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Chapter One: Not Just Sick

Toriel held back her twenty-two-year-old's hair with a gently paw as Frisk proceeded to puke her guts out. When Frisk was done, she curled up to her mother like when she was small. And Toriel, since she was so big, held her like she was a small child again with each.

"You've been sick like this for two weeks now, my child. You need a doctor," Toriel said softly. "You'd think that if I was puking so much, I'd be losing weight instead of gaining it," Frisk commented, rubbing her midsection. She had always been quite thin, but she was starting to get pudgy.

Regardless, she was stood upright. "I'm taking you to the doctor's office," Toriel said decisively. Frisk felt her face heat up.

She knew that she was screwed for the reason that she had been screwed.


Sans was playing on the Nintendo Switch when he heard a pounding on his front door. Since Papyrus was at work, the older skeleton paused his game and rolled off the couch to see who his unexpected visitor was. "Hey, Tori," he said, a bit awkward about it.

Toriel was standing over him and she did not look happy. Frisk was standing there too, and she held a piece of paper in her hand. She, on the other hand, looked quite uncomfortable with the situation.

"Frisk?" Toriel said stiffly. Frisk handed over the paper. Sans turned it over to look at it. "An... x-ray?" he said at last. "An ultrasound," Frisk said quietly. She took Sans' hands.

"I'm pregnant with your twins."

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