On July 31st, 1990, amidst the explosions and flames of battle outside the ancient Potter Manor, Lily and James Potter proudly welcomed a baby girl into the world. Their firstborn child.

"It's a girl! Congratulations, Mrs. Potter, Lord Potter!" the midwife exclaimed, handing her the baby all wrapped up in the blanket they'd given her. Lily had been so certain it would be a boy that her mother had already sent along a pastel green blanket with their family name, Potter, stitched into it in emerald green script.

"Thank you, Miss Doula." Lily replied, gazing into the bright blue eyes of her baby girl, completely enraptured with her. She had her very same red hair and pale skin as her and James' knobbly knees and nose.

With the wave of her wand, and a swish and a flick, Ms. Doula summoned a birth certificate with the date, time, and parents' names already on it. "I'm terribly sorry, but we've got to hurry. There's no telling how long the wards will hold. What would you like to name her, Lord Potter?"

It was traditionally the father who named his children, but James' spared a look at his wife. "Its up to you, dear. Harry James was my choice."

Lily took a moment to think. As much as she wanted to honor her grandmother, murdered not months ago by Voldemort looking for them, she wasn't sure Dahlia was a good fit and it was terribly old fashioned. She would be teased for sure. What about Harriet? But she couldn't imagine calling her daughter Harry for short or subjecting her to being called Harry by other kids, either.

"What about Henrietta Dahlia? For your grandfather, and my grandmother." It was traditional for a boy's name to be to honor people and set him up for success, and a girl's name to be pretty and flow well, but they weren't a traditional family either – a pureblood and a mudblood.

James beamed. "I love it! Henrietta Dahlia Potter it is." Truly, he would have been happy with any name his wife suggested as long as it wasn't a death eater's name or something his grandmother could've been called.

"After the Wizengamot judge? Splendid choice." And so with another flick of the wand, it automatically penned the name on the birth certificate and signed it.

"Congratulations, Lord Potter, Mrs. Potter, on the birth of your baby girl. I will take my leave now," Ms. Doula said, waving her wand and directing all of the medical equipment to pack itself up. "Your house elf should be able to take care of everything else."

James nodded. "Thank you, ma'am. Good day." He moved to his wife and daughter's side and summoned a red blanket with lions prancing around on it to wrap Etta up in. It was dreadfully cold in here. They had avoided lighting a fire in the fireplace so as not to give away their location to the death eaters trying to break in outside.

However, when Ms. Doula went to apparate out and back to St. Mungos, it didn't work. "Huh?"

Surprised and a tad flustered, she tried again. "St. Mungos!" But it didn't work.

James turned around, mildly alarmed. "You can't get out?"

"No, my Lord, I can't. Can I borrow your floo?" She was becoming increasingly frantic, losing the forced professional voice she'd had all throughout the labor and naming. No one wanted to die.

James shook his head. "I'm sorry, but we had it locked down several months ago when we got the news we would be targeted. Just in case. Don't worry, I'll get us all out of here."

He looked back at his wife and daughter, filled with a paternal sense of love and responsibility he was only just getting used to. Everything changed when you became a parent. It wasn't all about you or even you and the love of your life anymore.

"Ms. Doula, get the guards in here." He ordered, his voice stern and every bit acting the head of house Potter that he was. "Holly!"

With a pop, a bony little house elf in a yellowed pillowcase appeared. "Yes? How can Holly be helping?"

Ms. Doula ran to the locked and warded door and banged on it. "Guards, guards! Come in, quickly! Quickly!"

Not a moment later, two aurors rushed in. "What's the matter? Is the missus and the baby alright?" asked the older one, while the younger one relocked and rewarded the door. The wards hadn't gone off so nobody had broken in.

"What's it look like outside?" James asked, demandingly.

"They've breached the front door and are currently fighting to get up the heavily guarded grand staircase."

"Damnit." James cursed. "They've set up anti-apparition wards, so we can't get out. Now that Henrietta's been born, we've got to move. Its not safe here. They're too close."

Holly approached him, wringing hands nervously. "Holly can help, Master James."

"Yes, of course. That's why I called you. We'll just have to be quicker than I wanted. No time to pack everything up." Everything of vital importance to the family's history had already been sent to their Gringotts vault just in case.

"There's no telling if the Order is safe or not, if this place has already been breached. I don't want to apparate us into the middle of a battle. What about the Weasleys? Molly and Arthur. They won't like it but they would never turn us away."

"Lily, I want you and Henrietta to go with Holly first." He said, turning to his wife and daughter. "Then me and Ms. Doula will follow, and finally the guards. Is that alright, Holly?"

He turned to the elf and it nodded its head furiously. "Yes of course, Holly will do it! Anything for the Potters." She had served the family well for decades.

Lily sat up and made to stand, supported by her husband, cradling her baby in her arms. "James, hand me my purse and Crookshanks." She asked. She was exhausted, but she couldn't leave Harry's things behind or the family cat. She would never forgive herself if the cat was left to die. He had been her graduation present.

James huffed in frustration, wanting them to leave quickly, but retrieved her things anyways. "Ready now, dear?"

Within five minutes the entire family, the midwife, and the guards were all safely at the Burrow. They were decidedly uninvolved, citing their many young children at home. Arthur worked around the clock to feed them all.

Author's Note: Finally, a someone else is Harry fic that isn't Shisui. This is a combination of several little plot ideas I've had but didn't want to do because I thought they would be too boring to write. But I figure Kushina and squib and female and older when orphaned Harry might hold my attention. And hopefully a few readers? Plus making Harry a fuinjutsu expert leaves the opportunity for an alternative ending and solution to the original that simply using Shisui doesn't.

Lemme know what you want to see! Like, her future house, how the Dursleys should treat her, etc. I'm open to suggestions. Especially not canon ones. Cannon gets boring quickly, but on the other hand I'm not confident enough that I can write well enough to make up my own new timeline.

I apologize in advance but there will be several set up chapters like this, because Henrietta will not be orphaned until she's a preschooler. They'll all be short though. This is short, to me.