Chapter 1: Danny and Wendy's First Date Part 1

It was average late afternoon summer day in downtown Gravity Falls, Oregon and Wendy was feeling down today as walked around town.

She had been feeling this way for a few days ever since her break-up with Robbie with his failed romance song which he didn't even write. She could tell that Dipper feels guilty of accidentally breaking her heart, she couldn't tell wether Stan cared about her well being or not, Mabel tired cheer Wendy up with her cute silliness, and Soos attempted to lighten the situation up a bit by attempting a joke.

Wendy then noticed a paper on a pole she just passed. She went back to get a better look at and saw it was a flyer with the words "You + Me = Love" on top.

"What this?" Said Wendy.

The flyer said it was for a teen dating service with a fee of $20 for a month of 30 dates.. She looked at it and saw several paper forums on it. Wendy tore out a paper forum from the flyer and looked at the description.

"Huh this seems neat." She said hoping this will be the best way to move on from Robbie.

Later that night in her room Wendy wrote out the forum.

Name: Wendy Corduroy

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 5'' 6'

Weight: 118 Ibs

Star Signs: Capricorn

Home Town: Gravity Falls

Psychical Description: Slender red head with fair skin, freckles, and green eyes

Well those were easy. Next was personality, after a while of thinking she thought of what to type.

Personality: I am cool, laid back, fun loving individual… a bit of a tomboy but that doesn't mean I don't want a nice guy and some romance here and there.

Likes and interest another easy part.

Likes and Interests: Hanging out, reading magazines, flannel, relaxing, and just having fun.

And finally type of person she wished to date. After a long time of thinking that important part she knew on what to type.

Type of person I wish to date: I am just looking for a nice guy who is honest with me and I can have a good time with.

With that the forum was done. Since it was late she decided to go to bed and deliver the forum in the morning.

The next day Wendy went to the local mall which she was told on the paper to send the completed forum to. She went to a booth in a quiet corner of the mall. The booth said


We will find your perfect or your money back is a guaranteed!

There was only one other customer, unfortunately it was the one person she didn't want to see right now.

"Robbie?" Wendy said in a slightly aggressive voice.

"Oh uh, hey Wendy. Ya doing the service." Robbie said rather nervously.

"Yes." Wendy said bluntly.

Robbie regained himself and said "Fine, whatever! I was just leaving anyway."

As Robbie left Wendy went up to the booth. The man running the booth was brown-haired with a green shirt with brown pants and had a name-tag that only identified him as Batguy01(must be a Batman fan). The only strange thing about him is that Wendy didn't recognize seeing him in the small tight-knit town that she lived in and had an uncanny feel to him.

"Welcome to You + Me = Love." Said Batguy01, "How may I help you?"

"I'm here to join your service" Said Wendy as handed the forum to him.

Batguy01 looked at the forum and said "You need to have a user-name on your account miss."

"Oh, uh… just but in Wild Wendy." Said Wendy.

"Alright then. Thanks for joining." Said Batguy01 enthusiastically as he gave Wendy a heart sticker with her user-name on it. "You'll receive an e-mail tonight telling you who, where, and when your date will be the next day."

"Thanks." Said Wendy.

The last 14 days had been some of the most interesting of Wendy's life. She didn't think the boys would meet would be that interesting. Especially the first date, a guy from New York named Peter Parker who really gave her a solid first impression on the service with being very polite despite being a total science geek. Her 14th and latest date was with a Ron Stoppable, who while a bit of doofus was very polite and had some interesting stories to tell about being the sidekick to Kim Possible.

She then checked her e-mail to know who her date for tomorrow will be.

Name: D-Fenton

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5'' 4'

Weight: 120 Ibs

Star Sign: Aries

Hometown: Amity Park, USA

Physical Description: Average 14 year old Caucasian boy with black hair and blue eyes and a slim built.

Personality: Simple, easygoing teenage boy just interested in getting to know someone who shares my interests.

Likes and Interests: Bowling, listening to rock music, particularly Dumpty Humpty …Astrology and NASA …Video games, telling jokes, animals, especially dogs …nice peaceful days.

Type of person I wish to date: I am looking for a smart, friendly, independent girl who likes animals, has a nice sense of humor and likes listening to music.

Wendy read the rest of the e-mail. Wasn't Amity Park haunted and didn't it have that ghost superhero. It said to meet at Greasy's Diner tomorrow at noon, which Wendy was glad that this date didn't have to involve her going out of Gravity Falls as she went to bed wondering if this date will be good, if not better than the last ones.

Wendy arrived at Greasy's Diner a few minutes late having briefly lost track of time. When she arrived at the location she saw a caucasian, black-haired teenage boy with a heart-shaped sticker on his shirt and holding some flowers, guess that must be D-Fenton.

"Hey." Greeted Wendy.

"Hello." Said D-Fenton, "You must be Wild Wendy."

"You can just call me Wendy…so I am guessing that you are D-Fenton."

"Please, just call me Danny. These are are for you." Said Danny as he handed the flowers to Wendy.

"Thanks." said Wendy as opened the diner and said "Come on, I know a good table where we can sit."

They went inside the diner and got a table. Soon Lazy Susan, the waitress, came with a notepad.

"Hey Wendy, what will it be?" Says the waitress.

"The usual, Lazy Susan." Said Wendy which was the large combo.

"And what will you be having, mister?" Says Lazy Susan.

"Um… I'll have a burger." Said Danny after he had a quick glance at the menu.

"Alright-y." Said Lazy Susan in her usual friendly tone.

Then the woodpecker was pecking on the wooden building which caught Lazy Susan attention.

"You, I told you to stay out!" Said Lazy Susan as she ran to scare the bird away.

Wendy saw, as with her previous dates, that Danny was a little weirded out.

"So Wendy, why don't you tell me about yourself?" Asked Danny.

"Well…not much to know about…I'm 15, I go to Gravity Falls High School…I work part time at a place called the Mystery Shack…I live with my dad and three brothers and I basically just like chilling." Wendy answered in her usual chill attitude.

"What are your hobbies and interests?"

"Eh, I mostly just like reading a good magazine, taking a good nap but at times I hang out with my friends…music and stuff like that. What about you?"

"Well I'm 14…I live in Amity Park and go to Casper High…I don't have a job per say." Answered Danny.

"Lucky…I wish that I didn't have any job" Wendy responded causing Danny to chuckle.

"Funny…Anyway, I mostly just like playing games, bowling and I have interest in astronomy and NASA."


Lazy Susan then came back with their orders and put down on the table.

"Thanks Susan" Said Wendy as she smirked at the large platter of various food and then she noticed Danny's shocked expression.

"What?" Said Wendy.

"Um…nothing." Said Danny.

"What, you surprised that a girl eats this much?"

"Well…not really…but you are really thin."

"Thanks for the compliment but I think I should clear something up here before we go any further." Wendy said, what she was about say, she had said to her previous dates.

"Uh, sure." Replied Danny.

"I know we are on a blind date and the object of this is for us to get to know each other, to see if we can compatible or not, right?" Said Wendy and Danny nodded.

"Well you're getting to know me…I'll tell you right now that I'm not some diet obsessed, boy band worshipping little doll that wears make up like a suit of armor…I'm just Wendy and if I want to eat, I'll eat." She said with a shrug as she was eating her meal.

"I can respect that." Said Danny.

"Good, because that earned you a little bit of my own respect." Said Wendy and Danny chuckled.

She knew that some of her dates have been turned off by her eating style. Heck, one date (a guy from Quahog named James William Bottomtooth the 4th) under his snobbish mumbling out right left her in the middle of the date. But Danny respected her opinions and for some reason he reminded her of Peter. The two continued their lunch.

"So, you come from a family of lumberjacks?" Danny asked with interest.

"Yeah, my dad is biggest one in town…heh…just make sure not to go when he's in a bad mood." Wendy answered with a smirk.


"What about your parents?"

"They are…scientists and at home inventors." Danny said with a brief pause.

"That's cool, it must be interesting living in a big city and not weird little small town like Gravity Falls."

"You seem really cool Wendy and I am wondering why you signed up for this service?"

"I saw the flyer and I figured, why not. I'm currently not attached and I thought it be fun. What about you?"

"Well, my best friend wanted to try it and he talked me into it too." Answered Danny causing Wendy to smile.

As two continued to eat Danny muttered "Huh"

"What's wrong?" Said Wendy.

"I…It's silly but I thought I felt somebody was watching us."

"Hey, loosen in up a little Danny, we're just two teenagers eating cheap food at a lame diner in the middle of nowhere. Who'd wanna watch us?" Wendy said sarcastically causing Danny to laugh.

"You're right." Said Danny.

The two continued to eat their lunch Wendy noticed in a few stands down someone holding a newspaper with two holes in it, Wendy shrugged thinking that it was most likely Dipper spying on her date like she had noticed several times before on the some of the previous dates.

Eventually the two asking questions about each other.

"Okay, so if you could win a trip to any place in the world, where would you go?" Wendy asked after taking a sip from her soda.

"Well, that's easy: the Kennedy Space Center" Danny answered.

"You're really into this space stuff, huh?"

"It's been my dream for as long as I can remember. I can tell you one of these days I'm going to go up there." Danny said with a hopeful smirk on his face.

"Well, I wish luck, Captain Fenton." Wendy replied with a smirk.

"What about you?" Said Danny.

"Well at the risk of sounding like a cliche and unoriginal, Hawaii." Wendy answered, making Danny laugh.

"I'm sorry but I say you're an original all itself." Said Danny.


Suddenly Old Man McGucket came in yelling with a bucket full of pancakes.

"Old Man McGucket eating from a bucket!" yelled the old man.

Danny looked a little dumbfounded.

"Oh, don't worry that's just Old Man McGucket. He may be a little off but he's harmless." Wendy answered to Danny before he even asked.

Danny simply shrugged.

Soon after Wendy heard a thud and saw that it was Dipper on the floor.

"Dipper?" Said Wendy.

Dipper had a nervous look on his face as he got up.

"Oh…Hi Wendy…uh…what are you doing here?" Asked Dipper.

"I'm on my blind date." Wendy answered "Dipper, this is Danny Fenton… Danny, this is Dipper Pines, his great uncle runs the Mystery Shack where I work at."

"Hi Dipper, nice to meet you." Said Danny.

"Good afternoon." Muttered Dipper.

"Danny's from Amity Park… you know, the place rumored to be haunted." Said Wendy.

"I see." Said Dipper.

Wendy reached for her soda, but she accidentally spilled it on her shirt.

"Oh man." She said in frustration as her shirt got stained.

"Here Wendy." Said Danny as he handed her a napkin.

"I'll be back in a minute, I got this stain off. Watch my food for me." Said Wendy.

After Wendy had finished washing her shirt she went back to the booth to see Dipper taking to Danny

"Finally." She muttered "So, what did I miss."

"Oh nothing." Said Dipper "Anyway, I should be on my way."

"See ya Dipper." Said Wendy as Dipper walked away. Wendy knowing about Dipper's not so secret crush on her and he was most likely jealous of Danny like he was at Robbie.

"So anyway, what were we talking about?" Wendy asked Danny hoping to change the subject for him. She took a quick glance to see Dipper hiding not so well behind a tree as he was spying on them. She decided to ignore it knowing that Dipper meant no harm.

"Uh… hopes and dreams, I think." Answered Danny causing Wendy to chuckle.

Later the two teenagers had finished their meal and had just ordered desert.

"So, opinion on this place?" Said Wendy.

"The food is alright." Said Danny, "Even if the waitress chases woodpeckers around the place.", making Wendy chuckle.

"Believe it or not, this is one of the quiet days." Responded Wendy, making Danny chuckle as well.

Danny was pleasing to have around mainly, like Peter, he wasn't put off by her tomboyish nature and weirdness of Gravity Falls as well as being interesting. Wendy then noticed that Danny seemed distracted.

"What are you looking at?"

"Um… don't look now, but I think your little friend is spying on us." Said Danny.

"Oh…look, Dipper doesn't mean any harm, I'm sure…it's just that sometimes he can get carried away with his investigation." Responded Wendy, "I'll go talk to him."

"If you don't mind…I'd like to have a word with him, just to see what's up." Said Danny and Wendy nodded.

Wendy watched as Danny left the building to go talk to Dipper. She decided to watch and if Danny did anything to hurt Dipper, she would intervene. As Wendy watched Danny as he approached Dipper she thought hopefully it won't be like the time Dipper and Robbie nearly had a fight (with a living video game character involved) which she was told by Mabel and Soos. Thankfully what she saw didn't warrant anything to intervene, Danny just talked Dipper though at one point she saw Dipper placed his hand on Danny's wrist. She was distracted by Lazy Susan who handed her the check and she then noticed Danny sitting down.

"Where's Dipper? How is he?" Asked Wendy.

"He's fine, he and his sister are outside, right now." Said Danny.

Wendy smiled and said, "You weren't too hard on him, were you?"

"No, we just had a nice long talk but everything is clear now." Said Danny.

"I'm sorry that he spied on us…but he and his sister really are good kids." Said Wendy

"Don't worry I'm not mad." Said Danny.

"I'm glad. I just hope Dipper will get over his crush soon." Said Wendy.

"So you know?" Said Danny.

"Yeah, it's obvious and he's a sweet kid but it would never work out between us." Said Wendy.

"I think he gets it." Said Danny.

The two finished their meal and paid their bill. They left the diner and began the start of a beautiful relationship.

Hope you readers like that for a first chapter even it is not that much. Anyway the next chapter will be about Danny and Wendy exploring the rest of Gravity Falls.

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