Disclaimer: I wish I did, but sadly not.

AN: This was inspired by me replaying Kameo recently.

Kameo ran her hand over the small memorial stone that commemorated her difficult older sister.

It was a small thing, hidden away in the family crypt, away from anyone who might do it harm. (Her sister's legacy was...controversial to say the least.)

"Hello Kalus," Kameo said, her voice tinged with a hint of sadness. "It's me, your annoying, unladylike little sister Kameo."

She paused and ran her hand over her still flat stomach.

"I came to talk to you...well your memorial I supposeā€¦" Kameo sighed. This had been so much easier in her head. She could face the fiercest of monsters without fear and transform into the most fearsome of beasts, but for some reason, this terrified her. Terrified her more than her marriage, her coronation, everything. Even rushing off to face Thorn was less scary.

She gave herself a shake. She was being ridiculous. Kalus wasn't going to hurt her! She had been dead for just over ten years now and the trolls she had once controlled were now scattered.

Still, Kameo felt a twinge of unease.

"Well...you can't see it yet, but...I'm pregnant!" she said. Silence was her only answer, as it had always been here.

"It's only a couple of months, but the healers say that I'm having twins! A boy and a girl!" Kameo continued. "I want to name my son Solon. Like our father. I think that's a good name, don't you?"

Her question remained unanswered, but she had hardly expected one anyway. She ran her fingers over the words carved into the stone once more. She swallowed and pressed on.

"The girl...well I'm thinking of naming her Kalus, after you," she paused once more. "If not her first name, her middle name at least."

For a moment, Kameo could imagine Kalus's response were she alive. A contemptuous snort and a tear of happiness. Maybe she would say that it was a stupid idea, that there was already a Kalus in the family. But she would be touched all the same.

But Kalus was not alive and Kameo had to navigate the world without her help. Turning on her heel, Kameo slowly walked out.