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Chapter Five: A True Family (Final)

Frisk went to sleep shortly after the birth, and she'd earned it well. Sans sat with her on the bed at the late hour, the twins both asleep in his arms. He still could hardly believe that he was a parent to twin babies now. Little Aubrey and Tristan, snoozing away.

"Is it setting in yet?"

Sans didn't even have to ask what Toriel meant. He nodded, adjusting Tristan on his left arm. "It's settin' in, alright. I'm a daddy to these two beautiful babies, and nothing's gonna hurt them," he vowed.

"From someone who hates promises, that really means quite a lot. I recall feeling the same way after Asriel's birth," Toriel reminisced.

"Well, you were probably sleeping like Frisk, if it was as rough as I saw," Sans commented.

"I made no mention of it as to not scare Frisk, but... it actually took about three days of labor before Asriel decided to make his appearance. And he was already at term, as well. He seemed reluctant to come," Toriel recalled.

"You don't gotta keep secrets like these from her any more, T. She's not eight years old. She's a woman and a mom now," Sans said. Toriel shouldered her purse, which she'd put in a chair to the side quite some time ago. "You'll learn that most parents will feel like that for a long, long time, Sans."

And with that said, she left.


The next day, Frisk didn't wake up until past noon. Neither did the twins. Frisk breastfeed them both after they woke up, then Sans brought some fast food in from down the street for them to share. It was just after Sans had tossed all of their trash into the trash can that there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Frisk called.

Well, as it turned out, news spread very quickly. Toriel lead Asgore, Papyrus, Alphys, Undyne, and Mettaton alike inside. It was clear that she had lectured them all in her "stern teacher" voice to be quite on the driver over, however, because no one was particularly noisy.

"I had to see my niece and nephew as soon as I heard about them," Papyrus said. "However, the receptionist insisted that he go home because it was one in the morning when he tried to show up. He dragged me along with him," Undyne added. She did have dark circles under her eye from the lack of sleep. "Well, forgive me for being excited," Papyrus muttered.

"What did you decide to name the little ones? Tori refused to tell us," Asgore asked. "Aubrey and Tristan," Frisk replied. Alphys pressed her glasses up on her nose a bit to see the twins better. "Oh my G-God, they're a-adorable..." she breathed.

"So, when are you and Undyne expected your first, hm?" Sans asked with a smirk. Alphys' hardcore blush was well worth Undyne smacking him hard on the skull.

"Everyone, there's no need to act like this. Not in front of the twins," Asgore stated diplomatically. "Frisk, darling, you are absolutely radiating that beautiful mother's glow! Smile for the camera, love~" Mettaton said as he dug out his phone.

"No," Frisk replied.

Now, that had everyone a bit shocked. Even the twins looked up at their mother in confusion. "This is the first family photo of our babies. Sans, maybe you can use your blue magic to hold the phone out far enough. But let's all get in this together," Frisk elaborated.

Everyone seemed to like that idea, so they got to situating themselves to all fit. Frisk leaned on Sans, his loving arm around her as he held Aubrey and she held Tristan.

Papyrus jumped onto the bed and sat next to his older brother. Mettaton sat on the bedside railing next to the skeleton, which was quite sturdy to be able to hold his weight. Undyne stood next to the robot and held Alphys on her bicep. Toriel stood with Asgore on the opposite side of the bed.

"3... 2... 1... smile!"

And they would all later agree that it was one of the best family photos that they had ever taken.

The End

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