Star Trek Hunter
Episode 15: A Stitch in Spacetime
Scene 10: The Sun, the Moon and All the Stars

The Sun, the Moon and All the Stars

As the U.S.S. Hunter's Chief Operations Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Mlady had direct supervision of the Ground Operations, Flight Operations and Engineering departments. She met with the candidate for the ensign position in the Hunter's Engineering department as soon as he arrived from Earth. As final preparations were underway to ready the Hunter for departure, they met in a small conference room on Star Base Eleven – the same room where, a little more than a year ago, Rear Admiral Samantha Burton had met with then Governor Emory Ivonovic.

The new recruit was dressed in the standard red uniform. He was part Rigellian Chelna, the only evidence of which was the unusual golden color of the iris of his eyes and a slightly protruding jaw, which, combined with a thick mane of blonde-gray hair and beard, gave him a bit of a leonine look. Combined with his age and unusual height – nearly 6'6" – this gave Ensign Geoffrey Horatio Alstars a stately appearance that was further enhanced by his cultured British accent, piercing gaze and rapid-fire responses to questions


"I will ask the obvious question," said Mlady. "Why did you decide to join Star Fleet at your age?"


"My cat died."


"Your… cat."


"Mittens. I was just batty about her, but she lived a good long life – 28 years. She was a very good kitty."

"You do realize that to qualify as an Ensign or higher officer rank on the U.S.S. Hunter, that you must be licensed by the Federation Tribunal to practice federation law?" Mlady asked.

"Well, it seems I am in luck. I received my license just last week," Alstars replied.

"Again, I have to ask, why?"

"I have filed an age discrimination complaint against Star Fleet. I joined because I wanted to see the stars – not sit around a recruiting station in Oxford talking to students. I was a math professor for 50 years. I've already talked to all the snot-nosed Oxford students I ever wanted to. But just because I'm 78 years old, Star Fleet refuses to transfer me from Star Fleet Personnel to Space Command. I meet and exceed all of the physical and psychological requirements based on my age and species. I want off that crowded planet and they couldn't even take me out of Oxford."

"I am not offering to transfer you to Star Fleet Space Command, Ensign. Would you settle for the Office of Judge Advocate General?" Mlady asked.

"If it will get me out of Oxford," Alstars replied.

"You will have to drop your lawsuit…"

"Well, being assigned to serve on an actual space vessel that is actually serving in actual non-terrestrial space would rather cut the legs out from under my legal argument…" Alstars straigtened in his chair: "Wouldn't it?"

Mlady stood up. Even standing, she was not as tall as the elderly ensign seated across the table from her. "One thing I should warn you about serving on the U.S.S. Hunter, Ensign: It is not a deep space exploration vessel. Hunter is a patrol craft and most of it is rather cramped. Not optimal for tall people. The only areas where you would be able to stand up straight would be your sleeping/escape pod, medical, deck 8, the running track on deck 5 and main engineering deck – which is where you would spend most of your time."

Ensign Geoffrey Horatio Alstars thought about it for a few minutes, then stood up and stretched. Despite his age, evident in the wrinkles on his face, he was lean and straight. "I think I can manage that," he said, "Thank you, Lieutenant Commander."

"Welcome to the crew of the U.S.S. Hunter, Dr. Alstars," Mlady said. "You will need to exchange that red uniform for the black one – gold piping for operations."

15 – A Stitch in Spacetime