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'Is there really anything out here?' Heero thought to himself whilst he was exploring a miniature debris belt created from the remains of a destroyed colony.

The reason Heero was even out here at all to begin with was because numerous anomalies have been detected over the course of the last few weeks. Initially the anomalies were ignored due to being few and far between on top of being brief to the point that their detection was ruled out as nothing more than a mere glitch in the system but they ultimately never completely stopped.

At first radar systems were checked to see if there was something wrong with them but after it was discovered that they were still in prime working condition the preventers which were a new organization formed in the aftermath of the eve wars to make certain that the newly found peace through the entirety of earth and space alike was maintained.

While it was extremely unlikely that there were any enemies in the area, it didn't make sense for anyone to be operating out in an area that was so isolated with nothing out here but with the slowly increasing number of anomalies it couldn't be ignored and the possibility of enemies may have been low but being complacent could easily lead to disaster hence why Heero was currently piloting the gundam dubbed Wing Zero, a machine capable of amplifying human abilities well beyond their normal capacity just in case.

As he maneuvered through the pieces of debris Heero moved ever closer to the part of the colony that was still intact if it could really even be considered that any longer.

'This is supposed to be the area where the last anomaly was detected but….' Heero's train of thought was disturbed when his radar suddenly detected something he couldn't have anticipated.

Half a kilometer from his current position were a total of seven mobile suits and two ships but what really caught him off guard was that the data on them was non existent, essentially whatever types they were, Wing Zero was registering them as unknowns.

Heero narrowed his eyes, the possibility of enemies just went up tremendously but he'd need more information before he could engage them. Maneuvering Wing Zero closer to the position where the other units were being detected Heero soon had a visual on the force in question.

It became abundantly clear as to why the units and ships were all unknown. It was because they weren't of any design recorded within the earthsphere. In fact their design really differentiated greatly from any traditional design within the after colony era.

Whereas most known mobile suits had a square screen eye sensor these mobile suits all had a pink monoeye behind thin rectangular visors.

All the mobile suits in question save for one were dark green in color with a plain looking design save for the propulsion wings housed on their backs and a finn extending from the back of their heads.

In terms of weaponry five out of six of them were armed with what looked like a type of rapid fire rifle along with some type of sword of sorts mounted to the back of their waists. In terms of prowess Heero guessed that they may have been just a step beneath Leos considering the latter was armed with a beam saber for close quarters combat as well as a shield.

The remaining green unit was armed with a pair of cannons in each hand along with what looked to be missile silos on the outer side of each leg. If Heero had to guess he'd surmise that it was a different weapon set from the other models.

Speaking of models the final mobile suit was a light grey color with its design being similar enough to the other suits that it was a safe bet that one was used to lay the groundwork for the other model with the major difference being that its body had a slimmer and more angular design.

It was equipped similarly to the five green units with the added bonus of a shield mount to its left arm with what looked like a thin type of gatling gun attached to its end.

While he couldn't say for sure weather or not it was true Heero had a strong suspicion that it was probably the command unit of the squadron.

Heero switched on his radio and was about to skim through the different channels in hopes of monitoring the unknown force's chatter and much to his surprise the gundam pilot was in luck when he discovered that these people were talking on an open channel.

Heero couldn't help but wonder how these people could do something so idiotic. If they were out in a location that was this isolated then it had to be because they didn't want to be discovered so surely they would know to be thorough in their precautions but it seemed they weren't, weather it was because of half assed effort or complacency due to confidence of no one finding them since they weren't near any inhabited part of space.

Whatever the case was their lapse in judgement was something Heero wasn't going to waste the opportunity to take advantage of.

"So we finally came through the portal to this world only to find ourselves next to a destroyed colony with no sign of civilization in sight." A sigh was heard before the voice continued. "How the hell are we supposed to find anything to help out Zaft in the middle of nowhere?"

Zaft? What kind of organization was that? Were they a group looking to stir up another war and what did the person mean by "portal to this world?" It sounded like something out of a fictional fantasy.

Heero could only wonder if this was an actual terrorist group or a bunch of heavily armed lunatics. Either way Heero couldn't leave them to their own devices.

"Enough." Another voice bellowed. "If the remains of this colony are anything to go by then there has to be others."

"Okay but where exactly are we supposed to look?" A third voice asked.

"We'll fan out from here after we set up a supply point here."

"In a colony that's more than half destroyed?" The first voice asked.

"We don't have much of a choice, we don't know where the nearest colony is from this one."

Now the gundam pilot was even more confused. From what he heard so far these people were looking for something to help a group called ZAFT and it was starting to sound like they didn't have any idea where they even were. If they were truly a hostile group they weren't a very competent one if they somehow managed to find themselves stranded out in a part of space that was no longer inhabited. Heero actually almost found himself tempted to just leave right then and there.

Almost but unfortunately in spite of some of the nonsense this group was spouting and the stupidity they were showing these people were still armed and very well could threaten the people living in outer space if they were truly left to their own devices; if they fanned out and searched properly they'd eventually find one of the more inhabited parts of space. The question was what they would do when they found a colony that was intact?

"And how would we know if a colony had any type of weapons schematics for us to make use of?" The first voice asked, making Heero tense up.

If he wasn't sure before he was now, the mention of weapon schematics settled it, these people were enemies, no one who was supportive of the newfound peace achieved by Relena after the end of the eve wars would ever be searching for their own purposes.

"If the worst case scenario should come about then we'll simply have to resort to the extremes and begin killing civilians to gain the attention of those who possess any technology that might help our cause." The second voice said earning a bit of laughter from the first.

"It might be easier to do that from the start, I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a waste, the natural's in our world a way behind us in terms of tech it'll suck if it turns out this world is just as underdeveloped."

Before any further reply could be given a yellow soared through the air and engulfed the mobile suit piloted by whoever the first voice belonged to destroying it and killing them in the process stunning everyone present.

"We're under attack? But who could have found us out here when we're not even anywhere near any type of civilization?!" One of the other pilots exclaimed now panicking.

It was that that the second voice spoke up. "Calm down and get ready to fight off whoever is attacking us." The second voice which belonged to what was most likely a captain aboard one of the two unknown ships ordered before continuing. "How many enemies are we being engaged by?"

All cameras on the ships and mobile suits alike shifted to the direction the blast had come from and saw a white and blue mobile suit with a design unlike any they were familiar with armed with a double barrel rifle and shield.

"Just one unit from the looks of it."

"Well then hurry and engage it before it has a chance to call for reinforcements." The captain ordered.

Inside Wing Zero's cockpit Heero was now glaring at the opposition before him with newfound killing intent. He might have been a little more cautious about starting a battle right then and there with limited information but after he heard the captain expression blatant contemplations of murdering civilians for the sake of attracting enemies the gundam pilot had made the decision that the sooner this group was eliminated the better.

If they were so intent on undoing the peace that so many had died for and making the sacrifices for it a waste they needed to be stopped. Heero may not have had much of a long term goal for himself now that all major fighting had ended but that didn't mean he was going to allow this group to threaten the peace that Relena was working tirelessly to maintain.

Flying in the general direction of the cluster of confirmed enemies which were now firing at him with their rifles Heero shifted the aim of his buster rifle and fired another shot instantly destroyed two more mobile suits causing the rest to scatter.

"You're gonna pay for that you Natural." One of the remaining mobile suit pilots declared before the unit armed with the pair of cannons took aim at Heero and fired a pair of emerald colored beams at him.

In response Heero raised his shield and blocked the two beams resulting in a mass of smoke being created obscuring the enemies view of Wing Zero.

"Alright the bastard's down for the count." The pilot declared only for a yellow beam to soar out of the smoke later and send them to the abyss in the process.

"Dammit!" One of the pilots of the two remaining green mobile suits yelled out in anger before taking aim with their weapon and opening fire on Heero.

The Gundam piloted merely strafed out of the bullets' path before returning fire with his buster rifle destroying the enemy mobile suit in the process. What followed afterwards was one of the two unknown ships firing a turret located on its underside at Heero who blocked the attack with his shield.

"Enron what are you doing?" The captain's voice demanded whoever was overseeing the other ship that fired.

"Engaging the enemy and saving our lives!"

"You'll risk hitting our mobile suits."

"It doesn't matter at this point. This machine has taken out most of the squadron in less than even a full minute. After it's done with the rest of them it's going to focus on the ships."

The logic this Enron person had provided was straightforward which basically amounted to striking first to try to take out Heero before he had the chance to take them out. Unfortunately all they succeeded in doing was turning his attention towards them.

Increasing the buster rifle's output for ten percent to thirty percent Heero took aim at the ship hitting it with precise accuracy obliterating the vessel within a single shot leaving everyone stunned once more.

"H-how does this mobile have that much fire power?!" One of the remaining pilots all but screamed out whilst Heero took aim at the last green unit after lowering the rifle's output back down but stopped short when his alarms went off alerting him to an incoming attack.

Shifting his direction Heero raised his shield to block a spray of bullets coming from the grey unit which was flying towards him. Seeing as it appeared that Heero would need to take this unit out first since they were quicker to try and retaliate he opted to shoot them down instead but much to his surprise this pilot actually managed to dodge his shot after he fired his rifle via maneuvering to the side.

The enemy pilot of the grey mobile suit followed up by strafing around Heero whilst firing at Heero who returned fire his own rifle only for the grey mobile to dive in order to avoid being shot down.

The gundam pilot decided not switch tactics and utilize his shoulder vulcans which forced the grey mobile suit to go on the defensive and attempted to block the spray of bullets with their shield only for the projectiles to embed themselves alarmingly deep in the shield's surface or pierce through the defensive armament completely also damaging and rending the machine's rifle useless in the process leaving the enemy pilot with no choice but to pull back.

"Roland! hold on I'll provide covering fire." The other pilot said as they proceeded to finally fire upon wing zero. Heero of course opted to utilize the obvious option which was to turn to the only remaining green colored mobile suit and take it out his rifle but it that moment the pilot of the gray mobile suit decided to discard their rifle and pull out their sword before rushing at Heero at their top speed.

The gundam pilot was forced to pull back to avoid an attempt by the grey suit at rending his rifle. Heero would have tried his hand at counter attacking with his shoulder vulcans but the enemy pilot used their momentum to quickly get out of range of the weapon.

The green suit was now rushing at Heero whilst firing the rest of the ammo from their rifle. "Go down you bastard!"

Heero simply reacted by taking aim at the approaching mobile suit and fired. Being smarter than the other pilots that have already been shot down the suit attempt attempted to veer off to the side to avoid the blast which saved them from certain death but at the cost of the mobile suits right arm and leg along with its armament.

The pilot of the grey suit decided to make another beeline for Heero while he was distracted by the green mobile suit and tried to close in with their sword.

Heero simply pivoted Wing Zero but was surprised when the pilot once more swung at his rifle forcing the gundam pilot to quickly pull it out of the sword's path midswing.

Heero expected the pilot to try and quickly gained distance to make sure sure they were out of range of his vulcans and able to dodge a blast from his rifle if he fired it but instead the pilot spun their machine around and sent a kick at Wing Zero forcing Heero the utilize his shield to avoid them hitting the main body and rattling the machine.

The other pilot however used this opportunity to swing their sword at Heero's buster rifle once more forcing him to pull back out of the swords range.

Whoever this Roland person was they weren't your run of the mill pilot, they had a great deal of skill under their belt on top of being rather calculating. They were able to quickly deduce that since their weapons were ineffective against Wing Zero that their best option was to take out the gundam's armament and since the buster rifle was Heero's primary weapon as well as the biggest threat to them since he already shown them that it can take out an entire ship with a single shot showing they had keen judgement of the situation.

The pilot known as Roland quickly climbed and began strafing around Heero and began firing at him with the gatling gun attached to their shield.

How the weapon still worked in spite of the damage done to the arm and shield it was mounted was beyond Heero but he had to admit this pilot's potential was not something to scoff at, given enough time to hone their skills and the right mobile suit they could definitely prove to be a major threat down the line of the future, provided Heero didn't take them out here and now. "You have skill I'll give you that." The gundam pilot mused.

"I could say the same to you, regardless however I need to take you out here and now. Before you can threaten our faction." Now that Heero had a chance to truly register it the voice of the enemy pilot sounded young like someone around his own age.

"And I intend to shoot you down before you have a chance to threaten the peace that was finally achieved after the eve war for those living in the after colony era."

"So that's what this world is called." The pilot known as Roland said.

"What do you mean this world?" Heero asked having a sneaking suspicion that there was more to it than someone's crazy fantasy.

"Even if I told you I guarantee that without any solid proof or any way to show you that you'll just write me and everyone else here off as insane." Roland replied as the gundam pilot turned to face him utilizing his shoulder vulcans forcing the enemy pilot to pull back.

"I won't deny that you and your colleagues sound downright deluded, but there's no way a bunch of mentally ill people completely out of touch with reality could manage to form even a small force like the one you have." The gundam pilot fired off another shot at Roland who evaded via climbing before swinging around for another attack likely directed at Heero's buster rifle.

The gundam pilot decided to switch tactics simply firing a single shot that Roland dodged as expected whilst unsurprisingly coming closer with sword in hand.

While Roland believed he was about to have another chance at rending the buster rifle and weakening Heero's overall fighting strength the underlying reality was that he was playing right into the gundam pilot's hands.

Once the grey mobile suit was in range it swung its sword once more at the buster rifle prompting Heero to simply pull the armament of range and pull back just barely enough to avoid the blade hitting wing zero's main body leaving Roland open to a counter attack that came in the form a forward thrust of Heero's shield with its pointed end aimed right at the enemy mobile suit's right shoulder joint.

The shield tore through the metal and mechanical pieces between the main body and shoulder completely severing the arm in the process but the gundam pilot wasn't done. Whilst he was in the process of making his first attack he had already been in the process of readying his shoulder vulcans so when he was done severing the enemy machine's arm he followed with a spray of bullets which Roland didn't have time to dodge so as a result he was forced to utilize the only option he could to delay the destruction of his suit even if only for a few seconds via bringing up his heavily damaged shield to endure the oncoming spray of bullets.

Once more the shield had numerous holes torn into it this time rending the gatling underneath it as well as rending the arm it was mounted to inoperable leaving the gray mobile suit essentially defenseless.

Heero was about to lunge forward and impale the enemy mobile suit with his shield before the remaining enemy ship suddenly fired at him forcing him to pull away from Roland in order to avoid being shot down.

"Roland hurry and come back to the Salvation." The captain ordered. "We have no choice but to retreat back to our world."

"But if we don't deal with this enemy now they could make our mission here far more difficult and in the worst case scenario threaten Keegan's life."

Were the situation not so dire Heero might have raised one of his eyebrows still he could help but wonder who this Keegan character was, judging from the brief way Roland had spoken of him it was more than likely that they were at the center of whatever this group was trying to do.

"That may be, but we can't allow ourselves to die here, besides this enemy's arrival confirmed what we had hoped for so the first part of our mission's complete." The captain of the ship now known as the Salvation said both confusing and alerting Heero as he avoided another shot from the Salvations bottom turret before the ship followed up with a salvo of missiles which Heero was forced to begin dodging,blocking, or shooting down with his shoulder vulcans.

"It would be better if we returned to our own world and informed Keegan that this world indeed has weapons we can use for our cause rather than be shot down here with no one to get word back to Keegan of what's happened here.

That statement only served to further confirm what the gundam pilot already knew. This group's ambitions would only undo the peace of the after colony Era.

Once Heero had shot down the final missile with his shoulder vulcans using the last of their bullets in the process he turned to the Salvation in time to see it open the entrance to its hanger to let Roland board it.

Heero managed to begin taking aim at the Salvation but before he could fire the last green mobile suit made a beeline for him with its sword in hand making an overhead swing which left Heero with no choice but to block the blow with his shield. The enemy pilot was unrelenting and simply pushed their throttle to its maximum output whilst keeping their sword locked with Wing Zero's shield attempting to push the gundam back.

"Captain Thomason don't let my death be in vain!" The pilot of the green mobile suit said before the now identified captain replied saying "You'll be remembered." followed something happening that took even the perfect soldier off guard.

A vortex of some kind which had a spiraling design giving it a rather unrealistic appearance of a fictional type of black hole had appeared right in of the Salvation half a meter away from it seemingly out of thin air.

Heero would have thought that the crew would scramble to get away but instead they did the exact opposite, they willingly began going into the vortex. The gundam pilot would have thought that what the crew was doing was suicidal but from what was said over the radio it was clear they were trying to do anything but die.

Wherever these people intend to go Heero didn't plan on letting them get away by a long shot but first he needed to deal with the current hindrance in the form of the heavily damaged green mobile suit maintainimg its weapon lock with him and keeping him from going after the Salvation.

Thanks to its close proximity Heero was unable to use his buster rifle and his shoulder vulcans were out of ammo, his shield was out of the question obviously due to the weapon lock so Heero had two options, pull back to break the deadlock so he could use one of the two armaments or something that was simpler.

Tossing aside the buster rifle Heero quickly drew his beam saber from Wing Zero's shoulder and swiftly cut off the enemy's mobile suit's remaining arm.

"You won't get in Keegan's way."

Heero cut the mobile through it torso before putting his beam saber away whilst the remains of the last green mobile suit exploded before reclaiming his rifle and flying in front of the vortex seeing no trace of the Salvation.

A small part of Heero almost wanted to believe they were dead but the more logical part of him had a very strong hunch that wasn't the case but that still left the question of where this mysterious enemy had fled to.

The vortex might have still been there but there wasn't trance of the Salvation but that only brought the obvious question right back up. As for what the answer to it was it was something that was beyond even the perfect soldier, the logical conclusion to come to would be that the enemy simply fled to some other location in space like another colony or recourse satellite.

However the vortex's very presence through all logic out the window which lead to the gundam pilot recalling everything the enemy was talking about before more specifically the less rational parts implying that they were from a different world.

While a few minutes ago Heero would have written it off as nothing short of insane the vortex was something that couldn't be rationally explained giving more grounds to truly consider what the enemy was saying as something that might actually be possible.

It would explain why the mobile suits they were using as well as the ships were completely unknown. Maybe the group known as Zaft was from this other world? It would certainly provide an explanation as to why Heero has not heard of them.

Still in spite of all that the very idea of another world apart from his own existing was just far too irrational to openly believe. Scientists might have theorized that other worlds existed time and time again but they had nothing to back it up.

Heero glanced at his radar to see if it picked up any trace of the Salvation only to see that as far as the ship went Wing Zero had nothing, what it did show was the same type of anomaly that it had sprung the entire investigative mission coming directly from where the vortex was located.

'So the enemy was responsible for these abnormalities. Just another reason why I need to go after them.' The gundam pilot thought.

The question was where was he supposed to look now that the enemy was seemingly gone without a trace? Deep down he already knew but it posed a high risk.

If he actually decided to follow the ship through the vortex before him where would it lead him? To certain death? it wasn't out of the question but the enemy believed it to be safe since they went without a moment's hesitation. But if entering the vortex didn't kill him where exactly would it lead him? To this other world assuming it actually existed or the other side of the universe?

Heero heard a beep coming from his radar and saw that the signal coming from the vortex was starting to disappear before glancing up and discovering that the vortex was starting to become slightly faded.

Wing Zero eyes glowed prompting the teen pilot to sigh. "I know zero, I have to make a decision now." Since there was only one real lead he had the perfect soldier was about to disappear his decision was already being dictated by the circumstances of the situation.

Not intending to wait until the vortex was gone Heero flew forward chasing after the only lead he had. The risk was extreme but regardless Heero now had a mission to defeat this newfound enemy and he intended to carry it out and complete it.

"I'll safeguard the peace that Relena's made possible no matter what it takes." The gundam pilot of Wing Zero declared as he went into the vortex disappearing from the world of the after colony era without a trace.

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