Chapter 10: Meet the Fentons

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It was a beautiful summer day in the town of Amity Park, and our favorite couple were having a stroll at the local park.

"Hope no ghost knights show up, like last time dude." Wendy said.

"So far my ghost sense is not picking up anything supernatural." Danny said, happy that his date was going smoothly.

It had been a few day since the events in the Bunker and Danny was broken that Sam, one of his oldest friends, could do something like this to both him and Wendy. Spying on his girlfriend simply because he was dating her. Danny felt nothing but disappointment in Sam.

Though Danny was trying hard to hide it Wendy saw through the step-ford facade and tried her best to be a good girlfriend to Danny.

"So uhh, anyway dude, how about we go to that giant mall that your town has or any other spot in Amity Park?" She said.

"Sure, how about I take you to the Nasty Burger." Danny said cheerfully, hoping time there will clear his mind off Sam.

"The Nasty Burger?" Wendy asked.

"Relax, the food there is just as good as at Greasy's Diner." Danny explained.

Wendy just shrugged at her boyfriend and followed him to their destination.

To Wendy, at first glance the Nasty Burger looked like an ordinary fast food joint one would see in an urban center like Amity Park. But she was willing to give her boyfriend the benefit of the doubt.

The couple walked into the fast food joint, and were greeted by a woman at the front counter.

"Hey Danny." The woman said cheerfully.

"Hey Valerie." Danny responded, "This is Wendy, my girlfriend. Wendy, this is Valerie my, uhh ex."

"Uhh, hey." Wendy said to Valerie, not knowing how to respond to her boyfriend's ex.

"Hey." Valerie responded back, "So you're the girl that Danny chose I take it."

"How do you…" Wendy said but was interrupted by Valerie.

"Tucker told me." Valerie explained.

"Okay." Wendy said, she then decided to quickly decided to change the subject by ordering, "So, uhhh, I'll get the number 1 family combo, please."

Valerie just raised an eyebrow and said, "You sure?"

"Yeah dude." Wendy responded.

Valerie just shrugged and typed in the order.

The couple then went to a nearby both and sat down.

Wendy then said, "Danny, I was thinking…"


"After all the uhhh… stuff, we've been in for the last couple of weeks since we became a couple." Wendy then said, "I'd really like to meet the rest of your family."

Danny stared blankly at his girlfriend for a minute and said, "Wendy, my parents aren't exactly, well, ummm… normal."

Wendy responded by saying, "Yeah I know, their ghost hunters."

"And not the 'film on location and call out ghosts' kind of ghost hunters." Danny explained, "Think more like the 'blast them with their laser guns' kind of ghost hunters."

"Ohhh, well must be nice enough people to result in you and your sister turning out into awesome human beings." Wendy said.

"Thanks, I guess." Danny said, with a little blush on his face.

"Besides, you've seen how crazy my family can be." Wendy said.

"Well if you want to meet my folks, sure. How about tomorrow?" Danny asked.

But before Wendy could ask, they were interrupted by a certain rude someone.

"Well, well. Look who it is. Fenturd and his pathetic lady-friend."

The couple looked to see Dash Baxter, the jerk jock and so-called ladies-man of Casper High. Who Wendy recalled seeing at the mall with his other jerk friends a week ago. She really didn't like that spoiled Latina girl for insulting her clothing style.

"Will you cut it out Dash." Danny said a little aggressively, "I'm in the middle of something."

"Shut up, Fenton. No one cares what you say." Dash said.

He then turned to Wendy and said, "Wanna reconsider ditching this loser and going out with a quarterback."

"For the second time, no." Wendy said very aggressively, "Besides Danny is a much more decent dude then you will ever be."

Dash was flabbergast and yelled, "Why do you have to choose this loser over me! I'm my school's quarterback!"

"So what dude.", Wendy said, "Will that even matter after high school?"

"Well I got to bask in my glory days somehow." Dash said.

"That's your excuse! Why you insult my boyfriend!" Wendy said angrily.

"Well it's the natural…" Dash said, but interrupted by the manager of the Nasty Burger.

The manger, who was a balding burly man in his thirties and not wanting a fight at his establishment, yelled, "Is there a problem here?"

"Yeah." Danny said, "This jerk is harassing us."

The manager then dragged Dash out of the fast-food joint.

"This is the second time this week Baxter." The manager muttered.

"Anyway, you were saying." Danny said to his girlfriend.

"Sure, meeting your parents tomorrow works great for me." Wendy responded.

Danny sure hoped that tomorrow things will turn out great.

By tomorrow evening, Wendy had taken the bus from Gravity Falls to Amity Park. She was dressed in a simple dress shirt and pants. She was also carrying a box of fudge, knowing from Danny that his father was really into fudge along with ghosts.

By the time Wendy arrived at the Fenton household, which Wendy can easily could see why Danny was nervous. If house had such eccentric look, especially the giant sign that said Fenton Works, along with the opts center on the roof. She wondered what his parents would be like.

"And I thought Stan was such an eccentric." Wendy said to no one in particular.

Wendy was thinking in her head if Danny's parents were gonna weirdos, even by her standards. The calm and mellow redhead from Oregon was beginning to feel anxious.

Relax Wendy, you are just having dinner with Danny and his family. Not dealing with some monsters…, Wendy thought to herself as she tried to calm herself down.

She then walked up to the stoop of the Fenton's house and knocked on the door. Soon enough Danny opened it and smiled.

"Hey." Wendy said.

"Hey, you made it. You look great." Danny said.

"Thanks." Wendy said as she began to smile.

Danny invited his girlfriend into his home. Soon Wendy was face to face with three other people. The first she recognized as Danny's older sister Jazz, the other two must be Danny's parents. His father was a large man in his fifties wearing an orange jumpsuit, his hair black with white on the temples. His mother was an attractive woman around the same age as her husband wearing a blue jumpsuit, her hair was a reddish-brown.

"You must be the Wendy that Danny has been talking so much about." Danny's father said excitedly, "I'm Jack and this my wife Maddie. You already met my daughter, Jazz."

"Pleased to meet you again Wendy." Jazz said as she shook Wendy's hand.

"Nice to see you again too, Jazz." Wendy said, "So what's for dinner?"

"The famous Fenton spaghetti." Jack said in a loud boisterous voice.

"I bet that will be cool dude." Wendy responded.

Soon after, the Fentons and their guest were eating their meal. Which Wendy thought was delicious.

"So Wendy, I heard you live Gravity Falls, the weirdness capital of the world. What's living there like?" Jack asked his son's girlfriend.

"Ohh, well, you know, weird." Wendy responded.

The response got a small chuckle from the Fentons.

"Though in all seriousness. Living in Gravity Falls is very chill and laid back dudes. I'm surprised that you know about my town Mr. Fenton."

"Please, call me Jack. I've heard about the weirdness of your quaint small town from the various thesis's of Dr. Stanford Pines. Those thesis's are what inspired my wife and I to study the paranormal, especially ghosts." Jack said rather excitedly, while his two children just simply groaned in cringe.

Maddie noticed that and deciding to change the subject, asked, "So Wendy what do you do with yourself?"

"Hang out with my friends mainly and I also work at the Mystery Shack. It's kind of a tourist trap." Wendy explained, "Also, the Stanford Pines you mentioned Jack, is actually my boss."

"I wondered why the name of your workplace sounded so familiar." Maddie said, "A shame that a hard working scientist like Pines can become such a scam-artist."

"So I take it that you've met Stan." Wendy said, having a feeling what they were going to say next.

"Yes." Jack said a little angrily, "Around twenty years ago, we went to Gravity Falls and tired to talk about ghosts to him. But instead, he laughed at us, called ghosts lame, and that it was nonsense that we believed in them. Then he tired to sell us some overpriced knick knacks."

Wendy could tell that Stan must have been really insensitive to the Fenton's enthusiasm about ghosts and said, "Sorry about that. Yeah, at first Stan can care more about money than people. But he does have a heart once you get to know him."

"I understand your trying defend your boss." Maddie said, "But the man we met felt like a different person compare to the one that wrote that thesis. How did you end up that tourist trap anyway?"

"Well, my dad wanted me to get a job in Gravity Falls or work out of town at my uncle's logging camp. And the Mystery Shack was looking for someone to man the cash register who fit my description, including the fact that it must be a lumberjack's daughter." Wendy explained.

Everybody else looked at Wendy with concerned glances. But Jack decided to change the subject.

"So your father's a lumberjack. What about your mother?" Jack asked.

"My mom's not around me and my brothers anymore." Wendy said in rather somber tone.

"Ohh, I'm sorry this must very difficult to lose your mother at a young age." Maddie said sympathetically.

"Ohh, my mom is still alive. It's just my parents are divorced."

"Well, I'm sorry you had to experience that at such a young age." Maddie said.

"It's cool dude." Wendy said in a little saddened tone.

It was clear to the rest at the dinner table that Wendy was uncomfortable talking about her mother. But an explosive change in subject was about to occur, as there was an explosion down in the basement. Then there was a roar came in that direction.

"Oh come on!" Danny yelled.

As the previous planned dinner, a roast infected with ectoplasm, came along into the dinning room and roared at the Fentons and their guest. Danny thought it wouldn't happen since the ghost roast was locked up in a ghost safe. Wendy, having seen the weirdness of Gravity Falls, simply raised her eyebrow.

"Jack, did you remember to charge the ghost safe last night?" Maddie asked her husband.

"I knew I was forgetting something." Jack said.

The haunted roast then lunged towards Wendy. Who then punched the spectral dinner back to the other side of the room with her bare hand. She then went to the other side of the room to beat up the haunted roast, much to the amazement of the Fenton parents.

"Danny." Jack said.


"Marry this girl." Jack said in awe of Wendy savagery towards the roast.

Soon Wendy had beaten the roast to a mashed up pulp and she then said, "So what's for desert?"

Jack and Maddie had their mouths wide opened in shock at what just happened, which was saying something.

After having desert, which consisted of apple pie and ice cream. Danny offered to escort Wendy back to the bus station. Which she accepted.

"So how was meeting my folks?" Danny asked his girlfriend.

"It was cool dude." Wendy said, "Besides I think my Dad and brothers are way more weirder than your parents."

"Glad to hear to hear that." Danny said, "Also thanks for taking care of that roast."

"Not problem dude. Besides you would have handled it in much more awesome way."

"Thanks. I'm flattered."

The couple soon arrived at the bus station. Danny waited with his girlfriend for the bus to arrive.

"Hey Danny." Wendy said.


Wendy then kissed Danny on the lips, Danny soon followed. After a couple minutes of French kissing the bus arrived.

"Hope to see you soon Danny." Wendy said as she entered the bus.

The bus left and soon Danny walked home, his face still blushing.

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