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now that that is out of the way let us begin

2553 March 3rd: The Human-Covenant war official comes to an end due to the Great schism and the death of the prophets.

2553 April: With the ongoing rebuilding process and the almost completely destroyed UNSC fleet insurrection and rebel movement on the surviving colonies increases.

2553 June 12th: With the increase in rebel movement, UNSC undertakes a drastic measure and asks the Sangheili for help in keeping peace on its worlds until Army or Marine units are sent to them.

2553 August: with the deployment of Sangheili to Colony worlds the rebel movements die down allowing the UNSC to focus on rebuilding.

2554 January: Damage caused to earth are repaired with the expetion of the African continent which is under constant ONI control.

2556 March: Inner colonies are repaired and the process of recolonization of Reach begins with the first Terraforming ship arriving on the 5th of March a year prior.

2556 October 18th: Someone leaked ONI information regarding its Spec ops missions and the Spartan II project. ONI is disbanded by the UNSC and is replaced by the Military Intelligence Office or MIO for short. Jack Harper is promoted to Admiral and chosen to lead MIO.

2556 December 31st: UNSC relinquish its emergency powers and reinstates the Civilian government.

2557 January 15th: The UEG has its first senate seating since 2525 and elect Senator David Anderson as its President.

2559 April: With 40% of the fleets rebuild the UNSC is tasked with finding any missing vessel and any Spartans listed as MIA that are truly MIA

2561 February: The Construction of the new Preston Cole-Class of battleships begin with 4 vessels being planned UNSC Preston J. Cole, UNSC Winston Churchill, UNSC Jeanne D'arc and UNSC Leonidas. UNSC Preston J. Cole is planned to be finished by 2569

2563 March 3rd: A New Wave of rebellion begins in the territories of the UEG with the bombing on the anniversary of the end of the war, the UNSC is once again deployed to handle them.

2563 August: The Swords of Sanghelios emerge victorious over the Covenant remnants on t heir Homeworld and are reformed into the Sangheili Empire.

2563 September: The UEG and Sangheili Empire sign a mutual defense agreement solidifying the Alliance created in the last days of the Human-Covenant war.

2563 October: Work on the UNSC Winston Churchill begins, it is planned to be complete by 2571

2564 March 5th: Doctor Halsey and MIO get access to the Absolute Recordand begin studying it.

2564 November 7th: After Years and years of delays and halting of work, the UNSC Eternity is completed and enters service

2566: The additional funding for MIO and UNSC is granted, the UNSC accelerates the construction of the Preston Cole-class ships. UNSC Preston J. Cole is projected to be finished somewhere in May 2568 while the UNSC Winston Churchill is projected to be finished by 2569. MIO assigns more personnel to the Absolut Record.

2568 May 18th: UNSC Preston J. Cole is Finished and Enters service a week later under the command of Vice-Admiral Hackett.

2569 December 12th: UNSC Winston Churchill finished construction and enters service a day later under the command of Vice-Admiral Hendrickson.

2570 February 26th: the work on UNSC Jeanne D'arc begins, it is projected to be Finished by 2577.

2571 January 15th: The UEG and Sangheili Empire sign a Military alliance and Technology sharing agreement, Sangheili Researchers are send to the Absolute Record too assist the MIO researchers while the UNSC and Sangheili Navy begin Naval maneuvers.

2572: With the access to the Absolute Record the UNSC and Sangheili are able to create AI not affected by rampancy and are able to 'cure' rampancy in the current AI.

2573: The Spartan V program is launched, it improves on the errors of the Spartan IV program, the program accepts volunteers from the age of 18-20 and the program quickly overshadows the Spartan IV program with success and the Spartan V are compared to Spartan III.

2575 July 2nd: A Rebel cell manages to bomb the Shipyard where UNSC Jeanne D'arc was being build, delaying its construction until 2581.

2576 February 9th: MIO manages to track down the rebel cell responsible for the bombing of the shipyard and discovers a few prominent Senators funding this rebel cell. Arrests across UEG space take place and the rebel cell is destroyed by MIO

2579: MIO detects a UNSC signal originating far from the UEG border, the signal is too distorted due to the long range and as such unable to be played, but MIO manages to determine that it is a SOS signal. MIO and the UNSC dedicate ships to finding the ship responsible for the SOS signal.

2580 January 5th: MIO Manages to locate the sender of the SOS signal, it is the UNSC Spirit of Fire a rescue operation is sent to the ship.

2580 January 20th: MIO arrives at the location of the Spirit of Fire and find the crew in cryo sleep, they also find that the ship AI Serina has terminated herself roughly 24 years ago.

2581: The crew of Spirit of Fire is announced healthy and able to re-enter society, many from the crew chose to remain with the UNSC and the ships captain James Cutter is promoted to Vice-Admiral due to his actions that prevented the extermination of the Human Race.

2582 November 9th: UNSC Jeanne D'arc enters service after several delays caused by the bombing of its shipyard. It is placed under the command of Vice-Admiral Cutter and the remaining crew of the Spirit of Fire are assigned to it.

2583 March: MIO detects 2 signals originating from outside the UEG or Sangheili space. The First one is a UNSC SOS signal sender is unknow but MIO is looking into it. The second one is a signal from an unknown race, UNSC HIGHCOM is briefed on the matter and the outer colonies see an increase in patrols.