Happy Tree Friends in Attack of Fliqpy!

Hello DalyGalaxy here and today I typed my first ever Happy Tree Friends fan story. First just to let you know who the Happy Tree Friends are they are a animated short video series of colorful cartoon characters that have disturbing gory things happen to them in their videos that first aired on in 1999 created and owned by Mondo Media. If you want to see what they are like they are on youtube now so just type it in on youtube and check them out. This will be my first HTB series of stories I will be typing. Now onto my first HTF story today for this one it will just be short and about the Happy Tree Friends characters getting gruesomely killed just like in their videos. This HTF fan story today includes HTF characters Flippy, Flaky, Giggles, Cuddles, Toothy and Nutty. In the future I plan on writing more Happy Tree Friends stories which will also involve the other HTF characters like Lumpy, Splended, Lifty and Shifty, Russel, Sniffles, Mime, Petunia, Disco Bear, The Mole, Pop and Club. So I hope you enjoy it and follow me for more stories

The Happy Tree Friends opening theme starts up with a picture of a tree in a classic golden books style book. With the theme song saying (here I will do my best to describe to you in exact detail what it sounds like in lyrics) you hoo yippee do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, la la la la la, la la la la la, la la laa laa la, do do do, do do do like that. Then next the words Happy Tree Friends comes onto the tree I will discribe to you in exact detail what it looks like a cartoon picture of a tree with the words of the show Happy Tree Friends on it with the first word Happy being on the top of the trees green branches then next the word Tree being in the central trunk of the tree. Then last the word Friends being at the bottom of the tree stump. All with the theme music still playing. Then next the first page of the book turns to show the name of my first Happy Tree Friends story Attack of Fliqpy!. Then the second page of the book turns to say the name of our first main Happy Tree Friends character of my first fan story Flippy. Then the next page turns Cuddles. The next page Nutty. Then the next page Toothy. Next page Giggles. Next page Flaky. Then the theme music stops. Then the next page turns then finally! my story begins. The scene opens with a beautiful sunny day with a few tree houses in the distance which are where are main Happy Tree Friends characters live. Then the scene starts to zoom in more closely to the tree houses with birds now churping and flying to their nests in the tree houses. Then the scene next shows a monarch butterfly fly past then the camera starts to zoom in more closely to one of the tree houses front door. Then the door of that tree house opens to show our first main character of my fan story Cuddles who walks out of his house to get his news paper which was just thrown onto his front door step by the HTF character Mime riding a small motorcycle. Then next we follow Mime riding his small motorcycle to watch him throw his newspaper to the next house door step Giggle's who just opened her front door to go get her newspaper then we see a butterfly fly onto one of Giggles flowers in her garden. Then she sees the monarch butterfly and is delighted by it then next she picks up her newspaper and walks back into her house closing the door behind her. Then Mime throws his next newspaper to his next house Nutty. But then the scene goes inside of Nutty's house where we see Nutty just waking up from his bed. Then next going to his draw just to put his candies on him he wears his candy apple on his forehead big Lolly pop on his right check small lolly pop on his left then finally the candy cane on his chest. Then he walks out of his house to get his newpaper. Then the next scene shows all of the Happy Tree Friends characters of my story except Mime all walking to the central green park of their town to all meet up. Where there they meet up with Flippy, Toothy and Flaky in the park. All are now in the park all just hanging. Cuddles and Giggles holding each others hand sitting on a bench with Nutty also sitting on that bench eating some candy like lolly pops, gummy bears and chocolate candy bars. Then we see Flippy just standing happily with Flaky next to him then next we see a helicopter flying over head. Then Flippy looks up hears and sees the helicopter flying over head. Then seeing that helicopter reminds him of his combat days then the scene cuts to a flash back of Flippy's combat days with Flippy flying in a helicopter shooting a machine gun down at the enemies below over a vietnam war style jungle battlefield while he was flying he sees another combat helicopter gets shoot down by a enemies rocket launcher then he sees that helicopter explodes. Then the flash back ends and then the scene cuts back to Flippy who then turns into Fliqpy! After rememering his combat days. Then now Fliqpy and now ready to kill. He first takes his knife and uses it to cut Toothes head off then he throws his head in the air takes his magnum revolver gun out and shoots at it that he blasted it then caused his head to explode into a lot of smaller pieces going everywhere. Then he aims his gun at Flaky after seeing this Flaky screams loudly in terror then Fliqpy shoots his pistol at her head then it exploded into a lot of tiny pieces. Then after that happened all we now see of where Flaky's head used to be is now that a bone which is part of her spinal cord. Then Cuddles, Giggles and Nutty who were all sitting on the bench then saw what just happened then got up and all ran away in terror. Then we cut to Cuddles running for his life but unaware that Fliqpy had set up a trap for him. The trap he had set up was a hole he dug with sharp metal rods he had placed at the bottom of it that he placed a green cover over it that made it look like a hole wasn't there as a trap so that someone like Cuddles would run over it and then fall into it and then get killed from falling onto the sharp metal rods. Which he did and now Cuddles was badly injured with the metal rods sticking through his body. Fliqpy came by and then looked down at Cuddles then he went away to get his next victim Giggles. Then next now cut to Giggles who is also running for her life but then she steps on a trap that Fliqpy had also set up for her but this trap was a different kind of trap it was one of those traps you step on and then it wraps you up and then hangs you high in a net. Fliqpy comes by cuts her down from the net then Fliqpy stabs her and then skins her. Just like what Fliqpy did to Shifty in the HTF Christmas episode Easy for you to sleigh. That now all we see on her is now just her naked muscles imagine what she would look like without her pink furry skin. Then Fliqpy takes her skin then wraps it in a ball and just throws it away in the distance. Then Fliqpy now goes to get his last final victim Nutty. We see Nutty running down the street but we don't see him scared but excited as he almost reaches his home he sees someone has put a big chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil on his front door step (think of it like one of those big chocolate eggs you get for easter or a giant kinder surprise egg) Nutty sees it then picks it up then unwraps it then puts it into his mouth being a sugar addict that he his was unaware that Fliqpy had put a remote controlled C4 explosive device inside it. Then Nutty over excited about his the chocolate covered surpise next he swallows it. Then Ka-Boom! Nutty's body explodes into a lot of small pieces now with his guts and blood going everywhere. Now the front of his house was all covered in blood and body parts. Then we see Fliqpy laughing evilly in the background. Then after that he immediately turns back to Flippy and then sees what he has done. Then he looks shocked at what he has done and then the scene ends with the scene going black except his face with the circle area only now taking up 10 percent of the screen not being black then it gets completedly covered and then now the whole scene is now black. The End.