Quinn was four months pregnant with Nash. It was a Saturday afternoon, and less than three hours ago Quinn and Joe had woke up from taking a nap after visiting the market. Quinn found this pregnancy completely different than her pregnancy with Beth. This one left her exhausted. Durning the workweek, she found herself constantly yawning around noon. She had cut out all coffee since she found out she was pregnant, and noticed how tried she got always around the same time of day. Dr. Weathers reassured her that it was perfectly normal. Most nights after dinner while Joe cleaned up and washed the dishes, Quinn would curl up on the sofa and fall asleep. Usually Joe would join her, opening his laptop to catch up one homework, all the while gently rubbing her legs. On the weekends, after they finished running their errands, Quinn would usually head upstairs for an hour nap. Today Joe had joined her. They slept back to back, and Quinn felt the comfort of the pressure of his warm back against hers relaxing, sleeping the best she had in days. When they woke up, Joe turned over, dreads falling over as he smiled. Suddenly, that same feeling of being extremely turned on overcame her. In the last month Quinn found herself constantly feeling horny.

When she casually brought this up to Dr. Weathers, she chuckled, and said it was perfectly normal, her hormones were simply just kicking in. Joe welcomed this, and took advantage that his wife couldn't keep her hands off him. Instantly, Quinn's breasts started to heave, as her hands reached down and began to rub against the crotch of his sweatpants. Laughing, Joe leaned against her, before he deeply kissed her. Feeling his erection start to pulse beneath her hand, still rubbing the bulge, making him begin to kiss her even harder, their mouths opening and closing. Pulling back slightly, Joe smiled as Quinn stared up breathless. Slowly he leaned down, lifting her T-shirt slightly and touching her stomach. She was nearing the end of her forth month, and she was just beginning to really show. She had been enjoying this pregnancy so far, besides a little morning sickness, she felt actually the best she had in forever. Everyone agreed, she actually did fit that stereotype for pregnancy. She truly was glowing. She skin as clear, her eyes bright, and Joe kept remaking she had never looked more beautiful. She had just recently called Shelby and Beth, seeing if Beth received her birthday present. Shelby was thrilled over the news of the pregnancy, and after Quinn spoke to Beth who sounded downright adorable, babbling on about her class, friends, and newest teacher. when Quinn told her that Joe and her were having a baby, Beth squealed with happiness, thrilled she was going to be a big sister.

Joe had gently pressed his hand against her stomach, before he slowly worked his way down, and put his ear to her stomach. So often Joe did this, usually before bed. Just last night he had been humming and singing to her belly. Quinn as always would stroke his dreads, smiling as she listened to him sing to their baby. Joe had just recently downloaded an app on their phone that monitored the baby's growth and development. As of right now it said their baby was a little bigger than an avocado. This had cracked up Joe to no end, and he had made it a tradition to sing to her belly every night, wanting the first sounds it heard it the womb to be music, since that's what brought them together. Slowly, Joe kissed her stomach, his soft lips opening and closing against her skin, before he slowly started down towards the waistband of her shorts. He gently began to push them down from her hips.

He continued kissing further, and further down, before Quinn gasped, tilting her head back as Joe went down on her, using that tongue of his that drove her absolutely wild. Now in those three hours, they had made love a total of five times. Somehow Joe had enough energy to actually surprise Quinn into almost pure exhaustion. Every time both climaxed together, shuddering in a joined orgasm, slick with sweat, chests heaving. They had twisted together beneath the sheets, tangled in them. Quinn laid beneath her husband, his dreads hanging down around her, as she laughed. Her legs wrapped around his ass, as he kissed her throat, and pressed his forehead against hers. That's when they felt it, both of them at the same time. It was faint, and unlike how it felt when she first felt Beth kick. It was strange, like a small fluttering, but nevertheless, she felt it, and so didn't Joe, still very much inside of her, his flat stomach against hers that had begun too take shape. Instantly his eyes widened, giving the same stunned expression he had given her dozens of times. His mouth opening in surprise.

His eyebrows raised, his eyes lit up. He gave the same expression when she had started to walk again in physical therapy. The same look he gave her when she wanted to start dating him, when they won nationals, saw each other naked, when he proposed, when they first made love, and when he first found out she was pregnant. Here he stared down at her, totally amazed. He looked down, before he lifted his eyes and stared at her.

"Was that?"

Quinn smiled, her hand going down between their bodies feeling her stomach. The same familiar stirring came again, and both knew for sure, this was their baby moving. Laughing, Joe stared at her, before she leaned forward, firmly grasping the sides of his face, deeply kissing him. Their mouths opened and closed, before she could feel him beginning to get hard again inside of her. Moaning, she franticly kissed him, before he began to move inside of her. In no time he was breathing deeply, thrusting away, pumping inside of her as she held onto his arching shoulder blades, begging him not to stop as another orgasm crashed over her. Breathing deeply, she clung onto him and pressed her forehead against his, never feeling more happy than she did at this exact moment. Both were in love, happily married, with their son safe and alive in her womb. Both months away from the heartbreaking reality of their son being stillborn, and then a year or so after that...Joe getting sick. At this exact moment, both were young and in love, and nothing could hurt them...

Quinn was jolted awake by the sound of her cellphone ringing. Taking a second, she desperately clung onto this wonderful dream, wanting so badly to stay in it. Instead, the image of Joe making love to her flickered and faded away, and finally Quinn found herself wide awake. She was laying in the very same bed she had been dreaming of making love to her husband in. Now she was alone, laying in the dark, her husband in the hospital, and now growing in her stomach were two twin boys... She took a second, eyes adjusting to the dark, her hand slipped across her stomach before she reached and answered. Sighing, now awake, she blinked. "Hello?" She heard crying, and instantly her stomach dropped.


She knew it was Nancy. She was crying. Instantly, her eyes widened as she gripped the cellphone right enough that her knuckles were white. Sitting up straight, she listened to the sniffling on the other line.


"Honey, you're friend Sam is coming over right now, I didn't want you driving..."

Quinn gulped, suddenly her heart was hammering deeply in her chest.

"Is he dead?"

Nancy sniffled again.


"He's gone isn't he?"

There was a silence on the other line before finally Nancy sighed.

"He stopped breathing about forty minutes ago. The doctors worked on him for nearly a half an hour. They just called it. They couldn't get his heart started honey. They tried, please believe me. I was there the entire time...I wanted you to come down here before they took him downstairs. I'm sorry honey..."

Quinn blinked, she figured she was what shock felt like. She had been trying to accept that this day would come sooner than later. Still, she had just been there. It was Joe who insisted she go home and sleep in a regular bed since her back had been hurting. She wondered if maybe, by some crazy way she could have stopped this from happening if she had been there? She sat there, remembering just hours ago, sitting in his hospital bed with him. He had a feeding tube going into his stomach now, and could barley lift his head. He sat slightly up, high and dazed on meds. His eyes glazed over slightly as the machines continued to beep and click.

He had his oxygen tubes going up his nose, and the entire time Quinn laid in bed with him, gently rubbing ice cubes across his chapped lips, and stroking his thin wavy hair. His hands were placed on her stomach, his eyes never leaving it. Quinn had started talking about her ideas for the nursery. She had even brought a small smile to his face when she joked about two cribs. She had hummed to him, and laid there, hoping she was taking his mind off the pain. She said tomorrow she would bring in some magazines and they could pick a theme. Sam said he would take her to the hardware store to pick out paint. About a half an hour later, Joe insisted she go home and get some rest.

"You get some rest, remember...those are my babies in there."

He said in a horsed cracked sounding voice. Laughing, Quinn nodded.

"Okay, fine." Rolling her eyes, she got up, stretching, before making sure he was comfortable, before Joe weakly motioned to the closet with his head.

"I have a surprise for the babies...Nancy helped me finish it. This was before we found out we were having they are just gonna have to learn how to share."

Quinn lifted an eyebrow smiling, before turning and walking to the closet. Opening, she reached into a large shopping bag, and pulling out the knitted blanket. Holding it, she couldn't believe how big it was. Holding it out, she gasped, looking at how absolutely amazing it came out.

"When did you guys work on this?!"

Joe weakly smiled, his eyes half closed.

"Here and like it?"

Quinn smiled and brought it up to her face. Instantly she smiled warmly.

"It smells like you...I love it. I'm sure they will be sharing a crib for the first few months...once they are ready to go to college they can fight over who gets too keep it."

Joe weakly laughed before Quinn walked over, holding it draped over her arm.

"I love it,'s beautiful."

Joe smiled before he very slowly reached out and swept his hand across her stomach, covered by her blouse. Smiling, Quinn leaned down and gently kissed his pale cheek.

"I'll see you in the morning, you need anything you have Nancy call me okay?"

Joe looked as if the pain meds were really starting to kick in. He gave a tired smile and nodded. Holding onto the blanket, she stared down at her husband. It had been such a bad week for him. He had been vomiting blood lately, and really struggling to breathe. The only time he sorta seemed like his old self was when she talked about the babies. Her last appointment had gone really well, but Dr. Weathers stated her concerns over the stress of what was happening could put her at high risk, especially now that she was carrying twins. The babies were developing nicely, but Quinn's blood pressure was dipping up and down. Dr. Weathers had become close with Quinn ever since she lost Nash. She gave Quinn her personal number and explained to reach out even if she just wanted to talk. She lost her husband in a car accident nearly eleven years ago. Quinn had absolutely no idea. She then explained she was pregnant for the first time, only two months along but she miscarried shortly after the funeral. She figured it was just too much between the shock of what happened, and the stress. She later remarried, and has a little girl. She motioned to the framed photograph of an adorable little girl with black curls, picking flowers and laughing at the camera. She said that she honestly never thought she would get over losing her husband and the baby, but eventually she was able to move on, because she knew that's what her husband would have wanted. Quinn suddenly became uncomfortable, she tried to make an excuse that she needed to get back to the hospital, but she wouldn't let up.

"Quinn, have you thought of talking to a therapist or councilor?"

"I'm fine, I have my mom, and joe's parents, and my friends..."

"That's wonderful, and I'm glad you have a great foundation of people who you can talk to and lean on, but...the reality is, you're pregnant...pregnant with twins. This is after your last pregnancy resulted in you losing your son. After what what was it? A few months later Joe got diagnosed, and since then you've been worrying about him nonstop. Hospital visits, and specialist, treatments, chemo, it's been a lot. you're been living in hospitals, watching your husband, who's still so young get weaker and weaker. two have hit the end of the road. I know how horrible this much be. Joe is your whole world...he's amazing. I've met a lot of boyfriends, and husbands and he takes the cake. I watched him stand by your side throughout it all, and now you've done the same for him. It's hard to accept that he's fought so hard and're pregnant again with twins. Nobody should ever go through what you have gone through, and I know you keep saying you're fine, but eventually there's going to be the day you get that call...and you'll have to face the reality of grieving your husband, and facing a future without him while raising two children alone."

Quinn sat back, tears filling her eyes as she stared down at her hands and her wedding ring. She usually freaked out whenever it was brought up that Joe was dying, and didn't have long now. No, this wasn't how it was supposed to happen. She was finally pregnant again, with twins! They had so much to look forward together. She couldn't wait to have Joe with her in the delivery room, both squirming screaming babies, flushed, and very much alive. She knew how badly Joe wanted to be a father, and there was so much to look forward to raising these babies with him. The sad fact was time was running out. Joe's doctors had sat her down, and said at this point it was just a matter of time.

They wanted to make him comfortable, and said at best he had less than a month. The very idea that Joe wouldn't live to see his children be born broke her heart. She wanted him to fight, to somehow beat this sickness that was eating him up. She prayed so badly for a miracle, for anything to happen so her husband would live and not leave her. Joe's parents weren't taking this well, especially Joe's mother. She had been over the moon about the babies, but had visited Joe in the hospital. He had just ad a seizure, and was laying in his hospital bed, an oxygen mask placed over his nose and mouth, slightly fogging up with each breath. Quinn came in after talking to the doctors, and found Mrs. Hart laying in bed with Joe, staring down at him, her eyes heartbroken. Quinn felt her chest ache as she walked in, before sitting on the edge of the bed. Joe continued to sleep, before Quinn sighed and rubbed his leg over the blankets.

"This was a bad one, doctors want him closely monitored for the rest of the night."

Ms. Hart sadly nodded, still staring down at him.

"I miss his hair so much, it was so thick and beautiful. He had mentioned he wanted to get rid of his dreads after the wedding. He said he wanted to grow it out. He always had the most beautiful thick hair. I bet the babies will get that from him."

Quinn sadly nodded.

"Yeah I hope so..."

"It's almost at the end now, I can feel it. His body is so weak...I just can't believe this is my baby boy."

She struggled with tears, before she sniffled and stared at her.

"Quinn honey, you have made our son so happy. I'll never forget when he came home from school. So excited about this cute girl he met at school..."

Quinn smiled as Ms. Hart went on, stroking his pale face.

"Me and my husband...we wanted him so badly. It took years to get pregnant. We miscarried a few times, and we were beginning to give up hope...then out of nowhere I got pregnant with Joe. I almost lost him a few times, and finally when he was born, it was like God had sent me my own little angel. He was so perfect. I think that's a big reason why I had him homeschooled. I didn't want to let go of my little angel and have him grow up. I swear Quinn, it was like he was suddenly brought to life. He was so excited the day you brought him to join Glee club. You've made him so happy...I promise you, these babies will know how badly their father wanted them. We'll make sure of that okay?"

Quinn felt her chest ache as she blinked away tears and nodded.


Sadly smiling, Ms. Hart continued to softly brush back Joe's hair, humming softly as she did so.


Quinn was in her wheelchair, struggling to put her books away in her locker, reaching up when suddenly a few came crashing down. Joe, the new kid aka "Teen Jesus" was kneeling right beside her, putting his books away as well. Joe picked up her books, putting them away.

"Maybe you should request a lower locker. Could be...easier."

Quinn shook her head.

"No, this has always been my locker and will continue to be my locker until I walk across the stage in my cap and down and get my diploma."

Quinn sighed as Joe shut the locker door, not even taking a second look at her photos. One of which was right after Beth was born, the only of Beth just a few years old. Shutting the locker door he stared down at her, fixing the strap of his massager bag. Looking at him, his dreads, his wooden beaded necklace, his nose ring and tattoos...she suddenly thought he was pretty cute. A far cry from the kind of guys she usually liked, but he really was cute, especially his eyes.

"I gotta get to class..."

She muttered, feeling that strange fluttering in her stomach as the tension grew. Staring down at her, he smirked.

"Can I walk with you?"

Quinn blinked, a little taken aback before she nodded. Joe asked where she was headed, she told him history class, room 403. He walked behind her, and began pushing down the crowded hallways. At first Quinn wanted to insist she was fine and could wheel herself. She was still upset after she talked with Arnie at the skatepark on what should have been a carefree senior skip day. She knew he meant well, but it almost seemed as if he wanted her to stay in the chair so he wouldn't be alone. Trying to calm down, not letting her emotions get the best of her, she sat back as Joe wheeled her.

"I've been praying for you."

Quinn actually felt touched.

"I guess it couldn't hurt for God to hear from a couple of people..."

They approached her class.

"Praying to walk again as well..."

"I didn't pray for you to walk. I prayed for God to help you with whatever your dreams may be."

Quinn held onto the wheels, causing the chair to halt to a stop. She took a deep breath, everything about today as starting to truly build up.

"I appreciate your prayers...but when your done praying you're able to get off your knees and walk away..."

The second she said it, she knew how that sounded. Joe walked around to face her, truly looking not bothered. Suddenly Quinn felt embarrassed. She took a deep breath and wheeled a little away before stopping, hating herself. Before she was Ms. Popular, everyone liked and loved her. Now it was just like with Beth again. She saw who truly cared and who didn't. People couldn't even look at her. She sighed.

"Sorry...self obsessed bitch."

Joe lightly chuckled walking towards her. He went to continue pushing her again, clearly not bothered.

"It's cool."

Quinn smiled and turned facing him as he raised an eyebrow.

"You know what? You're really inspiring, and I have a feeling you could inspire a few other people I know. What are you doing after school?"

Joe smiled.


"How would you feel about joining glee club. You can play guitar, can sing better than most people I know. Can you dance?"

Joe blushed a little and did the so-so sign with his hand. Laughing, Quinn stared up at him.

"That's better than most. So how about it. We're trying to get ready for nationals in a few months. Our teacher is really cool, and it might be a fun way to learn recent long as you're allowed?"

Joe smiled and nodded.

"My mom has actually been wanting me to join some clubs and get to make more friends. You sure it will be okay?"

Quinn nodded smiling.

"Absolutely. Meet me outside class after school, deal?"

Joe smiled.



Joe met Quinn as promised as he pushed her to the auditorium where everyone was warming up for "booty camp". Quinn really didn't have to go since she had every plan on being out of this chair by the time they went to nationals. Still, she attended every practice knowing walking or not walking, her dance skills could improve by a long shot. Joe had pushed her in and they met with Mr. Schuester. Smiling, Quinn asked if she could have the floor and announce something? Mr. Schuester said of course, and Coach Sylvester was standing near by as everyone was warming up on stage. Quinn smiled.

"I invited a friend, you remember him from Valentine's Day?"

Brittany smiled and cupped her hands saying...

"Teen Jesus!"

Joe lit up and waved as Quinn continued talking...

"He's got a killer voice."

Everyone cheered as Mr. Schuester welcomed him to The New Directions. Joe joined them as Puck motioned.

"Dude you got a twig in your hair..."

Joe made a face, when Puck shook his head.

"No dude, seriously..."

Joe picked it out before smiling.


Practice went great. Quinn sat back and watched him and was surprised at how quickly he picked up on the dance moves. Everyone seemed to really like him, and once everything was said and done, Joe wiped his forehead and joined her as everyone got ready to leave.

"That was amazing, thank you so much for inviting me."

Quinn smiled and offered him her water bottle. He smirked and took a gulp of it before handing it back.


"No problem, I think we're going to need you. So practice is three times a week after school, and Glee Club is every day during forth period, and on Fridays first. That cool?"

"Totally, I had a second study period and when I called my mom she was thrilled. You need a ride."

"Thanks but my mom is picking me up."

"Let me push you out then."

Quinn smiled staring up at him as he grabbed his bag. Together he walked out pushing her as Brittany and Santana grabbed their things watching them. Brittany smiled.

"The new girl is cute huh?"

Santana smirked before she motioned to Quinn and Joe leaving together.

"Looks like Quinn might have a little crush. Nice."


Sam hurried over as soon as the hospital called. He raced over, using the spare key Quinn and Joe had given to him, and could hear the screams as he hurried up the driveway. He found Quinn completely hysterical, sobbing her eyes out, shaking in her bedroom. She had trashed the room, two lamps were laying on the carpet shattered. She was frantic, pacing back and forth, pulling at her hair, sobbing when Sam came in. She tried to fight him, pushing him away and screaming...


The rest didn't make sense, until finally she calmed down enough. Sam at first thought maybe he outta call her mother, but she began getting worked up again, telling him as tears poured down her face that she wanted to go to the hospital. He brought her as she changed into jeans, and wore her Yale sweatshirt, her hair drawn back in a messy ponytail, her face puffy, her eyes bloodshot. They drove in silence as Sam kept nervously glancing over. He cared about Quinn, and even had a history with her. He had grown close with both her and Joe, and counted Joe as one of his closest friends. It honestly just seemed like yesterday that Joe was asking for advice in the locker room about the woman who would go on to become his wife. He remembered watching from afar as Joe joined the Glee Club on top of The God Squad, and honestly seemed as if he was falling deeper and deeper in love every single time he gazed at Quinn from across the room.

He remembered their wedding, and the countless nights of him being invited over for dinner, the three of them all laughing sitting around the kitchen, long before Joe got sick. He knew this day was coming, but hated the fact that Quinn was pregnant, no...pregnant with twins, and now suddenly all alone. It seemed crazy to believe that Joe was actually gone. In fact, he had gone to see him two days ago and had a feeling this would be the last time he ever saw him. Now here he was, late at night driving his pregnant wife to go see his dead body. It seemed so unreal. More than anything he wished Mercedes was here. Glancing over, he saw Quinn staring out the window, her eyes blank, most likely in shock.

One hand rested on her tiny little bump of her pregnant stomach, the other absently playing with her wedding band.


Sam knew he had phone calls to make. He stood there absolutely heartbroken. The doctor had greeted Quinn, along with Joe's nurse Nancy. Sam could tell Nancy had been crying, as the doctor sadly sighed staring at Quinn as she walked over to the nurse's station, her eyes glassy with tears.

"I'm so sorry Quinn. We tried everything we could, we just couldn't get his heart started again. Dr. Green came down to assist. He flatlined and we tried putting a tube and line in, we even used the defibrillator on him several times and injected him with adrenaline. I'm so sorry honey, we knew this day was coming. Even if he had hung on for maybe another week, he most likely would have slipped into a coma with his oxygen levels. At this point we were just managing his pain."

"How long...did you work on him?"

Quinn said, her eyes defeated and dead looking. Sam dropped his eyes as Dr. Swayer sighed.

"Half an hour to maybe forty five minutes. We finally called it knowing even if we got a heartbeat, he would have been braindead at that point. He died while sleeping Quinn. I know you don't want to think about it, but he went peacefully. We tried everything we could...but like I said his body was just too weak. We need to move him soon, but I wanted you to be alone for a little bit and say goodbye. We'll be helping your friend make calls and contact his parents."

Quinn didn't say a word before Nancy took her hand, and led him to his room. Sam followed before stopping, knowing Quinn needed to be alone. Dr. Swayer had Joe's phone, asking if he could help him make some phone calls. Watching Quinn and Nancy enter the room, closing the door behind them. Sighing, he nodded and took Joe's phone. When he opened it, he saw the background was of Quinn, wearing a large sunhat smiling. Staring at it, he blinked tears away. Inside Joe's room, all of the machines were shut off and silent. Nancy squeezed Quinn's hand.

"I'm so sorry baby, I was sitting right beside him while he slept. I was reading to him just how he liked it. Right after you left, I had to give him another shot. He was in so much pain, and he told me...that he hoped the babies looked just like you, even if they were boys...he said he hoped they looked just like you. That was the last thing he ever said...he fell asleep after the shot and then about twenty minutes later the monitors went off when he flatlined. I called in a code blue, tried giving me CPR while the doctor came in with the other nurses. Honey they tried everything they could...I think he wanted to hold on as long as he could, but his poor body wouldn't allow it. Take your time and say goodbye to him, okay?"

She squeezed her hand, kissing her cheek before walking her over to the bed. They had cleaned him up for Quinn's sake, taking the tubes out, putting his shirt down, and folding his hands. His eyes were closed, his face pale, and his lips slightly parted and gray. Standing there, suddenly Quinn didn't think she could do this. Her heart hammered in her chest as she stared down, swaying. She clutched onto Nancy's hand tightly, staring down at her husband who looked as if he was just sleeping.

"He looks peaceful..."

Nancy said, sniffling. Staring down, feeling absolutely nothing. Nancy told her she would give her some privacy, and left her. Once she heard the door shut, Quinn felt a terrible ache in her chest. She knew she could carry on, screaming and shaking her husband's body, screaming at him to get up and open his damn eyes and stop scaring her. She knew she could try and give him CPR against his cold lips, and pray that somehow they had been wrong. Suddenly it all seemed as if there hadn't been enough time. He was just in his early twenties. He was a good man who worked hard, loved her, and believed in God. Why? Why did this happen? She remembered him wrapping his arms around her when they learned Nash was dead.

Now she was all alone... She stared down at him. Why couldn't they be back home? Safe and warm in bed. Pregnant with twins, her husband's arms draped over her, feeling her stomach. She now stood, staring down at her husband...the same guy she laid eyes on during the first god Squad meeting and somehow in the back of her mind she knew...she was going to fall in love with him. Silently, she crawled in bed for the last time with her husband. She snuggled in close, nuzzling his cold face before feeling her chest heave as tears began to spill down her face. Snapping her eyes shut, her face crumpling, she felt everything ache inside of her as she sighed, smelling his skin, and knowing this was it. Her husband was dead, it was now officially all over. Everything inside of her hurt, as she reached over, holding his cold body against hers.

She knew this wasn't Joe anymore... Sobbing, she snapped her eyes shut, pressing her forehead against the side of his head for the very last time. That's when she broke down completely. Sobbing, she held onto her husband, wanting more than ever for him to open his eyes and just look at her. Crying, she cried for the fact...this had been it. Her love story cut short, but she mostly cried for the fact that this was it. It was final, and here she was, finally reaching the end. She knew he wanted so badly to stay, but now it was over. Feeling her body ache as she moaned, crying against him, she clutched onto his cold body, and knew now...she was allowed to be sad. She was allowed to mourn her husband, and feel devastated. She knew she would be for awhile...


She knew she had to keep going...for them. Joe's children. Crying, she laid there, sobbing and crying as Sam opened the door and looked in. Tears filled his own eyes as he sighed watching them. Feeling completely helpless, he bowed his head as Quinn buried her face against Joe's, and cried the most helpless, gut wrenching, devastated sound he had ever heard.

This was the night Joe Hart had died.

Two days later...

Ms. Hart was downstairs with her husband. They were taking their son's death as good as to be expected. They both came to the hospital shortly before Joe was taken downstairs to the morgue. When they arrived, Ms. Hart breathed deeply before walking over, she gently touched Quinn's arm who was refusing to leave Joe's body.

"Oh my sweet baby..."

She said in a choked voice, before gently reaching over, and brushing Joe's thin hair back. Mr. Hart walked over, before gently touching Quinn's arm as Sam stood in the background. "Quinn honey, I'm so sorry...but this isn't Joe anymore. You have to let them take him away." Quinn continued laying there, eyes snapped shut, still holding onto his cold body. More than anything she wanted for her husband to just open his eyes and look at her. Finally she sat back, and the second she looked at Ms. Hart, her entire face crumpled before she started sobbing, feeling sick to her stomach, she stared at Joe's mother, looking at her own eyes filling with tears, both knowing that Joe was really gone. Ms. Hart wrapped her arms around her, and held her tight. Now two days later the Harts were downstairs making funeral arrangements downstairs. She honestly didn't know what she would do without the two of them, who had been staying with her since the night Joe died. Her mother was coming by later, and almost all of her friends were coming for the funeral tomorrow. She felt as if she was slowly drifting in a dream.

Every few hours suddenly the reality of what happened would come crashing back at her, hitting her like a pile of bricks. It was little things, like knowing his hospital room had an older man staying in it. Mr. Hart bringing home three bags full of his stuff, including his T-shirts and sweats that Nancy had all washed for Quinn, including his plants, books, and framed photos. The second she saw all of these things sitting in the living room, she broke down. Hearing Mr. and Mrs. Hart make the arrangements they could over the phone as well as contacting family. Hearing the same sentence over and over again from the next room...

"Joe passed away on Friday..."

It didn't seem real. To Quinn she kept waiting for her phone to light up, it being Joe, making her smile, and asking when she would be coming by at the hospital? Sometimes she would surprise him with a smoothie, or some fresh fruit from the farmer's market that he loved. She even remembered on his birthday surprising him with a black and gold lace panties and bra that were his favorite. She remembered she wore it underneath a sundress, and as soon as Nancy left after checking his chart, she slowly snapped the buttons open, showing what she had as a surprise for him. The second he saw it, sipping his smoothie, he nearly choked, looking her up and down. Quinn remembered this was before he got worse, and how she had given him a blowjob that afternoon. Once he had finished, both sat in bed together, sharing the smoothie, watching TV where Joe draped his arm around her, kissing the top of her head.

"This hands down has to be one of the best birthdays I've had in a very long time."

Remembering this, Quinn suddenly felt that same tightening in her chest. She sat there, feeling the tears coming, before Sam who hadn't left her side since they first went to the hospital. He had been helping the Harts, and had been looking after her. Seeing her start to breath heavy, he went to her side, and held her as she started feeling sick. Snapping her eyes shut, she moaned, before breaking down completely. Joe's mother was there in an instant, and took over for Sam, hugging her, gently rubbing her back, telling her it was going to be okay. After she calmed down, Ms. Hart brought her upstairs, saying that they were going to go to the funeral home and asked if she wanted to come with them? Quinn swayed, eyes blinking with tears, as she swayed and instantly Ms. Hart put her arm around her.

"Honey, don't you worry. We'll handle everything..."

"I should be two shouldn't have to..."

Ms. Hart shook her head, gently brushing her hair back behind her ears.

"Honey, I'm calling your doctor to come see you. Joe would have wanted us to take care of you and the babies. You're in shock, and I'm not letting anything happen to you. We'll handle all of the arrangements, you need to rest understand?"

Quinn's lip quivered, before she blinked and stared up at him.

"I...just want him back...I want him back too badly...I should have been there."

Quinn moaned, tears rolling down her face. Instantly Ms. Hart shook her head.

"No baby, you were by his side the entire time. I think he hung on as long as he could honey...and I know he fought as hard as he could. He wanted to stay, I know he did. Last time I spoke to her, he was so excited about the babies...but now he's in Heaven honey, he's in Heaven with your little boy. He'll be watching over you."

Quinn bowed her head before she started crying again, bringing her shaken hands up to her face, sobbing. Ms. Hart rubbed her back, soothing her, until finally, Quinn sniffled and looked up.

"He'll need something to wear. His...suit, the black one is in the closet, maybe...the tie he wore on our wedding day? It's in his dresser."

Mrs. Hart warmly smiled, kissing the top of her head as tears continued to pour down her face.

"That sounds perfect baby...absolutely perfect."

Once Quinn calmed down, Mrs. Hart picked out the clothes, before the doorbell rang downstairs. Mrs. Hart left Quinn on the bed, hurrying downstairs, and just a few minutes later, returned with Dr. Weathers. Quinn felt a few panic attack coming on, she laid curled up, holding one of Joe's T-shirts from the hospital, clutching onto it for dear life. Dr. Weather reassured Mrs. Hart she would stay here with her until they came back. Sam would be waiting downstairs. Once they were alone, Mrs. Hart rubbed Quinn's side.

"How are you honey?"

Quinn couldn't believe a fresh batch of tears were being brought on. Struggling to stop, she found herself helpless. Tears continued to gush down her face, as she snuggled to breath, hitching in her breath, as she continued to sob. It seemed as if every few minutes when things weren't numb to the shock, suddenly the grief would rear it's ugly head, clawing at her, making her sick to her stomach, wanting more than anything just to see her husband. She suddenly wished more than anything that she had been more prepared. Instead she had been in complete denial over Joe dying, never thinking this day would ever happen, especially once she found out she was pregnant again. Suddenly everything seemed impossible that this had happened. How was she ever going to have these babies and raise them without Joe? Maybe Rachel had been right? The grief kept hitting her over and over, and she had absolutely no idea how she could live like this when it had just been a few days. All she wanted was her husband back, just a little bit more time... Dr. Weathers gave her something and swore it wouldn't hurt the babies. First she gave her a shot, when sad she would be giving her a bottle of pills that Mrs. Hart could give to her when she felt another panic attack coming on. She also have her something to sleep. She stayed with her, talking a little bit, until finally sleep washed over Quinn. She fell into it exhausted and in it she dreamed...

She was back at school, in the choir room, and saw Joe alone there. He was a teenager, dressed in jeans and one of his pullover sweaters, his dreads, his nose ring, and that same adorable smile on his face. The second he spotted her, he smiled and waved her over.

"Hey, I saved you a seat."

Panic as well as relief filled her as she hurried over, falling to her knees right in front of him. Seeing him, her heart pounded, and her stomach fluttered. Crying tears of relief, she knew they had made some awful mistake. She knew he was alive. Smiling, she grabbed both of his hands, squeezing them before she laid her head down, rubbing them against her, kissing his fingers.

"I knew you were alive, I knew you would come back to me! I knew you weren't dead! Don't ever leave again Joe! Promise me! Promise me!"

Joe lifted her head, squeezing her hands with his larger ones before smiling.

"Of course, I'm not going anywhere...

Then Quinn woke up.

Sam was sitting on the edge of the bed, and downstairs she could faintly here Dr. Weathers talking to the Harts downstairs. Taking a second, she blinked, before it hit her all over again. Crashing down and hitting her. Joe was dead, and that had all been a cruel dream. Staring up at Sam, her eyes exhausted she sighed.

"Did I dream it?"

Sighing, Sam shook his head. Laying there, feeling completely drained, Quinn brought Joe's shirt up to her face, breathing in deep before shutting her eyes and softly crying.

The next night...

The funeral was held at St. Ann's, a church both Joe and Quinn joined shortly after getting married. They became close with the pastor and his wife, and attended every Sunday up until Joe was forced to start staying at the hospital full time. The pastor had constantly been visiting Joe in the hospital, as well as having prayer circles after mass, constantly telling Quinn that they were all keeping them in their thoughts, praying to give Joe strength to fight this illness.

Quinn knew it was nearing the end when the Pastor, Pastor Mark to be exact came to visit Joe just four days before he died. Quinn came in as the pastor had his head lowered, praying as Joe slept. When he finished, making the sign of the cross, he turned and smiled at Quinn. Walking over, Quinn kept her voice down so, even though she was sure the pain meds had really knocked Joe out. Hugging him tightly once he got up from his chair. Hugging him tight, Quinn sighed and pulled back, blaming the pregnancy hormones for her tears, she smiled and thanked him for coming. "I hear you have two little one son the way." Quinn blushed smiling, staring down at her stomach which was just staring to take a little shape.

"Yeah, thank you..."

"These babies are a gift from God. You remember that."

Smiling and nodding, she thanked him before he told her to call anytime, that his wife was planning on doing some baking and drop off some pies to her house since she's eating for three now. Smiling, she thanked him, before being left alone to stare down at her husband. Her husband who weighed just a little over a hundred and twelve pounds, looking beyond gaunt from his tall 6'2 frame. His skin was a grayish sickly color, brownish purple circles underneath his closed eyelids. Most days now he was so out of it he mostly slept. When he was somewhat aware she curled up in bed to him, softly singing, stroking his thinning hair, and filling him in on her day. He always wanted to know how she was feeling, hating to dwell on how he was, shrugging it off saying he was fine, and rather talk about her. He would lay there, listening to her, and hanging off every world, his hazel eyes somewhat glossed over from the amount of pain meds he was on. She knew he was on such heavy stuff now even if there was a strange one in a million chance he survived, these drugs would leave him a junkie.

She had looked up the stuff he was on, and basically it was just left for him to either sleep 90% of the day, or just feel numb all over and not feel anything. Still, it was better than when he was violently ill, puking up blood, barley able to breath, sweating, and moaning in pain. She enjoyed their few hours together. She would help give him sponge baths, gently washing him, or helping Nancy and the other nurses change his bedding. He seemed humiliated when he had accidents, barley able to look up at her. As always Quinn would tell him she didn't care, kissing his forehead, and hating how defeated he seemed. She would watch television with him, using cream to rub down his arms, bend his legs giving him exercise in any little way she could. She loved whenever she could get him to laugh a little. He would constantly be touching her stomach, wanting to hear every single detail of her appointments, as well as her day. He wanted to hear about everything, her morning sickness, how tired she was, how Sam was doing, or who she had heard from through text. He was always so happy to hear that his mother was coming by nearly everyday to either bring her meals, or help her around the house. Sitting there she gently rubbed her stomach, staring at Joe, trying to push away the terrifying thought that he was in fact slipping away. The funeral itself had been a small service. Rachel, Jesse, Arnie, Kurt, and Blaine all came in from New York.

Mr. Schuester, Emma, and Coach Sylvester all came together as a group. Coach Sylvester looking odd in a black pants suit. Mercedes had flown in from Los Angeles, with Sugar. Both had shared an Uber from the airport since Sugar was currently "studying" fashion in Los Angeles. Kitty came, but Quinn gave her the cold shoulder. She knew she should have tried to be nicer, but even though it was years ago, she remembered Joe telling her about all of the man remarks she constantly said about him. Santana, and Brittany came together, and the second Santana saw Quinn, dressed in a simple black dress, her eyes began to water and she tightly threw her arms around her, squeezing her tight.

"I'm so sorry Quinn..."

She said, barley able to keep it together. Brittany hugged her tight as well, silent tears rolling down her face as the unholy trinity held onto each other. Rory had sent flowers from Ireland, and an hour after viewing hours had started Wade, Marley, Jake, and Ryder even made it, all attending college across the country, now arriving to pay respects to a guy they went to school with for just a year so long ago. The last time she had seen any of them was at their wedding. Mrs. Hart did all of the arrangements. Quinn, who felt as if she was sleepwalking through all of this was forever thankful. She honestly didn't think she could have done any of this. In fact this morning, her mother had to pick out what she had to wear since after her shower, she simply sat with a towel wrapped around her, blankly staring at a wall. The funeral home was called Anderson's. It was a small little family run place, and they had been absolutely wonderful. When the Harts, Quinn's mom, and Quinn all entered the viewing room, Quinn felt her heart freeze in her chest. The casket was beautiful, and there were countless backseats and displays of flowers sent from all over. Laying in the casket was her husband. They had done a wonderful job. They had combed his hair, making it look thicker than it was. The makeup they used didn't make him look so pale, and he laid in his suit, his hands folded. He actually looked as if he was just sleeping. She couldn't believe it.

They let her go first. Quinn knelt down on the tiny bench covered in red velvet as she slowly knelt down, feeling the meds she had taken earlier really kick in. Staring down at him, she couldn't believe that just a few days ago he was alive. She tried so hard to think of him long before the illness came. Back when he was just this handsome guy, tattoos, nose ring, and dreads. His smile, and the way his eyes always lit up. She thought of all those years ago, him staring down at her during physical therapy, holding onto her legs, smiling, locking eyes with her. She then remembered him holding her leg when she delivered Nash, the same look in his eyes, only this time, heartbroken. She thought of less than a month ago trying to give him a hand job, but he couldn't get hard no matter how much she tried. She knew it was the drugs that were doing that. He was embarrassed, but she reassured him that none of this mattered. It was just the two of them, as always. Now here he was, dead, not even reaching his mid twenties, her once handsome beautiful, strong, kind husband...dead.

She knelt there, gently stroking his sleeve, the overpowering scent of flowers turning her stomach. A few hours later, she simply sat in the back, between Mercedes, and Santana. Everyone was gathered in tiny groups talking around the room, sitting on what appeared to be antique overstuffed chairs, everyone dressed in black, talking, while across the room Joe laid in his casket. Quinn nervously and mindlessly picked at her tissue, too drained to even cry anymore. She was greeted by endless people, friends, family, some people she didn't even know. Puck came by, hugged her but kept his eyes low. When he learned she was pregnant he had called, making a few cruel remarks and Quinn decided it was best to keep him at a distance. She understood he had always been jealous of Joe, and he would always be the father to her daughter, but every once in awhile she truly saw the ugly side of Puck and hated it. More guests came, and suddenly she understood what Rachel must have felt like. Sure they hadn't been together, but losing someone you love so young, it just felt like a crime against life or something. For two hours straight countless people filtered in and all said the same thing, how sorry they were, what an amazing man he was, how he was with the angels, and not suffering. Only a few people knew she was pregnant, and Quinn actually preferred it this way. She hated the pity, or Joe's annoying great aunt carrying on about however was she going to raise two babies alone? Instead she sat back, staring at the casket, wanting more than anything for her husband to just be there sitting beside her. Before the mass, everyone cleared out besides Quinn's mother. and Joe's mom and dad. Quinn sat back with her mother petting her arm watching the Harts cry over Joe's body, gently brushing his hair back and kissing him goodbye.

Finally it was Quinn's turn. They all waited in the lobby, giving her a few minutes alone so she could say goodbye. Everyone else was getting into their cars, to drive to the small mass that was being held, then the cemetery. Alone, Quinn knelt down on the bench, and stared down at him. Taking a deep breath, she bowed her head, her entire body aching as a fresh wave of tears started to build up.

"Why did you have to leave me? You promised you never would..."

She hung her head down, tears building before she took a deep breath and tried to control herself. The last thing she needed was to have a complete breakdown right before the service. Reaching, she gently touched his cheek, hating how cold he felt.

"I really hope there's a Heaven Joe, because if anyone deserves to be there it's you. I hope you're with Nash, and I just hope you bad I miss you. I really do think there's a God...because when I was at my walked into my life."

Tears spilling down her cheeks, she sniffled, feeling her chest shake, remembering all those times in Glee club, him sitting beside her, smiling. Reaching into her tiny black purse she had brought, filled with mints to help her if she had any morning sickness, and issues. Taking the one other item out, unfolding it, she stared at it. It was the latest ultrasound printout. She stared down at it, before nodding. Putting it underneath his folded hands, she deeply sighed before slowly getting up, struggling because her knees were shaking. Staring down at him, she knew this would be the last time she would ever see him.

"Goodbye Jospeh Hart. If there isn't such thing as Heaven, I just wanna say...these few years with you...were truly paradise. Look in on me and the babies from time to time. We'll need it."

Leaning down, she shut her eyes, before gently pressing her forehead against his cold one. She knew this would be the very last time. Taking a deep breath, she stood up, looking down at him, before nodding. Sniffling, she turned, knowing if she looked back she wouldn't be able to leave. Afterwards only a small amount of them came back to her house. Sam had helped so much, and the Harts had ordered finger sandwiches. The Harts, her mother, and boyfriend all gathered in the living room, all drinking coffee and talking. In the kitchen, Quinn sat at her kitchen table surrounded by her friends. She had taken something, and just sat there, numb as everyone talked about memories of the Glee club, sadly smiling, and looking back.

"Remember the duet of Saving All My Love that Quinn and Joe performed? I think we all knew back then something was happening."

Mercedes said smiling. Everyone nodded in agreement, before they talked about what a great singer Joe was. They talked about him helping Quinn at physical therapy, and how awesome his tattoos, where, and how they had danced to Stereo Harts at his wedding. Rachel sadly smiled before looking at Quinn.

"I hope him and Finn are together somewhere, rolling their eyes at us all looking back on Glee club."

Blaine sadly smiled and nodded.

"He was truly one of the best..."

Everyone nodded in agreement before Sam raised his beer.

"To Joe."

All of them nodded and raised their drinks. It took Quinn a second, holding up her Diet Coke before she nodded, her eyes bloodshot and raw from crying.

"To Joe." Once they toasted, Kurt and Brittany hugged her, as a silent tear rolled down her face.

Later that night...

Shortly before everyone left, Nancy had swung by to pay her respects. She hugged Quinn tightly, before everyone said their goodbyes. Somehow the entire funeral seemed like a blur to her. She was exhausted, and honestly had worn herself out crying. Her mother was coming back in the morning, and the Harts were staying on the pull out couch. Before leaving for the night, Sam handed Quinn Joe's cellphone.

"Nancy told me, right before...Joe died, he recorded a video for you in case something happened. I was going to wait to give this to you, and if you think you can't handle it I'll..."

Quinn snatched the photo staring at him with glassy eyes.

"I'm hurting right now Sam, but let me just hear my husband's voice okay?"

Sam sadly nodded before kissing her forehead.

"I want you to take it easy, and if you need me okay?"

Quinn nodded.

"Thanks Sam."

Once he left, the Harts cleaned up, before Mrs. Hart gave Quinn her medication for the night.

"You wanna shower?"

Quinn shook her head.

"I'm too tired, I just want to sleep."

"Okay honey, if you need anything you let us know. It's been a hard day, and I think we all want it behind us."

Quinn smiled, tears beginning to build in her eyes again before she kissed Mrs. Hart's cheek.

"Thank you for everything, I've been so useless since I got the call, you guys and Sam have been wonderful..."

Mrs. Hart who looked as if she was beginning to cry herself shook her head and kissed Quinn's cheek.

"We all loved him honey, but your job is taking care of yourself and those babies...we all knew how much Joe wanted them. You rest okay?"

Nodding, Quinn thanked her before Mrs. Hart left her. Changing into one of Joe's shirts and sweats, she grabbed his phone which had been charging, grabbed her earbuds, before laying down, and opening it. Seeing the latest thing saved was a video, she felt her stomach roll seeing Joe sitting up in his hospital bed. Taking a deep breath, she snapped her lights off on her nightstand, before curling up and staring down before pressing play. Joe was sitting in his hospital bed, pale, oxygen on, struggling to take deep breaths, as he spoke. The second she saw him, and heard his voice, the same horrible pain came ripping down around her, causing her to fight back from crying out. She stared down as Joe spoke on the video.

"Hey Quinn, if you're watching this...I guess it finally happened. I know this seems straight out of a movie or something, and you know I'm not one to be dramatic, but...Nancy has helped me film this, and...I hate to say this aloud, but...I think I'm going. I'm in a lot of pain Quinn, and I didn't want to say anything because I know how horrible you would feel,'s getting bad. If I'm not knocked out because of these drugs they are pumping me full of, I'm in constant pain. Everything much more than I ever thought pain could feel. This is no way to live Quinn. I tried hanging on and fight as hard as I could...but I just can't do it anymore. I'm sorry to leave you with the babies...but Quinn...think, we're having twins. TWINS!"

His entire face lit up and Quinn laughed through tears as he continued talking.

"I'm still in awe over that we were somehow able to make this happen. I wanted a family with you so bad, and I'm so sorry after Nash I got sick. We never really had a chance to...process what happened, and you were always there for me. I have no idea how a guy like me could have gotten so lucky. I still remember all those years ago in physical therapy, asking what we were and you said...something different. You were right, we were something different, something new...something wonderful. I know I don't need to go over all of the good time we had, because...that might take forever, but you know them. I was just some home schooled hippy Christian with tattoos, and weird hair, and you were this beautiful cheerleader that had really beaten the odds. I believe there's a Heaven, and I believe that you are going to be a truly amazing mother. One day you'll have a new husband, hopefully a great man that treats you the way you deserve to be treated. I can see you driving our kids off to college, and Beth visiting, and maybe even a few other kids of your own. I'm sure it's going to get hard, and I'm sure you're going to question everything, and maybe even get angry that I'm not around. Just remember...I'll try to check in on you from time to time. Be patient with the kids, and if they are girls, or we have a girl...teach her to find someone that treats her to way she deserves to be treated. That she can be anything she wants to be. If we have boys, or a boy...tell them the same thing. That they can do anything as long as they are honest, hard working, and respectful. I hope they look like you Quinn, and I hope you have so much fun with them. Trust me, I wish I would be there with you watching them take their first steps, and say their first words...but I'll be there, even if you can't see me I'll be there. I have some files saved on here, I had Nancy record a couple songs I played when my dad brought in my guitar, it was right after we found out you were pregnant. Maybe you can have the babies listen to a few of me, I would have done anything to actually be there and sing to them..."

Quinn cried even harder before Joe sadly smiled.

"I love you Quinn. If you ever feel lonely, or overwhelmed...just close your eyes and pretend my forehead is pressing against yours. I'll be there, and I'll always love you. Don't ever forget that. I'm sure I'll see you again. I'll be sixteen, you'll be eighteen...and we'll be in the choir room. I'll keep the music ready for you Quinn...I promise."

He sadly smiled, before he nodded, and the video ended. Quinn laid there, breaking down completely before she gently touched the phone screen, snapping her eyes shut, completely devastated.


It was the last day of Glee Club. Tomorrow would be graduation. Today had actually been pretty emotional. The week's assignment had been "Goodbye" underclassmen sung songs to say goodbye to the seniors, and the upperclassmen sung songs to say goodbye to them. There was still a ton to get done, but Quinn had asked Joe to just skip last period and come outside to the football field with her. Together they ventured out while everyone else was on the other side of the building. The seniors were having a cookout, and the rest of the underclassmen were forced to continue with their regular schedules. Joe had asked why she didn't want to hang with the rest of the seniors at the cookout and Quinn simply smiled walking arm in arm with him as they made it to the center of the field. It was a warm clear beautiful May afternoon, and faintly they could hear music playing from the cookout.

"Kurt gave me the idea, he's sneaking off with Blaine to the roof to have a picnic, I thought that was a sweet idea."

Carefully sitting, smoothing out her skirt, she unzipped her bag. Joe laughed as he sat down, as she handed him a can of coke, and took out a can of diet coke. Reaching inside, she took out a whole bag of strawberry twizzler pull n peels, causing Joe to crack up. Ever since they went out on their "second" official date since prom, Quinn had brought him to the movies, where she had gotten twizzlers, and cracked up over how much Joe loved them, devouring nearly the whole bag before even the trailers finished. Now here they were, sitting on the soft green grass, the sun shinning down on them.

"Here's to us."

Quinn said. Joe smirked.


They clinked cans, sipping, before Quinn smiled taking a twizzler and put one end in her mouth. Joe looked at her, before laughing once he got what she was trying to do. Putting the other end in his mouth, both laughed as they chomped, getting closer, and closer, before finally their lips met. Laughing, Quinn tasted strawberries as she closed her eyes, gently touching the sides of his face, giggling as they continued to kiss. Once the kiss broke, they pulled apart staring at each other. Color rising in Joe's cheeks as he smirked. Smiling, Quinn sighed staring at him.

"Man, I'm falling really hard for you..."

Joe laughed before he leaned forward, gently pressing his forehead against hers, before smiling. Gently, he took her in his arms, and both laid back against the grass, staring up at the clear blue sky. Both laid there, not caring if anyone saw them. Snuggling in close to him, Quinn laid her head on his chest as she stared up at the sky. Smiling, Quinn absently played with his beaded necklaces, staring up at the sky.


It was just a week before they laid together in the football field. It was Nationals, and as they danced to Dashboard, Joe and Quinn locked eyes, all in sync, dancing to the music as they crossed each other for just a moment before running to their marks. Joe caught her eyes, and smiled. Suddenly Quinn didn't feel so nervous. Suddenly she actually felt they could win this.

After the performance, everyone was exhausted and sweaty. They had all joined their seats in the audience, hating that they had gone first and were now forced to watch all of the other performances, which all looked amazing. Quinn sat next to Joe who reached over and squeezed her hand. Looking up at him, Quinn smiled before the excitement and thrill of everything hit her at once. She leaned over, kissing him straight on the lips, her mouth opening as her tongue went right into his mouth, catching him off guard. Rory and Sugar saw this and grinned, as Joe's eyes widened, as Quinn continued kissing him, before pulling away, highly amused at her boyfriend's stunned expression.

"What was that for?"

He whispered over the loud music.

Quinn gently laughed before leaning in and whispered into his ear...

"Because I actually think we're going to win this, which means I'll win my bet...and I get to see what's underneath all these clothes."

Joe looked stunned as she pulled back before both cracked up. Leaning over, kissing her cheek, Joe continued squeezing her hand as they kept watching the performances.

Present - Several months later.

Quinn had wanted to deliver the twins naturally, but Dr. Weathers had insisted she do a C-section. The pregnancy had been tough, and unlike anything like she had experienced before with Beth or Nash. Quinn had struggled with depression following Joe's death, but had grown extremely close to Mrs. Hart durning all of this, who even moved in for a few months following losing Joe. She had grown extremely close to her mother in-law, and both shared the same total feeling of grief after losing Joe. Still, she helped her slowly move on, taking it one day at a time. There came an afternoon that they boxed up most of Joe's clothes, all besides a few T-shirts of his and donated them to Goodwill. This was extremely hard for Quinn, but afterwards Mrs. Hart took her to mass, and Quinn was slowly starting to feel less angry over what happened. She went back to work, and even met Nancy once a month for lunch. She made sure not to shut herself off, and visited with her friends as much as possible. Sam still came over all the time, and she agreed she wanted to keep the house she had lived in with Joe and have her babies here. She was ordered to strict bedrest towards the end, her stomach huge. Each night she would place headphones on her stomach, feeling the babies move and quick inside of her as she played the recorded videos of Joe singing. She missed him so much, and every Saturday Sam would take her to lay fresh flowers on his grave. Mr. Schuester and Emma visited quite a lot, having a baby of their own. Emma had given her tons of baby clothes, and had been wonderful to talk to throughout this all. One evening while Emma was calling her mother who was watching their son, Will sat with Quinn in the kitchen before sighing.

"I never told you this but...I really liked Joe. He was extremely talented, and I feel sorry I never paid enough attention to him when he was in Glee. He was the heart and soul of that club and cared about everyone. When he quit I should have tried harder to get him back..."

Quinn who was gently rubbing her stomach sighed and shook her head.

"Will don't..."

Will shook his head, tears of his own building.

"No it's true. I should have treated everyone equal. I'm sorry. He loved you so much, and I'm sure these babies are going to take after their parents, kind, and...wonderful singers."

Quinn laughed with Will through tears before smiling down at her stomach.

"Let's hope."

Will then smiled.

"May I?"

Nodding, Quinn let him place his hand on her stomach as the babies kicked like crazy. Smiling, Will nodded.

Now less than a month later, Quinn laid on the delivery table, listening to beeping, a hairnet on, her face pale, silently praying everything would be okay. She honestly didn't know if she could live with herself if something happened to them after all of this. When it came down to it, she decided she couldn't chose between her mother and Mrs. Hart, so instead she asked in Nancy could be in there with her. The entire time, she held her hand, gently humming, putting her at ease. Quinn was numb from the waist down, felt pressure and tugging, as well as feeling cold. Nervously staring up, suddenly she heard the sweet sound of crying.

"It's a boy!"

Quinn's eyes widened, staring at Nancy.

"A boy?"

Nancy smiled from ear to ear.

"A boy! Oh honey he's beautiful!"

Quinn strained her neck, staring up as Dr. Weathers cut the cord as the squirming healthy baby laid in her gloved hands. Staring, Quinn couldn't believe it. He was absolutely perfect.

"Hold on honey, we'll clean him up and bring him over, let's get baby number two out."

Quinn laid back, and focused on breathing as Nancy continued squeezing her hand.

"He's gorgeous honey, you're doing great."

Quinn laid back, nervous and on edge before the same tugging came. Laying there, she silently prayed that Joe was there and could see.

Then...the same sound, crying from a healthy live baby.

Crying out in relief, Quinn gasped before Dr. Weathers smiled lifting the second baby, in her gloved hands, a cord still attached, it's body curled up as it cried, flushed with color.

"Another boy!"

Quinn laughed amazed.

"Another boy?!"

Nancy laughed.

"Quinn, they are so handsome! You did so good!"

Quinn laid back as Dr. Weathers continued working on her, as Quinn turned towards Nancy smiling.

"Boys? I have two boys?"

Nancy laughed, petting her hand.

"You did so good honey!"

Then, the nurse brought over both babies. Carefully, both her and Nancy laid both cleaned up babies, wrapped up in blankets and blue caps against her chest..

Quinn laid there amazed, feeling the warmth of both babies, remembering how absolutely amazing this felt when she had Beth. Staring at them, she couldn't believe they were finally here. One afternoon in a hospital bed resulted in these two beautiful perfect boys. Overwhelmed, Quinn stared down amazed before tears filled her eyes.

"Oh my goodness...look at you two!"

She stared at them, both no longer crying, their wrinkled little faces staring up at her both looking exhausted. Laughing, she stared at them, and couldn't believe this was them. Part her, part Joe. Staring at them, she thanked God that both had been born with air in their lungs, and healthy. She had two beautiful healthy baby boys...sons. Laughing, she stared down at them amazed, knowing the only thing missing was Joe being here. It was a bittersweet feeling, but nevertheless here they were, the babies she knew Joe wanted so badly.

"Harlan Jospeh...and Marshall Jospeh..."

Nancy smiled staring down.

"Those are beautiful names honey...perfect."

Smiling, Quinn continued staring down at her babies.

"Yeah they are aren't they?"

Smiling, she continued laying there looking at her two beautiful baby boys.

Present - Eighteen years later


Quinn heard as she was double checking everything on the list. The car had been packed, and now she was just making sure they didn't forget anything. At forty-four, Quinn looked absolutely stunning. Her skin was still clear, with just a little bit of aging around her eyes. She still looked as if she was in her early to mid thirties, and constantly took care of herself. Her hair was cut short into a bob, and today she wore jeans and a blouse. Today was the day she knew was coming yet dreaded. Sighing, she stared down at the list before JJ came in, her fourteen year old daughter. JJ had been conceived via insemination. Joe had donated some of his sperm at a local clinic right before they officially started trying. Lucky for them, they had conceived the natural way, but when the boys were almost five, Quinn decided she wanted one more baby. It was right around that time she had started dating for the first time since Joe died. It took a lot of convincing, but she was pushed into it by Brittany and Santana who told her it wasn't cheating on Joe, or forgetting him if she started dating again. They swore if it was the other way around, they would totally push Joe into dating again. So Quinn agreed, and this time around they fixed her up with Ryder, a past member of the Glee club who actually knew Joe. He had moved to Texas durning his senior year, but returned just a few years before hand, now coaching football at another high school. The two hit it off, and Ryder absolutely adored Harlan and Marshall. She knew it was okay when Mrs. Hart, who had been such a big help raising the boys told her that's what her and her husband wanted.

"The boys deserve a man in their lives, it's what Joe would have wanted. Trust me, you're not forgetting's just a different sort of love."

Finally, Quinn allowed herself to let go, and start seeing Ryder. He made her laugh, spoiled the boys, and really made her feel great about herself. The first time they had sex, Quinn was amazed that it actually felt great. When Ryder finally proposed, she visited Joe's grave, sighing before telling him nobody could ever replace him. Kissing her fingertips, she touched the stone, sighing at Joe's name and those two dates, truly displaying what a brief life he really did live. Her wedding was at town hall, with just a few friends and family. Ryder moved in, and the moons were over the moon. It was right around then they found out that Ryder was sterile.

It was here that they sat down, and Ryder agreed she should use Joe's sperm sample from the clinic. That way the boys and their sibling would be fully related. No matter what, Quinn knew he would love this baby as much as he loved the boys. So, he went with her one day at the clinic, her legs up, as she took deep breath, holding her new husband's hand, praying silently that this pregnancy would take. Two months later, she took a pregnancy test, and it was positive. Seven months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Josephine Joseph. The name had been Ryder's idea. Instantly, she became daddy's little girl as Ryder fell absolutely in love with her. The boys adored her, constantly sneaking into the nursery to spy on her sleeping in her crib. The next years flew by. Ryder was a great husband, and a wonderful father. Sam was their godfather, and three time a year all of them would get together, now getting married, and starting families of their own. Everyone agreed that Quinn's children were absolutely adorable, and all three of them looked just like Joe. Harlan and Marshall were identical, they grew tall, and the only thing they got from Quinn were their blond hair, the rest was 100% Joe. They had hazel eyes, and the same exact face with high cheekbones as their father. Harlan was great at spots, and played soccer, all throughout school. Marshall was a movie geek, filming little movies with his brother, little sister, and kids around their age in the neighborhood. He loved having sleepovers downstairs in the living room watching movies, and talking film about everything. He joined AV club at school, and both boys were polite, likable, funny, and filled the house with constant noise. The Harts were still a huge part of all three of her children's lives, constantly around to babysit, or come visit for holidays, birthdays, or school events.

They loved to spoil the kids, and always remarked what a truly amazing job Quinn was doing raising them. JJ was a spunky young girl who actually got her father's dark hair. She was absolutely gorgeous, and very active. She loved animals, and begged Ryder and her to get her a kitten which they surprised her with on her tenth birthday. She was close with her brothers who were protective of her, and one of her favorite things was going shopping with her mother. She was the one who loved the artists. She took countless art classes, as well as joining Uncle Sam's Glee Club. She had found a framed photo in the attic of Joe and Quinn after they won nationals and swore someday her Glee club would make it too nationals. She was fascinated with her late father, having watched the videos of him playing music, and was even given his guitar from the Harts and had begun learning how to play. The boys had been curious about their father, knowing he had met their mother in school, and had died before they were born from cancer. Just this summer, both had come home shocking Quinn by showing they got matching crosses like Joe had tattooed on him both on their chests. As much as Quinn wanted to raise Hell over them getting tattooed, Ryder had calmed her down, saying they were just paying tribute to their father. Now both were off to college. They were going to state. Harlan on a sports scholarship, Marshall studying film. It seemed so unreal that both boys were leaving the house and off to school all ready. It honestly just seemed like yesterday that both were wearing overalls giggling as they took their first steps in front of Quinn in the kitchen. She knew this had been coming, yet was struggling with the idea that they wouldn't be around all the time anymore. Ryder had been wonderful, and even had helped the boys pack up the truck. Feeling her emotions get the best of her, she sighed before turning, facing her beautiful daughter.

"I can't find my blowdryer! Can I borrow yours?"

Smiling, she nodded.

"It's under my sink, remember to put it back honey."

"Thanks mamma!"

JJ planted a wet kiss on her cheek, before stomping back up the stairs. Laughing, she continued looking over the list when Marhsall and Harlan both walked in. Both looking so much like Joe it was actually scary. Harlan wore jeans and a white T-shirt, while Marshall more a jersey and shorts.

"Mom, dad said we gotta go in twenty if we're gonna beat the traffic."

Upstairs they could faintly hear JJ using the blowdryer. Nodding, Quinn looked over the list before nodding and looking across at them as she leaned against the tiny kitchen island. Staring at these two young men, ready for college, she honestly couldn't believe it. She wondered faintly how Joe would be reacting over their sons ready to go off to college.

The thought of this happening to JJ in a few years absolutely terrified her. The blanket that Nancy and Joe had knitted for the boys was in fact shared by the two boys. First it started off in their shared crib, then they took turns having it. Also like a stuffed toy, they took turns having it in their bed. When JJ was born they let her have the blanket, which was still sitting on the end of her bed. Something she loved wrapping around her whenever she was sick with the flu.

She had loved her children, and as hard as it had been, her friends, family, and Ryder had been there for her, making the best out of everything as she had so much fun raising them. She remembered just a week after the boys had been born, laying in her bed she once shared with Joe, staring down at her two baby boys in complete amazement and wonder. They were absolutely perfect. She remembered, propped up on her elbow, staring at both babies sleeping soundly. Now here they were. Taking a deep breath, Quinn smiled.

"You guys ready?"

Marshall and Harlan exchanged a look, speaking in their twin language without even saying so much as a word, something they had been doing for years. Catching that look, Quinn smirked. "What?" Harlan cleared his throat. "While me and Marshall were in the attic getting our bags this weekend, we found something and wanted it give it to you. We just wanted to say thanks for being such an awesome mom." Quinn raised an eyebrow slightly confused.


Marshall sighed. "Beth gave us the idea when we video chatted with her after we showed her what we found. We know dad died before we were born, and we're sure that was really hard for you...but you have us an awesome childhood, and we wanted to say thank you." Handing over a small gift bag, they slid it across the island towards Quinn. Raising an eyebrow, Quinn laughed.

"What's this?"

She dug into the bag, before taking out a framed photograph. It was taken at Joe's graduation. Joe smiling in his red cap and down, holding onto a laughing Quinn, showing off her engagement ring. Remembering that day, she stared down at her first husband, the man she still found herself missing nearly twenty years later. The man who gave her three beautiful children, who had seen the real her, and got her walking again. The same man who was so pure and sweet, showing her that she was much stronger than she thought. Staring at it, she smiled down at it before looking up at her boys.

"Do you like it ma?" Marshall asked nervously Smiling, Quinn placed the framed photograph down before circling around and putting her arms around both of her very tall sons.

Bringing them in, she laughed as she hugged them tight, knowing even though she could see him...Joe was here with them at this very moment. Standing on her tiptoes, she kissed her sons, and hugged them tight while silently thanking Joe for giving her these wonderful children. For that, she would be forever grateful. Pulling back, she stared at them.

"If your father was alive, he would be extremely proud of you two. I remember after losing him when I was still pregnant with you two, I had such a hard time. But sometimes I would listen to those videos of him singing, and list of 100 memories or things I loved about him. It took my mind off things and had me focus on how lucky I was to have the few years I did with him. Now...if I had to do that, the 100th memory and best thing to remember him by would be you guys and your sister. I'll forever me grateful for that."

Smiling, the boys stared down at her, and looking up at them she saw her first husband in them. Here she knew Joe would never truly be gone. With them and their sister, he would live on.

The End.

"I'll remember" - Glee soundtrack season 3. So what did you guys think? I always felt they missed such a great chance for Joe and Quinn being a great power couple. Fingers crossed they end up together if we ever get a reunion movie or special! Thanks for reading!