Donna was home for the holidays and was thrilled to see her mom, dad, grandmother, Uncle Poe, Uncle Finn, Aunt Rey, and Aunt Rose. "How is college going for you," asked Poe

"It's going great" Donna answered, "Iris and Atlas are going to spend Christmas with Iris's adoptive family, Zephyr is hosting a Christmas party, Griffin is going to The Tipton in Montana, Shreya is visiting her relatives, Scott is going back to Indiana for the Channukah, Jazz and Mattie are going to watch the ball drop in NYC with their cousins, and Lloyd and Tammi are going to Germany for The Nutcracker Suite, just as long Lloyd doesn't mistake it for a hotel."

On the radio, Donna could hear a classic 80s song, "That's Wham's Last Christmas" Donna recalled, "I sang that last week at The Palace."

"You also got a letter from some friends of yours," Donna explained, "Will Vandom by the looks of it."

"Miss. Vandom and her family are spending Christmas in the UK" explained Donna, "She promised to write to me about her adventure."

Donna carefully opened the letter and read it out loud towards her loved ones.

Dear Donna

Peggy, Rayne, Isadora, Mahi, Addison, Liam, Mae, Mr. Bach, Matt, Alexa, and I are in the UK for the holidays.

Mae has won the Willy Wonka Christmas Candy Castle contest and she and her family get to spend Christmas at the Wonka Factory

Also, she is allowed to bring five friends of her choice.

So she chose Peggy, Rayne, Isadora, Mahi, and Addison.

Matt, Alexa, and I, on the other hand, knew Wonka well.

So he let us stay as long as we don't bring any pets along, so they won't eat the candy.

For travel, we decided to TBL, which means, "Travel By Liam" he took us there in dragon form.

Nicki is helping out at the senior center and Belle is visiting her pen pal in Norway this Christmas.

And there's more to this heart-giving adventure.

Note: The part where Donna mentioned The Nutcracker Suite being mistaken for a suite in a hotel, is a reference to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode, The Suite Smell of Excess.