until he thought she had heard enough, and it was time for her to read.

"How's about we read this one together, hmm? One word at a time." He said softly, and held her hand over the sentence as they began slowly sounding out the words together.

"Age... 718. Brý-heth-un...32. The... King-dom of... Nor..th Vra..dashmi was inf...ilt-rat..ed by..." They began, and Zorn went to quickly close the book, but Kalabrylea held his hand tightly, and shook her head.

"No, let's read it." She said stubbornly, and Zorn frowned.

"You're sure..? You were just a pup, then. Only... age six." He said softly, and Kalabrylea blinked her tears out hard, making trails in her kohl eyeliner. She didn't have to read to remember what happened to her family.

"We were attacked by... monsters. Cold hearted creatures, the Eracknïs..." She trembled; bringing forth imagery of the many legged creatures that at times infested Saiyan ships, and cocooned it's host in deadly webbing, only to land, and once opened... thousands of Eracknïs would pour out, and eat whatever flesh before it, with incredible voracity.

Saiyans could barely see them if not paying attention, or knew that their ship, or even mane was infested by them until it was too late. Once fed, the microscopic species grew large in size, and were able to become bloated with eggs. That was the sight that would have greeted the Dashmi people when they were greeted by their warrior's ships arriving home. Their loved one's corpses were eaten down to the bone, and used as a nesting place for billions of Eracknïs orphans. They quickly devoured their mother, and whatever flesh and interior of the ship they could, before being released upon whatever poor, unsuspecting people they happened upon.

The attack would be silent and quick. No wonder so little was known about it.

"I'm so terribly sorry, Princess..." Zorn said with deep empathy; knowing exactly of the horrors she'd spoken of. They were always on high alert for such an invasive species that could decimate the population of Planet Vegeta within minutes if unleashed. He caressed her hand reassuringly, and she turned her face up to look at him.

"Don't feel sorry for me, I was lucky... the Eracknïs wouldn't feast on my blood, because it was the purest blue blood in all my kingdom. For that one reason I was spared, but the rest of my family, and my people, were devoured. It is both a blessing, and a curse." She whispered, nuzzling Broly's head gently between her bosom, covering one ear to prevent him from hearing. Zorn looked back up into her eyes, and nodded solemnly, knowing that nothing he said could ever take that pain away.

He gently touched her shoulders, offering his open arms to her, and Kalabrylea took the embrace gratefully, pressing her face against his chestplate and sobbing softly, as he smoothed one hand down her long braid soothingly, petting her hair as he softly rumbled in his chest to comfort her, purring.

"This is your home now, Princess... I will do everything in my power to make sure that you and the Prince are kept safe." Zorn whispered, and wrapped his arms around her. The two had forgotten that they were not alone in the palace for a moment, but as King Vegeta and Vasenya stood in the corridor watching, they looked to another, and exchanged curious glances.

Vegeta! They must be separated immediately! This is a violation of our agreement! The queen hissed to him mentally through their bond, and the king responded back, almost teasingly.

...Oh, it's no such thing... Besides, I thought you were jealous of her getting my attention? Zorn is a prime specimen to take of her more... emotional needs. You have no idea how relieved I am, this shall take an immense chunk of the labor off.

He laughed mentally; for once feeling quite amicable and amused. His tail wagged, and he wrapped it around her leg, hinting that he would like to be intimate with her as well. She pulled his tail off, and huffed. King Vegeta looked momentarily puzzled as to why his mate was irate. After all, throughout Saiyan history, many kings had taken multiple wives, consorts and concubines.

Traditionally, history did not mark their race as particularly monogamous, only in recent centuries once people became able to live in separate homes did their mating patterns become more selective. In a primitive setting, a male Saiyan could have upwards to twenty females in his troop, as long as a younger male didn't challenge him for dominance. Mating marks could both be erased, and multiple.

As King Vegeta saw it, he had already beaten Zorn to the punch at successfully mating the young female, so what was the big idea?

Queen Vasenya bared her teeth and stamped her heel at her husband, wishing to interject, but he placed one finger on her lips, and shushed her. He turned his family away from the interesting vision in the drawing room to give them a moment of privacy in order to collect themselves. They could have a moment's comfort, then it was back to business. He had succeeded in communicating with Paragus, and there were other more important matters left now to discuss.

The king may have been a stubborn, ruthless man, but he knew deep in his grizzled old heart, that while he could put a pup in her belly, he did not have the patience, nor gentle nature as Zorn did to be able to comfort the young female in her time of need. Perhaps once he had, but now his attention, and affection was all spent on his mate and child, in secrecy. Perhaps to some men, saiyan females existed to only plant ones seed in, and grow great Empires, but to others, they were precious and divine creatures that must be protected.

A monotonous clicking sound was what stirred her from the blackness of her forced rest, as Gine slowly lifted her head. She felt the floor under her hand, and realized it was slimy and cold. She shuddered, scenting the air. It was heavy with dust and the scent of mildew, and as her eyes cleared from their haze, she was able to make out her surroundings, blinking the tiredness away.

She was in a cave... it was dark, and filmy in the complete shadow, and the silence was so deafening there was a throbbing sound in her ears, which she realized was her heartbeat. Her cheek was resting against the cave floor, as she moved her head slightly to try and adjust the night vision on her old model scouter. She hoped it still worked. The scouter became a glowing green, and she breathed a small sigh of relief. Around her, there were no life signatures, besides one or two that flickered off in the distance.

She saw the guard suddenly pass by the barred front opening of the cave, and realized where the clicking had been coming from. A Lupine in their humanoid form was pacing back and forth, carrying a torch, giving off welcome light, revealing him to be a brown colored male. He was covered in fur nearly from head to toe, despite part of his vulpine face, which was partially concealed by a gold and black helmet with a thick red feather jutting out the center, with openings for the pointed ears atop his head. His hands, and chest were hairless, and he wore rustic looking armour on his shoulders and back, as well as gauntlets, and an interesting red skirt-like garment that came down to his knees.

Below the knee, he was purely an animal. His legs thinned and came to hocks, and then large, paw-like feet, with dewclaws, and large, black front claws. Gine realised that must have been the clicking noise, and gulped, moving her head to switch the night vision off. He turned to look at her quickly, and Gine tensed. Her tail bristled, and she growled in warning as the Lupine stared at her through the bars. His large golden eyes grew larger, and the pupils became thin.

"Stay still, simian female. We're bringing you food and water soon. You've been sleeping for many hours. Wake the other one for meal time." He spoke calmly and gently with a rasp, his long tail wagging slightly at the mention of food.

Gine growled, keeping hers from doing the same. Lupines and Saiyans were not alike, she was sure of it. They were cruel, pack animals, and ate saiyan women and children, that's what the Saiyan Elders had always said. The guard slightly shook his head, placing the torch in a sconce, and falling gracefully to all fours. Gine's mouth hung open in astonishment as he became just like a wulyf, yet vastly larger and more muscular, as he padded away.

Gine got up on her knees, and realized she was bound at the wrists and ankles with leather straps. So much for warm hospitality, She thought sarcastically.

I'm in a Lupine prison! Gine struggled at her binds, and scolded herself for being in a panic.

She was in a tight spot, sure, but it's not like she hadn't ever escaped from a prison cell before. She had to blush at that, recalling the time she and Bardock had been imprisoned together many years ago, having only their bodies to keep warm, and each other's voices for solace, until they had been saved at last by their team's ingenuity...

Was that when Raditz was consummated? She shook her head of short shaggy hair, scoffing. No time for silly thoughts like that, her and Bardock were no longer as spontaneous as they were then. She got down onto her belly and had to army crawl through the muck, squeezing her eyes shut as she thought bitterly about how things would never return to how they were in the past. Finally, she felt warmth in the flickering darkness. She nudged whoever it was with her nose, and the person stirred. There was a feminine murmur, then a shuffling as the other Saiyan took in her surroundings. Fasha growled, and Gine had no option but to bite gently on her tail to stop her from making a big ruckus.

"Gine..? Is that you..? Where are we?" Fasha said huskily, coughing slightly as she struggled with her binds. Gine looked down at the leather straps and smirked, feeling confident.

"Don't worry, we'll be out of this soon. Stay still." Gine whispered, then began gnawing on the binds. Fasha whimpered, and Gine was shocked to hear her cry, which was very unbecoming of a saiyan woman, unless your mate or child was dying.

"Where's Tora? What is this terrible place?" She said in a hollow voice, and Gine shushed her.

"Shh, it'll be alright." The Saiyan mother purred, and for once she was dominant over Fasha. Gine was prepared for such an event, and would not let her emotions for Bardock get in the way of their escape. She couldn't just rely on him to save her, for all she knew he could be worse off... or dead.

"Bardock.." Gine choked out, then buried down her emotions. Raditz, Kakarot, where are you? Are you safe?

"Is he coming for us? Can you reach out to Bardock with your mental link?" Fasha questioned as her hands were freed, and Gine huffed. She refused to speak with him right now.

"Enough, don't you know how to stand on your own two feet? What if Tora was in trouble, would you whimper for him then?" She snapped out harshly, teaching her a necessary lesson.

"No." Fasha answered sternly as Gine turned, showing her bound wrists. She took them, and ripped the leather off easily, then the both of them were able to tear the binds off their ankles. They crawled across the rocky cave ground, Fasha cursing as she scraped her exposed knees on the floor, and Gine's black leggings ripped from the repeated motion, but they couldn't risk making too much movement in the dim light of the torches.

"Toraaa? Baaardock?" Fasha called softly, her voice echoing off the walls. They were met with nothing but the resonating sound of her voice, and looked to each other pensively. How deep was this cave system?

Raditz scowled in disgust at the garments he was offered. Shugesh and Borgos had made quick work of the hides of a few dead Lupines to make him a disguise, but he was highly unimpressed with it, and refused to wear it.

"Come on, cub. Just pull it over your head." Shugesh urged, nodding with encouragement for him to wear it. He stroked one finger across the bloody black fur, demonstrating to him how soft it was. Raditz reached out and touched it, feeling oddly wary as he did. Once touching the pelt, he saw that it was soft, and relented, allowing the older saiyans to dress him. Once he'd had the wulyfskin over his head, Raditz grinned.

"Think you can sneak in, kiddo?" Borgos said, nudging his shoulder with his fist.

"I can try, but how will I know how to get there?" He said, pouting. They had taken off his scouter, saying that it wouldn't blend in with the landscape of Lystraya.

"Sniff. Can't you smell it?" Shugesh said, poking at his own nose. Raditz tilted his head back and sniffed, then lowered his head, frowning.

"Smell what? I smell pollen, fungus, and... wulyfs." Raditz said, spitting. Shugesh gathered up Kakarot in his arms, where he had oddly swaddled him in wulyf pelts. Borgos stood beside him, resting his hand on his shorter teammate's shoulder.

Raditz quirked one brow up at them, thinking, Were Shugesh and Borgos always so...Chummy? Then they were waving him off, telling him to take the shortcut through the woods, and that they would already be ahead of him. Something's... fishy. Raditz confirmed, but went along with it anyways, and took the path down the woods. His leg was already feeling better from that leaf, matter of fact, it felt ten times better. Why was that? He bent down and peeled off the leaf, and gasped at what he saw. Where there had been deep gashes, his leg was now healed completely.

"Woah, is that normal for us Saiyans?" He said, then frowned; realizing he still had so much to learn still about being a saiyan. Where was Bardock when he needed him? The boy frowned, then shook his head, getting down on all fours, he pulled the wulyf disguise down over his face. You're all alone now, Raditz. He thought to himself, then recalled what Shugesh had said; Sniff? Was that a Saiyan trait? I thought that was canine. Raditz paused and ground his knuckle on his head, why did his brain choose to be so active right now?! He was on a rescue mission!

Raditz resolved to shut off his mind, once and for all, and began crawling. Then, once getting into the repeated motion, he went a bit faster, grinning, pretending he was a real wulyf, and he was on the hunt for prey. He sniffed the ground... caninely, making exaggerated snorts and wagging his tail like a dog. It was then that he realized, he really could smell alot of stuff. He could tell that a male and female Lupine had walked down this trail very recently, maybe yesterday? The male had stopped to pee on a tree. Raditz looked back behind himself to be sure, then lifted his leg like a dog and aimed his stream at the tree, feeling successful in covering the other scent. His wasn't quite as potent. That wulyf piss stinks, he thought as he continued on his way. It smells sort of like Borgos.

Raditz didn't have time to complete his thought process. He smelled something... animal. Raditz grinned beneath the teeth of the mask, and crept low to the ground on all fours. He had sniffed out a rabbit hole, and being a pretend wulyf, he was quite tempted. And hungry. Saiyans could eat raw meat, he recalled. We just cook it because it makes it better.

Raditz crept up to the rabbit's den, and reached his hand in. He felt around, feeling something like hay, then he felt a small, warm body in his hand. He pulled it out eagerly, holding a newborn rabbit in his palms. It was tiny, and soft looking. He petted it gently with one finger, then picked it up by the scruff, and opened his mouth. Squeezing his eyes shut, he dropped it in. Then, it crawled into his cheek and hid. Raditz squished it slightly in his jaws, and it made a little squeak.

Crap, I can't do this! It's live meat! He thought, in a panic, and spat the little rabbit out. For whatever reason, his heart was racing. He'd never actually killed something, let alone eaten it alive. What was he doing?! His parents were waiting! Raditz gently placed the rabbit back in it's nest, and ran off, internally scolding himself for being so chicken. Two figures appeared in the clearing, and snickered from where they had been watching.

"Should we surprise him?" One asked, and the other chuckled.

"The kid has a lot to learn. Let's let him keep going for awhile." The other barked lowly, then there was a small whine.

"Pup's hungry. Needs his mommy." The male gravelled, and the female snickered.

"We can feed it."


The path had been growing slowly narrower as the Lystrayan sky grew dark, a large moon forming in the sky over the tall grey mycelium trees. Raditz slowed a bit, panting, and came across a stream of spring water running down the path, and followed it to it's river basin. He was so thirsty, and hungry too. Raditz knelt down on the bank and lapped up water from the river like a dog, his tail, and long black hair covering his sides really did add to the illusion that he was a wulyf.

He suddenly heard a lapping sound beside him, and slightly turned his face apprehensively, nervous as he met the gaze of another black wulyf. It was simply drinking from the water beside him, a long pink tongue coming out and scooping it into porcelain white fangs. He took a sharp intake of breath, and backed up a bit. The wulyf turned and looked at him, with shining blue eyes.

"Greetings, friend." It spoke, and Raditz was stunned by the female voice that came from the animal.

"He-hello..." He rasped, gulping hard.

"What's your name? Mine's Yuhi."

"My... my name is Raditz." He answered, sitting back farther as she padded towards him, and sniffed.

"You smell familiar. But you also smell like blood." She said curiously, and he stuttered to answer.

"I-I just ate a whole den of rabbits. That's all." He said, lying. The Lupine tilted her head, making a mournful whine.

"Why? Are you starving, we have fungi to eat." She said, cocking her head. Raditz blinked, stunned by her statement.

"Huh?" He answered, not knowing what else to say. The Lupine grinned in a non-threatening way, and dug in the bank with her paw.

"Truffles. This Planet has a wealth of nutritious fungus on it. Did the elders not teach you?" She said, and nudged the truffle towards him.

"Um.. yes. I was just craving rabbit today. I like meat, don't you?" He said, lowering his head and sniffing at the truffle carefully. He picked it up between his teeth, then sat up, chewing the squishy flesh between his teeth. The female Lupine scowled at him, flattening her ears.

"Ewh, no way. I'm like, a vegetarian." She said, and licked her paw haughtily. Raditz got the mushroom down, grimacing.

"But, yeah. Most Lupines like meat to eat once in awhile. We need it for our diet, or else we wouldn't have these sharp fangs. My mom and pop are always trying to get me to eat it." She said with annoyance, then stood, and turned around, showing that she had a white tip on her long, fluffy tail.

Raditz got onto his knees, not knowing what to say next.

"Well, come on, Raditz. The moon is out, we should go home to the den before it's too late." She said, and Raditz avoided looking up at it, knowing what happened when a saiyan looked at the moon.

"Uhh.. Ok." He said, and followed her down the trail.

"Get up." A gruff voice sounded from above, and the unconscious person opened their eyes blearily, seeing through a haze of smoke, he coughed to life. Bardock sat up, gasping for breath.

What the hell was this?!

He looked around, and realized that he was completely surrounded by a pack of Wulyf-like men, who were bare chested, exposed from the waist down. His eyes widened with his confusion, and he turned his head, and saw Tora was there next to him, his eyes closed, as blood trickled down his forehead.

"GET UP!" A gruff voice growled, and Tora was splashed with some type of odd implement like an aspergillum used to sprinkle holy water. Tora sputtered, spitting out the odd, bad tasting milk-like liquid. Bardock struggled, and attempted to free himself from the branches and vines holding him fast to the wall, what normally should have torn easily with his strength was completely impossible. He heard another grunt, and looked to see Nappa on the other side of him, as he was, completely naked?! Thankfully they had their tails to cover them, not like the Lupines staring at them, who didn't even bother with modesty.

"What's this all about?!" Nappa ground out, pulling at the branches his thick arms were encased with, and actually making dust fall from the ceiling.

"We have been tasked with your cleansing. This is the Lupine way. You've requested to be reborn and made men once again, and now you shall go through arduous trials to get back your females."

"WHAT?!" They all questioned in unison, Bardock snapping his head to Tora, and recieving a cheesy, apologetic grin, practically flinching as Bardock stared at him.

"Um.. I guess they took the thing about getting Gine back pretty literally..." He said sheepishly, and Bardock fumed at him, his face turning a shade of crimson.

Tora felt a little bad that they were in this situation, sure, but so far it was going pretty swimmingly! The Lupines had all agreed to stage an attack on Castle Vegeta, and capture them, all to bring back the romance between Gine and Bardock! He wanted to recreate the romantic moments from back when the two fell in love, and he thought, Hey, maybe it could be fun for him and Fasha too! A lover's escape away to a far off planet. Why, it was the honeymoon that a saiyan would dream of! Action, tension and a rollercoaster of confusing emotions! He was sure that this would do the trick, although there were... some aspects that he hadn't anticipated.

Bardock looked at Tora's silly, daydreaming face as he was imagining how well his plan was playing out in his head, and snapped his tail hard against his friend's groin as punishment. Tora snapped out of it and cringed, feeling the wrath of his leader, and best friend.

"I told you, NO stupid schemes!" Bardock hissed under his breath, absolutely infuriated.

"I'm sorry... I thought we could all just laugh about it afterwards..." Tora said meekly, and lowered his head, feeling ashamed of his overly optimistic ideas.

"If you goddamned freaks don't get me outta here, I'm gonna blast this whole fucking place to smithereens!" Nappa shouted, his gold ki sparking out around him as he grew blinding mad, and managed to rip out a large root from the wall. The Lupines all tensed, holding up spears at him.

"Stay your power, primate!" The leader snapped, a barrel chested beast with long white hair and crystal blue eyes, coming up to face Nappa. The two growled at one another, and the beast gnashed his teeth. All the other Lupines went to their knees. Bardock couldn't help but feel a thick feeling rising in his throat, and swallowed heavily.

He must be the Alpha of the pack, and also the one that trapped us in the orb!

"I don't HAVE a mate, you idiot! Why the FUCK am I here?!" The giant of a Saiyan man challenged back; not afraid of the Lupine. He raised his aspergillum, and splashed Nappa in the face, completely covering the front of him with the liquid.

Nappa sputtered, and then Bardock and Tora suddenly felt nauseous as they saw the male Lupines all snickering behind their sharp teeth.

"What's in that vile liquid?!" Nappa sputtered, spitting his tongue out.

The Lupine gave him an almost comedic wolfish grin.

"All of our fresh semen, mother's milk, and urine. The three pillars of Lupine existence. Birth, Nourishment, and at last, Marking." He said, and then the Lupines were glad they were already kneeling, because the three saiyans all instantly projectile vomited.

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