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Kyoko's attention barely registered the noise of the TV, too busy taking in every detail of the boy sitting next to her, close enough for their shoulders to touch. His warmth, his scent, every breath and shift of his body, she could sense it all. The detective didn't need to look at his face to know he was at the edge of his seat. She told him many times that he was too earnest and that others could read him like a book; one she couldn't get enough of reading but he didn't need to know that.

The sound of his voice stirred the detective from her watchful gaze. "The climax is coming, who do you think is the culprit?"

Kyoko had the decency to look back at the mystery movie on the TV before answering. "Hard to say."

That was a lie, with Kyoko's deduction abilities it didn't take her more than half the film for her to discover the culprit but she didn't wish to ruin the surprise for him. That is if the movie followed logic instead of trying to surprise the audience with a sudden twist, as she disliked those quite a bit.

Her brain was currently trying to put together the pieces of a much more complicated and interesting puzzle. The mystery of how the cute, adorable, and meek boy sitting next to her could have such a commanding presence in the bedroom. The purple-haired girl vividly remember their first night together, how he took control of the situation, his lips pressing on hers, hands groping and squeezing pale flesh, how he turned her around, grabbed her waist and-

"Kyoko, your face is red. Are you feeling sick?"

"I'm fine, don't worry about it." Her answer came a bit too fast but thankfully not enough to be suspicious. Her cheeks became a bit more red at the thought of such an in-control girl like herself getting lost in a steamy memory like a common lovestruck maiden.

Tugging at the collar of her blouse helped cool her down as she resumed watching her boyfriend. At one point she considered the idea of the boy's happy-go-lucky attitude as only a facade for his real, more dominant nature. Said theory was promptly discarded when Makoto tried sneaking a lost puppy into the academy by hiding it under his hoodie. No matter how much the girl thought about it, the simplest answer was that some people have hidden sides to them.

But does his have to be so... disarming? Kyoko was hardly someone who let others take control of the situation, but Makoto had the power to turn her docile within adequate circumstances. The memory of the boy sliding his hand below her skirt while Aoi was in front of them came to mind. Everything Kyoko knew about herself told her she should have been annoyed at such a bold act. Instead, she remembered quietly following Makoto to his room while mentally preparing for what was going to occur.

This time she wasn't given the chance to go deeper into the arousing memory; the ring of a phone next to her forced Kyoko back to reality. She turned around to watch Makoto looking at the screen of his cellphone.

"Sorry, forgot my sister wanted to catch up today. Give me a minute." The boy gave an apologetic smile before answering. "Hi, Komaru!"

Truth be told, Kyoko wasn't very torn up about their movie date being interrupted since she was barely watching the movie and mostly observing the lucky boy, and she could do it while he talked to his little sister. The girl liked, no, loved seeing him smile like that but her mind was in a bitter place at the moment, still wrestling with the idea of such a soft boy dominating her. Part of her wanted payback; said part came with a plan that made her lilac eyes gleam and a small smile form on her lips.

While Makoto was distracted she moved closer, slowly, like a panther about to lunge at its prey. Once she was close enough to smell his scent, Kyoko made her move. Her arms wrapped around his torso and her soft, full lips met his neck.

The girl smiled internally at the way the boy shuddered and his voice faltered for a moment. "Ah! What are you...? N-no, it's nothing..."

Poor Makoto, he was caught off guard and could hardly defend himself while his dear sister could hear him. Just the way the detective girl wanted, the hug became tighter and she kissed his neck twice more, each one followed by a muffled moan. Kyoko could let it go now and not risk Komaru realizing something was strange about the boy on the other side of the phone. Instead, she let her tongue touch his earlobe.

The low exhalation of the boy was like music for her. "Ungh~ s-sorry, what was that? The connection is kinda bad..."

With each tease and kiss, her actions became bolder. Gloved hands under his hoodie massaged his chest, making a short stop to graze his nipples before caressing their way past his abdomen. She was getting close to her prize. A satisfied, almost hungry, smile appeared on her lips once she felt the hardness between Makoto's legs. Determined to go all the way to claim her dominance over him, Kyoko's fingertips went past the waistband of his pants.

Just a bit more...

This time it was Kyoko's phone that broke the moment with its sound. A noise of exasperation left her and she considered ignoring it in favor of keeping her assault going. In the end, she extracted her hand reluctantly. It could be an important matter.

"Be right back." She whispered and kissed him on the cheek before moving back to her place on the couch.

The disappointment that filled her increased as she saw the name of Jin Kirigiri on the screen. The relationship between Kyoko and her dad wasn't as hostile as it once was, but it was still tense, and this interruption didn't help it.

"What do you need?" That was the least annoyed response she had at the time.

"Hello, Kyoko. I Hope is not a bad time but I want to know how the investigation is proceeding."

About a week ago her father asked for help in a secret investigation involving the Steering Committee and suspicion of corruption. The timing couldn't be worse but she couldn't fault him for wanting an update. Kyoko exhaled and heard Makoto say goodbye to his sister.

"The investigation is going at the expected pace, there are some signs of someone covering up for them but I discovered a few promising LEADS!?"

"Kyoko?" Jin's confusion could be heard in his voice, no doubt curious about his daughter's sudden burst of volume.

Not in a million years could he have guessed Makoto had managed to lift the girl long enough to place her on his lap. His hands were firmly grasping her hips, but they wouldn't stay there for long. Before she answered they snuck under her blouse, caressing her belly and making her flinch.

She used her talent of not showing emotions to good use as she spoke. "Don't worry yourself, I simply hit something with my foot. Everything is-" Makoto's lips formed a tight seal on her swan neck and sucked. "F-fiiiiine~"

Part of her cursed herself for melting so easily and made a mental note to cover that future hickey with makeup, but most of all she was happy her father couldn't see her wide, lustful eyes and the way she was biting her lower lip with desire.

"Okay, besides that I wanted to make sure you..."

Jin continued to talk but she wasn't listening anymore, all of Kyoko's focus was on resisting the counterattack of her boyfriend. Or rather, trying to. Every kiss, nibble, and squeeze was packed with the intent of getting her back and it was working. At least she had the mind to cover her mouth once those skilled hands took hold of her chest. If her father heard her moan she would die!

"Y-yes, of course!" Was the generic response she gave to whatever Jin asked before covering her mouth again and stifling a moan.

Turns out Makoto grew tired of her black bra and decided to grope her sensitive breasts directly. Each stroke of his digits set the nerves of her nipples on fire and every flick was like a jolt of pleasure blooming between her legs. Her teeth dug into the leather of her glove; it was the only way to stop herself from asking for more despite the risk of the situation her pride put her in.

But maybe Makoto could find meaning in her muffled grunts or could read her mind because one of his hands unclasped itself from her pale mounds to travel down past her navel. Lilac eyes widened in something akin to terror upon realizing what was about to happen. The hand on her mouth moved to grab his wrist but the pleasure sapped her strength and only managed to slow his advances. The sensation of the tip of his fingers sliding inside her panties was enough to make her shudder.

"D-dad! Sorry but I have to leave, something came up!" She had no time for any complex excuse, that call needed to end fast!

"Oh... It's something serious? You sound agitated... You can tell me anything, you know that."

"Not anything." She thought while suppressing another shudder caused by the fingers tickling her swollen lips. "Yes, I mean, no. It's nothing severe, I'll call you later."

"Okay..." There was some worry in his voice. "See you later... Love you."

One of the fingers went inside of her and Kyoko lost control of her voice. "L-love you!"

Her shaky finger miraculously pressed the end call before the phone slipped from her grasp and landed next to her on the couch. A sliver of control went into Kyoko's mind and she turned her head to glare at the boy who was still fondling her. The girl opened her mouth to let him have it but was quickly silenced with a passionate kiss. His tongue worked in tandem with his hands to melt her anger into bliss and damn it all if it didn't work.

Half-lidded eyes stared at him, so daring and in control. A gloved hand came and grabbed the back of his head with affection while their tongues struggled for dominance and their moans became one. Now that there was no need or desire to resist anymore, the detective could truly enjoy the touch of the boy and focus on every feeling, like the sensation of Makoto's hard manhood pressing against her plump ass through his pants. She gave her hips a playful wiggle and he responded with a muffled grunt and a flick off her clit.

The kiss broke once the need for air arose, but by that time Kyoko couldn't remember what she wanted to scream at him, her sharp mind a bit dull at the moment. So instead, she simply moaned for more with a breathy voice. Time was lost to them as more kisses, touches, nibbles, and sweet whispers were exchanged. The only indication time was passing was the pressure building inside of her, like a resort that had been coiling for a long time and was about to spring. The boy's hands stopped groping her and Kyoko would have complained about it if not for the tongue currently battling her own, but she understood the reason when Makoto began to undress her.

The first item to go was her dark-purple jacket; it laid crumpled next to them. Soon her white blouse and brown tie joined the pile, revealing the girl's plain black bra. It was a bit out of place; her pink aureola was visible, and she wished to have had the foresight of wearing a more appropriate one. At least it didn't stay on her very long either; before finishing his work, Makoto decided to take a small break and enjoy her perky tits directly. He sunk his fingers into the soft flesh, massaging and forcing the mounds to adjust to his hungry grip. Not forgetting her pink, hard nipples who got a mischievous pinch and flick.

But he couldn't stay all day playing with them; he had duties to attend to.

The soft hands began working her lower clothes and as her skirt slipped off of her. She had to admit she was impressed; Makoto was still kissing her and yet had no problem stripping her down. Kyoko didn't even feel him removing her boots or knee-high socks. The last pieces of clothing on her were her black ribbon, ever-present gloves, and the black panties soaked with arousal.

The panties didn't last long, and a second later, the divine fingers were back at torturing Kyoko with pleasure.

Now she was moving her hips with the need for release, rubbing her pussy against his fingers as her climax was approaching. Kyoko was ready to let the orgasm ravage her mind and body... so why did Makoto stop?

A confused Kyoko peeked over her shoulder, or at least she tried, but before she could even begin to think about why she was denied her climax, Makoto was carrying her to the bed. Could he always do this or was it a result of pure lust? Whatever it was, the girl in her arms loved it so much she didn't mind at all when she was half-tossed onto the mattress. She didn't mind at all when the lucky student grabbed her wrists before forcing another kiss.

This one was shorter than the last and Makoto let her go before taking a step back from the bed. It was his turn to undress, and Kyoko had a front-row seat to the show. Granted, it wasn't much of a striptease; the boy took off his clothes as if they were burning his skin. His jacket, hoodie, and t-shirt were almost torn off with urgency to reveal a lean, boyish physique. At the same time, the girl's fingers were comforting her lonely pussy.

Once Makoto was only in his boxers, he took his time removing them. Kyoko's stimulation intensified, her eyes glued to his obvious bulge and wishing for the secret inside to be revealed. When the boxers finally came off, the girl took a long, hard look at the part of Makoto only she could see and experience in all her glory. It filled her with an odd sense of pride.

Finally, the lucky boy crawled over her again, but this time he didn't stop at just her hips. Kyoko's eyes almost went cross as she looked at the leaking tip pointing at her face like some kind of fleshy spear. The detective looked up to him with a bit of confusion amidst the lust. He couldn't be asking her to…?

"Suck it." He ordered and the tone of his voice made her shudder once again. Thank God he didn't talk like that all the time.

Lilac eyes glanced once again at his manhood; she never practiced oral sex before or even considered. It was too dirty for her, and yet, the cool detective's tongue tentatively stuck out in a bit of a silly way. A strange, bitter taste covered her tongue as she licked a drop of pre-cum from the boy's dick. It tasted funny, but not bad, although it was different from what she heard other girls gossiping about. She expected it to be salty.

A second lick followed, then a third, and a fourth. Turns out she was starting to enjoy it despite her inexperience. Her warm tongue circled the pink tip, coating it with her slick saliva. Then Kyoko remembered Makoto told her to suck it, not to lick it. With a burst of confidence, the detective licked forward and enveloped the swollen manhood with her plump lips, giving inexperienced licks while she was at it.

Under the bolstering desire, there was still a tad of shame inside Kyoko. Doing such a lewd act was unthinkable for her, even if it was for her boyfriend, and at the same time, she wondered if she was doing a good job. All those doubts subsided the exact moment a hand petted her head and that dreamy voice spoke only two words.

"Good girl."

If Kyoko wasn't sure it could be possible, she would swear she came a bit just for that. With renewed confidence and a raging desire to please, Kyoko's head rhythmically bobbed to and fro, taking more inches of his flesh into her mouth. The sucking intensified and wet sounds filled the room. She grew bolder by the second as her hand reached to heft his balls. She could feel the warmth through her gloves and her stomach fluttered as a reflex of imagining how much cum was he saving for this very moment. But as she fondled the heavy orbs, Kyoko realized she wasn't the only one getting carried away. At that moment, Makoto's fingers slithered into her clean mane of lavender hair and forced the girl to swallow a bit more than she was capable of.

Lilac eyes widened, pupils shrunk, and a loud gagging noise came from her bulging throat. Her most basic instinct took control, causing her to pull her face away from this thick rod. She gagged one more time, spluttering drool all over it and leaving the twitching cock shiny.

"Sorry, I went too hard. Are you okay?" It was a good sign to hear him apologize in his usual tender manner, all the while cupping her cheek. It meant he cares about her safety foremost.

"Y-yes, I'm fine." She coughed. "Just give me a warning next time..."

"Next time?" Her eyes snapped open to see the boy grinning at her, eyebrows up.

A mistake, she didn't mean to show her willingness to try it again in the future. Not so soon, at least. "Shut up." Her cheeks flushed pink.

Makoto chuckled and gave her a kiss on the head, along with enough time to recover her breath. Then he moved down between her legs. The boy's fingers sunk in her pale thighs as he moved them apart to reveal her vibrant pink entrance.

"Beautiful..." He whispered to himself but was loud enough for her to hear and be embarrassed about.

An intense heat met hers, the pink tip of his manhood kissing her slick womanhood; she was ready to accept all of it. Makoto gave his hips a push... and his cock missed the entrance, simply rubbing against her moistened lips. It felt good, but Kyoko wanted more, much more. He resumed position, and once more missed his target. By the third time, the detective figured out that something was amiss and looked at her boyfriend's face; he was smiling while looking back at her.

Once again, Makoto dared to tease her, dangling what she desired most right in reach before pulling it away. Kyoko mentally scolded herself for getting a bit more turned on at the simple yet effective manipulation of the boy. She knew what the boy wanted her to do, but it wasn't as easy for her.

"P-please..." She whimpered quietly. The smoldering remains of her pride prevented her from finishing her plea.

Another miss, another rub of her sensitive clitoris against his underside. "Please what?"

"Cheeky bastard, you know it very well." That's what she wanted to say but what came out of her was, "Please, fuck my pussy..."

There wasn't time to be mortified this time, for the boy's hips delivered a mighty thrust and she felt full.

The spring jumped and the world turned blinding white.

The constant teasing. The sudden burst of pleasure. The depravity of the whole situation was too much for her mind and body, and unable to resist any longer, Kyoko orgasmed the moment the boy went inside of her. Toes curled, her slim fingers clutched the covers below with a desperate need to hold onto something. Worst of all, she couldn't control the completely gleeful yet lewd expression that appeared on her face as she let the waves of pleasure crash on her body and mind like the tides.

She was sinking in a sea of pleasure and wanted to go deeper, to experience a deeper, more intense bliss. And she wanted to feel it every single day.

The feeling of soft lips on hers dragged her consciousness back ashore. She regained her sight with a few blinks, and the face of her beloved welcomed her.

"Someone was having fun on her trip. Got me any souvenirs?"

That got a tired laugh out of here. "Just one." She said before wrapping her arms around his neck to deliver a tender kiss.

However, they weren't done yet; the pressure in her lower body was proof of it. Makoto was still hard and raging to continue as a single thrust wasn't nearly enough to bring the boy to climax. Once Kyoko was good to continue she nodded at him. Makoto nodded back and his hips began to roll against hers. The thrusts were slow, but there was strength behind every single one. The girl's body sank into the mattress each time, and the way Makoto's member forced her sensitive walls to spread and stretch sent a tingling sensation of pleasure to the back of her skull.

When his full length was inside of her and the tip reached the depths of her being, Kyoko let out a soft gasp. It was a natural reaction she couldn't have stopped, even if she wanted to, and she didn't. Said gasps became more and more frequent along with the movements of the boy leading the love-making session. Once more, bliss and lust were taking control of both their minds. Her pale legs spread a bit more, and their mutual grunts of effort blended with the creaking of the bed.

"Nghhh, fuck!" After such uncharacteristic cursing, Makoto's head lowered and he planted his face on Kyoko's supple breasts. His hot, short breaths washed over her mounds but, as nice as they felt on her skin, it was nothing compared to when he began to kiss them.

She hugged his head to make sure he wasn't going to stop showering her sensitive tits with hot kisses and so he couldn't see the shameless face she was making. Her tongue passed her lips; she moaned loudly as his lips felt like fire on her snow-tinted skin.

They lost their sense of time again, not knowing for how long they had been locked with one another or how many times the boy had stuffed her tight pussy with his cock. They were a perfect match made for each other. The perfume of sex hung heavy in the air, intoxicating the two lovers into moving faster, to whisper sweet nothings and dirty words between ragged moans and gasps.

The lucky stud broke free of his girlfriend's embrace to take a deep breath but didn't stop fucking her for a second. His lean body was covered with beads of perspiration, Kyoko suspected hers was in a similar situation, and he looked down at her with intense eyes. There was a fire blazing within them and Kyoko understood the meaning of that look instantly.

She may try to deny to herself that she was the submissive of the relationship, at least in the bedroom, but she couldn't lie to herself in that situation. Makoto was completely dominating her, using her body to please himself while her resistance amounted to weak whimpers... and she loved every second of it.

Kyoko may never admit it out loud but she didn't need to because Makoto knew; that's what the glint in his eyes told her. She trembled and squirted a bit upon the realization of having her true feelings bare. The rhythm of their hips rolling into each other rushed up yet again to a speed she didn't think possible for sex to reach.

The building pressure in her womb came back twice as hard and Kyoko suspected the next orgasm was going to be more intense than the last one. Her gloved fingers clutched the covers once more as she tried her best to hold on. She refused to cum twice in a row while Makoto refused to fill her up even once.

A quiet voice whispered something in the back of her mind but it was too quiet to hear and the boy's cock kept fucking her so good. How could she care about anything besides how hard it was throbbing inside of her pussy? A grunt escaped Makoto's throat, low and heavy as his warning moans clued Kyoko to his impending climax. He was about to cum, and the idea filled her with trepidation. A few more seconds and she could let go and surrender to the bliss.

The voice whispered again, a bit louder this time, and she was surprised that it was her voice trying to warn her. "He isn't wearing a condom."

Makoto had overlooked putting one on in their lustful stupor and Kyoko forgot about it for the exact same reason. Her brain sparked into action to make a decision. It wasn't a risky day for her, but that didn't mean it was safe for her to get a creampie without protection. The safest option would be to stop and make him put one on, or simply have him cum outside.

But that would mean to wait. To not let the pleasure knocking at her womb in for even a second longer sounded agonizing. To miss the liquid, warm essence of her beloved flooding her insides would be unbearable. Even if she ended up pregnant, would that really be the worst thing in the world? To watch her belly swell with the life of her and Makoto's baby? No, such a thing could only be a blessing. No matter what happened, it was a win-win situation.

The decision was clear.

Her legs wrapped around him. "Cum inside me! Fill me up!"

Those words broke the dam. Makoto let himself go after a final thrust and a clamorous moan, Kyoko did the same. She could feel it, the hot love-filled cum shooting out of his tip and filling every crevice of her being. As her womb was filled to the brim, the pleasure wrapped her in a soft, comfortable blanket. Her overstimulated senses barely registered the culprit of the pleasure coursing through her body laying next to her, and the feeling of being hugged was because of the arms around her.

"That was amazing..." He said with a raspy whisper. "I love you so much, I can't stand it... I'm so lucky to have you, and you are so beautiful..."

A smile unfurled on the girl's lips, it was fascinating and adorable seeing the boy turn back to his endearing self. After a session, he will hold her close and whisper sweet words to her. Making her feel safe and most importantly, happy.

"I'm the lucky one... Lucky to be loved by you..."

Kyoko fell asleep on his chest, her secret side uncovered without fear. For only he was deserving of witnessing it.

Little did they know that Makoto's cum would succeed in fertilizing her womb, planting a new hope for both of them while they slept


"Kyoko? Is something wrong? Should we stop?"

The worried voice of Makoto called for her attention and Kyoko opened her eyes to observe the matching expression on his face. She smiled fondly. "I'm fine, Makoto, just remembering something. You don't need to worry so much." Even if she very much enjoyed being pampered a bit. "I'm pregnant, not made of glass."

Her hand caressed her growing belly with affection. Even after six months, Kyoko wasn't used to the changes her body went through. The detective just finished remembering that eventful day when Makoto's seed managed to find its mark and plant a baby inside her belly. They didn't figure out what was truly happening after a few weeks of the girl having morning sickness.

She still remembers how nervous, and scared, she was at the idea of telling her dad. Makoto was the same but he stood next to her the whole time, holding her hand. It wasn't as bad as she expected, they were only a month away from graduation so they could finish school and find a place to live together. Besides, seeing Jin on the verge of passing out when he learned the news was a guilty pleasure.

The Naegi family took it a bit better. Sure, they were shocked and Makoto probably got an earful from his parents but the two of them were very supportive and promised to help with whatever they needed. Komaru was very excited about being an aunt and almost choked both of them with a tight, sisterly hug.

"Can't help it, it's my job to be worried about you. Besides, I thought I was losing my touch with you being so quiet."

Right, one of the reasons Kyoko was taking a trip down memory line to that day was because they were in a similar situation at the moment. Her naked and on her back, legs spread apart while he went in and out inside of her.

Some days, the future mother didn't see herself as beautiful as Makoto insisted she was. And he had a very effective way of showing the attraction that he still felt for her. There were a few differences, of course.

Kyoko couldn't get into complicated positions thanks to her size and Makoto held himself back from going too hard on her since his worry for the baby outweighed everything else. Not all the changes were bothersome. For example, Kyoko's pale mounds were now a bit more full and sensitive, a perk that Makoto very much enjoyed. She loved it too; every squeeze of her breasts caused her back to arch with pleasure.

She bit her lower lip and looked at him with spirited eyes. "Maybe you did lose it." After so many months of dating and sex, Kyoko didn't lose her taste for teasing Makoto.

"Oh?" He made sure to go as deep as he could with a single thrust to remark his next words. "I know you are playing me, so let's play."

"Bring it on." Were her defying words while trying to stop a moan.

Makoto's fingers roughly groped her tits, his fingers sinking into her tender flesh. The lucky graduate became more skilled at love-making with practice; he knew exactly how to angle his thrusts so her sweet spots were constantly stimulated. He even timed his movements with the ones from his hands, all with the goal of making the woman under him melt like butter.

That was just the way Kyoko liked it. In a way, teasing him to go hard on her was a way of manipulating him so she still was in control. Then again, Kyoko didn't look much in control at the moment with her lolling tongue and flushed expression.

"Don't choke now! Tell me if I still have it or not." That was not fair; he knew Kyoko couldn't lie to him in that state.

So instead, she begged for him to go faster, to stir her womb and claim her body, heart, and mind all over again with that magnificent cock of his. Her cold mask fell to reveal the emotions and the needy woman under it. Her hormones were messing with her body, making her more vulnerable to the immense pleasure that sex with Makoto provided. She even told him to get her pregnant again, which wasn't currently possible but it did the trick in awakening his ferocious mating instincts.

Kyoko couldn't pinpoint when she came, she only realized her orgasm because of the trickle of warm fluid down her legs. Her mind was too boggled to register the spike of pleasure, but it did recognize the telltale signs of Makoto reaching his limit.

The twitch of his cock, the desperate thrusts, the clenching balls, and finally, the melting hot cum filling her up to the brim. No matter how many times she had it, Kyoko never had enough of that feeling. Just like she never had enough of the post-sex cuddling sessions they shared once their bodies calmed down.

"You still have it," Kyoko said with a small laugh.

"That's a relief," Makoto responded with a laugh of his own. He wrapped his arms around her and became her bigger spoon. It was a privilege he loved to use at every chance he got. "You are going to be an amazing mom. You know that, right?"

Makoto's hand rested on her belly and Kyoko's joined it, caressing the life that was growing inside. It was a scary thing, but also exciting as long as they were together. The three of them.

"Have you thought of a name yet?"

Kyoko smiled as they continued to rub her belly together, imagining that they were caressing the baby they would hold in their arms in a matter of weeks. "I have a few ideas."