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Upon exiting the Archangel Heero immediately caught sight of all four enemy mobile suits via his secondary cameras before recalling the information he had seen about them from the Archangel's archives.

The duel was a general purpose type unit which had a rather plain design with a grey coloration with bits of blue over its forehead, chin, upper chest, wrists, knees, sides of its shoulders, and the soles of its feet. The mobile suit's armaments consisted of what could be considered a standard set for any mobile suit in the form of a beam rifle, shield, and beam saber along and a pair of CIWs in its forehead along with the addition of a second identical beam saber which gave the Duel the possibility to dual wield in battle and a grenade launcher which gave it a another mid range option to utilize in battle.

The next unit which was the Buster had a mostly tan green coloration with its forehead, shoulders, chin, and chest along with the soles of its feet being dark green, the machine also had red plating over its supreme eye, shoulder silos, hatch, torso, hips, and knees. In terms of weapons the Buster had a long range arsenal consisting of a high-energy rifle in its left hand and gun launcher in its right hand along with missile silos in each shoulder. One feature that made the Buster rather unique compared to any unit Heero had ever seen was that both the high energy rifle and gun launcher could both be converted into a mid range anti armor scatter shot or a long range sniper rifle.

The next unit was the Blitz and apparently as per its name was created with blitzkrieg warfare in mind, in simple terms it was a stealth unit with almost completely black coloration saved for a few parts such as the vents on each side of its chest, the edges of its shoulders, and knees to name some of them. Its weaponry consisted of a beam rifle with a built in beam saber and set of lancer darts and shield mounted to it with all said weapons being attached to the Blitz's right arm essentially forming what was called the Trikeros offensive shield system which allowed the Blitz to quickly switch between offensive and defense on the fly with the only drawback being that the lost and disablement of the Blitz's right arm would rend it unable to use any of its armaments save for the only on its left arm which was its rocket propelled grappling hook called piercer lock. The feature that allowed it to conduct blitzkrieg warfare was a feature it possessed known as mirage colloid which granted the mobile the ability to turn virtually invisible at the expense of its phase shift armor leaving the unit vulnerable to attacks.

The final unit was a commander type known as the Aegis which had a red coloration of the vast majority of its body save for a silver mouth plate and black upper chest not including the hatch. Its weapons were mostly a set consisting of a beam rifle, shield, and beam saber but rather than just a single handheld one the Aegis possessed a total of four beam saber all mounted in its wrists and feet via long prongs coming out of them. It terms of close combat the Aegis was likely the most lethal though it would take a skilled pilot to bring its potential; it's most notable feature was its transferable configuration which granted the unit the ability to switch from it's mobile suit form to a specialized mobile armor form equipped with claw legs that allowed it the latch on to a target and a long range weapon known as the scylla cannon with theoretically had enough firepower to destroy an entire battleship with one shot.

Out of all the units Heero deemed the Blitz to be the biggest threat to the Archangel since the pilot could very easily utilize their mirage colloid in order to get the jump on the crew and quickly take out the bridge and decided it was the one that was best taken out of the picture first.

Taking aim with his buster rifle Heero fired a single shot off at the enemy group causing the enemy mobile suits to scatter. Immediately afterwards Heero flew towards

his intended target firing another shot at them forcing them to evade.

Within less than a full minute Heero had managed to close most of the distance between himself and the Blitz before he attached his rifle to his shield allowing himself to draw his beam saber and make an overhead swing at the enemy unit which raised its shield to block the blow.

Upon impact the Blitz's shield managed to hold out but the mobile suit was pushed back. Heero was about to follow up and use his buster rifle to finish the unit off but it immediately began turning invisible meaning the pilot was trying to resort to the mirage colloid system to give themself the advantage.

Not a very smart move on their part, the only way using mirage colloid on the spot was going to work was if the enemy was slow to react and unaware of the weakness behind the said system.

Neither of which applied to Heero who intended to make the pilot pay for. Within the span of a few seconds Wing zero's gatlings emerged from the mobile suit's shoulders and spay the Blitz with bullets that pelted the machine relentlessly forcing the pilot to deactivate the system and reactivate their phase shift armor revealing a rather heavily damaged Blitz that now had multiple tears and holes in its armor and was sparking in numerous places and its joints were speaking with each movement due to metal grinding against metal.

Heero would have simply shot the Blitz down but the Aegis decided to intervene, likely wanting to save the pilot of the Blitz flying after Heero and firing at him with its beam rifle forcing him to climb in order to avoid any of the shots hitting him whilst providing the Blitz the opening to retreat.

Once the Aegis had become level with Wing Zero both opponents aimed their rifles at each other before the Zaft pilot suddenly found themselves under fire from the Strike which was firing its own rifle at them.

Observing Kira Heero noticed that he had a habit of firing his rifle too often wasting excessive amounts of energy which showcased his lack of experience with the battlefield, if he kept that up he'd leave himself vulnerable later.

Meanwhile general Mu Flaga occupied the pilot of the Buster's attention with an impressive amount of skill considering he was essentially outgunned by his opponent.

Since both the Aegis and Buster had their hands tied with Heero's current allies and the Blitz was too damaged to continue fighting that only left one machine that could possibly go after the Archangel, the Duel which luckily decided rather than doing just that went after Heero.

The gundam pilot was a unsure of weather it was not to leave themselves open to an attack from him but within the first few moments of the engagement Heero got the vibe that the pilot was driven more by their personal ego than anything when the made a beeline for him whilst firing their weapon with a considerable amount of aggression.

The perfect soldier's suspicion about the enemy pilot was only strengthened that much further when they continued closing the distance and switched from the rifle to their beam saber.

The Duel went for an overhead swing which Heero parried to the side with ease before the enemy pilot followed up by bringing their weapon back around only for Heero to block the attack. The enemy pilot continued trying to utilize their beam saber time and time again only to find themselves unable to break through the perfect soldier's defense.

Overall the duel's fighting style was rather aggressive if nothing else but beyond that they didn't fight with any real strategy or think even a single move ahead. Overall it seemed that aside from a level of skill that at least put them beyond a run of the mill pilot all the operator of the Duel had going for them was a massive ego and one that was about to get them hurt at best or killed at worst as far as they mine as well have been concerned.

Finally deciding that he had the enemy's barrage go on long enough Heero parried another swing from the Duel before countering with a swing of his own rending a gash deep enough to Duel's torse causing the enemy pilot to finally give pause providing the perfect soldier with the opportunity to pull back and take aim with his buster rifle and fire off a low powered shot at the enemy mobile suit which barely managed to pull to its right in time to avoid being destroyed outright at the price of losing its shield and entire left arm.

"Wh-what the!?" A shocked voice exclaimed over an open channel likely belonging to the Duel's pilot. Heero then shot a glance in the Strike's direction and saw that the Aegis was gaining the upper hand when it managed to destroy the Strike's rifle via the use of its CIWs.

Left without its mid-range weapon the Strike was forced to switch to one of its beam sabers and attempt to face the Aegis in close quarters combat only to be forced to abort any pursuit when the Aegis used its own rifle to keep the Strike at bay.

It seemed like the Strike's pilot was struggling more and more by the second. 'I guess I know where I need to intervene.' The gundam pilot thought before flying towards the two mobile suits.

Meanwhile the Strike made a beeline for for the Aegis once again this time using its shield to block any shots sent its way before managing to get with attack range and rend the Aegis' own rifle with a horizontal swing of its beam saber before trying to brings its weapon back around only for the Aegis to ignite the beam within its forearm to intercept the incoming swing.

The Aegis chose this time to activate one of the beam sabers in its feet and brought the appendage up forcing the Strike to pull back. The situation only went from bad to worse when the Strike's beam saber's blade suddenly dissipated before its phase shift armor came down.

Before the Aegis could try anything further however it was forced to avoid a shot from Heero's buster rifle.

Before the Aegis could attempt to retaliate Heero followed up with a barrage from his shoulder gattlings pelting the mobile suit and nearly knocking it off balance. Without missing a beat the perfect soldier closed in with his beam saber swinging in an overhead swing.

By some off chance the Aegis brought its shield up in time to block the attack and trying to act quickly to gain the upper hand brought its arm mounted beam saber around only for Heero to stop it with his shield however the Aegis wasn't done just yet. With both of Wing Zero's arms occupied the pilot must have thought it was the best opportunity to use the foot mounted blade and brought the weapon up.

To their credit the decision was the correct one from a logical point of view, the pilot was certainly proving to be more level headed than whoever was behind the controls of the Duel. Still Heero was already aware of the foot mounted beam sabers and was more than ready to react as he pulled back creating distance between himself and the Aegis whilst taking aim with his buster rifle. The enemy pilot opted to pull back increasing the distance that much more before strafing to the side just in time to evade a low powered shot from Wing Zero before it changed from its humanoid shape to a more square shaped one with form legs one each corner along a with cannon barrel in the center which fired a red beam at him which he swiftly dodged before deciding to close in for an attack with his beam saber.

In response to the incoming threat the Aegis quickly switched back to its humanoid form and reignited the beam in its arm to intercept Heero's attack. Emerald and amber blades collided and resulting in a ade lock that the Aegis' pilot intended to break through the use of one of the foot mount beam sabers but the perfect soldier was quicker to act pelting the enemy mobile suit and pushing it back a meter before using his beam saber to sever the Aegis's leg at the knee joint rending the ignited beam saber in its foot useless.

The enemy mobile suit pulled back prompting Heero to fire off another shot with his beam rifle forcing it to take further evasive actions. The gundam pilot readied himself to continue the fight even further but it seemed that the pilot of the Aegis felt differently and turned to retreat.

'With the Blitz and Aegis, out of commision and that should more than likely just leave the Buster.' Of course the gundam pilot knew there was no guarantee that things would end as simply as that there was always that chance that a new factor could surface amidst the fighting or a previous one.

With that fight between the mobius zero and the Buster, the latter decided to convert both of its primary weapons into their scatter shot configuration before firing on Mu La Flaga who aptly dodge the numerous beams before the gun barrels separated from his main machine before returning fire on the Buster from multiple angles. The enemy mobile was hit by each and every shot however not a single one of them did any damage to the machine.

"We really need to close the gap in battle strength soom." Mu La Flaga muttered to himself though it was heard on the radio by the others.

Though voicing the complaint wouldn't do any good it was still understandable given the advantage Zaft already held even before stealing the four mobile suits from the destroyed colony of Heliopolis.

The Buster took aim at the Mobius Zero firing at the unit once more forcing Mu to take evasive action the moment his unit came back together.

Heero deciding to bring this skirmish to an end fired a low power shot at the Buster forcing the pilot to fly to the side to avoid oblivion. The perfect soldier pressed the offensive via closing in with his beam saber opting to expose the Buster's weakness in terms of close combat.

In response to Heero's assault the Buster attempted to utilize the only counter it had to close quarters combat which were the missile silos in each of its shoulders. Unfortunately for the enemy unit Heero was one step ahead of them and used his shoulder gatling guns to fire upon the silo as they opened up and hit the missiles while they were still inside the shoulders.

As a result the projectile exploded right inside the silos destroying the Buster's shoulders and leaving it without either of its arms essentially rending the machine defenseless.

Heero likely would have likely finished the machine off of an enraged voice didn't yell over an open channel.

"You bastard!" Heero's alarm went off alerting him to an incoming threat in the form of the one armed Duel flying at him with a beam saber in hand. Acting quickly heero brought up his own beam saber to intercept an overhead swing from the Deul before the enemy machine followed with numerous more whilst Heero either blocked, dodge and parried.

"You're going down you Natural, there's no way in hell I'm losing to you." The Duel's pilot yelled out earning little more than Heero's annoyance and pity.

It looked like whoever was behind the Duel's controls wasn't thinking about their own well being or even their mission for that matter just their refusal to accept defeat. Unfortunately for the Zaft pilot the only thing they were accomplishing was making their situation go from bad to worse which became apparent when Heero used his gatling to fire straight in the gash he had previously made in the Duel's torso which stopped the Duel's assault right then and there.

Before Heero could finish off the last unit Mu hailed the radio. "Heero Lieutenant Ramius wants us to return to the ship, I know you're obligated to follow our orders but we don't want to drag this fight out anymore than we already have."

When Heero didn't immediately reply Mu continued. "We're hurting for supplies and we have civilians onboard who shouldn't be on the battlefield.

"Fair enough, just keep in mind we'll be seeing the stolen units again going forward."

"I know but right now we need to focus on getting somewhere safe."

"Alright, returning to the Archangel now." Heero said leaving the Duel floating in space.


At the harbor of one of the Plants the Salvation had just landed and its crew began disembarking with Tomosan and Roland at the front of the line.

Waiting for the two just outside the ship was a man in his forties with neatly combed back brown wearing the uniform the all the Zaft council wear, his face was almost completely stoic.

Upon seeing the pair exit the ship and approach he turned to address the former of the two. "Captain Thomason I'm glad to see you and the Salvation have returned from your special assignment."

"I assume you've read the report sent ahead of time."

"Yes, though I'd like to speak with both you and Roland about the events that took place personally."

"I see." Thamson replied before both he and Roland followed the council member out of the harbor and took a car the rest of the way to the building where Keegan's office was located.

Once everyone made it to their destination and were seated the council member wasted no time in asking the first question. "So from what I understand not only was every mobile you had destroyed save for Roland's but also the Gallia."

Thomason sighed before responding. "The enemy unit we encountered had a great deal of fire power, possibly surpassing that of the units captured on Heliopolis."

"Yes and that leads me to my next inquiry."

The captain of the Salvation already had a very good idea what was about to be brought, actually it was already a given because of how hard it was to believe.

"Your report said that this was the work of a single mobile suit. Surely you most know that the implications are…a bit hard to take in all things considered "

Thomason nodded in understanding. "I know the idea sounds ridiculous and to be honest a part of me doesn't want to believe it but the unit we encountered displayed prowess that was on par if not surpassing that of the units the earth alliance managed to manufacture and as for the destruction of the Gallia a part of it was due to its captain's recklessness in provoking the enemy pilot."

"I understand. What else can you tell me about the enemy pilot's overall prowess?"

"I believe Roland would be better qualified to assess that."

Without any reply the chairman shifted his gaze over to the Zaft red pilot who took over the explanation of what had taken place in the other world.

"The pilot in question was no ordinary pilot."

"You mean to say their skills were high enough to be considered."

"Yes, but I don't believe that provides a complete assessment."

This earned a raised eyebrow from both Keegan and Thomosan before the former came forward with the obvious question. "What do you mean?"

"I don't think their skill level was even in the same league as your typical ace or most Zaft reds either."

"You mean to imply they're at a level beyond even our better pilots within Zaft."

"Yes but even then I can't truly make an absolute assessment, during the fight with them I felt as though they were still holding back a great deal."

Keegan sighed. "If that's the case we may need to reassess any and all theories we had about the other world." The council member then turned his gaze back to the captain of the Salvation. "Do you have any objections?"

"No, what happened in the other world went beyond anything we could have anticipated. If the inhabitants of that world were able to create a mobile suit that surpassed what the Earth Alliance created on Heliopolis then its safe to assume they'll have military forces that are more than capable of matching us even if we had the backing of the rest of Zaft." He admitted.

And that wasn't even taking the mobile suit or its pilot into consideration. If their skill went to the levels Roland was implying then they alone posed a huge threat to Keegan's agenda and next time they'd likely have allies backing them up after they reported what they encountered to whoever they fought under meaning the mission in the other world was about to grow alarmingly more complicated at best and at worse likely be a bust before it even began.

"Good, then for the time being we'll be suspending any expositions to the other world until we can be better prepared."

"I'm grateful to hear that sir but it may be some time before we can better prepare ourselves."

"Yes I'm aware of that, at the very least we'll need a new model unit that surpassing a Ginn or CGUE, luckily I already have a copy of the data from the mobile suits that Rau La Cruset's team secure."

"Meaning you'll be working with Maius Military Industries for the time being."

"Yes though I'm not sure I'll be green lighting expeditions to the other world the very moment a new model is completed but coming with the next generation mass production unit should further Zaft's advantage over the enemy we're currently faced with."

"Be that as it may, this war is far from seeing any semblance of its end and if the enemy manages to get the remaining mobile suit to the Atlantic Federation the enemy will begin mass production of their own mobile suits."

"True but there's not much we can't do unless an opportunity presents itself for us to get involved with the mission to destroy the enemy's new ship."

"I suppose all we can do is help out of other places on the frontline in the meantime."

"That's the situation at present. You're both dismissed."

With that both the captain and Zaft pilot left the office in preparation of their next assignment. As the two separated and the Zaft red made it to the lobby he was greeted by an unexpected visitor.

"Roland? I didn't think I'd see you here." A zaft soldier around the same age as Roland wearing a Zaft red uniform said as they approached him.

"Otto, I thought you were still stationed at the Arkala asteroid base."

"I was but thanks to a severe blow our side dealt to the Earth alliance during their latest attempt at a siege I was granted a brief amount of shore leave before I have to either return there or be assigned a new assignment. How about yourself?"

"All I can't tell is that we ran into an unexpected factor and as a result we lost a lot of personnel including the Gallia in its entirety."

Upon hearing this the fellow Zaft red tensed up considerably as the eye became wide with surprise at hearing the news. "How could that have possibly happened."

"I'll explain on the way to the barracks."


"I take it my performance on the field met your standards?" Heero inquired nonchalantly whilst the both the Archangel's Lieutenants and only mobile armor pilot watched over the footage of the battle that they all just went through with the stolen G weapon or as the perfect Soldier decided to dub them "fake Gundams".

"Ye-yes." Ramius let out unable to say anything else at the moment. Back when she had initially agreed to let Heero stay onboard the Archangel in exchange for his help on the battlefield she and everyone else onboard definitely hoped that Heero's assistance could help them when dealing with pursuing Zaft forces. To say he delivered was a complete understatement, he didn't just take some pressure off he completely decimated the four machines which were supposed the most powerful weapons in existence as far as mobile suits went.

What was even more surprising was that it was practically on his own, his performance went well beyond anything Kira had done and Ramius now had the underlying feeling that Wing Zero had more power under its belt than what the perfect soldier had shown so far.

"If that's settled I'll be heading back to the hanger to perform maintenance on my mobile suit." With that the gundam pilot left leaving everyone else present pondering his unprecedented amount of prowess.

"Man, to think one kid would turn out to be capable of going against the G weapons on his." Mu mused.

"And be able to inflict such damage to the enemy." Natarle said contemplating everything that the Gundam pilot had done in just that single skirmish alone.

She already harbord a strong suspicion that the mobile suit itself harbord a great deal of fire power especially since it had I design not unlike that of the prototypes built on Heliopolis and the fight it just had with with the four stolen units only served to prove that point but even with that in mind she couldn't deny the perfect soldier's skill, it put even Mu La Flaga's to shame and trumped anything Kira had shown with the Strike. "That kid is a lot more valuable than we had thought."

"There's no denying that." Ramius replied. Back when she first agreed to let Heero come on board the Archangel she like the others felt the crew was getting the short end of the deal by a large margin but because of their situation being as desperate as it was she couldn't afford to turn it down. Now however it seemed like letting Heero stay onboard with near complete freedom to act as he saw fit seemed like a very small price to pay.

"It might be best to look into recruiting him into Earth alliance." Natarle suddenly suggested.

"You really think the higher ups would allow such a thing? It's more likely they'll either try and press the kid for more information about his machine, maybe even go as far as trying to seize it." Mu La Flaga said.

Natarle found herself unable to refute any of that while Ramius could only shrug at the statement. "The self destruct mechanism Heero warned about will force the higher ups to think twice."

"And if they tried to restrain him by force I get the feeling he'll put up one hell of a fight even on his own." Mu mused earning a curious look from Ramius.

"What makes you say that."

"Call it a sense of intuition but I don't think that machine and his skills as a pilot are all there is to him."

"If that's the case then it's all the more reason we need to find a way to have him firmly on our side." Natarle said.

"You might be right, but weather that's truly possible is a question that no one can really answer." Mu replied.

Whatever the case with Heero Yuy was in terms of personal allegiance, he was definitely going to prove to be one hell of a wild card that could really affect this entire war.


On board the Zaft ship known as the Vesselious a the final prototype or more precisely the Duel had been retrieved and brought in the hangar where the crew had to remove an injured Zaft red pilot with silver hair who's face had been severely burned by shrapnel from their own cockpit.

"You think Yzak's gonna be okay." A green haired boy wearing a Zaft red uniform inquired to a another pilot with a darker skin tone and blonde hair.

"He should, these days medics are upon to even surgically remove scars so it's not like they can't fix whatever damage has been done to him, at least physically." The Zaft red pilot said knowing full well that the pilot known as Yzak joule's pride was another story altogether.

Even if the Duel's current pilot made it out of the situation alive he was likely gonna be carrying a vendetta against the pilot of the new enemy mobile suit. Not that the Buster's pilot could blame them, even though he didn't sustain injury he still suffered a blow to his pride as a Zaft ace.

"That other machine is going to be a problem maybe even more so than the Strike." The green haired pilot said earning a grimace from his fellow Zaft member.

As much as the Buster's pilot didn't want to admit it, the former was right. The enemy machine that the leg0ged ship suddenly deployed proved to not only look like the prototypes from Heliopolis but be even bit as lethal too. Not only that but the pilot as the said machine showed a level of skill that the Strike nor that annoying mobile armor came close to displaying being able to fight off the entire Zaft team on their own.

As the two pilots exited the hangar they were soon greeted by a third pilot with near shoulder length blue hair and green eyes.

"Hey Athrun how are you holding up?" The greenette inquired.

"I'm fine Nicol, how about you two."

"We both managed to avoid injury to ourselves but the same can't be said for our machines." Nicol replied.

The pilot of the Buster sighed. "Yzak on the other hand is in pretty bad shape after the fight with that other mobile suit."

"Yeah I saw the medics bring him in." Athrun replied. "I'm just relieved he wasn't shot down altogether."

Nicol smiled at that. "Yeah at the very least we're all still alive so we can continue fighting for Zaft. Still I have to wonder where that other mobile suit came from."

The Buster's pilot shrugged "Heliopolis, there's literally nowhere else it could have been made."

Athrun placed a hand on his chin in thought. "That might be the obvious conclusion to come to but if that was truly the case then how did we not hear anything about its development until now?"

"What do you mean?"

"In spite of how secretive the enemy tried to be with the project they created the mobile suits they had along with the Strike the intelligence division still managed to uncover it."

Nicol's eyes widened in realization of what Athrun was implying. "You Mean that the intelligence division should have found out about that other machine too if it had really been made on Heliopolis."

The Buster's pilot raised an eyebrow. "You mean to say that the machine might have been made somewhere else? But that's not possible."

Nicol turned to the Blonde pilot "Don't you see Dearka? It's the only way to explain why we never found out about it until now."

The pilot, now identified as Dearka grunted in slight annoyance. "I get where you guys are coming from but that just leaves more questions such as when did the enemy even have the chance to get it on board the legged ship? If the machine wasn't made on Heliopolis then the enemy couldn't have ever moved it on board while we were attacking the colony."

"Of course not, we would have noticed the moment the enemy ever tried."

Athrun decided to voice his thoughts on the matter. "Maybe it was on board the ship right from the beginning."

"That'd make a lot of sense, but that would also beg the question of why the enemy hasn't used the mobile suit already."

Dearka shrugged. "As Yzak would probably say the Naturals are stupid."

"Not stupid enough not to use the machine unless there was something keeping them from doing so until now."

Nicol clicked his tongue "but what that something is is anyone's guess."

"Okay so we've established that this new machine probably didn't come from Heliopolis and that it might have always been onboard the Natural's new warship but how does that help us deal with the thing?"

That's another matter entirely, aside from what we've seen first hand we don't know anything about this other mobile suit so coming with a plan to effectively counteract it's going to be difficult." Athrun mused

"True but just the same just the same we'll have to if we want any chance of taking out the enemy's new war ship." Nicol replied.


"I'm getting a signal!" One of the crewmen on the bridge said gaining Ramius undivided attention.

"Who's it from?" the Lieutenant asked anxiously hoping for the best case scenario.

Ever since the escape from Heliopolis the crew of the Archangel had been constantly on the run from enemy forces and that wasn't taking the disaster at the Artemis base into account

Not only was everyone crew member and civilian alike exhausted from being on edge about when their lives would be in danger once more. On top of that the ship was lacking in supplies all around in terms of food and water. The ship was forced to actually pillage the ruins of Junius sevan which had drifted into the debri to at least refill the latter of the supplies.

Considering the history concerns the ruins of Junius seven no one was eager to take anything from it but as Mu La Flaga put it they needed to do what they could to survive. And that also happens to be where they met the pop idol Lacus Clyne as well as the pilot Heero Yuy who turned out to be the first source of relief they got since it meant the Archangel was in a far better position to fight off the enemy.

That being said the Archangel needed to link up with allied forces so the enemy would be forced to drop their pursuit but whether or not that was about to happen in the near future depended on who was hailing the Archangel.

"It's from the eighth fleet!"


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