Harry had spoken with Cyrus Greengrass about a betrothal agreement, which was quickly denounced as Cyrus and Olivia just wanted Harry and Daphne to be together on their own desires. The still recalled how upset both of their daughters were at the idea of a betrothal agreement when the Nott family had first broached the idea.

Harry looked around the manor that he had been getting to know during his more frequent visits, whether it be to visit Daphne or for the new political alliance, and then turned to Cyrus.

"How long has your family, the Greengrass family been here, living in this manor?"

Cyrus rubbed his chin as he considered his answer. "I think that this has been Greengrass Manor for nearly 200 years. I believe that my grandfather had said at one point it had been owned by a half-blood family, the Bennets. It had the name Longbourn House at that time. Not sure where that name came from. The village nearby, was once called Meryton." He turned back to Harry. "Why do you ask?"

"I was just curious, that is all," said Harry with a smile.

P&P Epilogue.2

There were a series of big weddings in magical Britain, starting with Theodore Nott and Tracey Davis in the summer of 2004. Then there was the biggest celebration of the year with the wedding of Lord Neville Longbottom and Lady Astoria Greengrass that fall. Harry had tried to arrange for a simple wedding without drawing attention to himself, but that was not allowed to happen due to Olivia Greengrass. While the ceremony and the reception were not as big as what had occurred for Neville and Astoria, the magical press tried to cover the wedding of the Boy Who Lived as much as possible.

Harry, for one, was glad once it was all over. He and Daphne had moved into one of his many properties, a large villa in the hills of Derbyshire that most of magical Britain had been completely unaware of, which suited Harry and Daphne just fine as they would definitely enjoy the privacy it would bring.

They did have frequent visits from close friends and family. Particularly the Longbottom's and almost as often the young Nott couple. Harry soon found Theo and Tracey to be an enjoyable couple to visit with, despite Theo continuing to come across as a pompous jerk at times, but when he did, both his wife and Daphne would quickly reign him in.

Silene would visit her cousin often, but Percy still was not comfortable visiting Harry, and that was just fine with the Lord Potter-Black. As Percy was quite busy with his work at the International Confederation of Wizards, he rarely had a chance to join his wife on her visits back home to England.

Harry's relationship with the Weasley family as a whole had deteriorated after the incident at Neville and Astoria's engagement party. Molly Weasley remained vocal in her displeasure of Harry having married a Slytherin, who she continued to declare must have had connections to Death Eaters, as opposed to Harry marrying her daughter Ginny.

Ron became even more upset on seeing Harry had married a "slimy snake" and his drinking problem became worse, culminating in his getting into an argument over a glass of fire whiskey in Knockturn Alley that led to a short duel with an Auror. The Auror simply tried to calm down the drunk and ranting former war hero. When Ron pulled his wand to attack the Auror, the Auror stunned the drunkard. However, the stunning spell hit with enough impact that Ron's damaged liver tore in places, leading to internal haemorrhaging that the Auror was unprepared to treat.

Ginevra Weasley had been trying to make a name for herself in the Quidditch leagues became more and more obsessed with Harry. She was eventually forced by her Quidditch teammates to seek the help of a mind healer after repeatedly trying to dose Harry with love potions. None of her attempts were even close to being successful. She eventually retired from Quidditch and lived alone with a pet kneazle she named Harrykins.

Cassandra Woodson was initially upset with Harry when he married Daphne, however she had become close friends with Hermione Granger, who was often present at the Potter-Black residence. Cassandra eventually decided to let go of her resentment towards Daphne so she could continue to visit with Hermione as well as her cousin Neville.

Hermione and Daphne had become close friends during the time they worked together at the ministry, so much so that Hermione viewed Daphne as the sister she never had. Hermione was welcome to stay at their home as often and for as long as she desired, which was most days and nights for the next several years.

Harry Potter-Black was grateful to the Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, who had hired Daphne to be his assistant and assigned her to oversee the memorials and the celebrations, thus forcing Harry to work with her on those serious projects. Neither Harry nor Daphne had foreseen that those projects would lead to their eventually becoming a couple.

Hermione still had plans to reshape the Ministry of Magic and the magical world, but these were tempered some as she had learned more about magical traditions through the museum of magical history that had been created by her best friend and 'brother', Harry.

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